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Suggestive Liaisons

David’s new powers of suggestion go far beyond his control.

It was seven thirty in the evening and David and his wife, Vanessa, were sipping cocktails at the bar. It had become a usual night out on the tiles and one that David had grown to enjoy so much. Not for the conversation or the meeting of new people, or the presence of his beautiful and sexy wife. It was far more than that. David loved the way he could make his wife behave in front of all the people, if he chose to, that is.

This very night was looking a bit bleak as he scanned the room for possible ventures. Vanessa was chatting to the barman while licking her tongue on the outside of the cocktail glass and David was about to tap her on the shoulder and suggest they leave and go home.

That was until a black guy took the seat next to his wife and caught the barman’s attention. He bought a few drinks and carried them back to the table towards the end of the room. When he returned for his own drink, David made a suggestive thought.

‘Turn to him, make eye contact, make him stay and talk to you.’

Vanessa opened her eyes wide. As the guy picked up his drink Vanessa turned in his direction, knocked the drink out of his hand and over the bar. Her mouth immediately opened and let out an apology.

“I’m so sorry ,” she blurted out. “Let me buy you another one.”

“Another Dark and Stormy,” he motioned to the barman.

“What’s your name?”

“It’s Evan.”

“Mine’s Vanessa. I’m so clumsy.”

With the pleasantries over Vanessa got down to suggesting that Evan pull up a chair while they waited for the barman to create another drink.

David picked up his drink and walked a few yards away from both of them and sat at a small table, close to the door, out of direct viewpoint but still in sight of them both. It was a better view, thought David, and better than being so close to Vanessa and her new friend.

‘Look down at his crotch, and smile when you do.’

Vanessa was making polite conversation when her stare dropped to Evan’s crotch. She made a mewling noise, pursed her lips and let her tongue slip between them as she lifted her head to look back in his eyes.

“Nice view?” he asked.

 “I think so,” Vanessa nodded enthusiastically.

She was playing the slutty housewife to the best of her abilities and Evan, thankfully, was playing along with her.

Eventually Evan’s drink arrived and he took a sip while thanking her for buying him a replacement.

While looking half away from Vanessa and Evan, David planted his next thought into her mind.

‘Put your hand on his thigh and snake it up towards his cock.’

Vanessa took a deep breath and sighed. She was waiting for this moment, she knew it would come, David would not be able to help himself and she was right. Vanessa let out a tiny smile to herself before pouting her lips in anticipation of her lewdness.

It would be like the time she sat here about a month ago when David suggested she do the same thing, only that time a woman was sitting next to her. It was one of David’s fantasies to see Vanessa with another woman. On that occasion, David had walked up to the two women and introduced himself to Alison as Vanessa’s hand was up her skirt and her finger was playing with the moistness of Alison’s pussy. Alison was a little put out at the fact that Vanessa’s husband had just joined them. But after David planted a thought in Vanessa’s head to suggest that they left the bar and head to the bedroom, everything turned out much better. There were smiles on everyone’s face as they headed upstairs.

Vanessa remembered that they had only been in the room a minute before David planted a thought in her head that she should spread Alison’s legs and lick her pussy. It was a thought that Vanessa loved the idea of. Alison’s spreading pair of legs as she lay back on the bed, and knickers curled into a ball on the floor, was all the encouragement that Vanessa needed.

The sex was amazing and Vanessa remembered exactly how Alison tasted when she came into her mouth. It was one hell of a night, thought Vanessa.

But right here and now, Vanessa’s hand had rested on Evan’s thigh, her fingertips curled inwards and she let her hand stay still for a while as she chatted.

“You’re not going to leave now that you have your drink are you?”

“Well, I do have a few friends that are waiting for me,” Evan pointed to his friends in the corner of the room.

“You’re really going to leave me here – “

Vanessa’s fingertips snaked upwards, inching ever closer to the bulge she could see developing in Evan’s trousers; and in the direction of her hands as well.

“On my own,” she continued.

It wasn’t long before Vanessa’s hand was pressing on the head of Evan’s bulge and her fingertips were snaked over his lengthening shaft. She squeezed, closed her eyes and let out a low groan as his flesh refused to squash between her fingers.

She massaged his cock, slowly and effortlessly with the palm of her hand.

David was breathing heavily and was watching Vanessa with intent. He was more than turned on at the sight before him. He could see the sluttish smile on her face and he wondered what she must be thinking as she squeezed his cock.

‘Ask him what he thinks of you? Reveal a bit more of your tits for him. Show him some more thigh. Turn him on. Make him lust after you.’

Each request was planted in Vanessa’s mind and she took them all in before smiling at Evan. She lifted herself off the bar stool, adjusted her attire and sat back down with her skirt elevated up the side of her thigh. A good portion of stocking top was glistening under her skirt and a suspender belt could be seen to anyone looking from the side of the tabled area to her left. Vanessa unbuckled a button on her blouse to reveal a little more cleavage; actually a lot more cleavage in Vanessa’s case.

She finally raised her fingernail to her mouth and bit on it.

“Well, what do you think? Better than your friends…”

Evan was taking some deep breaths as he watched Vanessa play with his mind and body. As soon as she had adjusted herself her hand was back on his thigh and she was enjoying the warmth that emanated from his trousers.

‘Loved the way you did that, I bet you made him so wet,’ thought David. His cock was hardening

Vanessa hadn’t noticed but now felt it on the palm of her hand. Evan’s spreading wet spot was mirrored by her own that she knew was spreading over her knickers. She pressed her hand on it and before he could say anything she had raised her hand to her face and licked the palm. Both Vanessa and Evan looked at the wet patch on his dark trousers.

‘Offer to dry the wet patch for him. Tell him that you’re just as wet and that even strong willed men would be gagging to fuck you right now.’

Vanessa smiled as the thought filtered through to her. She couldn’t see that coming in a million years and she knew that David must be beside himself with lust watching his slutty wife tease, seduce and perform in front of him.

David’s thoughts were racing as fast as his breathing as Vanessa acted the dirty slut in front of him. She had truly become his slutty wife before his very eyes, but especially with his help. He didn’t know where he had got this talent from but it had appeared just after they had watched the Northern lights while on a holiday in Norway. The green flickering hues in the sky were playing out in front of them when a pink burst of light punctured the scene and pulsed straight into David’s eyes.

He remembered  thinking that he wanted Vanessa to bend over in front of him and let him fuck her, right there on their balcony, while other guests below were watching the same spectacle. He was more than surprised when Vanessa pulled her skirt up and dropped her knickers to the floor. She ruffled the skirt upwards at the back and stepped in front of him; pushing him backwards with her body. Vanessa then bent over; taking hold of the bitter cold railings in front of her. She looked behind her and announced that she would like to get fucked.

David didn’t disappoint, but was surprised that his wife had acted in such a lewd and slutty way and at the precise moment he had thought the same thing. Nevertheless, he fucked her hard on that balcony until she came hard in his cock.

It was weeks, probably months afterwards that he finally got his mind around it all and started to play with Vanessa by controlling her with his thoughts. Everything he suggested, she did.

The most depraved she had acted was on one special night, when he suggested she parade herself naked in front some tramps when returning from watching a play. He had made her take her dress off, in the ladies loo, just before they left the venue and walk out into the cold night air in bra, suspenders and stockings covered by a long false fur-lined coat. As they walked past the alley way, he planted the thought that she should open the coat and display her body to the watching men huddled around a small fire. She should entice them with her curves and arouse herself in front of them.

Even David caught his breath when he suggested she suck one of them off; only to find that Vanessa did just that. He watched avidly, his hard on aching under his trousers as his slutty wife took out the cock of a younger man and made him blow his load all over her tits. She had sucked on the head of his cock for ages but he lost his composure as she tugged on it; pointing it towards her ample breasts at the same time. It was the words she used to encourage him more than anything else. Telling him to come all over her tits and how much she loved it when men did that. When he came, Vanessa scooped some of it up on her fingers to lick them before smiling at the man and walking away with David in tow.

When they got into their comfy house that night, David fucked her hard. He remembered how horny she made him feel in that alleyway, how slutty and depraved she was to use those men for her own, and his, sexual flights of fancy.

His own wife had become a sexual predator and David loved it.

David’s heart was racing waiting for Vanessa to comply with his latest thought. Raise up their hopes, thought David, and then let them come crashing down.

Vanessa leant forward in the chair to whisper in Evan’s ear. She told him exactly what David had suggested.

“You think I’m strong willed?” replied Evan.

“Between you and me, I hope the only strong will you have is to make this thing I’m holding as stiff as this all night long; that and your stamina that is.”

Evan composure melted, you could see it in his eyes.

“You have me at a disadvantage,” said Evan, after a little pause.

“How’s that!”

“I have a wet patch that I can’t afford anyone to see, and you have one that I want to see.”

“Good answer, the best yet!” exclaimed Vanessa. “I do hope your’re gonna fill me up with that thing.”

Everyone in the room could see the excitement on Vanessa’s face. She squeezed one last time and slipped down off the high chair.

“That’s a shame,” said Evan.

“Why’s that?”

“You’ve hidden your thighs from sight.”

“Don’t you worry big boy, this skirt is going to drop the second I get you in the room.”

Evan smiled and was about to take a handful of Vanessa’s bottom when a man appeared by her side; grabbing her arm in the process.

“Hiya hun!” exclaimed David. “ I see you’ve met a friend; having some fun!”

“David, nice to see you,” she returned feigning surprise.

Now stop everything and tell him that you must come back with me and fuck me hard,’ Thought David.

The thought resonated through Vanessa’s mind as she picked it up.

Vanessa turned to Evan. Looked down at his trousers and then into his eyes. She felt her sopping wet knickers cling to edge of her thigh. Her nipples were stiff under the lacy bra as her tits and heavy breathing tried their best to force them outwards. Her eyes closed in disbelief and regret at what she must now do.

Vanessa turned to Evan and smiled. “My husband wants me to tell you that I must go back with him and fuck his measly little cock instead of your meaty one!”

Evan looked surprised as he glanced between them, not realising the mental conversation they were having with each other.

David’s mouth opened and closed like a fish. He had never heard Vanessa repeat anything he thought before. Not ever! David was looking a little uncertain towards Vanessa as he struggled to see into her eyes and judge her meaning.

“Not this time,” said Vanessa as she turned to look pitifully into David eyes. Sensing his confused and random thoughts that mimicked the incomplete sentences coming from his mouth she felt the need to explain. She did it silently to avoid Evan from making the decision to leave them to it.

‘David, they’re all my thoughts. All of them. I just let you get a kick out of them every now and then.’

The thought permeated David’s mind. It hit him hard and he looked at Vanessa – dumbfounded and speechless.

‘You’ve spoilt loads of encounters for me with your selfishness – but not this time.’


The words would not come out of David’s mouth.

‘It was the only way I could get decent sex, while at the same time making you think that it was all your doing. Sorry,’ the thought hit David’s mind like an express train.

“He’s OK with it – really,” said Vanessa turning to Evan. “Come on you, I want your big cock up me so fucking much.”

With that Vanessa headed off to the hotel bedroom with a tentative Evan in tow. Vanessa shot a final thought in David’s direction. ‘Come back in a few hours if you must, not before.’

Vanessa was true to her word. Once inside the hotel room, she dropped her skirt to the floor. It was then that Evan noticed the lack of knickers. Once her top came off he could see the wonderful expanse of breast that she was hiding beneath her blouse.

Evan cupped her breasts and pushed them together.

“Off with them,” commanded Vanessa.

Evan was quick to understand that his trousers were causing a problem between them.

They were duly discarded and it was with some effort that Evan prevented himself from spurting down her throat as she swallowed his cock whole.  It was only about ten minutes later when he ejaculated in her cunt as Vanessa groaned on all fours on the edge of the bed. Her hair gathered up in Evan’s hand and her neck extended and arched backwards as her hair was pulled with some force towards Evan’s chest every time his cock thrust into her.

Vanessa cried out but before she came for the third time, she thought a mean thought. ‘His cock is so fucking huge – I’m loving it.’

She didn’t know where David was, or if the thought would reach him. She didn’t care. Vanessa was in heaven and with a lot more to come.

She came for the fourth time as Evan’s cock pulled out of her cunt and was pushing enthusiastically against her anus. She wasn’t about to tell him to stop, though it would be her first time at that entrance.

Evan was masterful, long lasting and just the man Vanessa was looking for. He loved to pleasure and proved, in the very short time, that his sexual prowess was beyond belief.

David eventually returned to the hotel about half an hour after Evan left. Vanessa was draped across the bed, half asleep and half in a daze of remembrance of the last few hours of fucking. She felt a slight draft slip over her and raised her head as David sat in the chair opposite her exposed and well used sex.

He looked at her, though not in a sexual way; sorrow and regret was clearly seen on his face. The conversation was short, resulting in David’s head bowing to the floor and Vanessa’s head raising to stare at the ceiling. A heavy sigh invaded the room. Vanessa pulled herself upright and headed for the shower.

It was nearly twelve o’clock when Vanessa decided that she needed to tidy herself up and get some much needed sleep in preparation for the following day. She had arranged to meet Evan.

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