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You just tell me, Bertha, which way you want it

Bertha was not exactly a model, but I needed real love, no more fake.

Hi, I’m back here to tell you about my last incident with Bertha. Well, this episode was not unpleasant at all!! She is a lady who was familiar with my grandmother and used to give her a hand   at home, say, a hired maid.  Bertha is no longer with us, sorry,  left a long time ago, but it’s now as I recall having a good time with her, as I was tired of jerking off and she was the one  at hand.

Bertha is a woman born in the high Mexican ranges, in the province of Puebla. She comes from a village that sits in the valley, a jerk town, or how they call it: jerk water.  These people’s personality is common of this province:  sturdy face features, brown skin, and slim. They are hard working people, accustomed to hardships at farms or country houses; sunburned. Bertha shows a tough peasant temper, but too shy in her relationship with others, not trusting or giving a chance to anybody she is not familiar with.

Like I said above, Bertha is a brunette lady, long straight hair to the waist, tied up with a long lace, I reckon 35 yo, or 36yo.  Hard work in her labor has made out of her a woman who appears 50 instead,   and she has had endured life problems too. Her body is a standard average, slim and it doesn’t have a lot to show: no wonderful hips or waist, but big breasts, flaccid though. You should expect a body abused, battered here,    after she was a mother of 6.  You can’t demand too much in what regards to a pretty body that she lacked.  If she were a hooker and you’d run into her in the street, you wouldn’t notice her, least date her if this is about to take her to a hotel room.

That day everything had been different though. I was too horny, jerking off like I did every day without success at getting new sensations: my blacksmith  was never satisfied; found no peace and I only laid the blame on that motherfucker, my gorgeous girlfriend,  who refused to ever give me pussy. That’s why I had to jack off so often!!

This story took place years ago, I was about 20 yo., in my high school career. I used to live at my grandmother’s house and had decided this by the fact my high school or lyceum was closer to my grandmother’s than my parents.

I spent weekends at my parent’s so I arranged to stay with my grandmother on weekdays.  She acted like the good woman, spending several days a week at local Catholic Church in “charity” work… uh, actually, was only visiting with friends, having a nice time with them, until 9 or 10 in the evening.  One afternoon, as I arrived again to my grandma’s home, on that Monday,  it was Bertha’s turn to go out to meet me:

“Oh, hi; how are you doing, young man? Want a glass of water?”

I responded: “Yes, please.”  This season, in May, was a hell of a hot weather!!


I had a seat in the dining room, looking intently, while she walked to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water.  She was wearing   a dress, apparently made out of a blanket or large shawl (coarse cotton clothe) with embroidery or sewing, typical from rural zones.  Her dress fabric looked worn out, as a result of frequent laundry, or perhaps this dress was too shabby; that’s why it had become transparent.  I realized immediately she only wore panties, no bra. In fact, she never wore one in her lifetime.

The maid had rushed to fetch the water and, in the middle of such hustle, or commotion, I stood frozen, hypnotized watching her saggy bouncing tits. I was suddenly awaken, aroused,  by her words:

“Here’s the water. What are you thinking about, young boy? Perhaps you’re falling asleep?” She said this laughing.

I replied: “Not exactly, Bertha, I was staring at you.” She added: “”By the way, what do you see in this woman’s old skin?”  Then she left.

I immediately got to my bedroom, where I stripped and began to jerk off.  I heard the door swung: it was Bertha. I stopped there paralyzed, ashamed, embarrassed and feeling guilty.  I took a pillow to cover and asked what are you doing there watching me?
She smiled and said: “Oh, yesss, young boy. You know, I’ve seen many of those. I’m a mother of 5 and had a spouse, but I admit your dick is too stunning, with no hair.  That’s what I was staring at. But, don’t you worry, I’m here just to inform, dinner is ready.”

I said: “Oh, just wait. I’m there in a minute.”

Then I stood up swiftly. I took my chance and asked her if my dick was really beautiful.  She said: “Oh, yeah, of course it is, my boy.”

I grabbed the maid’s hand to lay it on my rod.  She withdrew her hand instantly, saying: “Oh, what do you think you’re doing, young boy? I can’t.”

She turned around and headed toward the living room. I quickly caught up with her, took her by the waist and leaned against her, pressing my hard dick on her buttocks.

Bertha insisted over, refusing: “Oh, young boy, I can’t, sorry. I can imagine those comments raised by this peccadillo or transgression, whatever they call it: uh, your parents, your grandmother…”
I replied: “They won’t know about this.”

She still fought trying to get loose, but this made my hard rock dick to brush more in her small asscheeks.  She finally gave up,  I was  on my own here now, the maid  didn’t resist any more and said: “Don’t you think I’m too old for that?  I like this, but never figured out we’d get so far into this stuff,  fuck!!” I asked her:

“Oh, little Bertha, time you didn’t fuck, did you?” She said:

“Oh, it’s gonna be five years, since my old darling left to the United States to work.  He never got back.”

My hard dick never paused in brushing that soft, limp little ass.

“Come on here, Bertha. Try to remember how your spouse used to fuck you.”

I grabbed one hand and showed her the way to my bed room. Once inside, I began to undress her, strip off her dress, with a swift hand movement.  She showed an abandoned, decayed and ruined body; little belly, limp tits but not big globes: I was expecting a big ass. Despite I had been too horny by now, discouraged by the view, I was resolute and began to hug her. I thought: “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.”

This woman had been   left on the shelf, no question. She had no chance here. I began to kiss her in her neck. My hands moved to those lean asscheeks and started to stroke them. I rubbed   while she approved. I took off her panty while kissing those dangling tits. I had to stop here to raise them with my hands so I was able to kiss and suck her nipples. I wished to eat those nipples now and   knew I’d soon be on cloud nine, fucking the wet pussy!!

Her cunt had began to drip, oozing out a little flow, too horny as mad saying:  “Well, yes, young boy, It’s the moment now. Start fucking me!! I feel my cunt to swell.”

I laid her on her back on the bed and headed for her pussy to eat it instead.  I licked her swell labia here, while she moaned, saying aloud: “Oh, no… don’t do this!”

I ignored her, pocking my tongue within her vagina. At the same time I sucked cunt, I fucked finger her exquisite, tender clit gently and lovingly.  I kept fingering her wildly passionately.  Bertha was already screaming until getting her orgasm. I noticed as each time my fingers went into her, this sprang a white, creamy stream, flow rivulet.

I dragged her to the bed edge and penetrated her without any difficulty to the deep end. As she gave me a signal, by moaning madly, her cunt was penetrated without clemency, tits swayed sideways uncontrollably and she embraced her legs around my waist pushing forward to get a deeper entrance off my dick.  She speeded up her tempo, taking me to the verge of a cum, while I had to match her strokes, something too difficult, as she was a passionately slutty mature. 

I took my rod off her and asked this lady to get on her 4’s. She didn’t understand my order. I had to do the job myself, roll her face down, adjust, and arrange her legs so she only would raise, hoist her trunk.  Her saggy tits swayed  in the air, and a howl was heard around the room the moment the tiny asshole got on the way, in front of me, not adorned by fat asscheeks though.

I noticed it totally shut, like sealed, well preserved, closed tightly. I was engaged at two jobs here: nailing her pussy and stroking her anus at the same time.  She squeezed both ascheeks or what was left of them, and gasped for air, like suffocated, opening her mouth wide. I began to push more, improve my strok while she  bent over speading her cheeks so I'd put my cock at the edge of her asshole and slowly started to push in. This felt so delicious!!

"Are you ok sweetie? " I asked her.

She said: "I'm  ok, don't stop."

I started  pushing my cock in and out of her ass, careful not to let it slip all the way out. WIth each thrust I feel it goign a little deeper into you tight hole.

I thought it would be better if I lay on one side and tried to poke within her ass more thoughtfully.  Since I had just jerked off, I was totally spent and didn’t feel like cumming.   Bertha, on the other hand, was mounting into another orgasm prompted by my stroking of her clit and I paid attention on how my rod slid in and out of her asshole. She began to moan loudly and cummed on my fingers.

As I felt my cum closing in too, I quickened my rhythm, saw the woman  wriggling,  I  cummed into her asshole, making her orgasm a more prolonged one, as never in her life. Probably  she  had  felt   my hot cum into her entrails.   We were connected like this for a while and she stroked my asscheeks,  so my rod  entered more into her ass.  She turned her head around saying: “Thank you, young boy.”

After some touch and embrace, she disconnected off my dick and began to stroke it with her hand; picked up her clothes and left, walking naked en route for the door. I took a shower and met her on my way out: “Dinner is ready.” She said.

Later on, she said while I ate: “It hurt a lot, yet I enjoyed it.”

I replied:

“If you happen to need more fucking, I’m handy, Bertha.”

She had a wicked smile: “It’s  been a hard-hitting job into my ass, boy. You should be nourished, so gathered your strength for next time.”

                                                                    THE END

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