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Youngsville Part 6

Eric searches for work and Gina gives him a treat...
A few hours later I woke up. I could hear birds chirping and other animals from outside as a beautiful sunshine was shining into my small house. It was not the only beauty I could see. Jill’s head was lying on my chest and her arms across my stomach. She had a great smell and I brushed her hair with my hands. Last night was fantastic. First my visit to Ménage, then seeing Mrs. Day-Sea masturbate, and popping Jill's cherry.

I had her crying, moaning, grunting, screaming, and cumming in a timespan of fifteen minutes. I finished inside of her newly opened cunt and she loved it. She was going to be a loyal slut for me, I knew it. I climbed out of bed and picked up my phone. It was ten in the morning and I was hungry for food. I dressed for a hot day in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I walked into the farmhouse for breakfast but was disappointed to find none. I then remembered that the family cook was sleeping in my bed. Gina was sitting in the kitchen reading the paper. I imagined her naked like I had seen her last night.

“Hey Eric, have you seen Jill?” Gina said with a smile. “She usually has breakfast prepared when I wake up.” Of course I had seen her, I had been inside her.

“Um, nope,” I lied and smiled back. “I have not seen her since yesterday.”

“Okay,” Gina said with a worried tone. “She never leaves without telling anyone. Let me know if you see her. I have to be getting to work with the cattle. Do you have any plans for the day?”

“I’m going to go see if a Mr. Wayland has work for me,” I replied as I took some bread out of the cupboard. “Alice gave me a tip. Then I’m going to ask meet Mr. Mayer and discuss work too.”

“I don’t know much about Mr. Wayland,” Gina answered and gave me the paper. “He bought that great big abandoned mansion a month ago or so. Anyhow, good luck Eric!”

Gina left the kitchen and headed out with her horse. That meant me and Jill should be the only ones at home. I walked back to the cottage with some bread for Jill and me and her had a nice breakfast in bed. After the quick meal she bent over on her four limbs and offered herself to me. I would never pass up on sex and we were quick in our fucking. She was still a bit sore from the night before but she enjoyed the sex way too much to deny it from happening again.

Later in the afternoon I was allowed to borrow Jill’s horse, Willy, to ride to the Wayland ranch. Luckily Sandra had been teaching me a thing or two about horses and I was a decent rider in my short time of practicing. I reached the big mansion that Mrs. Day-Sea had mentioned. It looked like an old plantation farmhouse from the colonization ages. It was a large building with a few broken windows, some doors that had fallen down and vegetation that had begun to grow along the walls and into the house. It gave me the chills as I approached the spooky worn down house. Who in their right mind would like to live here?

I hitched my horse to a fence near the house and walked to the front doors. Around them most of the building and windows looked intact and well. I knocked on the front doors and waited for an answer. It took me a few tries but finally a short elderly man with short gray hair greeted me at the big door.

“Hello,” he said with an English accent and looked at me puzzled. “What brings a young lad like yourself out here?”

“Hi, Alice at the Summer Supply mentioned you needed a carpenter”

“Are you the carpenter?” he asked happily.

“Yes sir, I’m looking for some work.”

“Excellent!” He exclaimed with joy. “Please, come in, come in!” he said as he opened the doors wide.

“I’m Eric by the way,” I told him and he extended his arm to me.

“I’m Mr. Reynold Wayland.”

I stepped into a big open hallway which looked in good shape compared to the rest of the building. The interior was much better looking compared to the poor conditions outside the mansion. The hall was very open and well lit by the sunshine coming in through the big windows. Mr. Wayland led me through the hallway to a new room which seemed to be a lounge. The lounge was a very comfortable room. It was equipped with two large arm chairs with a coffee table between them, a sofa with two small tables on both side, and a fireplace which could help warm the room. But what I liked the most was the beautiful rose windows which made a colorful few rays of light bounce around white painted walls of the room.

“Would you like a scotch?” Mr. Wayland asked as he showed me to a large armchair.

“Sure,” I answered.

I had never had a drop of alcohol in my life. I always missed out on the parties when I was at school. And my parents were not interested in sharing their own until I was an adult. As Mr. Wayland began to pour, I looked at a large painting above the fireplace. It was a portrait of Mr. Wayland. He was standing in a heroic pose with his right leg raised on something as his right arm was resting against his hip. He was dressed in a red British army officer’s uniform from the 18th century. He looked like a war hero.

“Ah, I see you have found Mr. Jonathan Wayland,” Reynold said with the scotch glasses clinking as he approached the armchairs I was sitting in. “Stunning resemblance, don’t you agree?”

“Yes sir,” I nodded as he handed me my drink. “I thought it was you.”

“Indeed, have heard that before,” he said as he carefully sat down. “He served the crown his entire life. I would have loved to meet him, cheers for old Jonathan!” Reynold said and we raised our glasses to our lips.

The taste stung my mouth and left a burning sensation. I was not used to the taste at all, but if still felt good to have a taste. Reynold was an experienced drinker and sipped on his drink.

“Now, to business lad,” Reynold said and looked at me. “What are you looking for?”

“I could ask you the same,” I answered and took another sip of the foul drink. “I heard you were looking for a carpenter?”

“Indeed I am, I’m assuming you’ve observed the state that this place is in. I have been a business man since I have ever remembered,” Reynold said as he stood up and walked to the window. “Selling forged metals can make you a lot of money. Until all of your competition moves their production overseas for cheap labor and sell the same product as you for a much lower price. Forcing you to sell your factory and lay off all of the staff.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I said and took another sip of alcohol. Reynold laughed and turned around, facing me.

“Ha! Do not pity me! That place would have been the end of me,” he said and slowly began to walk around the lounge. “I was too tired to deal with business anymore. I was longing for retirement and I had a big pocket. I have always dreamt of owning a big mansion in this country. Not having ten loud and idiotic neighbors living next to you."

“So what did you do?” I asked.

“What would you? With no factory meant nothing to way me down. I began to travel and I loved it. When I reached the city of Moscow I found something I had been missing. A woman who made me do crazy things for her. I took her back to England and we married there. I sold the house and followed my dream. I bought this place.” He said as he looked around.

“Why would you buy this, if you have so much money?” I asked him.

“I was coming to that,” he pointed out and walked closer to the fireplace. “Never ever buy things off the internet unless you are sure about what you will get.”

“You got screwed in other words?”

“Eh, I would say, I made a bad business call,” he seemed embarrassed and sat down in his chair again.

“Is this where I come into the picture?” I asked him.

“Precisely, my boy!”

“I don’t know, this place is huge…” I said unsure and scratched my head.

“I’ll pay you 100 cash every hour,” he was quick to respond.

“So when do I start?” I replied just as fast and placed the scotch glass on the table.

“Excellent my dear boy!” Reynold said as he shot up out of his chair and walked over to me to shake my hand. “You may begin whenever you like! I have bought many tools and supplies from Alice at the Summer Supply.”

“I have another project going on right now, but I should be finished in a few days,” I answered. I wanted to finish the bathroom at the ranch before I started working here. I also had to check out what Mr. Mayer was offering.

“Thank you for the drink. I will be back in a few days."

“Good, I will see you then Eric!”

I found the way out on my own and got back onto Willy. I patted his neck as I looked around the house and thought this was going to take me months. I decided to spend the rest of the day working on the bathroom. I would stop by Mr. Mayer’s house when I was finished.

I returned to the Day-Sea ranch and spent the next three days building. At the end of the third day I was finished. I could barely believe it but my first job by myself was complete! I asked all of the Day-Sea women to gather at the door. I could tell they were all excited and I let Gina open the door to the modern bathroom. As she did all of the girls’ jaws dropped and laughed in joy. They thought it was fantastic!

The bathroom was fitted with white tiles on the floor and walls with a white painted ceiling. I had been researching a lot in the plumbing department and had to learn several new things to pull this off. I came up with my own idea of making the bathroom into two sections. One section was a bit bigger which would serve for personal hygiene, this had a shower, a tub, a toilet, and a sink. The other was only for relieving oneself, equipped with a toilet and sink.

I gave them a tour and they were jumpy with excitement over the fresh new bathroom. I was surrounded by them all and they all hugged me and kissed my cheeks. I was surprised by how good it felt to give something back and I was very happy. At dinner Jill had prepared a wonderful steak meal for us and I was so full afterwards. After dinner Jessie and Sandra left to go to a friend’s house. I knew that this place was Ménage. Jill suggested that the rest of us watch a movie for the rest of the evening. After the movie around ten, Catherina had fallen asleep on the couch. Jill decided to go to bed and I thought I would do the same. I said good night to Jill and Mrs. Day-Sea laid a blanket over her sleeping daughter. But before I left I wanted to bring a glass of water with me. As I got a glass from the cupboard I heard Mrs. Day-Sea behind me.

“Switch out that glass for one of these,” she said and held up a bottle of wine and two wineglasses. “We have some celebrating to do.” I laughed and gave her a smile.

“Alright then,” I say and Mrs. Day-Sea places the bottle on the kitchen counter together with the two glasses and pours up wine for the both of us.

“Cheers to you Eric, you’ve really done a fantastic job,” she saysas she touches my glass with her own.

I raise my glass and take a drink. I enjoyed the taste, at least compared to the scotch I drank at Mr. Wayland’s house. We drank and talked for an hour or so. We laughed and told fun stories about our lives. I began to understand the wine was talking when Mrs. Day-Sea began to speak with me over more private matters.

“Eric, you are a very special man,” she said and brushed my arm, this was not an accident. “Ever since…ever since my husband passed, no man has ever helped me or my daughters as you have.”

“Mrs. Day-Sea…”

“Please, I have told you! Call me Gina.” She interrupted.

“Alright Gina,” I corrected myself. “I don’t think I have done that much. I just built a bathroom.”

“No no, you have!” She said and laid her hands on my chest. “Really! I’m so glad I don’t have to put on all of my clothes and sit on a cold wooden plate in the middle of the night to pee!” I laughed and my eyes flew down her top. She was wearing a tank top that put her cleavage on display for me. Her beautiful tits were awesome.

“But you have done more than that Eric,” Gina said in a very serious manner, which made me a bit nervous. “You have been helping my girls too. My wonderful daughters. Teaching them new ways to enjoy themselves.”

My heart began to beat fast as I knew she had discovered me and her daughters. When had she found out? Was it the night Jill and I fuck a few days ago? The night when I stumbled into Jessie’s room? Or had she known since the very first day when I was with Catherina in the stables? I was scared of what Gina would do and started to think about what to say. It was very silent between the both of us. She placed her glass of wine on the counter and looked up to me again.

“And yet,” she smiled. ”you have done nothing for me.”

“No way…” was all I was able to say as I starred at her in dis-fucking-belief!

“In no way indeed,” she said and laid her arms around my neck.

I could not believe what was happening. I stood stiff as a stick and watch as she whispered into my ears that she was very grateful for helping her kids. But that now, it was her turn. She kissed my lips and it was then I came to life. Her mouth taste wonderful and I kicked into action. My arms wrapped around her waist and my tongue responded and shot into Gina’s mouth. They danced happily as we began to lose ourselves in the moment. My hands left her waist and flew to my belt which I unbuckled.

“No, not in the kitchen,” Gina said and placed her hands on to mind. “Catherina might hear us.”

“Where then?” I asked anxiously.

“My room,” Gina said and kissed me. “Come on!”

Like mice we quickly but quietly ran up the stairs and went to the end of the second floor’s hallway. Luckily, Gina’s room was not adjacent to any of her daughters so we did not have to be completely silent. We made it into the room and this is where it got serious. We were kissing intensely and rubbing up against each other. She grabbed my shirt by the collar and she began to back up, pulling me with her.

Gina bumped into her big double bed and fell backwards with me. I landed on top of her, but we never broke our kissing for more than a second! We struggled to get our clothes off but I realized that we would have to break free from each other to get naked. I did not want to stop kissing or touching this grand prize of a woman. Then Gina pushed me back and ripped open her own shirt. Exposing her amazing breasts for me.

“Take them baby!” she begged and my mouth flew down to her left tit’s nipple.

I sucked and bitt on her nipples which made her moan in delight as I felt my cock being squished in my pants. It needed fresh air so I let go of Gina’s body and I moved them down to my pants and yanked at my belt. I yanked and pulled at the buckle but I was too excited sucking on Mrs. Day-Sea’s tits to do it right. It took me a few tries but I finally got it to pop open and I slipped my pants and underwear down my legs a bit. I did the same for Gina but helped take them all the way off.

I felt Gina’s hands pull my head up and she looked at me and said.

“Do it, I need you now!”

“No more foreplay?” I asked surprised.

“I have not had sex for more than five years! I do not need foreplay, fuck me already!”

And with pleasure I crawled up a bit and looked down to line up my cock with her milf pussy. I fired away and my cock plunged into her vagina which was drenched of her natural lubrication! She had her own rainforest down there and I loved it. Her cunt was not super tight, which is what you would expect from a mother of four. But I liked the change of environment.

I looked at up from my wet cock entering Gina’s pussy and instead looked into my new mate’ blue eyes. I could see in her clear blue crystal eyes that she was loving this and I was loving her wrapped around my cock. Her moans echoed the room and I felt her vagina tighten in rapid spasms. Her arms wrapped around my back and she buried her nails into my skin. It was incredible how fast she had cum for me. But I was far from finished.

“This is amazing Eric,” Gina said between her moans. “I have been wishing for a real man’s cock for so long. Those rubber dildos are so dull.”

“I am glad to be able to provide for you Gina,” I said between moans of my own.

“My pussy is only for you now,” she said and grabbed my butt. “I want you to fuck my pussy real good!”

“I will Gina, and I help you with any problem you need.”

“Anything?” she asked me as I was getting very deep.

“Anything, baby” I answered and kissed her.

“Mmmm, alright then…can we do anal?” Gina asked me after she broke our kiss.

“I love getting my cock stuck in dirty places,” I answered as I pulled out my cock and rolled off her.

“Oh! Fantastic!” Gina said and crawled over to her nightstand. “Just let me get my lube.”

As Gina opened her nightstand and got the bottle of lubricate I pulled off the rest of my clothes. It was first when she handed me the bottle of lube she noticed my big testicles.

“Oh my god! Your balls are enormous!” Gina said with delight.

“Yeah,” I said and looked down at them. “I have begun to hear that a lot nowadays.”

Gina began to undress as I began pouring lube into my hand. My cock was hard and stiff as a tree when I watched Gina removed her clothes. I noticed she was loving my junk as she had trouble taking her eyes off it. Being naked with Gina felt like I was in heaven. She lay down on her back and held her legs up to. Grabbing her ankles and pulling them back. Giving me a lot of room to play with. Her ass right in front of me and her asshole winked at me. This was something that needed foreplay.

“Nothing apart from my toys have been there, Eric,” Gina said as she rubbed her asshole. “So be gentle with me.”

“I will Gina,” I said and lay down next to her ass. With my face only a few inches from her butthole.

I pressed my mouth again her anus and lapped my tongue back and forth over her tight hole.

“Oh!” Gina exclaimed. “That tickles Eric!” I raised my head to look at her.

“It is going to be more than a tickle in a few minutes,” I promised her and returned to licking her anus.

I was down there for several minutes. Playing with my tongue in her ass. I finally switched to a finger and inserted it inside her butt. It went in fairly easy. She must have been playing a lot with anal toys. I added a second finger which she tightened up a bit with. After applying some more lube and a bit of determination I managed to get a third in. After finger fucking her ass for ten minutes I decided she was ready. I sat up, lubed up, and got close to her body. I placed my hands on both side of Gina and my cock pointed right at her anus. I pushed down with my pelvis.

“Ooooooooh! Yes!” Gina moaned as I felt her ass walls were pushed aside by my dick.

Gina’s asshole felt ten times tighter than her vagina. I used a good amount of lube which help med begin to slide back and forth out of her ass. It was fantastic. I loved fucking this older woman in the ass and I could barely hold my excitement which was growing in my balls. But I promised to keep going and hold on for Gina’s sake. She was in a whole new world, toys were nothing compared to the actual male organ slipping in and out of your butt. I picked up speed and was now sliding in and out of her anal cavity like a piston. She moved her hands down to her cunt and rubbed her clitoris very fast. Gina began to moan very loud and fast and I understood I was making her cum. I decided to let loose as well and I lifted all mental blockades in my system. All ahead full!

“AAAH! I’m cumming Eric!” She screamed loudly and the girls must have heard it. But we did not care.

“I’m cumming too Gina!”

I pushed forward as hard as I could to get as deep as I could inside Gina’s ass. I felt it coming up from my balls and I jolted. The next moment I was repainting Gina’s asshole with my white gooey sperm. I looked at Gina and her eyes were rolling back as she experienced her most intense orgasm in years. Her ass was squeezing down on my dick and milking me. After several long seconds of shooting cum I was finished and I climbed off of her body.

I watched as my cum poured down Gina’s ass as she tried to push it out. I knew it would be lodge up inside for the rest of the night and instead she ended up cum farting and creating a lake of cum in the middle of her bed. I crawled up to beside her and we cuddled up together.

“That was a lot of cum Eric,” Gina said and kissed my cheek. “I think I need to buy new sheets.”

“Then you are going to be buying new ones every time I’m here,” I said with a grin on my face as she laid her head on my chest.

“Not if I hold it all inside me,” Gina said and gathered a sample of sperm from her ass to taste.

“I would like to see you try,” I said and lay my arm around her body and placed my hand on her butt. ”This was one hell of a celebration for a bathroom.”

“Hehe, yes it was,” Gina giggled.

“How did you know I was with your daughters?”

“They talk about you all the time,” she answered and stroked my wet and flaccid cock. “They tell each other everything, so it’s impossible not to hear about you. I have a talent for eavesdropping.”

“Haha, I’m happy to hear that they like me,” I said and squeezed her butt. “But it is not polite to eavesdrop.”

“Well look what happened when I did,” Gina said and looked at my cock that she was stroking. “If this happened every time I would never stop.”

“You are one nasty woman Gina,” I said with a chuckle and closed my eyes.

“You know I am not drunk right now,” Gina said and laid her head to rest on my chest. “I knew what I was doing all along.”

“I know Gina,” I said and stroked her hair. “I know…”

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