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Broken Family

Thank you JWren for your awesome editing, and art work.

Graduation loomed and I was naturally concerned about my future, my college education. All young graduates think about everything associated with the finances for college — well, at least the ones that want to do something with their life. 

My parents and I had talked at great depth about different colleges. They weren’t well off, but I knew they’d been saving for my college. We talked about local community college but they didn't have the courses I wanted to take. 

I did the footwork and filing of papers for grants but the courses I wanted were in colleges further away from home. I really did have big ambitions: I wanted to be a surgeon and have my own clinic. That meant I would also take business and have so many more classes than the normal student.

Everything was going well, all my paperwork finished and delivered. My grades were good and I saw no reason why I shouldn’t get the grants I needed. 

Then I was accepted into the college of my dreams. Wonderful! Only one blot — I didn't get all the grants I was hoping for, but I did have my college fund.

My parents had been married for thirty years. A great marriage and a very happy life. So we thought… until the time came to complete the paperwork and make payments. That’s when my life fell apart.

There was no college fund. Nothing. Not a dime. 

When I asked where my college money was, my father hung his head. It wasn’t only me he had to explain this to. My mother was also sitting there asking the same question. 

“Daddy, answer me, answer momma… where is my money for college?” I said, staring at his bowed head. “Daddy, I need to turn it in.” 

Daddy just sat there, his head hung down, tears in his eyes. He wouldn’t look at me or momma. My stomach churned, I knew something was terribly wrong. Then my worst fears crossed my mind.

“Oh, no!” I blurted. “Do you mean you don’t have it? Daddy, please, tell us… did you need the money for something? If so, Daddy, I’m sure it was something you couldn’t help.” 

He got up and walked out of the room. A few minutes later, he came back and began to tell momma about a double life he’d been living. 

“What? What are you talking about?” she said. “What do you mean, a double life?’ 

Daddy said he had another ‘wife and children’ and my college fund had been spent taking care of his other family. 

Momma and I left the room, leaving him sitting there. Neither of us knew what to say to him or each other. We were stunned.

Momma and I went into the kitchen and were sitting at the table when he walked in and again tried to explain his actions, offering his pathetic excuses. I raced upstairs to my room, threw some clothes into an overnight bag, and ran out of the house. Momma, obviously, wanted to sit and listen to his story and excuses, but I wanted no part of it.

I left and went to a friend’s house and explained what had happened. I asked if I could stay there until I found a place to live or my mother decided what she would do. If she decided to forgive him, I was not going back into that house.

Tina told me there was no rush; I could to stay as long as I needed. She had her own business and she would be in and out. 

With that settled, I had other things to do. I went home when my parents weren’t there and got the rest of my clothes. I stopped by the office at school and explained some of the problems, mainly that my college fund was no longer available. I would have to rethink my college courses; maybe do the medical part, then go back for my business courses. Right then I had no clear idea but I filled out the forms again under different income guidelines. 

I had no idea what would happen. I had to worry about finals, getting through graduation, and hope I would be able to get some kind of grant.

The week before school ended, I was called into the office and my principal handed me a letter. 

“What’s this?’

‘Open it.”

With shaky hands, I tore open the envelope. 

“Oh my god, a grant.”

It wouldn’t cover everything and I would have to get a job to pay for my books and some of my courses. I began to cry and my principal asked why I was crying. I tried explaining to her that I would have to get a job and work through college but I needed to raise some fast cash to get my books. 

Leaving the office, I tried to think of ways that I could get quick money for my books. Tina was sitting at the kitchen table when I walked and I told her about my grant, and that it would not cover everything and I needed to get a job quickly.

Tina then stunned me. She offered to lend me the money for my books and courses and said I could pay her back whenever it was possible. I thanked her but said I didn't know when I’d ever be able to repay her. 

I’d known Tina a long-time — she was a couple years older than me — but I’d never asked what she really did for a living, although I knew she owned a spa where you could spend a few hours being pampered. I guessed she made good money because she had her own place, it was decorated nicely, she had beautiful clothes, and more or less worked her own hours.

Tina told me to sit at the table, and said, “If you don’t want a loan, what about working at the spa a few hours a day, however many you can spare, while still keeping up with your college classes?”

I was very excited at the offer. “Tina, that would be great,” I said. “Thank you very much. But, wait a minute, what would I have to do? Am I qualified?”

“Well, Lisa —” Tina stood and walked to the sliding glass doors. She stood there for a few moments, staring outside, then turned back to face me, and began to explain exactly what went on at the spa. “It goes only as far as you would like it to go. So, how much money you make is totally up to you also.” 

Sitting down, she reached for my hands but I pulled back and stood up. “Tina, are you talking about… ?” I couldn’t even finish my sentence.

“Lisa, it isn’t like that.”

“Then what is it, Tina? Sure sounds like you’re talking about prostitution.”

“I wouldn’t put it like that.”

“How would you put it?”

I hurried out of the room to my bedroom. Damn! It’s bad enough my Dad has a whole secret life with another woman and children, but now my best friend wants me to become a prostitute. Damn, damn.

Throwing myself on my bed, I cried into my pillow. I didn’t know Tina had come into the room until she sat on the side of the bed next to me and began stroking my hair, telling me how sorry she was for making the offer. She said the work wasn't for everyone, but she thought it was a way for me to make quick money to help get me through college. Once through college, I would never have to look back on this.

I looked up at her, still not believing what I was hearing. “Please, Tina, please just give me some time to digest all of this. Please, give me some space.”

Tina nodded, and walked out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

Getting ready for bed, I thought about what Tina’s work. What does she actually do? Give massages? Stroke cocks and make them cum? Fuck them? Oh my god, how could she? Better question: could I?

I wasn’t a virgin but I hadn’t had many partners, either. I needed to get this off my mind. I think I cried myself to sleep, thinking I would never make it through college.

The next morning, I woke with swollen eyes and feeling tired and restless. This was something that would not just go away.

Walking into the kitchen, I saw Tina sitting at the table. She, too, looked like she’d also lost sleep. I got a cup of coffee and sat at the table with her. This was something I needed to discuss or it would eat me up.

“Tina, what exactly are you talking about?” I said. “What exactly would I be doing? Don't beat around the bush, get straight to it. I want to know. Are you running a full prostitution spa? Would I be fucking every man I come in contact with?”

“No, no, Lisa,” she shook her head, “it isn’t like that all.”

“Then, what is it like? Tell me, Tina, exactly what is it?”

“First, please calm down, Lisa and let me explain in detail what goes on. I will tell you everything. Also, the main point is that you do exactly what you want to do. No more, no less. You make your own rules.”

She took a sip of coffee and inhaled deeply before continuing. 

“When a regular client comes in, he — or she — tells the counter person what they’e interested in. That’s only if they haven’t called earlier and made an appointment with a specific girl. All clients are thoroughly checked out. We don’t take chances with any of our clients or the young ladies that are working here. The ladies are totally protected.”

“Okay, I’ve got that. But, what exactly do the girls do? Just give them a deep massage? Stroke their cocks?“ I gulped. “Do they fuck them?”

Tina looked down then lifted her head and gazed at me. I saw something in Tina’s eyes that I’d never seen before. I don’t know if it was fear, afraid of what I would think of her, or afraid that I would be disgusted and hate her. Or even turn her into the cops. 

At that moment, I didn't know what I felt. Even though she hadn’t answered my question, I knew the answer. But I needed to hear it from her. 

“Lisa, you only do what you felt comfortable doing. Bella will set you with the right client. If you only want to do massages, then that is what you’ll do. You will never be asked to do anything you don’t want to do.”

In the silence, we stared at each other. ”That’s a promise,” she said.

I continued looking at her, not sure of what to say. What shall I do?

“Lisa, the only other thing I will say, whatever you decide to do, determines your money and tips.”

I looked long and hard at her. “I’m not fucking anyone,” I said and left the room.


Over the weekend, I thought about my situation and accepted Tina’s offer of a loan to pay for my books and a few courses. On Sunday evening, I fixed dinner and we sat down at the table to eat. I knew I had to earn money to repay my friend. Decision time.

“Tina, I would like a job at the spa. But I don’t want any of that part of it. I will give massages, I will pamper, but nothing sexual. You said I could decide what I wanted, right?” 

“Yes, I did. And I promise that is all you need to do.”

The next day I went to the spa in a little sundress — sexy, yes, but apparently, nothing to get me decent tips. As the days turned to weeks, I gained a few regular clients, but barely made enough money to pay for classes. I told Tina that I needed more money than I was earning at the spa.

“I want you to follow your dream, Lisa, I really do,” she said. “But, sometimes, we have to do things we don’t like just to get what we really want. Think about that.”

I watched the other girls and saw the money they were making. Could I let myself go? Could I do what they were doing?

One night, I asked Tina if we could talk about work.

“Sure, you having a problem with someone?”

“No, no. Matter of fact, I want to move a bit forward.” I took a deep breath and exhaled noisily. “Tina, I need more money. It’s as simple as that. Second quarter is coming up and… well… so…”

“Lisa, I know how you feel. I can loan you some more money, no problem.”

“No, Tina. You’ve done enough, thank you. I need to make my own way. So, tell me what I’ve got to do, where do I go now?”

“Lisa, like I’ve always said, it’s up to you. How far do you want to go?”

“I need to make money to pay for my classes. I guess that means all the way.” 


“I need to make as much money as the others. I need to stop being so… oh, I don't know… I just need to do this and pay for the rest of my school. It’s not like I will be doing it for the rest of my life.”

“Lisa, you realize you don’t just walk in and strip and fuck someone, and get a big tip? It takes time to build up a clientele. Men will not just come in and open themselves up to someone that has been totally closed like you’ve been. You’re doing a big turnaround. These men are gonna take time to trust you.”

“I know Tina, but what can I do? I have to pay for school, I owe you a ton of money. I have to do something. Right now this is the only way I see of making things work for me.”

I knew I was making the right decision. It wasn’t like it would last forever. And, let’s be frank, it’s not like I was marrying the guy, or that I’m still a virgin. Hell, I might even enjoy it.

Monday morning, I was nervous but I knew what I had to do. I put on a short, low-cut sun dress, a pair of heels, and a little more makeup than usual. Brushing out my long brown hair, I took a double take and liked what I saw in the mirror. I put on a smile and out the door I went. Attitude is half the battle.

Driving to work, I thought back to the reason I was doing this. Dad and his second family. Damn him! And them!

The salon was already open for business when I walked in and some regular customers took a second look. Yes, I did look different.

I was in the back room getting ready when Tina came in and told me I already had a request. I asked if he was a regular and she said the girl he usually saw had called in sick. He'd then asked if I was available. 

“What does he usually get, Tina?”

Tina smiled. ”He’ll let you know. He likes a few different things. You wanted the big tippers, well here you go. He’s in room four. Good luck.” Tina smiled, turned, and walked out.

I took a deep breath, not sure what was about to happen. But I had to hold it together. It was all about the money. I put on on my salon jacket and walked toward room four. How bad could it be? Come on, it could be good. I grinned.

Opening the door and walking in, I upgraded the grin into a welcoming smile. I stopped at the door while closing it very slowly.

Okay, this isn't the end of the world. Just do it, whatever he asks for. Grow up, Lisa. You’re not a young teen.

Walking to the table, a handsome face looks up at me. “I’m Dan, nice to meet you.”

“I’m Lisa. Nice to meet you, Dan. What can I do for you today? I mean, what does Stacy usually do for you? Do you want the same thing or something different.”

“Well, Stacey usually starts with a nice body massage. I mean that is why we’re here. Right, Lisa?”

“Yes Dan, of course,” I answered and smiled, wondering what was going on in his head. The look on his face suggested he wanted a lot more than a massage and I knew what it took to start earning the big money. Yet, now that I was here, could I really do it?

I poured the warmed lotion onto his back and down to where the towel laid across his butt. I might say, it looked a cute ass. I spread the lotion on his back before beginning the massage. I rubbed down his back till my fingertips met with the towel. As I began to move my hands back up, the towel slid off. 

I was a bit shocked and wondered if I should put it back. But I was sure he’d pulled it off. It didn't just slip off. I continued with the oil and began the massage, my hands working firmly on his back and shoulders, pressing my fingertips firmly into his muscles. Dan was very relaxed and I put all my skills into his massage. I wanted to make a good impression. 

Pouring the warm oil on his legs, I began massaging down to his feet and back up. As I did, Dan opened his legs a bit and his balls sac came in view. I tried not to look. 

Dan fidgeted on the massage bed.

“Are you okay, Dan?” I asked.

“Just a bit uncomfortable, Lisa.” 

Before I could ask him why he wasn’t comfortable, I saw the reason. Moving quickly, he rolled onto his back and I saw his penis was massively erect. No wonder he was uncomfortable. I continued to massage him, slowly going around and careful not to touch the enormous cock standing before me. I couldn’t help but look down and see his sac was pulled tight. His balls were enlarged.

I continued massaging his chest, pouring on more oil, moving along his sides and up over his hard nipples. I felt my nipples hardening. Oh, my! What is happening? Is my own body betraying me? I tried to ignore my feelings and continued with the massage, moving down to his legs.

After pouring oil over his thighs and shins, I massaged them and Dan opened them wide. 

“There Lisa,“ he said, but I wasn’t sure what he wanted. 

Oh, don’t play dumb, Lisa. You know what he wants. This is why you’re here.

My mind was racing and I had to make a move. I slid my hands between his legs, massaging the inside of his thick muscular thighs. Slowly, I used my fingertips, trying to relax his thighs. It was no use, he was tense. He knew what he wanted — and so did I. 

I eased my hands up the inside of his thighs and over his enlarged sack. His balls were so big, they felt as though they’d fill my palms. 

The table was long and I moved from the foot of it to one side, all the time massaging his balls. I reached over for the oil bottle, poured some into my hands, then reached for his large cock that was twitching, virtually begging to be touched. 

I reached for his cock but the girth was such that I couldn’t get my fingers all the way around. It was one of the thickest shafts I could imagine. As I stroked his long and thick tube, Dan moved his hips and I heard him moan.

“Hmm… yes, Lisa, just like that.”

By now I was using both hands, moving them up and down his mighty pole. His hips kept in rhythm with my strokes and I ran my thumbs over his beautiful mushroom head. A bead of pre-cum sat on the very top, looking at me. Daring me. Daring me to taste it. Touch it. 

My thoughts were interrupted by a hand on the back of my head. “Go ahead, you know you want to.”

I glanced at Dan’s face and back to his cock. He pushed my head down toward his cock. “Lick it,” he said, ”lick it, Lisa.” 

Rapidly, his hips came up and his cock nudged my lips. His drop of pre-cum spread over my lips. Dan continued to raise his hips.

“Take it, Lisa… open your mouth.” 

I didn’t know what to do. But not for long. Tip… I need tip money.

I opened my mouth and took what I could of his enormous cock in my mouth. Before I realized it, he had his hands on the sides of my head and was in control. He was fucking my mouth like he might fuck a pussy.

Faster and harder he pushed into my mouth. I felt like he would choke me as he pushed his cock down my throat. I gagged — but he pushed harder. The more I gagged, the harder he fucked my throat.

While he continued to fuck my mouth, he slapped my inner thighs, nudging them apart, and slipped a finger into my cunt. Yes, I was soaking wet. 

In moments, I was ready to cum, but that wasn’t his plan. He withdrew his finger, pushed his cock deep into my throat and then pulled all the way out of my mouth. In another quick movement, he was off the bed and had me bent over it. He tugged my panties to the side. 

“No, Dan, what are you doing?”

“Exactly what you came in here for.”

Before anything else could be said, his massive cock was deep inside me and he started fucking me with all his power. 

I writhed beneath him. I wasn’t sure whether I was trying to get away or if it was my reaction to the delights of his great cock pumping my pussy. What I did know, he was fucking me hard and fast and when he reached around and rubbed my clit… oh my god, I was ready to cum. 

Dan’s cock was buried as deep as it would go, his huge balls slapping against my ass, and he furiously rubbed my clit.

“Get ready, baby, here it comes.” 

Dan took a deep breath and spurted stream after stream of cum into my depths. And, as soon as I felt his cum filling my cunt, I started rocking back into him. I was coming!

I clenched my fists tightly and, as my orgasm swept through me, my knees began to give way. Dan was on top of me and somehow held me up. Before long, Dan’s cock started going limp and slid out of my sore pussy. I stood for a few minutes, getting my breath, not really believing what had just happened but trying to force myself to smile. 

Dan dressed and kissed my check. “Thank you,” he said and was out of the door. 

What had I just done? Was college this important?

I straightened myself up and tidied the room before walking toward the front desk. I was ready to ask if I had anything else for the day or if I could leave. I was ready to go home, shower, and hide under the covers.

At the desk, Tina looked at me as though she knew what had happened. Of course she did. She was the owner, she had to know all the customers and their needs, intentions, and desires. 

She tried smiling but I’m sure she could tell I wasn’t in good humor. But, she wasn’t to blame for anything. It’s what I wanted. 

“Do I have any more clients, Tina?”

“No Lisa, you’re done for the day unless you want to hang around. We might get a few more clients drop in.”

“Thanks, but I think I will call it a day.”

As I turned to walk out, Tina handed me an envelope. “Dan left this for you. Said he hoped to see you again. He really enjoyed himself. Well done.”

I took the envelope and stuck it in my purse. Before I was out of the parking lot, tears welled in my eyes. 

Why did Dad do this? Why did he have to be an ass? Why did he take my college money? Why, why, why?

I sat in the car and sobbed. I barely remember driving but I got into the house and quickly stripped my clothes, ran a bath, and slid into the warmth. The tears had dried up and I was just pissed. Damned pissed. 

By the time I’d finished bathing and put on some pajamas, Tina was home. I came out of my room and sat on the couch. She could tell I had been crying and sat beside me. She put an arm around me and again begged me to let her pay for my college. 

Again I told her no. It was my fucked up dad that had caused this and I would get myself through college. I thanked her but said I had to do this, and I went to my room. I just needed alone time. 

Before long, there was a knock at the door. “Lisa, can I come in, please?”

“Tina, I’m really tired. Can we talk tomorrow.?”

But the door opened and Tina walked in.

”Please, Tina, I’m fine. Whatever it is, it can wait till tomorrow. Please.”

“No, Lisa, I’m sorry this can’t wait another day. I should have told you before now. I’m sorry.”

I looked at Tina as she handed me folded pieces of paper. They looked like official documents. 

“What’s this, Tina?”

“Please, Lisa, read them. Just read them.”

I began — and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I stopped and looked up at Tina.

“What is this, Tina? Is it some kind of sick ass joke?”

“No, it’s not a joke.” Tina was solemn, her eyes dull. “I should have told you as soon as you came here, but I was afraid you would hate me. I was hoping our friendship would grow before this had to come out.”

“You’re my sister?” I yelled. “You’re from his other family?” I shook my head, looking at the paper in my hands and back to her face. “You’re the reason my family had nothing, why I’ve just done what I did to try and pay for college.”

Getting out of bed, I went for my suitcase, screaming, “Why the fuck didn't you tell me before? All these years I’ve known you. Why now?”

“I wanted to, I really did. Why do you think I took you in?” Tina walked over and grabbed my arms. “Lisa, you’re here because I wanted to take care of you, because of what our father did. Do you think I approve of it?” 

I shrugged out of her grasp and started tossing clothes into my case.

“Why do you think I’ve given you money for your college?” Tina said. “I feel I owe you that. And I owe you so much more. Look, I have a very successful business and I would like you to become part of it. Be a partner; have half of the business.”

I closed my suitcase, strode past Tina and out of her house. I couldn’t bear to be around her at that moment. 

Why couldn’t she tell me all this a lot earlier? Why wait until after I’d done what I did today at her spa? Why?


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