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The Operator

The Operator

An unemployed teacher finds a new career.

It all started when Carrie could not find a full time teaching position. Well, that wasn’t exactly true; it started long before that when her boyfriend graduated from college and took a job four hundred miles away while she still had a year of school left.

Transferring really wasn’t an option as she was on a scholarship and still living at home. And besides, her parents would never accept her moving in with Dan before they were married. They had fooled around some, but she had never had intercourse.

Once he moved, they talked on the phone a lot and occasionally the talk got sexy. One day, she heard him breathing heavier than normal and realized he was probably masturbating. When she stopped, it was quiet for a minute.

“C’mon baby, keep talking to me. I’m almost there.”

“Well, now I am embarrassed. I don’t know what to say. I mean we were just talking.”

“I love the sound of your voice, baby. It is so sexy and it makes me feel like you are here and, uhm… touching me.  So c’mon, keep talking.”

“Mmm.  I do like to see your pants bulge when you get hard. I think about the day when I feel that inside me.”

“Oh yeah, baby!”

“Feel it sliding in and out…”

“That’s it, baby. Just a little more.”

“I want to feel it pulse when you shoot your load deep inside me.”

“Ohhh yea!!”

Carrie heard him grunt and moan, then just the sound of him breathing.

“Thanks, baby. That was great!”

After that first time, they started doing that more often. It began with just Dan masturbating, but he kept encouraging her to play with herself as well. Soon, they were having phone sex nearly every time they talked.

When Carrie raised the point that she missed just talking, Dan just kept saying how good she had gotten at it and that she could make a living at it. He said he it made him cum so hard and how he could hardly wait to see her in person so he could watch her when they talked.

Eventually, he suggested Skype and began to hint they do not wait until they were married to have sex. Carrie became increasingly uncomfortable with his talk and when he came home for the holidays, and began to push her in earnest, she broke up with him.

After graduating with her teaching degree in the spring, she began sending her resume out to school districts looking for a position. In the meantime, she went to work full time at the bakery she had worked at since high school.

Only one school district replied with an affirmative answer, and that was just to add her to the list of substitute teachers. Since a substitute could be called in last minute and the district was two counties over, added to the fact that she had a full-time job that would make it difficult to take a last minute assignment, Carrie was forced to decline. Although she continued sending out resumes, no job offers followed. 

After a year of looking with no luck, Carrie decided to go back to school for her Masters, but would not be able to get a scholarship for that. She would have to keep working at least part-time. Her folks would do what they could to help and she was still living at home, but it would be tight.

One night while she had the TV on, there was an ad for a sex line. It got her to thinking about the phone sex she had had with Dan and how good he always said she was. Of course, he may just have been saying that so she wouldn’t stop and he could jerk himself off.

Carrie wondered how she could go about getting a job at a place like that, or even setting up her own hotline. A quick internet search turned up numerous opportunities, many of which she could do from home. Some just seemed to involve sexy chat, while others were actually phone sex. There were also sites where you could cam with customers, but she quickly dismissed those. Some even offered some on the job training.

After some contemplation, she decided to look into it further. Selecting several different companies, she made inquiries about training, earnings, hours and how one got paid and how often. A couple of them set up an initial phone interview, followed by an in-person interview.

After being offered positions with both companies and weighing them up, she finally decided to give one a try. Pn her first week, she went into their offices where they had a crew of women that worked from there. She was assigned a mentor that she would shadow and listen in on the calls for the first two days, then she would start taking calls while the mentor listened in on her.

She soon found out though, that “sexy chat” meant more than just building a guy’s ego up, and the longer you could keep a guy online, the more you could make. Some guys were happy with just the sexy chat and the ego build up, but a lot of them wanted to have sex with the girl too (or pretend to anyway). And they wanted it to be graphic.

This was not exactly what Carrie and Dan had done. He had asked her what she was doing or directed her, and often told her things like he could feel her licking his dick and she would just agree or say something like, “yea baby, I’m licking it.” 

But she listened to what the others were saying and by the end of the week, was deemed good enough to be on her own. As soon as she could get a dedicated landline set up, she would be given a password to log into the site and sign on, then calls would be routed to her phone.

Operators did not have assigned hours, which was good, though they did give a breakdown when it was busier and slower in case she wanted to start out slowly. Since she was still working at the bakery, and once she started classes, the times when she would be available could vary from day to day or week to week.

All that was required was that she worked a minimum of fifteen hours a week to start, but she could work as many hours as she wanted beyond that. She would receive an increasing percentage of the per minute fee the client was charged that went up the longer they stayed on the line.

She also needed to pick a name for herself that she would use. The company highly recommended not using your own name, but since clients sometimes asked for a specific girl, everyone needed a sexy sounding first and last name. She decided on Amber Dancer which was a combination of two of her mom’s favorite authors. Since she was living at home, but needed her own landline, she told her folks she was taking a job as a customer service rep, and would be working from home. Her room was in the basement, where she had moved when she started college, so it should keep unwanted ears away as well.

The company had also made it very clear that phone calls were recorded and could sometimes be monitored. Operators were never to give out personal phone numbers, make arrangements to meet anyone for sex, nor ever discuss sex for pay with the clients.

Charges were made by the phone company and applied to the customers' phone bills. Anyone caught trying to use the hotline as a conduit to having sex for pay would not only be immediately fired, but also reported to the police.

It took about a week for the new line to be added and the company provided a laptop and modem to connect to their site. Once that was done, all Carrie had to do was log on to the company site and sign in as available. Calls were routed to operators, whether in the office or working from home, based on login time, and as the calls were received.

So, once she marked herself available calls could start immediately, or there could be a wait. As long as she was marked available, calls would be routed to her when her line was not in use.

After dinner, she told her parents she was going to start her first shift. The family had agreed that she would put a sign on her door when she was working, so short of an emergency, no one would bother her. Her younger siblings would try and stay out of the basement, at least not play there and make a lot of noise while she was working.

She went to her room, hung out her sign, plugged her headset into the phone, then logged in and marked herself as available. It did not take long for the phone to ring and she read from the prepared opening script.

The company had suggested that the operators also have a biography of sorts ready. Many callers wanted to know age, measurements, hair and eye color. Sometimes, they wanted to know what you did for a living, or why you liked talking sexy on the phone. It was best to have answers ready, and to be consistent in case you got repeat customers.

Titillating details like you enjoyed wearing skimpy bikinis or frequenting topless beaches and similar “facts” would help turn guys on. They said guys really liked students, working their way through college. Their age needed to be at least twenty-one and not older than thirty.

“Hi! Welcome to HotChat! I’m Amber Dancer and I love to chat. What’s your name baby?

 “Hi, Amber. My name is Paul and I like to chat with sexy women. Are you sexy, Amber?”

“Well, my boyfriends tell me I am, Paul.”


“Yes. I’m way too young to be tied down to just one. And besides, I just started graduate school, so don’t want a steady guy getting in the way of that.”

“So, do you talk sexy to your boyfriends? Turn them on?”

“Now Paul, that’s my little secret.  But maybe I can do a little something for you.”

“Mmm. I’d like that.

“I bet you are already getting hard, aren’t you Paul? I like it when my boyfriends get hard.”

“Did you just give away your little secret, Amber?”

“Oops, I guess I did.”

“Tell me what you do with your boyfriends?”

“Well first, I cozy up to them nice and close. Then I lean in and start kissing them. Just my lips on theirs at first, then maybe I bite their lip a little, before pushing my tongue inside. After that, I drape a leg across their thigh, close but not touching their, uhm... you know.”

“You mean their cock, Amber? Say it for me… cock.”


“See, that wasn’t too hard now, was it? What do you do then?”

“Well, then I start rubbing their chests and moving my leg around a bit more, until it is rubbing against their cock.  I can feel it getting harder and bigger against their pants.”


“Is your cock getting harder, Paul?”


“Have you taken it out yet? Rubbing it yet?”

“Yea, baby.  Tell me what you do next to your boyfriends.”

“Well, I get my thigh right up in their crotch and let them ride it. Sometimes, I smash my boobs up against their arm so they can feel my hard nipples. Then I might reach under their shirt and start tweaking their nipples. All the while, I am still kissing them.”

She heard his breathing getting harder and coming in gasps.

“Then I slip my hand down and undo their belt and button, then slide it down inside their pants.”

“Keep going, babe.”

“I start sliding my hand up and down their shaft and rubbing the head. When they start to leak, I smear that all over them to make them slippery and keep stroking them. By then, they have usually unzipped the zipper to allow more room, or even pulled it out of their shorts. I wrap my hand around them and slide it up and down the whole length.”

“Oh, yea… stroke it hard!”

“Can you feel my hand on your cock, Paul? Feel it sliding up and down the full length of your pole?”

He grunts and she heard the slapping noise as he stroked himself to an ejaculation.

“Thanks, Amber. That was great.”

After hanging up, Carrie waited for the next call to come in. She didn’t wait long, but all that guy wanted from her was to masturbate while he told her what to do. The only talking he wanted was for her to moan, say the occasional yes, oh fuck and oh baby, then cum when he did.

She gave her best performance while she sat there filing her nails. It took him all of about five minutes to cum. He thanked her as well and then she waited for the next call, which took about twenty minutes.

“Hi! Welcome to HotChat! I’m Amber Dancer and I love to chat. What’s your name, baby?”

“Hello there Amber. Call me Big Dick, cause my name is Rich, and I have a monster sized cock. I hope you like your mouth filled with a big black cock, cause I’m gonna fuck it like you’ve never had your mouth fucked before. And when I cum, I’m gonna shoot my load so deep in your throat, you won’t even need to swallow.”

“Mmm, Big Dick. I like nothing more than a big black shaft fucking my mouth and throat and I love the taste of a man’s jizz. So c’mon big boy; I’m just gonna lay down here on my bed and hang my head over the side. It’ll be the perfect angle tor you to watch it go down my throat and into my neck.”

“Oh yeah, hunny, open that mouth so I can give you a mouth fucking you will never forget!”

He proceeded to describe the length and thickness of his member, how hard it was getting, how he could see the end of it moving up and down my neck.  In his mind, he reached down and slapped her naked breasts, while she reached up and played with his balls.

For Carrie's part, she made the occasional gagging noise and moan. Every now and then, he would pull out and she would describe how she was taking his big cum filled sacks into her mouth and licking the length of the underside of his enormous cock. He bragged about how he was edging to make it all last longer, and he did indeed go for about twenty-five minutes before he said he came.

The rest of the night went about the same; some guys that wanted her to do all the talking; some that wanted just responses and noises; and some that just wanted to talk, then all of a sudden would cum. Carrie took about ten calls that first night and made about $300. At that rate, she was able to quit the bakery job and add another day of taking calls. She was able to easily pay for her schooling and started a nice little nest egg by the time she received her Masters.

As time went on, her earnings went up. Carrie learned how to keep them going so the calls were longer. She developed a following and got some regulars that would call once or twice a week, some at other intervals. There was even the occasional woman that would call in for lesbian sex.

She was doing so well after her first year, she almost considered quitting school and just making this her career, but she had always wanted to be a teacher. On the other hand, she thought that was something she could always fall back on if times got tough, or if she wanted to save for something special.

Her folks never guessed what Carrie was doing, and she did not tell them how much she was making. she did, however, stop taking money from them to pay for her schooling, telling them she had gotten some grants and a partial scholarship, and that between that and her job, she was doing ok. She also would sneak extra cash into her dad’s wallet or mom’s purse, since they refused to take any money from her for room and board.

After graduation, Carrie started her job search again and finally landed a job replacing a teacher that was moving over the Christmas Holidays. After six years of college, she was finally doing what she had wanted to do since she was young. And her “alternate” career would provide the money for the luxuries her teaching job couldn’t.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © My stories are mine. They come from a sometimes twisted and always vivid imagination and sometime wishful thinking. There is always a chance some ideas may have come from an actual experience. i prefer my stories stay the way they are because, well... they are mine.

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