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Charlie and the Factory, Ch. 2

Shawn goes back to The Factory on Amateur Night...

About a week later, I started thinking about her again. Why was I thinking about her? Daisy… I mean, Charlie was actually a stripper at a strip club I went to. And I actually had an inkling she was one.

“You know where I am, Daddy. Ask for Charlie…”

The way she said that turned me on so much. I wanted more of her. Knowing the consequences, I still wanted it. So, when I told my boys…

“Wait. Daisy’s a stripper? And you fucked her?” My best friend Bruce said. I nodded in affirmation.

“Daisy? Dirty Daisy?”


“Fuck all that. You know my question,” My other best friend Jaden said.

“Yeah, it didn’t happen. I didn’t come in her. But my God, her head is amazing,” I said, singing the last word. Our triumvirate met back in high school. We were some horny bastards. Jaden now has a three-year-old son. Jaden’s the more mature one of the bunch, while Bruce is probably the only one who has a dirtier mind than me.

“I knew she was a freak. She probably takes dick like a pro, don’t she? How many you think she fucks? Did she tell you? Did you make her cream?” He asked, tilting his head.

“Ok, one, that’s her job. Two, she said to me not much. Three… not telling,” I said, with a smirk. Bruce reacted. Jaden shook his head.

“Bro, I only got one thing to say to you. Be careful. Sometimes you got to think, it’s a job for them. Walk away, my dude,” Jaden said. He knew I still wanted her. But I still went to The Factory that night wanting to see her. I saw the usual. Older businessmen, single men about my age, men who have infidelity problems. But when I walked in, I walked by the bar and saw a familiar face.

“Lillian?” I said, tilting my head. The bar really wasn’t that crowded.

“Shawn Taylor. I never thought I would see you in a place like this. How’ve you been?” Lillian was one of the first girls I met in high school. She always had a fierce walk and confidence. She drove the boys wild back then. Lillian had a beautiful, curvaceous body. She was taller than your average woman with a very pretty face. Her breasts were sizable, but what drove men wild was her ass. And she knew it.

“I’ve been good. What’s good with you, Lillian?” I said.

“Just working, trying to get through school,” she said. “And you? You want to see someone in particular or…”

Lillian was an aspiring beautician. She was one of those girls that I went crazy for, but eventually just had a good relationship with. Nothing more. Nothing less.

“Yeah… you know if Charlie’s here?” I said.

“You and a lot of guys. She got you, didn’t you?” Lillian read the look on my face. “Yeah, she did. The power of the pussy.”

I shook my head.

“Well, when you say it, shit,” I said.

“You ain’t alone. Not by a long shot. You know how many dudes stare at my titties as I talk to them?” She said, pointing at her cleavage.

“I mean… hey… we go way back and all… but it’s true,” I said faux-whispering.

“What you want to drink, Shawn?”

“See, I’m a rookie to this bar shit. I don’t drink. I just like the view. I’ll take a Coke,” I said, smiling.

“Okay, you’re going to really like the view tonight. It’s amateur night. Charlie ain’t working tonight. Something about her son. But knowing you… got a feeling you’ll like one of them,” She said, while getting the soda.

“You think? Lillian, I have a favor to ask… turn around,” I said. She reluctantly did. I checked out her thick, curvaceous ass.

“You finished?” She said, looking back at me, jerking me out of my trance.

“Oh. Yeah. I’m good.”

I was slightly turned on now, thinking about the bartender, practically undressing her with my eyes. And she knew it. I sipped my Coke, when I heard:

“Now coming up to the stage, she is known by three letters alone… N.B.A.” The Emcee said.

I looked quizzically, as she came onto the stage. Her song started. I instantly knew it. It was Akon’s “I Wanna Fuck You.” Her face was attractive. She had a caramel complexion when it shone in the light. She had brown eyes and almost perfect plump pink lips on her. Her face also looked familiar as she ground on the pole, looking at nothing in particular in the distance.

I always wondered what it took to be a stripper. Was it confidence? Was it sex appeal? Making it look like to the guys that you are ready to fuck any second now? As her body began to glisten with sweat, she took her top off. That’s where I said out loud:

“Shit. Is that…”

Lillian smirked behind the bar. I looked at her.

“Keisha Williams. AKA, Nothin But Ass. She technically is an amateur, but internet don’t lie. All those twerk videos got our boss’ attention. She was kind of a special recruit,” Lillian said.

“I remember her twerking in my face back in the day, too. That’s two!”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she covered her breasts coyly, as if she was teasing to one man in particular. She turned around and bounced her ass one cheek at a time, looking back at it. At this time, I was visibly turned on. Keisha turned around and held her breasts together and shimmied them towards a drunken man in front. Like an idiot, he went for them.

I let out an audible chuckle, then disguised it with my drink. Her breasts were bigger than I remembered. Her sweat trickled down as she caressed the pole one more time. There was something about her as she performed. I could not put my finger on it. I had an inkling that she was looking in my direction. Her routine finished. I quickly put it out my mind.

“You like?” Lillian said. I looked at her as she left the stage. It was like she was born to be on that stage. I was honestly amazed.

“Yeah, you can say that,” I said.

After I left The Factory, I was walking to the parking lot when I saw her standing there. I looked in that direction. I cautiously went over to her. Nobody was in sight.

“$50 for head, $100 for a fuck,” She said without even looking.

“Whoa, just want to talk for a second,” I said, rationally. “Keisha…”

She jerked her head to me.

“I got to ask, why do you strip? Why do you ho around? Just keeping it real. I ain’t trying to be captain save a ho, but…”

She interrupted me.

“I got to. Have you ever had that feeling on stage that they like you? And they want you? And they want more? That’s me. It’s like a drug,” she said.

I understood what she meant. I was a performer in my past, but certainly not like that.

“Well, hell, you know you wanted it. Remember way back? I shook this in your face?” She shook it again in front of my face. Once again, I fought off my erection.

I (and Lillian) have ties to Keisha since high school. We didn’t really talk much, but the things I do remember her for were, one, twerking her ass accidentally on purpose on me. Also, she fondled herself while in a school assembly. I saw it. I was two seats down from her. She was damn near moaning. At that point, I had an epiphany.

“You know, I got to ask you this: You doing it for the fame? Or for the money? Because look at this. This fame doesn’t exist. As for money... here’s a little something for your trouble…” I started. I started to walk away. Then I came back and said softly:

“After you throw that plump ass in a circle…”

She bent over and shook it again. I paid her, smacked her ass cheek, and left.

“Longtime no see, girl,” I said with a smile.

“I’ll save you a dance sometime? You know you want this. They don’t call me N.B.A. for nothing, Daddy…”

No, they don’t. Damn, I have got to listen more.

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