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My Psychiatry Practice: Brigitte

My Psychiatry Practice: Brigitte

Brigitte was my second “sex” patient and she was as easy as Cynthia had been.

Brigitte’s marital problem was not unlike Cynthia’s. Her husband wasn’t having an affair; he just didn’t have any interest in her anymore. It was probably a testosterone issue because he was forty years older than her. She’d married a sugar daddy and was now paying the price for it.

After my standard introduction and the discussion of my hypnosis procedure, I put her under. Brigitte was a beautiful brunette with long brown hair, soft lips, and green eyes. I couldn’t wait to get started.

“Okay Brigitte, tell me about the problem with your marriage.”

…”Tom just doesn’t want me anymore. Our sex life was okay for the first year of our marriage, then he just stopped having sex with me,” she answered in the familiar monotone voice of someone under hypnosis.

“Did you ask him why?”

…”Yes, but he’d always say that nothing was wrong or that he was too tired.”

“I see. So it’s safe to say that you want to have sex, but he doesn’t accommodate you?”


Brigitte was going to work out perfectly. Her husband wasn’t satisfying her sexually, so she was more than likely horny all the time. Perfect!

“Do you ever masturbate to satisfy your need for sex?”

…”Yes. Quite often.”

“Maybe it would help if you were to show me how you masturbate.”

…”Okay; if you think it will help.”

With that, Brigitte started to remove her clothes until she was totally naked. Only her bra remained. Then she started to push her fingers into her pussy, then rub them across her clit until it was wet. Then she started to vigorously whip across her clit. As she got more and more aroused, she began to thrust her hips and moan.

At that point I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Do you also like to suck your husband’s cock?”

…”Yes. When he lets me.”

“Would you like to suck a cock right now, Brigitte?”

…”Yes, doctor.”

My cock had grown so hard watching Brigitte masturbate that I had to do something with it. So I stood up, dropped my pants, pulled my cock out, and presented it to her lips. She moaned softly, stuck her tongue out, and opened her mouth so I could push it in; so I pushed it all the way in; all the way down her throat and she didn’t gag. I was already so close to cumming that I needed to pump, so I put my hand behind her head and started thrust in and out of her throat. She just lay there and didn’t gag once, but kept up her vigorous stimulation of her clit.

In less than two minutes my cock was ready to explode; I couldn’t stop it; so I pushed all nine inches of it down Brigitte’s throat and it immediately start to shoot hot spurts of cum down into her stomach. She coughed and flinched when the first spurt hit her, but not again. I made a fist with her soft hair, stared at her beautiful face flattened against my crotch, and just enjoyed ever jerk and spurt of my cock.

Then just as my climax was ending, Brigitte had an earth-shattering orgasm. She moaned as best she could with my cock in her throat; she thrust three fingers deep into her pussy, and wiggled her other hand across her clit. Her legs got stiff, then started to quiver.

When it was over, I pulled my cock from her mouth, stuffed it back into my boxer shorts, pulled up my pants and sat down.

But Brigitte wasn’t through. She relaxed for a minute or so, then started to masturbate again.

“Brigitte, would you like it if I were to lick your clit?”

…”Yes I would, doctor.”

So I swiftly got my face between her legs and started to eat her dripping wet pussy. As I concentrated on her clit, she groaned loudly, grabbed my head, and thrust her crotch against my tongue. Within a few seconds she had another ravishing orgasm just like the first one. She inadvertently clamped her legs on my head so hard that my ears were hurting. But it was soon over and Brigitte relaxed, breathing hard to catch her breath.

I used my shirt sleeve to wipe her juiced from my face and returned to my seat. She was lying there completely nude now, so I cover her with her sweater. She looked so adorable that I could have mounted her right then and she would probably have let me. Brigitte was a very sex-starved woman and I was going fuck her eventually.

“It’s time to wake up now, Brigitte. You will be completely relaxed; you will remember everything and love what we did. Three…Two…One. You’re completely awake now and totally relaxed. How do you feel, Brigitte?”

“I feel so wonderful! I didn’t know that we’d be having sex, but I loved it.”

“Good! I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“And your cock is bigger than my husband’s, yet I didn’t gag on it.”

“No you didn’t. You are an amazing woman, Brigitte.”

“Thank you, doctor Spears.”

“You can call me John if you want.”

“Okay, John.” After she toyed with a thought, she asked, “Will we be having sex again next week?”

“Yes, if you want to.”

“I do want to. I need the release. And I want to feel you inside of me.”

“Well, we’ll talk about that next week. Right now our time is up.”

“Oh is it? Gosh I need to get dressed then.”

Brigitte quickly got dressed as I watched and got an erection. She was so gorgeous and sexy! I knew that I would be having fantasies all week about fucking her.

After she was dressed, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me hungrily. I definitely could have taken her right then, but I had other patients waiting.

* *

The next week, Brigitte looked amazing! She was wearing a mini-skirt and a tank top and looked almost like a hooker. And that was fine with me because I intended to fuck her like a hooker.

We made pleasant conversation for a few minutes, then I put her under.

“Brigitte, are you ready to have sex with me today?”

…”Yes, doctor Spears,” she said in her monotone voice.

“Okay. Why don’t you sit up and put your knees on the sofa with your back to me. I’m going to fuck you from behind.”

…”Okay. I like to do it that way.”

As she got into position, I dropped my pants and pulled out my cock. It was already hard just from thinking about what I was about to do to Brigitte.

Then I got behind her, pushed her mini-skirt up to her waist, and pushed her thong panties down to her knees. Her pussy lips were puffy and wet; she was ready to get fucked.

I raked my cock head up and down her lips, making her moan softly. The urge to ram my cock into her all the way was almost overpowering.

“How does that feel, Brigitte?”

…”It feels wonderful, doctor Spears.”

“I’m going to enter you now,” I said as I slowly pushed my nine-inch cock all the way into Brigitte’s pussy until it hit her cervix.

A soft, “Ugh” escaped her lips.

Brigitte was such a gorgeous girl that fucking her like that didn’t last long. I tried to slow down to make it last, but my hormones said, “Fuck her faster while you can!”

So within three or four minutes, my cock started to shoot its load deep inside Brigitte’s body. I kept pumping into her as my cock was spurting. I closed my eyes to try and commit to memory every feeling of her pussy; every spurt of my cock; the way she looked as she was bent over on the sofa.

But it was over much too quickly. I wanted to keep fucking Brigitte until my cock recovered and got hard again, but there wasn’t enough time. I would have to make arrangements to meet her at the Hyatt like I had with Cynthia. I had to have more of her; I had to fuck her again in every way I could think of. I wanted to have a nice long sixty-nine session with her; so long that I would cum twice and fill her tummy with my cum.

But I pulled out of her and said, “Turn around Brigitte and suck my cock clean.”

…”Okay, doctor Spears. I like to do that.”

I held her head in my hands and sunk my fingers into her soft brown hair as she sucked me. I looked down at her lips and her pretty face, which was showing no emotion. She was still totally hypnotized. My cock began to grow again and I was soon thrusting it down her throat all the way. She never gagged one time, but just let me fuck her throat until it exploded and sent spurts of cum surging down her gullet. She coughed slightly on the first spurt, but let the rest slide down without resistance. She used her tongue to milk my cock of all the cum it had, then I pulled it out.

“Did you like that blowjob, Brigitte?”

…”Yes. I love to give head. I’ve been told that I’m good at it.”

“You are good at it, Brigitte. I’m going to wake you up now. You will be totally relaxed and remember everything we did. Three…Two…One. You’re awake now, Brigitte. How do you feel?”

“I feel wonderful, doctor. I loved the way you fucked me from behind. I felt like a prostitute being used, and that’s what I liked. I like to be used for sex like a hooker is used.”

“In that case, maybe we should get a room at the Hyatt downtown some evening. You could dress up like a hooker and I’d pay you for a night of good sex.”

“Oh, doctor Spears! That would be so naughty…and so hot! I want to do that soon.”

“Okay. I’ll give you a call and we’ll set something up.”

“Great,” she said and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me like she did the week before. She was hungry for sex and her kiss told me so. I had to admit that I wanted her again right there on the sofa. I wanted to rip her panties off, throw her down on the sofa, and fuck her hard; pin her hands down so she would struggle to stop me.

But I didn’t. I had other patients waiting.

The following weekend we had arranged to meet in the lobby of the downtown Hyatt. As I sat there flipping nervously through a magazine, I tried to imagine what the night would bring with Brigitte. I wanted to treat her like a high-priced call girl. I would pay her five hundred bucks up front, then watch her undress, etc. I had no idea how she would act or how she would channel a hooker.

I closed my eyes briefly to review how I thought the night would transpire. As a minimum, I wanted a good session of sixty-nine with her and a nice long session of missionary so I could bury my hands in her gorgeous brown hair and feel her legs around my waist as we slowly fucked.

“Hey mister! Are you doctor Spears who called for an escort?”

Jarred out of my reverie, I looked up from my magazine and there stood Brigitte, looking for all the world like a hooker right off the street corner. She was chewing gum and smoking a cigarette and was wearing a very short, red leather mini-skirt, a black leather halter top that was barely containing her ample breasts, and to complete the hooker look, she was wearing knee-high spike-heel black leather boots. And her pierced belly button had a one-inch bangle handing from it. Needless to say, I couldn’t believe that the woman standing before me was the same Brigitte I saw a few days earlier in my office.

“Uh, uh, yes I am,” I stammered as I stood up.

“Nice to meet cha. Where’s your room?” she said as she blew a bubble with her gum.

“Um, this way,” I said and headed for the elevator. Brigitte sure had the hooker shtick down pat.

As we rode up in the elevator, I asked, “Where’d you get that outfit, Brigitte? I almost didn’t recognize you.”

“What, this thing? It’s what I wear all the time, mister.”

I guess she was going to play the hooker act all night. It was actually arousing me to think of her as a hooker. She was so gorgeous and sexy that I knew she’d make a good one. And that night she way MY hooker.

When we got to our room, she said, “That’ll be five hundred up front.”

I pulled out my wallet and paid her and she promptly stuffed it in the small purse she was carrying.

“Okay, doc. What’ll it be?”

“Um. I don’t know. Why don’t you just do what you normally do?” I had no idea where Brigitte was going with this act of hers; or how far she’d take it.

“Fine,” she said in a rather disgusted tone.

Then she pushed me down on the bed and started a strip tease. One by one she removed her top, mini-skirt, and black thong panties. But she left the tall boots on. She had shaved her pussy and the navel piercing was new. Brigitte had put a lot of preparation into this evening.

“Now I guess you want a blowjob, so get out of your pants or it ain’t happening.”

I quickly removed my slacks and shorts and sat back down on the bed. If she wanted to play the hooker role, then I would treat her like one.

“Okay, Brigitte. Suck me off,” I demanded.

“Sure, mister,” she responded as she knelt down between my legs, took my cock between two fingers, and pushed it down her throat.

I put my hand on her head and held it down so I could feel her tight throat. I held it there until she pushed up.

“Wow, John! Your cock is really big tonight!”

“That’s how much you turn me on,“ I said as I pushed her head back down.

“Ahg!” she gagged and pulled up. “Make me gag again.”

So I pushed her head down until she gagged twice. I was getting close to cumming, so I stood up, took her head in my hands and fucked her mouth until I started to shoot off. My cock jerked and spurted in Brigitte’s mouth until it was so full of cum that she had to gulp it down and continue.

When I finished, she stood up, put her arms around my neck and pushed us down on the bed.

“That was really fun, John. I really did feel like a hooker being paid to suck you off.” Then she stood up, removed those knee-high boots, and plopped down beside me.

“What do you want me to do next? Use me all night. I want my husband to wonder where I am.”

“Are you sure you want that, Brigitte?”

“Yes. We had a big argument about our lack of a sex life and I stormed out. He thinks I’ll come back later, but I won’t. You’ll be fucking me.”

“I sure will be,” I said as I rolled on top of her, kissed her hungrily, then worked my way down to her gorgeous plump breasts, and down further to her pierced navel.

“Did you get this piercing just for me?” I asked.

“Yes, and it’s still a little sore so be gentle.”

“I will,” I said as I continued my kissing and licking trip down to her pussy.

“Mmm!” she moaned when my tongue first touched her clit.

I gave it a good licking, then moved down to her pussy, which by that time was very wet. After a minute or so there, I moved further down and licked her puckered asshole and tried to stick my tongue in it, but it was too tight.

“Oh John! I’ve never had that done to me before.”

“Would you like to try anal?”

“I don’t think so. At least not tonight.”

My cock was ready again, so I crawled up between Brigitte’s legs and thrust it deep into her. She groaned and raised her legs up and wrapped them around my waist. I sunk my fingers into her hair and we kissed.

“Oh, John! This is no naughty and I love it. My husband never makes love to me like this.”

We started to fuck slowly as we enjoyed the feelings. Brigitte’s pussy was as tight as a virgin’s due to lack of use. I tried to imagine that I had just popped her hymen and she was feeling a cock thrusting inside her for the first time.

Brigitte was lost in a world of sexual sensations. She was moaning and pulling with her feet as I pushed into her. She bit my lip; she bit my shoulder; she bit my ears. She was hungry for sex and was going to enjoy everything.

“Fuck me like this all night, John. It’s so good!”

Thanks to the blowjob she had given me earlier, I was able to fuck Brigitte for almost thirty minutes before shooting off. She, on the other hand, had three intense orgasms sweep through her body during that time. Brigitte was so gorgeous and so sexual that night that I was beginning to develop feelings for her…romantic feelings! I had to somehow suppress those feelings because I still had Cynthia. She was so good in bed that any man would easily fall in love with her, too. I thought, “What have I gotten myself into? I could fall for these two gorgeous women! I want to seduce others, but these two will keep me busy!”

When my climax finally ended, I rolled over and pulled Brigitte on top of me. We kissed and smooched for a few minutes, then fell asleep.

A few hours later I awoke when I felt Brigitte sucking my cock. She was trying to do it slowly and easily so as to not wake me up. I looked down at her slowly bobbing her head up and down, then closed my eyes again and pretended to be asleep. She was so good at giving head, especially like this when she was going slowly and gently, that I couldn’t hold back very long. I felt my cock swell and my balls grow tight as my climax approached. I wanted to shoot off without a sound; I wanted to make Brigitte think that she’d sucked me off in my sleep. So I did my best to lie perfectly still and not succumb to the urges to groan and thrust my hips as I blew my load into her beautiful mouth.

And I guess I was successful because when I did shoot off, Brigitte just quietly sucked and swallowed my cum until I was completely depleted, then continued to suck me gently until my cock was flaccid. Then she quietly cuddled up to me and went back to sleep. How could I not fall in love with a girl who would do that?

The next morning I didn’t say a word to Brigitte about her clandestine blowjob. To this very day she doesn’t know that I was awake the whole time. She continued to give me slow, secret, middle-of-the-night blowjobs every night we spent together.

After six months of meeting with me, Brigitte divorced her disinterested husband so that she would be totally available for me. That gave me a problem because Cynthia was about to do the same thing! I thought, “What have I gotten myself into? Two gorgeous women, each wanting me to fuck them exclusively and often! Maybe I could introduce them and get them both in bed at the same time!”


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