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My Psychiatry Practice: Cynthia

My Psychiatry Practice: Cynthia

I had a normal psychiatry practice until Ms. Deming’s appointment,

I’ve had a psychiatry practice in Boston for seven years and have done well. I like to use hypnosis to aid my analysis because the truth always comes out. I’ll put a patient “under” before my questioning begins. It always works well and I’ve had wonderful success helping my clients.

My first client today was a beautiful woman, Ms. Deming. She had requested marriage counseling hoping that I could help.

“Hello, Ms. Deming. I’m Doctor Spears.”

“Hello Doctor. Please call me Cynthia.”

I had to admit to myself that she was so gorgeous and desireable that I was going to find it difficult to keep my mind focused on my analysis.

“Cynthia, before we begin I’d like to explain the way I conduct my analysis. I always use hypnosis so that my patients are relaxed and truthful in their answers. You see, the hardest part of my job here is getting to the truth. I can be of little help if I don’t have the complete truth on which to act.”

“I understand. That makes sense. How do we proceed?”

“Well, I start by putting you under hypnosis, then I’ll begin asking you questions about your problem.”

“I see.”

“First of all, your appointment says that you need help with your marriage?”

“Yes Doctor. It started about a five months ago when I became suspicious that my husband was having an affair.”

“Okay. Then we’ll start there. Just lie back on the sofa and get comfortable.”

Cynthia turned and lay down on the sofa with a soft pillow under her head. The way her beautiful blonde hair spread out on the pillow was very distracting. Just looking at it got me a little aroused. But I had to continue.

“Now close your eyes and listen only to the sound of my voice…”

“You’re completely relaxed and comfortable…”

“Just listen to my voice and relax…”

“You’re so relaxed that you could go to sleep…”

“I will count down from five and you will go to sleep…”

“Five…You’re totally relaxed…”

“Four…You’re so relaxed that you’re falling asleep…”

“Three…Now you’re about to go to sleep…”

“Two…When you go to sleep you’ll still be able to hear my voice and talk to me…”

“One…You’re now asleep, Cynthia. Can you hear my voice?”

…”Yes,” she answered as in a trance.

I liked her trance-like responses because I knew that she was well under.

“Good. Now tell me when your suspicions about your husband began.”

…”I discovered a perfume smell on his shirt and it wasn’t mine.”

“I see. What did you do then?”

…”I didn’t do anything right away.”

“When did you have further suspicions?”

…”He started to come home very late. His excuse was always that he had a meeting with a client that ran late.”

“I see. Then what did you do, Cynthia?”

Cynthia’s hair looked so beautiful that I wanted to reach out and run my fingers through it as we talked. That’s when I got the idea to maybe try something that I’d never done before because it was so unethical.

…”I followed him to his dinner meeting one night at a hotel restaurant.”

“And what did you see?”

…”He met a brunette. They kissed and went to the elevator. That’s when I left.”

“So did you know at that point that your suspicions were correct?”


“And did you confront him that night when he got home?”

…”No. I was afraid to. He can be abusive.”

“I see. So what happened next?”

…”He became more distant and wouldn’t have sex with me anymore.”

“Had your sex life up to that point been good?”

…”Yes. We had sex almost every night until his affair.”

“So you don’t have sex with him anymore?”

…”No. He never touches me anymore.”

This is the point where I stepped out of my normal analysis routine and began to experiment with a possible sexual encounter with Cynthia.

“So do you still have a desire for sex?”

…”Yes. Very much so.”

“What kind of sex do you like Cynthia?”

…”I love oral sex. I loved it when my husband would give me oral sex.”

“And would you give him oral sex as well?”

…”Yes. I love to suck his cock. It’s really big and hard.”

Cynthia was starting to squirm; hopefully getting aroused.

“Are you sexually aroused now, Cynthia?”


“Are you thinking about oral sex?”

…”Yes. About his hard cock in my mouth.”

I stood up, unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. It had grown to its full nine inches as we talked.

“Cynthia, Would you like to suck a cock right now?”

…”Yes, I want to.”

So I leaned over and placed my cock on Cynthia’s lips. She immediately moaned and opened her mouth.

“Do you want to suck that cock now, Cynthia?”

She didn’t answer, but just took my cock into her mouth and started to suck it and run her tongue around it.

I ran my fingers into her gorgeous blonde hair to the back of her head and lifted it up so she could take more.

“What else can you do with that cock, Cynthia?”

Again she didn’t answer, but just raised her head and let my cock slip all the way down her throat until she gagged. Then she moaned and lay her head back down.

…”I like to be forced to gag on his cock.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement, so I pushed my cock all the way down Cynthia’s throat until she gagged hard. She gagged so hard that it squeezed the head of my cock.

“That felt good, Cynthia. Try it again.”

So Cynthia let me push my cock down her throat again until she gagged hard once more. I was getting close to cumming by that time, so I pulled out and asked, “Do you like to swallow cum, Cynthia?”

…”Yes. I love warm cum. I love the way it feels as it spurts into my mouth.”

“Do you want some warm cum right now, Cynthia?”

…”Yes. I want some warm cum.”

So I pushed half of my cock into her mouth and stroked it until I started to shoot off.

“Mmm!” Cynthia moaned when she felt it. She sucked and swallow it until I had drained my balls.

“Was that good cum, Cynthia?”

…”Yes. It tasted good. Now I need sex.”

So I pulled her short skirt up to her waist, pulled her wet panties aside, and thrust my tongue into her pussy, licking up every drop of wetness. When I found her huge clit protruding like a small penis, I sucked it and licked it furiously. I thought, “With a clit like that, she must be aroused almost all the time.”

“Oh god! Oh fuck! I’m cumming already!” she moaned loudly; loud enough for my secretary to hear.

Cynthia had a massive orgasm and squirted on my sofa and chin. Her body shivered for at least a minute as it ravaged her body. If I hadn’t just cum, I could have fucked her then and there. She was an extremely sex-starved woman and I planned to take advantage of that fact during her next appointment.

When her orgasm finally released her body, I pulled her skirt back down as best I could, smoothed her hair where I had gripped it, and sat down near her again.

“You’re waking up now, Cynthia. You’ll be completely relaxed and will remember nothing about our talk. Three…Two…One. You’re completely awake now. How do you feel, Cynthia?”

“I feel really good, but somewhat odd as well.”

“Odd? In what way do you feel odd?”

“This is really embarrassing, doctor, but I feel like I had an orgasm.”

“Is that right? We did talk a lot about your sex life with your husband. Maybe that caused what your feelings.”

“I’m sure you’re right, doctor.”

I looked at my wall clock and said, “Our time is up now, Cynthia. I’ll see you again next week at the same time. Okay?”

“Okay, doctor.”

* *

The next week when Cynthia walked into my office, I almost got dizzy. She looked even more gorgeous than the week before. The way her long blonde hair was flowing down over her shoulders, made me want to grab her, throw her down on the sofa, and fuck her so hard that she’d beg me to stop.

“Hello, Cynthia. How are you today?”

“I’m okay I guess. Nothing new on the home front, however.”

“Oh, I am sorry. Shall we begin?”

“Sure,” she said as she lay down on the sofa and got comfortable.

* *

After putting Cynthia under, I said, “Now Cynthia, let’s continue to talk about your sex life.”


“What other kind of sex do you like besides oral?”

…”I like to just fuck. I love to be handled roughly and made to do what my husband wants.”

“So if he was here right now, would you want him to fuck you?”

…”Yes. He used to fuck me all the time.”

“How long has it been since he fucked you?”

…”At least three months. That’s why I’m so sexually frustrated.”

“I see.” It was now time for me to make my move.

“Cynthia, would you like for me to fuck you right now like your husband used to?”

…”Yes I would,” she said as she lay there on my sofa, eyes closed, gorgeous blonde hair flowing out on the pillow.

So I quickly removed my pants and shorts, pushed Cynthia’s skirt up and pulled her panties off. As I got on the sofa and put her legs over my shoulders, I asked, “Are you ready Cynthia?”


“What would you like for me to do?”

…”Push your cock into me and fuck me until I cum. I really need to cum.”

With that, I positioned my cock at Cynthia’s wet pussy and quickly pushed it in all the way. I leaned over her body and started to pump into her.

…”Oh, Doctor! You feel so good inside me.”

“Do you like my cock, Cynthia?”

…”Oh yes! I love it.”

Cynthia looked so gorgeous laying there, eyes closed, as I fucked her! She was the most beautiful and sexual woman I’d ever fucked and it was at that point that I knew that I would be taking my practice in a totally different direction. I was going to fuck my most beautiful patients.

“Do you want to have an orgasm while I fuck you, Cynthia?”

…”Yes! I’m almost there now,” she said with an urgency I hadn’t seen before.

Then I pushed into her so deep that my cock hit her cervix. She groaned and grabbed her hair in each hand.

…”I’m cumming, Doctor Spears! Your cock is so hard!”

Cynthia’s cervix was stimulating my cock head and along with her thrusting and moaning, it set me off. My cock started to spurt cum hard. My sphincter was pumping cum into her body as my balls emptied.

I let her legs slide off of my shoulders and leaned over and kissed Cynthia passionately. She kissed me back as she wrapped her legs around my waist. As her orgasm took hold, she pulled with her feet and her pussy muscles tightened around my cock. Cynthia was a real fuck machine and at that point she was all mine.

We continued to kiss and fuck for about ten more minutes while she had another great orgasm. After that, my cock was going soft, but I kept it in her to feel her pussy muscles as they continued to slowly squeeze it.

“Did you enjoy your orgasm, Cynthia?”

…”Yes! I like the way you fucked me.”

“Would you like for me to fuck you again next week?”

…”Yes, Doctor Spears.”

It was time to wind up our session, so I pulled my cock out of Cynthia and said, “Would you like to suck my cock to clean it?”

…”Yes. I like to do that.”

So I straddled her chest and she took my limp cock into her mouth and sucked it clean, then I stood up and got dressed.

Now I was going to take a chance with Cynthia. I had to know if she would be okay with what had just happened between us.

“I’m going to wake you up now, Cynthia. You will be totally relaxed and will remember everything we did.”

“Three…Two…One. You’re totally awake now. How do you feel?”

“Oh my god! You fucked me, Doctor Spears!”

“Yes I did and you enjoyed it didn’t you, Cynthia?”

She wasn’t angry, she was just surprised at what we had done.

“Yes I did enjoy it. In fact, I loved it. Can we fuck next week also?”

“We can fuck as often as you like, Cynthia.”

After putting her panties back on and straightening her skirt, she said, “I’d like to met with you several times a week. I’d like to have an affair with you, Doctor Spears, so we can fuck in all the positions I love and never get to.”

I took her in my arms and asked, “What positions do you love?”

We kissed softly and she said, “I love doggie, cowgirl, and I want to try anal. My husband would never even talk about anal.”

“I would love that, Cynthia. I’ve never tried anal either, so it will be a first for us both.”

“Mmm,” she moaned as we kissed again.

“I didn’t know that our sessions would end up this way, Doctor Spears.”

“I didn’t either. I didn’t plan it. You just looked so beautiful and sex-starved. I wanted to help you.”

“Well, you certainly did,” and we kissed again.

“Our time is up, Cynthia. When would you like to meet and where?”

“I want to meet tomorrow night at the Grand Hyatt downtown where I saw my husband.”

“Okay. See you around seven?”

“Seven is great.”

* *

By seven fifteen Cynthia and I were in room 610 and making out on the bed. She was so hungry for sex that I began to get concerned that maybe I wouldn’t be able to handle her. She was moaning and thrusting and grabbing for my cock almost from the moment we fell onto the bed.

“Oh, Doctor Spears, I want you so much!”

“I think you should call me John now.”

“Okay, John. I want your hard cock inside me right now. I haven’t been able to think about anything else.”

I stood up and started to remove my clothes. When Cynthia did the same, I pushed her back down on the bed.

“I’ll take your clothes off, Cynthia.”

“Okay,” she said very submissively.

When I finished stripping down, I roughly pulled Cynthia’s skirt off, followed my her panties. Then I ripped her blouse open as the buttons went flying. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so she was laying there totally naked except for an open blouse. She looked scared, but also looked hungry for me to man-handle her. She was up on her elbows and looked so gorgeous with her long blonde hair falling around her face that I almost went wild. I wanted fuck her hard and long, and in every orifice.

I quickly crawled onto the bed, pushed her down on her back, and straddled her chest. Her blonde hair was pilled around her head.

“Are you going to fuck me,” she said, her voice quivering in fright.

“Yes, Cynthia. I’m going to fuck you hard and in every way you love.”

With that I took her hands in mine and pinned them to the bed beside her head. She knew what I wanted, so she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I leaned over her face and pushed my cock deep into her throat.

“Agh!” she gagged hard.

“Do you like to gag on my cock, Cynthia?”


So I pushed my cock down her throat again. She gagged hard again and I pulled out.

“Gag me again, John. Make me gag again,” she begged.

I knew that if I did that again that I wouldn’t be able to hold back. I knew that I’d cum in her mouth and I had more plans. So I roughly rolled her over on her stomach.

“What are you going to do? Are you going to fuck me from behind?”

“Yes I am, Cynthia.”

“Please don’t hurt me, John,” she pleaded as she looked over her shoulder at my cock.

I pulled her legs together, which made her puffy labia squeeze out. She was ready, so I slowly pushed my hard cock deep into her pussy, making her moan loudly.

“Mmm! God, you feel so hard!”

I put my hands on the small of her back and started to pump into her relentlessly. She was moaning like a girl who had never been fucked before.

It didn’t take long for both of us to climax.

“Oh FUCK, John! I’m cumming so good!”

I rammed into Cynthia until my crotch was flat against her ass and let my cock explode. Hard, warm spurts of cum filled her body. There was so much cum that it began to ooze out.

Exhausted, I collapsed onto her back and let my cock slip out. I kissed her neck and shoulders lovingly as she tried to catch her breath.

“Wow, John! You sure do know how to fuck me! That was exactly the way I like it. I like to be taken and man-handled.”

“After I recover I’m going to fuck your virgin ass,” I said breathlessly.

“Okay. I’ll try.”

I had brought some K-Y jelly with me, so I retrieved that from my pants and lay back down to rest until I was ready to go again.

Cynthia rolled over and cuddled up to me with her head on my shoulder and her gorgeous blonde hair flowing down my arm. As I stroked her hair and thought about how beautiful she was, my cock began to grow. Cynthia noticed and took it gently in her hand to play with it.

She said, “I don’t know if you can put that in my ass or not. I’ve never tried anal before because I think it will hurt.”

“It might hurt if I didn’t use a good amount of lube. I’ll go slow and let you be in control. Okay?”

“Okay, I guess.”

“I think the best way to do it would be for you to lie face down on the bed with your feet on the floor. You can reach back and spread your cheeks.”

After a moment of thought, she said, “Okay,” and got into position.

I was standing on the floor behind her with cock in hand. The anticipation of fucking Cynthia’s ass for the first time had made it hard as a rock. So I smeared a good bit of K-Y on her asshole and on my cock.

“Okay, Cynthia. The most important thing you can do is to relax. Don’t tighten up and make it hard for me to push in.”

“Okay. I’ll try.”

Then I put my cock head at her asshole and slowly pushed it in about an inch.

“How does that feel?”

“It feels sorta weird.”

“But does it hurt?”


“Okay, I’ll push in again,” then I pushed another inch, the thickest part, of my cock into Cynthia’s tight virgin ass. It felt so good to feel her warm, tight anus gripping my cock that the urge to ram it all the way in with one swift thrust was almost irrestible. Add to that the look of gorgeous Cynthia laying there below me, willing for me to fuck her ass, her hands spreading her ass cheeks, added to that overwhelming urge.

“That’s about two inches, Cynthia. Is it hurting?”

“No. It just feels tight.”

“Okay. I’m going to push more in now,” I said, but slowly pushed my remaining seven inches into her ass, stopping only when my stomach was pressing against her ass. The tight, warm feeling was glorious!

“Ugh! You did it all,” she said as she pulled her hands away from her ass cheeks and grabbed two handfuls of the bed spread.

“I did. You just feel so good!”

I hadn’t started to pump yet, but the desire to do so was hard to resist. I reached up and ran my fingers through Cynthia’s soft blonde hair, then took her hips and started to thrust in and out very slowly.

“How does that feel, Cynthia?”

“Not bad actually.”

“It feels wonderful to me. You’re so tight and warm and lubricated. I love it.”

“I think I do too,” she responded, which was a surprise.

It didn’t take long before I was ready to cum. Cynthia’s tight, warm, virgin ass felt so good that I couldn’t last long enough to really enjoy it to the fullest.

“Oh god, Cynthia! This feels so good that I can’t hold back. I’m about to shoot off in your ass.”

“Mmm. I want to feel it,” she whispered.

“Uugh!” I groaned as my cock exploded in Cynthia’s nice tight ass. I pushed in as far as I could and just held it there so I could feel every pulse.

“Oh, John, I can feel you cumming! Your cock is jerking!”

Cumming in Cynthia’s ass was the most sexual and amazing feeling I’d ever had. I wanted it to last a lot longer than it did. But it was soon over and my cock started to shrivel up. But as it did, her ass felt even better. You know how a guy’s cock is super sensitive after cumming, so her ass seemed to get even tighter.

“Oh, John! That felt really good.”

Then she squeezed her ass muscle and my cock got pushed out like a limp turd. I looked down and was surprised to see that her asshole was still open to the size of my cock and cum was running out. Then she squeezed again and a flood of cum poured out.

“You’re really oozing cum, Cynthia.”

“I know. I can feel it.”

* *

I continued to treat Cynthia for her marital problems for a long time.



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