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Paying for it

A young street whore is used by an unusual client

I’m parked down the street, watching them as they hang about on the street corner. As each car passes, they look up and if it slows down, they preen like parrots trying to attract attention. I glance down at my left hand, the paler band of skin a reminder that almost twenty years of marriage were thrown away on girls like these.

Decision made, I drive towards the one I want, slowing to a stop beside her. I watch as she peels herself from the wall and saunters over towards the car, trying not to make it look too obvious. She turns and blows a kiss towards one of her friends and laughs at something they shout in response. She looks young, late teens or early twenties and carries herself with a mixture of confidence and bravado.

I run my eyes over her from head to toe and back up again. She’s wearing ankle boots with a Cuban heel, giving her some height but still comfortable enough, I guess, to wear when standing on a street corner all day. The lacy tops of her black hold up stockings are just visible under the short black skirt. Her leather jacket is open enough to reveal the shape of her breasts under the white, buttoned crop top. They look firm and a nice handful, jiggling slightly with every step. Her long brunette hair is tied back in a high ponytail and the smear of red lipstick is the only flash of colour, contrasting with the pale skin and heavy dark eye makeup.

I lower the window as she leans in, running her eyes over me and the interior of the car. I guess she’s checking if I’m alone before smiling and asking if she can help me. I give her my biggest smile, run my eyes over her one last time, letting them linger on her chest before looking up at her over the top of my sunglasses.

“Well I’m not sure honey. Do you know anywhere round here where I might get some?”

She glances along the street, twisting her head to check both ways before leaning in closer.

“Some what exactly? Are you sure you know what you’re looking for?”

“Oh I’m sure alright.”

My hand drops to my crotch and rubs the bulge visible through my jeans. She watches for a moment, biting her bottom lip as if she’s deciding what to do.

She glances along the road again, as if checking for something before, with a nod, she crosses round in front of the car, opens the passenger door and slips inside. I close my window and turn to her.

“You’ll have to drop me back here afterwards. Is that ok?”

Without a word, I put the car in drive and pull away from the kerb.

“So how long are we going for?” she asks.

“An hour should be time enough. How much?”

“A hundred.”

With one hand on the wheel, I pull some crumpled notes from the glove compartment and hand them to her. While she counts the notes and tucks them away in her jacket pocket, I drop my hand onto her thigh. My fingers trailing over her stocking, drawing circles on her. My fingertips edge higher with every rotation until they are tracing the lace pattern on the stocking top. I hear her sharp inhalation of breath as my fingers move up under her skirt and touch the naked flesh of her inner thigh.

“Where are we going?”

“What’s your name?” I ask, my eyes still locked on the road ahead.


“I’m Susanna.”

“Hi Susanna, so are we heading to your hotel or what?”

I don’t answer, instead turn the wheel to drive down an alleyway and park up in front of a locked and deserted factory.

“Let’s go,” I tell her, opening my door and getting out. I stand and stretch, arching my back with my hands above my head. My breasts pushed out,my nipples hardening underneath my t-shirt at the sight of the young woman now standing in front of me.

I rest my butt on the bonnet of the car. My legs spread apart and smile as I bend my finger and beckon Olivia towards me.

“Unbutton the top,” I tell her and watch transfixed as she slowly unfastens it. Her tongue pushed out, licking her bottom lip, as button after button is undone. Her hands drop to her side and she saunters towards me once more. Her pert firm tits on display, the dark pink of her nipples contrasting with the alabaster flesh of the surrounding globes.

When she gets within range, I raise my hands and grip them both. Thumbs circling her areola as my fingers dig into the flesh. Pulling her into me, I push my mouth to hers, kissing her hard. Our tongues dance together, lips locked. She grinds herself against me, her crotch pushed into mine.

I break off the kiss, my tongue tracing a line along the jaw and down her neck. It dips down her cleavage and circles around under her fleshy globe and up, flicking her right nipple as my hands drop to squeeze her ass cheeks.

She arches her back and moans as I pull her ass cheeks into me. Grinding her crotch against the plastic girl-cock stuffed inside my jeans. My fingers grip the hem of her skirt and pull it up, revealing her naked ass.

“Mmm you are a little slut, I love a girl who forgets to wear her knickers.”

“It saves time,” she replies, pulling the leather jacket from her shoulders and letting it fall to the ground.

I grip her by the hips and twist her around, pushing her back onto the car bonnet, skirt up around her waist, revealing a smooth, bald cunt with a dew drop on her slit.

One hand goes around her throat, pinning her on her back whilst the other dips between those spread legs and scoops the glistening liquid from her onto my fingertip. I let her watch as I bring my finger to my mouth and suck the digit clean.

My hands grip her knees and spread her wide open, my head drops and the flat of my tongue scrapes across her honey slit in a long slow rasping lick.

“Yesss,” she moans.

I grin and repeat the process. This time, licking around her clit as it peeks out of its hood. Applying more pressure on her knees, I spread her legs wider. Clamping my lips around her clit, I suckle it greedily. My teeth grazing over the sensitive flesh as I move my mouth from side to side. She writhes beneath me. Sharp hisses and pants assault my ears as I dine out on her honeyed oyster taste.

Then, as suddenly as I assault her, I release her knees and step back. She pulls herself up on her elbows to look at me while I unbutton my jeans, letting her see the girl-cock. The solid black plastic shaft pokes above the lace trim of my pink panties. I pull them down far enough for it to spring free. The other end lies buried deep inside my own wet cunt, having been sending sensations direct to my core for the past half hour.

She sits on the bonnet, licking her lips at the sight of the eight-inch shaft between my legs. I grip her hips and pull her towards me, her ass sliding down the smooth metal until the tip rests against her wet opening.

I look into her eyes, this little whore, lying there with her legs spread, mouth half open, waiting. Is this what he saw, every time he fucked a whore like this? I grip her hips and pull her towards me, thrusting my girl-cock deep inside her. Our mouths open and we grunt as one as the cock fills us both.

Her stockinged legs wrap around behind me, pulling me into her as I thrust harder, deeper and faster. She lies back, her tits on display, her skirt nothing but a crumpled belt as I use her body as a commodity I’ve paid for.

As I pound into her, her juices squelch out of her, running down her ass crack as my hands roam over her body. I paw at her tits, rolling and twisting her nipples then bringing my hand down, slapping each tit as she arches her back and yelps.

I rock my hips, forcing my girl-cock in and out. Each time I pull back far enough so only the tip remains inside. Then I slam into her, hearing her moan. When I ease out she whimpers, moaning when I slam back in.

As I pound her on the bonnet of my car, her moans merge into one long continuous groan, each cry coinciding with the thrust of my girl-cock inside her.

The rhythm builds faster and faster until, just when I sense she is about to break and let the orgasm wash over her, I pull the cock out of her.

The disappointment in her voice is evident as she groans, “Fuck!”

I stand, panting, the shaft between my legs dripping. Her juices glistening on the rigid plastic cock.

I turn her over, pressing her breasts onto the bonnet as she sticks her ass out for me. Her feet now planted onto the dusty ground. I kick her left foot.

“Wider you little slut,” and am rewarded with a satisfying yelp as she responds to the slap on her ass.

“That's it you little whore, show me just how much you like it.”

I stand behind her, the girl-cock pushes along her slit, her labia parting as the tip slides over her clit. I reach up and grip her ponytail in my hand. I lean in, my tongue licking her earlobe.

“Beg for it.”


I grip the shaft, still sticky from her cunt juices as I line the tip up against the tight puckered brown hole.

“Please what?”

“Please, fuck my ass,” she whispers.

I pull hard on her hair, snapping her head back as I slam the girl-cock into her rectum.

“Fuck, you bitch, that really hurts!”

Her screams drives me on, my own orgasm building rapidly with every thrust of my cock deep into her bowels. As I bugger the little whore I can hear the tops of my thighs slapping against her arse cheeks. I feel her cunt juices smearing against me as she orgasms beneath me. Her cries, groans and begging merge into a stream of incomprehensible babble as I pound her tight little asshole. Wanting to punish her, punish her for being a whore, for fucking my husband, for ruining my marriage, for everything.

With one final thrust, my own orgasm consumes me, wave after wave of lust and hate crashing down around me. I slam the girl-cock as deep as I can inside her and hold it there as I convulse on the other end, my hands gripping her hips.

Finally, I lean forward, resting my head on her back and lie there. Panting as the aftershocks rattle through me, my tits pressed into her back as she lies whimpering beneath me.

With a grunt, I stand and slide the shaft from her ass. The cock comes out with a pop and I run my finger around the angry red opening, a gaping O shape as if her ass was caught by surprise. I gingerly pull the other end of the cock from my slippery cunt and drop it on the car.

I tug her hair, guiding her to slide down from the car and onto her knees. She kneels, looking up at me. I pull her hair, bringing her face towards my triangle of bushy curly brown hair. The curls are soaked with a mixture of our cunt juices and the aroma fills the air.

“Clean me up, you little whore,” I growl, putting both my hands on the back of her head and grinding my cunt over her face.

She greedily laps and slurps and licks me clean, moving her tongue down my thighs to lick up every last drop of our lovemaking.

When she finishes, she straightens and stands, a satisfied smirk on her face like the cat who got the cream. She tugs up my jeans and then steps back, watching me fasten them as she buttons her top and pulls down her skirt. Pausing only to pick up her jacket, she slips back into the car and taps the clock.

“You’ve only got five minutes to drop me back to the corner or else you’ll have to pay me overtime.”


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