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The Maiden and the Minotaur, Part 2

The beast takes his prize and Ariadne is a virgin no more!

Ariadne felt the odd sensation of being whisked through the air. In her dazed semi-conscious state, she heard a thunderous beating. She could hear it through the soft fur under her ear. Pounding... rhythmic... strangely soothing. 

As she began to return to consciousness, she slowly opened her eyes. She was being cradled in the strong powerful human arms of the Minotaur. Carried across the room towards the bed she first noticed in the room. She could smell its musky animal scent strongly now - it filled her head.

Her hand rested on the strong powerful chest and she could feel the muscles rippling underneath as the beast carried her. She looked up at her host but its strange face made reading any expression impossible. Yet the creature carried her with a gentle tenderness that belied all the rumors and hearsay she had been told about the terrible Minotaur

Ariadne was laid carefully down on the bed and patted gently. Then the creature pulled one of the furs up over her smoothing it over her protectively as a parent would their child. The Minotaur then went back to the table and selected some fruit and some bread and brought it back to her. 

She smiled as she slowly raised herself up on one elbow. "T-thank you," she said. The Minotaur made a sound she took as "You're welcome," and watched as she took a bite of one of the fruits.  Then Ariadne noticed the creature's eyes had moved down and was now staring intently at her breasts. She looked down and realized that the fur blanket she had been covered with had slipped down to her waist and the gossamer, nearly transparent gown she had been given to wear was not hiding much of her womanly figure! 

The Minotaur saw her notice and quickly turned away, but not before she glimpsed what the beasts barely there loincloth was attempting to hide.

Ariadne gasped a little at the sight and continued to eat but her eyes were now transfixed on the Minotaur's growing excitement. The Minotaur, suddenly bashful, pretended to busy himself with stoking the fire and other tasks across the room from her, glancing back over his shoulder to check on her.

His shy bashful response brought the out the mischievous side of her just as it did with some of the boys in the village. However, in the village, all she could do was tease. Here, with the Minotaur, she wouldn't have to be so virtuous. She had often wondered what it would be like, what it would feel like to finally be a real woman. And she was about to find out! She finished the fruit and the bread and then rearranged herself on the bed, letting the fur blanket fall even more and uncovering more than just her breasts...

After a while the Minotaur turned and with his eyes averted to the floor, he brought her a mug of wine. He walked curiously because of his legs and hoofed feet, but that also allowed him to run faster than any man. As he got to her side, he handed her the mug and she took it with a smile.

"Thank you," she said softly, "you have been most kind. Do you have a name?"

He looked up with smiling eyes then went to get a book on the table he flipped the cover open and on the inside, it read: "To my dearest son, Erinyes"

"Erinyes... is that your name?" she asked. The Minotaur nodded yes in response.

"Well Erinyes, it's very nice to meet you. Thank you for the hospitality," Ariadne said, softly touching his hand.

If an accursed, hairy, man/beast from the pits of Hades itself could blush, then that is what Erinyes did at that moment. But Ariadne's touch and soft words brought about another, more unexpected response from him as well. His loincloth pushed aside and from beneath it rose an erection so enormous and so huge it cause her to drop her cup, the metal cup clanking loudly against the stone floor of the room. The gigantic member was black as coal with veins like thick ropes. It's large bulbous head throbbed and twitched as it seemed to stare right at her.

"Oh my," she swallowed nervously, "you have a very large..." She sat up, unable to take her eyes from it, she was also strangely aroused. Her nipples stiffened to diamond-hard points and her pussy tingled, becoming very wet. 

Erinyes picked up the dropped cup and took it and the book back to set them on the table. then he turned. Seeing the state that Ariadne was in now, he whuffed, a snort of interest, a sign of his own arousal.

The Minotaur approached her slowly, putting each hoof on the floor solidly before moving the next. It wasn't that he had trouble walking, but he had done this approach so many times before.

Sometimes the girl would bolt and try to make a run to get away - a fruitless endeavor every time because once she got into the darkness of the halls she couldn't move fast. And he knew every inch and every turn.

Sometimes the girl would try to fight - another useless tactic. The Minotaur was many times stronger than any man and even more powerful than a hapless half-naked girl. Whatever tactic the victim used, it never ended well for them.

However, this time it was different. This was the first time that he didn't have to drag his victim, screaming and struggling, to his lair - she came to him. In fact, she didn't act like a "victim" at all. She sat there on his bed, waiting for him and even excited that he was approaching her. He could smell her excitement, her arousal. He could hear her heart beating faster and her breathing quicken. And he could see her trembling - not from fear, but from eager anticipation.

This girl was not afraid of him... she wanted him! The idea that this beautiful young woman was actually waiting and wanting him excited him beyond belief. His huge black cock was getting harder and bigger with every step he took. He was larger than a normal bull, even the biggest bull in the village. And Erinyes held it tightly in his huge human fist, stroking himself as he neared her.

Her eyes widened as he got closer, she could feel his hot breath on her skin, blowing her hair gently, his musky scent filling her nostrils. It was not an unpleasant odor, she had worked the fields and animal pens back in the village many times. She kind of liked the earthy, animal smell. She watched the way he held his gigantic cock, it's swollen head pointed at her as he slowly stroked the shaft up and down, getting himself ready. 

When he got close enough he reached out to her with his other hand. Ariadne expected a rough, callous touch in keeping with his appearance. Instead, he was surprisingly tender and gentle, first touching her soft brown hair as if he had never seen anything like it before. His meaty hand then moved to her cheek and stroked it tenderly as a father would his own daughters. Ariadne mewled softly and laid her head in his hand enjoying this gentle moment.

Then the Minotaur's eyes moved down her feminine and hardly covered form, stopping at her full breasts with their hard pointed nipples. He looked back up at her as if he was asking if he could touch her. She didn't say anything but she made no move to stop him, so he reached down to gently caress her breast, cupping it and feeling its weight then rubbing a finger across the nipple toying and teasing it and eliciting a soft moan from her painted lips. Encouraged by her sounds, he lightly pinched the bud and tugged on it. Ariadne held perfectly still although her breathing had markedly increased.

As Erinyes played with her breast, Ariadne began to feel more at ease and more aroused as well and she gently placed a hand over his, letting him know she was enjoying his touch. He looked up at her, his soft brown eyes surprised but pleased that he was making her feel good. He made a low rumbling sound in his throat and continued toying with her aching nipple.

Then it was Ariadne's turn to surprise him with her touch. As he toyed with her breast, she reached down gently taking his hand from his hard rigid cock and put it up on her other breast. She then began stroking his cock herself mimicking the movement he was just doing.

With the Minotaur getting more and more excited and Ariadne's pussy leaking, her own scent created a distracting aroma in the Minotaur's nose. It didn't take long for him to make the next move, either. After smelling her perfume, hearing her moans, and feeling her pillowy softness, he had only to taste her. 

The Minotaur slowly lowered his bull head. His long, thick, bovine tongue came out to give her breasts a cautious lick at first. The heat of his mouth combined with the feel of the thick tongue made her moan despite herself. 

"Mmmmm" she moaned, arching her back upwards unwittingly.

Her obvious enjoyment at what he was doing encouraged him and he repeated his licking again with an even more ardent response. Erinyes raised his massive bull head and reached for the buttons on the front of her gossamer ceremonial robe. Even though he hand human hands, they were far too large and clumsy for such delicate work so after trying unsuccessfully several times to unbutton her robe, she reached up and took his hands smiling and him and gently moved them aside. 

"I'll do it," she breathed. She unbuttoned her robe and took it off laying it beside her on the bed. 

Sitting on the Minotaur's rough-hewn bed, Ariadne was now totally nude and totally exposed. Erinyes the Minotaur looked at her, his heart beating fast and his heavy breathing a declaration of his interest in her. Ariadne was likewise aroused and sat there semi-reclined leaning back on her elbows as her breasts heaved in excitement, her pink nipples hard and her pussy leaking heavily. He could smell her lust and it drove him crazy. 

Erinyes knelt in front of her and pushed her legs apart. He snuffed at the sweet scent emanating from her apex and a low rumble came up from deep in his throat. He inhaled her aroma, a heady mix of the perfumes and scent she wore as well as her own.

The moment the Minotaur's broad lapping tongue touched the bare cleft between her legs, she gasped out loudly. 

"Aaah!" she bucked upwards, towards the mouth and tongue that promised so much pleasure. Her hips thrashed against the face of the monster eating her pussy out. She could hear animal grunting coming from his bull's head as he buried his face in her pussy, lapping at her with his long wriggling tongue and driving her out of her mind.

The intense pleasure he was giving her was something she had not anticipated at all. All the legends, rumors and tales she had been told growing up was that the beast in the labyrinth was pure evil and the young girls sent there as sacrifices were consumed in a most horrific manner. She had been told they were first raped and brutalized to get his sexual needs filled and then he ate them feasting on the flesh of the hapless girl.

These thoughts went through Ariadne's mind at first too, but now here she was laying on his bed, helplessly moaning and writhing for the beast that was about to take her virginity. And what's more... she wanted him to!

"Please," she whispered, "make this torment end! Please take me... take me and do with me what you will!"

And the Minotaur was more than happy to grant her plea. Reaching up to grab both her breasts simultaneously, his strong fingers curled into the creamy flesh mauling and massaging the meaty globes. He used his thumbs to rub her taut nipple, further stimulating her. 

While his powerful hands assaulted her breasts, the Minotaur was indeed feasting on the young girl, but not in the way she had first envisioned. With his bovine muzzle directly in front of her open and exposed pussy, he stabbed his long, thick, muscular tongue deep into her leaking slit. Due to its unusual length as compared to a human tongue, it easily reached her virgin membrane and pierced it, entering into her vagina where nothing had gone before.

Ariadne's moaning stopped as she screamed out at the pain of his penetration, grabbing hold of his horns with both hands. But he waited patiently, his tongue inside her soothingly lapping at her pussy walls. Gradually the pain diminished to be replaced again by the wonderful feeling of his tongue's caress. His long tongue moved gently inside her as he lapped against her inner walls, gathering up all the sweet juices she would offer it. 

"By the Gods," she cried as the pleasure built in her loins. She was prepared for pain, she was prepared to suffer a terrible horrible death, being torn apart by a wild beast no one had ever lived to tell about. But she was not prepared for the pleasure she was now enduring. She was not at all prepared to give herself over so willingly to the lustful desire that now coursed through her veins, consuming her so completely. Soon the combination of nipple stimulation and long slow strokes of the Minotaur's agile tongue inside her overwhelmed her senses. She bucked helplessly against the beast's broad nose. 

The Minotaur kept his lapping and probing up as Ariadne's passion boiled over. With another scream, this one of raw, unbridled lustful rapture, she came, her pussy filling and pouring out the result of her ecstasy. The Minotaur relished this delicious treat licking and lapping even more furiously now. Which in turn caused Ariadne's orgasm to intensify and extend to maddening lengths

As her tumultuous storm abated, the Minotaur slowly and gently withdrew his tongue from inside her. She noticed his cock was painfully distended now, red, swollen and twitching with anticipation. He would wait no longer.

He looked down at the beauty lolling on the bed before him. His sacrifice, a gift to him from the people of the village outside the walls of his labyrinth prison. A tender young virgin, giving herself to him for the good of her people. He had to admire her courage - a great many of the young women that had been sent to him were not so noble-minded.

He surveyed her voluptuous breasts, with nipples red and distended as they heaved with the panting from her orgasm. Her narrow waist tapered to full and round hips, her long lean legs still splayed carelessly. 

Ariadne was lost in her lust fog and didn't realize what was happening as the Minotaur climbed up into bed with her. It wasn't until the beasts broad hairy chest blocked her view that she became aware of him over her. She didn't struggle or fight him though - for one she was still too weak from the tremendous orgasm to fight anything. And she had come to understand this man-beast more and understood he didn't really want to hurt anyone, in spite of the legends to the contrary.

The Minotaur pointed his hard, throbbing member as her dripping slit. With one hand he rubbed the swollen tip up and down her pussy lips parting them just enough so she could feel him there. She was already hypersensitive from her first ever orgasm and she moaned unintelligibly as he toyed with her.

She looked with lust-filled eyes between her legs at whatever was causing the delicious sensations and saw his monstrous cock, long and thick and hot as he slid it up and down, getting it lubed up and ready for her. She felt a wave of fear and apprehension - could she take such a large thing into her nearly virgin pussy? She was about to find out!

Once he felt he was sufficiently lubricated, he aimed the tip at her hole and Ariadne felt him begin to enter her. He went in slowly mercifully working his extraordinary cock in an inch or so at a time. She was thankful for that and smiled up at him. Her sensitive pussy took him in easily, wanting him, craving more of him as he moved deeper into her.

She remembered the last words the men who put her down her had said to her. "Enjoy yourself, sweetheart, this beast is going to fuck you good and proper!" one man had said.

"Yeah, the Minotaur is supposed to have the biggest cock in the whole kingdom... he's going to split that young pussy wide open!" the other one said and they both laughed at her predicament.

She wondered if what they said was true. No one had ever come back and told about their experience with the Minotaur. But her worries were soon put to rest and her desire and her raw carnal lust took control of her mind. Soon foreign, lustful words began spewing from her mouth.

"Please, I want you to... fuck me. Shove that monster cock deep into me and fuck me till I scream," she moaned wantonly.

The Minotaur had never heard such vulgar words from one of his virgin victims and he lost all control of himself. His animal lust inflamed, he reared up and grabbed her by the shoulders holding her in place as he speared her on his huge bull's cock, driving himself into her again and again.

It was painful for her. Ariadne's pussy was still tender from his oral deflowering. But it was still glorious. She wrapped her long legs around his furred hips, encouraging him on with her sensuous whispers and feverish grinding. Her eyes sparkled with her newly-awakened passion and she gasped and moaned as his massive cock thrust deep into her over and over again. 

"Oh, yes! Yes!" she screamed. Ariadne writhed and squirmed and clawed at the bed as he fucked her deeply. At times she did feel like he would split her apart, but she loved every hard thrust, every stretching of her young pussy walls. He pounded into her relentlessly, his monster seed boiling in his hairy balls until, with a deep and animalistic growl, his massive cock exploded in her.

The very instant she felt his scalding hot cum splash against the walls of her pussy, Ariadne joined him in orgasmic oblivion, her own sweet creamed filling her womb and mixing with his to leak past his pistoning lovestick and drip out down her thighs onto the floor of the Minotaur's lair.

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