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The Escort

The Escort

Paying for a girlfriend for the night

I had grown up in a poor family, as a child, my mother used to grow plants and then sell them door to door to buy us bread. Sometimes for dinner, all we’d get was bread and butter, on a good night, it would be toast with baked beans. Suffice to say we were below the average wage mark.

Father worked hard, long hours for little pay as mother would stay at home and look after us kids. As we got older, our situation improved, father got promoted and got a huge wage boost. Mother decided that as she was home anyway, she would start a sort of kindergarten in the house. So, with two sets of wages coming in, we were a lot better off than we were when I was young.

Every month, dad would put money to the side.

“This is for your college fund, you are nothing without education.”

I went to college and studies economics and finance, I thought it was ironic. Leaving college, I started working for a large business company that specialized in gadgets. After many years as a salesman I was slowly promoted up the ladder and after ten short years became an executive for the company.

I had become very well to do because of work and was able to help my parent pay off their mortgage and buy my own place to live. I moved into a large spacious home with a pool and many things to make life comfortable.

As an executive in my company, I had to go a find new products. Sometimes it means negotiating with companies, or with the individual that holds the patent. Anyway, it means going out of town every couple of weeks.


I was in a new city for a new gadget. I had made the initial contact, and everything seemed to be going fine. I had no reason to worry, as all the paperwork and necessary documents had been signed and filed.  It was just a waiting game.

I was sitting in my hotel room, bored. It was still early, and I had nothing to do. I rarely watched television, and I wasn’t in the mood for that. To tell the truth, I was horny. I needed to get laid. I looked around and saw a small card in the drawer next to the bed.

The card read, “high-class escort services.” It was just what I wanted.

I called the number and spoke to a pleasant-sounding woman on the phone. She asked me some very specific questions and got precise truthful answers in return. I was told that my “girlfriend” for the night would arrive within half an hour.

I took the time to shower and get ready for my guest. I put on my best cologne and dressed in my casual but smart clothes. When I was ready, I sat watching television to wait till she arrived. It wasn’t too long before there was a knock at the door.

I walked over to the door and opened it. The girl at the door was even more gorgeous than I could have ever expected. She was an Asian girl of about mid-twenties. She had short dark hair and immaculate makeup. She was wearing normal clothes but was holding a bag.

I invited her in and we started to make small talk. After a few minutes, she smiled at me and gave me a peck on the lips.

” I would love to sit here and chat all night, but let’s get business out the way first.”

I got the hint and handed her a small envelope with her fee. She smiled at me and stood up.

“You don’t mind if I go and change into something a little more comfortable?”

I smiled at her and showed her to the bathroom. I watched her go in and heard the lock close behind her. I waited for her in the living room. I had done this sort of thing a few times, so I knew the deal. She would count the money and then call the agency to tell them all was okay, then she would change into whatever sexy outfit she had brought with her.

I was not disappointed. When she came out she was wearing a black velvet and sheer body with black stockings and shiny black heels. She looked the epitome of sexual elegance.  She smiled at me and walked towards me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and placed her lips on mine. We kissed slowly, with no inhibitions.

As we kissed I started to undo the buttons on my shirt and felt one of her hands start to caress my chest. Her fingers tweaked at my nipples, as her mouth moved away from mine and started to kiss my neck. I knew what she was doing, and just enjoyed the sensation she was giving me. Her mouth slid down to my shoulder, biting and kissing me with each with each move.

Her mouth traced its way to my chest, kissing and licking my nipples, even biting them gently. She knew how to get me worked up and I was rock hard in my trousers. She carried on kissing me and got to her knees when her mouth reached my belly. As she kissed my belly, her hands worked on undoing my belt and pulling down my trousers.

She looked up at me with a sly smile as she pulled down my trousers and boxer short together. She seemed happy to see my erect eight-inch cock ready for action. She wasted no time in clasping her lips around my shaft, sucking me hard. She seemed to moan as she sucked me, using her tongue on the underside of my cock to stimulate the sensitive spot. She was a pro and knew exactly how much pressure to give with her mouth.

I slid my hand through her hair and started to rock back and forth in time with her mouth, and soon I was holding her head and fucking her mouth for all I was worth. She seemed to really enjoy thins and held my ass with both her hand, pulling me into her mouth. I could feel my cock hit the back of her throat, but she didn’t seem to have any gag reflex and just took it. It wasn’t long before I could not take anymore and had to pull my cock from her mouth before I came in her mouth.

She smiled at me and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Okay, baby, it’s your turn to lick me for a bit. Then we can fuck.”

I smiled at her and led her into the bedroom. I watched as she lay back and unclasped the body at the crotch. Her pussy was completely bald and looked like it was one of the cleanest ones I had ever seen. She smiled at me and spread her pussy lips open for me. I lay in front of her and stuck out my tongue. That first taste of her pussy let me know she was the right choice for me, she was delicious. I started to suck and slurp on her quim and I could feel her hands slide through my hair. I ate her out as best I could, flicking my tongue over her clit as I tongue fucked her pussy. It didn’t take too long for her to start moaning loudly. Her pussy seemed to flood with wetness and soon the noise of my tongue on a very wet pussy was ringing in my ears.

She started moaning loudly. She held my head tightly to my pussy and whimpered. I knew she was close to orgasm, so I pulled away, I stood up and watched her curse me for not finishing her off. I laughed and climbed on top of her. We lay there making out for a full five minutes before I decided it was time for her to get what we both needed.

I moved her legs apart and slipped my cock inside her. She groaned and pulled me close, slipping her arms around my neck. I fucked her as hard as I could, pounding her into the bed. She whimpered into my mouth, trying to kiss me as we made love.

She seemed to decide that she wanted to be on top. She rolled us over and started to bounce on my lap, her tits scraping against my chest. I could not help but look at her gorgeous Asian features and wonder what it would be like to have her as a permanent girlfriend.

My thoughts were interrupted by her.

“Baby, would you like to fuck me in the ass?”

I felt my cock twitch at her proposal. All I could do was nod. She climbed off my cock and started to suck me off hungrily. I watched as she got on all fours, shaking her ass at me.

“What are you waiting for? Shove that cock in my ass.”

I didn’t need to be told twice and got up behind her. I held onto her hips and pushed my cock deep into her tight ass. She groaned, and pushed back against me, helping my cock slide all the way in. I started to pound her ass, getting into a good rhythm. We were soon both groaning, and I knew I would not be able to last long.

She pushed back against me, telling me to fuck her and talking dirty to me. It was so hot that I was pounding her ass as hard as possible. She seemed to be enjoying it, as much, if not more than I was. I groaned loudly, and she took it as a cue to squeeze her ass tighter. I groaned even more, exploding deep inside her ass.

I collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily. She seemed to find this quite funny and laughed. She slowly pulled away from me, making my cock slip out her ass. She turned to face me, and we started to kiss once more.

I had paid for the night, so the night she would stay. We ended up fucking three more times and, in the morning, we exchanged personal phone numbers. I would just have to find an excuse to come back to the city, so I could play with her again.



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