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Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 15

The threesome is complete as Tommy conquers both his women.

This is the final chapter of this story. My supreme thanks to all of you who have stuck by and read the story to this point. Your readership, comments, and loyalty are very much appreciated.

Tommy smiled broadly. He couldn't be happier; now he could show his mother how much he truly loved her. Now he could give back some of what she had given him all these years. The comfort, the closeness, and the feelings of worth and worthiness he had enjoyed from her, he could now return.

"Now please Tommy, let's quit talking about fucking and give me what I need, namely that big young hard cock. I want you to fill me with your hot cum… yeah like that, baby… oh fuck, I love your cock so much! Yes! Fuck me, baby, fuck me hard! Fuck me like you fuck Connie and make me scream! Ungh… ungh… ohhhgod… oh, my fuckin god… Oh Tommy, baby please don't stop… don't stop… I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming… OHMYGAAAWDD!!! YESSS!!!"

Barbara's mind was lost, her emotions torn, Barbara cried as she thought of her son, her little boy, remembering him growing up. She cried because she loved his wonderful, huge cock, pounding her so deliciously deep. She cried because she didn't want that hard thick cock to ever stop pumping into her deepest most intimate places.

Lastly, Barbara cried because she knew her life as an ordinary mom was over and now a new chapter was beginning in her family; a chapter that had her pussy wrapping her son's huge dick as it pumped her womb full of his love for his mother's pussy.

Yesterday, Tommy was her sweet innocent son, a high school graduate and the pride of his mother's eyes. Now that same son was her lover; a man who now commanded her mind and body and whose sexual tastes and desires she would comply with obediently and willingly. Barbara felt herself descending into a place of absolute depravity. A place so teeming with taboo desires and unnatural pleasures that a person could become hopelessly entangled in their erotic web and remain there forever.

She knew she should feel enormous guilt at enjoying her son's cock like this. But as that cock rammed into her one last time before it spewed its precious cargo so hotly and with the force of a fire hose into her accepting womb, it was difficult to feel anything but the exquisite pain of their combined orgasm.

Barbara knew she should also harbor guilt for allowing her own son to seduce her with his body and domineering attitude, but because of her lack of intimacy and her great need to feel desired as a woman, she found it hard to feel anything but an excitement at the knowledge that her son wanted to be the one to make those feelings a reality for her.

Barbara lay there feeling pleasantly gaped as Tommy's ball juice, mixed with her own pussy juices, leaked slowly out of her well-fucked and used slit. Tommy slowly pulled his withering cock from her, leaving his load of cock cream puddled deep in her womb, permeating her body with its seething warmth as her uterine folds held it gently.

Barbara lay there feeling slutty and used as Tommy rose and stood over her, a satisfied smile on his face as he looked down on his freshly fucked mother. He had claimed her as his in the same way he had claimed Connie. He knew that there would be no other cock to challenge his dominance of her and she was completely owned by him now - in every sense of the word.

He would see to it that his mother, just like his fuckslut Connie, thought only of him and her thoughts would only be on the next time they were together. He would fuck her until the sound of his voice was enough to cause her cunt to tremble and her knees to go weak.

Barbara watched his cock as it jerked its final gasping convulsions, then lay still. Her son's cock was admirable, even soft. But when excited and hard as an iron rod, it was incredible. She would have to ask him sometime where he learned to use such a devastating weapon so well! Seeing Tommy in this new light made her want to fuck him again. After feeling starved for sex the last few years, she couldn't get enough and Tommy had the biggest cock she'd ever fucked in her life.

She lay there on the bed thinking of the things that Tommy may have in mind for her. She knew that Connie had shown him things he had never experienced before, and now she wondered if she would experience them as well. Her mind lingered on Tommy dominating her, humiliating her, fucking her roughly, and completely ravaging her. 

These thoughts got her very excited. The more depraved and vulgar she imagined his demands to be the more excited she got. She imagined herself on her knees as Tommy's huge cock was stuffed deep in her mouth. She pictured herself sucking that monster of manhood while Connie was under her, between her legs, eating her pussy like it was her last meal. 

She imagined herself on her hands and knees being pummeled doggy style by Tommy's thick cock pushed deep into her asshole, stretching her to her very limits. She would do all these things and more for him and love every minute of it.

She lay there with her left hand under her ass, fingering her cum-filled pussy while her right hand's fingers made small circles around her swollen, exposed clit. Barbara's hips undulated, her eyes closed as she lived her fantasies in her mind. 

She would cum many times in these fantasies, flooding her pussy with her warm viscous fluids. She moaned her son's name out loud, letting him know he now lived in her mind.

Barbara's breathing was already deep, as she gave herself over to the visions of her debasement by her dominant son turned lover. But when she opened her eyes and saw Connie crawling towards her between her opened thighs, Barbara's heart began pounding and her arousal instantly became an inferno. 

Connie's eyes appeared smoky, lust filled and her demeanor was one of mesmerized determination. Barbara knew what the woman intended to do, and when her arms circled her thighs and her face lowered to her pussy, Barbara seemed to melt into the inferno raging in her body. 

Her mind seethed with the knowledge that Connie wanted her sex and when her lips closed around her clit and her tongue began licking flatly over her taut bud she was utterly helpless to do anything but groan her pleasure and hold Connie's head to her undulating pussy.

Barbara had always wondered what it would be like to have sex with another woman. She'd often fantasized about it, about the softness of another female's touch, the taste of her kiss, and the sweet folds of her pink pussy. 

But she had never experienced it until now. This was the realization of years of curiosity and yearning. Intense shudders wracked her body with each swipe of Connie's warm tongue as their gazes were locked together in a silent acknowledgment of the hunger they both shared. 

Connie's mouth expertly manipulated her pussy. The sensations Connie introduced in Barbara's body were so incredibly intense, she felt like the woman's tongue was electrically charged as it circled within the wet folds of her pussy. Barbara's head flailed wildly, her shoulders lifting as Connie sucked frantically at Barbara's swollen clit.

"You don't know how long I have waited for this honey," Connie said between breaths. "You don't know how long I have craved this sweet pussy and how delicious you taste now that I have it."

Barbara's mind careened into a new level of passion with the knowledge this woman's tongue had also enjoyed Tommy's hard cock. Connie told Barbara how delicious Tommy's cum tasted as her fingers terrorized the mother's pussy deeply. 

Her words and Barbara's imagination caused Barbara to grip her friend's head, gathering handful's of long brown hair in her fists. Barbara rammed Connie's face to her pussy, holding it there as she completely lost it and began making guttural noises, fucking her pussy into Connie's tongue uncontrollably.

"Oh my God Mom, that's so fucking hot!" Tommy exclaimed as he took in the scene before him. His mother was naked pulling at Connie's head as her hips hunched frantically into her friends face, seeking some kind of relief from the insatiable need to cum Connie was instilling in her. 

Tommy stood there admiring his mother's body and watching her face as it underwent many stages of lustful need and passion. How long had she desired to be with another woman like Connie, he wondered. 

Now he felt a little bad and sorry that he waited as long as he did to lay the foundations of this new three-way relationship. The time that had been wasted while his mother pined away, yearning to feel her worth again. The time wasted while Tommy spent many frustrated days, lusting after his neighbor as she teased and taunted him mercilessly. And the time wasted knowing that Connie was just as eager to have him in her bed as he was to be there. But Tommy was determined to waste no more time.

Tommy sat there, watching Connie eat out his mother's sweet snatch. Such a vision was only found in the deepest recesses of his midnight imaginations. He watched as his mother writhed and twisted under Connie's ravenous mouth and how Connie matched her gyrations every time. He had seen things like this online and in porn movies, but this was real! This was happening right in front of him, and this was one scene he could participate in!

With his cock rock hard again he stroked it absentmindedly as he watched the two hot women playing together. As Connie made a meal of Barbara's sweet honeypot, Barbara, in turn, toyed with her tits and encouraged her by pinching and pulling and rolling her nipples between her fingers.

Connie reached between her legs to finger her own dripping pussy, rubbing her clit furiously and shoving two fingers deep into her warm wet tunnel. Barbara weakly opened her lust-clouded eyes and was stunned to see her son sitting in a chair part way across the room watching her and Connie as they played. 

She saw him stroking an obviously raging hard-on while he watched Connie happily munching away at her slobbering cunt. Tommy had never looked more handsome or more desirable as he did sitting there naked, his face etched in passionate need. It was obvious that seeing them had aroused him, and Barbara's thoughts turned to his hard, thick, beautiful cock as Connie's tongue wreaked havoc on her sensitive pussy and clit.

"God, you're so beautiful, baby… I'm so sorry I'm such a slut. I didn't mean for this to happen, it's just……aarrgghhhh…oh god, not again……aieeEEEE….Fuck, you beautiful bitch I love the way you eat me…..don't look baby…. oh god I can't stop! I'm cumming, I'm CUUMMMINNNGG!!" she screamed as Barbara erupted. She bucked and twisted trying desperately to get out from under Connie's tormenting, but Connie had a good hold on her and she wasn't letting up.

Barbara's body jerked, shook, tensed as she watched Tommy rise from his seat and walk towards her. As he got closer, she was sure his eyes would show contempt for what she was doing with Connie, but instead, Barbara saw love and passion. 

His gaze roamed over his mother's body approvingly before his hand timidly reached for her breast and she felt his soft, gentle touch as he cupped it and squeezed slightly. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she felt her son touching her, now in an erotic, sexual way.

Barbara felt so much emotional love for Tommy as his light touches told of his need to explore her body. Her breathing was becoming rapid, deep as her still quivering thighs exhibited her own throbbing need to be touched. Tommy needed to show her his love, to do everything he had ever dreamed of in his masturbatory fantasies. "I need to show you how much I love you Mom, will you let me? I know its wrong but I've wanted to for so long…"

"Damn Tommy, quit whining and get in there and let your mom suck your cock. Hell, I can tell you both want it, just do it, don't think about it just let it go… I want to watch you two together…I mean that's hot. I wish my mom would want to eat my pussy!" Connie said.

"D-do you really want to Mom?" Tommy asked his mother, his voice full of the trepidation as he felt that she would say no.

Barbara's emotions welled up in her throat as one of her most intimate and confidential desires was about to be realized, "God Tommy, get up here where I can suck that wonderful fat cock and suck the cum from those big heavy balls! I want that cock before Connie beats me to it! Don't hold back, baby, I want you to drown me with your sweet cum," she said, getting down on the floor and kneeling in front of him like she had seen Connie do. 

Her eyes were fogged with her internal heat. Her words both excited and encouraged him as he positioned himself in front of her and standing between her spread thighs. Barbara took hold of her son's massive cock… it was so much bigger than she remembered her ex-husband's and she licked her lips as she prepared to take him in her mouth.

"Suck it, please, Mom. I want you to… and I know you want to. Just suck it, it's okay. I love you, Mom… let me show you…" Tommy said as Barbara hesitated for a moment. This was a pivotal moment; there would be no going back to life before this.

She looked at the cock in her hand… it was so thick and so hard, She wanted so very much to feel this monster opening up her desolate pussy. She wanted to remember what it was like to have a man's weight on her, to fell him inside her and to know that she was still desirable. 

She looked up into her son's soft pleading eyes. She knew that saying no was the right thing to do morally, but it would also kill her son to reject him now. She couldn't hurt him… not after all that they had been for each other. Morality be damned - this was her son and she would accept whatever consequences that came of this!

Tommy moaned loudly as he felt her warm, wet tongue begin to lick him from his ball sack along the length of his shaft to the mushroom head. Her tongue circled just under the rim and then ran over the velvety head. She could taste the drop of precum that had seeped out and she held the little pearl on her tongue for a moment. It had been so very long…

Barbara opened her mouth and slid the head of Tommy's cock past her lips. She moaned softly as she tasted him; it was everything she could remember and so much more. Tommy's cock tasted and felt better than any she had ever had. She slowly slid him deeper into her mouth as she closed her eyes. She wanted all of her senses to be acutely focused on what was happening in her mouth; she wanted no distractions as she reveled in this one glorious moment.

Tommy, too, was completely enraptured in what was happening to him. Without thinking about it, he had reached out and took his mother's face in his hands, gently guiding her rate and rhythm to suit his desires. And she followed his lead precisely. She wanted to please him and he, in turn, wanted her to be happy in her service to him.

Connie watched the synergy between mother and son and smiled. She knew exactly what Barbara was feeling as she herself had been in her place and was still under Tommy's spell and command. 

She would help Barbara resolve her moral dilemma, showing her that her duty was to her son and his happiness and not society's misplaced conventions. So long as Tommy was happy and she was happy, that's all that mattered!

But for now, she moved around behind Barbara. She put her hands around her girlfriend and one hand went to her breast while the other headed further south to her wet hungry pussy. Barbara moaned around Tommy's cock when she felt Connie's hand on her tit, pinching and tugging gently on her pebble-hard nipple. 

But when she felt Connie's other hand toying with her aching clit, Barbara had to gasp loudly. She reached back and pulled Connie's head forward turning to kiss the woman's mouth. Tommy watched the two women kissing for a moment before his mother returned to her work on Tommy's cock.

Connie's hand playing with Barbara's drooling pussy only reminded her how incredibly horny she was and how much she needed to cum… at someone's hand other than her own!

"Oh Tommy, baby I need you… in me. Please, baby, I need that sweet cock of yours inside me right now or I will bust wide open! Please, baby, I'll do anything you want, just please, please fuck me!" Barbara cried, pulling her mouth off his cock. As much as she wanted to taste his sweet sticky cum in her mouth, her pussy was screaming for attention and she could no longer ignore it.

This then was Barbara's surrender. Connie had coaxed her to come over so she could play with her while Tommy watched. Then she brought Tommy and Barbara together when Barbara was lost in her own lust. But now it was his mother herself that was asking him to fuck her. It was her alone, with no prodding or encouragement other than her own wanton sexual need, that brought her to him with her request.

Tommy looked over at Connie who smiled broadly. He turned to the woman kneeling on the floor in front of him, head down and panting for breath. She was defeated, brought down by her own desires and lusts. Her body had betrayed her and even though her mind still clung futilely to her morals, she knew that it as soon as he entered her, even that feeble wall would come crashing down.

Tommy reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair hauling her head up and back to look at him. He was in charge now. He was the Dominant and she would learn to obey and submit to him.

"So you want to be my slut just like Connie here, do you? Well, you are going to have to learn how to be submissive. There is only one Dominant around here. Connie has already given me her submission and knows her place. You will learn too." he growled. His confidence had returned and he was taking command of her now.

"Yes Sir," Barbara said. Tommy smiled inwardly.

"Now you have told me that you are willing to do anything I say and love it. Do you still mean that? Do you still want to be my fuckslut like Connie?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir. I still want to be your fuckslut. I will do anything you ask of me," Barbara said.

"Good. Then you can start by showing me how you beg. Beg for me to fuck you slut! Beg for this cock and beg me to use you. You've heard Connie beg now, it's your turn!" he said, shaking her head back and forth a bit before releasing her.

"Oh God, Tommy! Please, baby, please, I need your cock! I need to feel you deep in me… I need you to fuck me. Please fuck me, baby! Please!" she cried.

"That's not bad for starters, I guess. You'll get better - you'll have lots of chances to practice, slut! Ask Connie, I make her beg for it all the time! But then she is a natural-born slut, aren't you whore?" he said, stroking her hair.

"Yes Sir, and I love being your slut… your whore!" Connie said, leaning her face into his hand. He brushed his thumb over her lips and then turned his attention back to his mother.

"Okay, here's how this is going to work. As far as anyone else knows, we are just mother and son. You will call me son or Tommy, just like you have always done. However, when we are alone or it's just the three of us, you are not my mother, you are my slut and you will call yourself that. You can use Sir or Tommy to address me. I will allow the names baby, darling, or honey also if used in the throes of passion.

"Now as my slut, your body is now my possession. I will use it however I please, whenever I please and for as long as I please. That goes for your mouth, your pussy and your ass, do you understand? No hole is out of bounds to me. You are here for my pleasure and your only concern is pleasing me," he said.

"Yes Sir," Barbara said. His words sent a tingle through her. She was owned now… and by her son!

"Lastly, because you are a possession, your orgasms are also my possession. You are not to play with yourself or cum without permission. Your orgasms are a gift from me and if you start having them whenever you please, it's like stealing from me and I won't be able to give them as gifts. So any self-pleasure or orgasm you have without permission will be punished. Do you understand?" he asked.

"Yes Sir, I understand," Barbara answered.

"Good. Now Connie come over here and get my cock hard so I can fuck my new slut!" he said. Connie smiled and crawled over to him kneeling in front of him. She went straight to work sucking him into her warm mouth and bobbing her head up and down just the way he liked it.

"You come over here and stand beside me so you can watch as Connie sucks my cock," Tommy said. Barbara stood up and moved into position as he directed. He slapped her thigh "Open those legs slut!" and she gasped then followed his command.

As Connie worked to get his cock hard and stiff, Tommy reached up, sliding his hand up the inside of Barbara's thigh until he reached her dripping pussy. He began fingering her sopping pussy as Babara moaned and mewled her approval. Tommy rubbed across her swollen clit and then plunged two fingers up into her. Barbara reached up to play with her tits and Tommy stopped her.

"Keep those hands at your sides. Those are my tits and I didn't say you could play with them!" he said.

When Connie had sucked him to his full size and his cock was hard as steel, he moved over to his mother, flipped her over, spread her legs and slid up between them. He grasped her hips in his hands, and in one swift motion slammed his hips forward burying his long, thick cock into her slippery wet pussy.

"Ohhh Fuck, honey!" Barbara squealed in delight "That feels so fucking good! Fuck my pussy! Fuck Mommy's pussy hard. Give me that big cock!"

Connie was laying back on the bed and she began to frantically play with her pussy; her eyes were almost glazed over as she watched Tommy fucking his mother's pussy. She was virtually slamming her fingers into her pussy.

Barbara wrapped her legs around her son's ass and pulled him deeper, swiveling and screwing her juicy pussy against him. She pulled and twisted her swollen nipples with her fingers. Tommy was using the entire length of his cock to fuck her, using long, powerful strokes, driving his cock even deeper into his mother's sweet cunt.

Barbara threw her arms around Tommy's shoulders and lifted her ass, slamming her cunt against his huge cock and crying, "Fuck me, Tommy, fuck my slutty cunt. Fuck me! Fuck me hard. Oh my god, I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming hard, I'm going to come all over your hot cock."

Connie kept fingering her own pussy as she watched them. She focused on his big, thrusting, juice covered cock, watching it slide in and out from between Barbara's tightly stretched cunt lips. Connie watched it cram her belly full then her pussy lips would suck their way along the glistening shaft as he pulled out. She could hear it, too. Tommy's thick prick made an obscene sucking noise as it pumped in and out of his mother's bulging pussy-slit, whipping her cunt-juice into a creamy white froth.

Connie's fingers and her pussy were soaked with her juices. Tommy watched as she reached up and spread her juices over Barbara's nipples until they were all slippery. He watched as Connie rubbed, twisted and pulled on her best friend's nipples making them swell even more, causing her to sigh and gasp with pleasure.

"Play with my titties, Connie! Oh my god! Oh, fuck! Oh Tommy, baby, this feels good. Harder, fuck Mommy harder. Give me that big cock. I love it. Fuck me with your big cock."

He felt his mother's pussy squeezing and milking his cock. The pulsating muscles made the pussy tighter and caused the vaginal folds to snap over the head of his cock sending thrilling sensations through his balls. She was driving him crazy; he started throwing his hips into her, driving his pelvis against his mother's pussy, matching her stroke for stroke, she was creaming all over his deep reaching prick.

Barbara squealed "Oh fuck yes! I'm gonna cum… I'm cumming again, I'm cumming, baby. Fuck me, fuck my pussy hard. Shove your big cock deeper, please!" He felt the molten surge of her come-juices all around his cock-shaft, and she threw back her head and began to scream in orgasm. "Yesss! Oh, fuck me! I'm cumming baby!"

Connie started moving her fingers rapidly over her clit as she watched her best friend cumming once again on Tommy's huge cock. It was all so violently arousing. She reached up cupping one of her full breasts, twisting her distended nipple between her thumb and index finger. It felt so good. She arched her hips as she plunged her fingers in and out of her horny pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned as she fingered her horny pink pussy. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming…" she panted, as her fingers frantically flew over her achingly hard clit.

Hearing his mother and Connie cumming at the same time was too much, Tommy couldn't hold out any longer, he'd become almost wild with excitement. He was grunting and panting and moaning as he hammered his swollen cock into the tight, silky tunnel of his mother's hot cunt. He fucked her faster and harder as his arousal mounted, his balls churning. He watched as her body quivered with the impact, her big ripe tits jiggling and swaying erotically.

Tommy fucked her with all the speed and force he could manage. Slamming his big cock into the satisfying depths of her gripping, velvety fuck hole. His handsome young face was red with passion, and he was groaning with each thrust. His eyes started rolling crazily, and finally, they closed tightly as he fucked himself and his mother to the very edge of climax.

"Ohhhh, shit, unnnhhh! Gonna cum!" he groaned.

"Fuck her hard! Cum in your slut-mother's cunt!" hissed Connie, fingering her wet cunt.

Tommy didn't hear her. He wasn't conscious of anything but the overwhelming excitement he felt as his mom's cunt squeezed and sucked at his pounding, hammering prick. Barbara humped frantically to meet his strokes, her perfect tits jiggling under his chest. She felt her pussy start to suck and throb, and she knew she was on the verge of another extremely hard cum.

"Ohhh, Tommy, fuck meee! Fuck me hard! I'm cummmiiiing!" she cried.

She came long and hard, sparks pounding through her naked body, making her cock-stuffed fuck hole ripple lusciously around the probing length of Tommy's prick. He kept fucking as fast as he could, his meaty cock growing to rock hard stiffness inside her womb. Suddenly he rammed his big cock in to the hilt, and both women knew he was cumming too.

"Here it cums, slut! I'm cumming! Oh, fuck! I'm cumming in your hot fucking pussy! Take it! Unnnggghhhh! Take it all!" he yelled, flooding his mother's spasming, quivering cunthole with a fresh load of boiling hot sperm.

The horny son's cock juice sprayed out of his cock tip, spouting and streaming torrentially into her cunt. Barbara shuddered with pleasure as she felt it blasting into her pussy, spraying against the walls of her womb.

When the cum was over Tommy groaned and flopped off of her body, his cock pulling out of her pussy with a soft, popping sound. Barbara's cunt felt very wet and swollen, their combined juices began leaking out of her well-fucked slit onto the bed.

Connie smiled and said, "Turn about is fair play."

She leaned down and began sucking her nephew's sperm from her best friend's dripping pussy. When she had gathered up a nice mouthful, she held it in her mouth and crawled up Barbara's limp, sweaty body and kissed her, sharing her "snowball" with her best friend and now slut sister.

Tommy watched through half open eyes as the girls kissed and held each other. He held out his arms and the girls both crawled over to him, one on each side and lay down nestled in his strong loving embrace. All three were completely happy and satisfied with the new arrangement and they fell into a blissful, perfect sleep together.


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