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A Cinderella Story Part 1

Just a little information about this story. It was inspired by the characters in Cinderella. It will more then likely be a series. So just because I do not want to get in trouble for using any names. I am going to change the name of the characters. (Cinderella will be called Camille, Anastasia will called Ashleigh, Drizella will be called Daphne. Prince Charming will be called Cooper.) Sorry for all the changes, but I felt they needed to be made.


Camille sat in her room working on a new outfit. Since she spent most of her free time in her room, she had to come up with some sort of hobby. At times she wished that she would not have picked clothes. Once she finished something one of her step sisters would end up taking it from her anyways. They felt that since she was their slave basically, everything that was hers really belonged to them. She hated it but she really could not do much about it unless she wanted to be thrown out into the streets.

“Camille,” a voice yelled up the stairs, “Camille, why is my breakfast not ready? You know I have to be well fed for my meeting with Prince Cooper this evening.”

The voice came from Ashleigh. Ashleigh and Daphne were going to a ball this evening at the castle of Prince Cooper. Word was that he was being pressured to take a wife. This party was his parents idea. It was a way to help him meet the girls in the kingdom. Oh how I longed to go to a ball, but there was no way that I would get to leave this house. My step mother and sisters would make sure of it.

“Camille,” Ashleigh’s voice yelled one more time up the stairs. I sighed and pushed myself away from my work station. Opening my door I walked quickly down the stairs and tried my best to smile at Ashleigh as I passed her and headed for the kitchen. “I don’t know what you are smiling about, you get to stay home tonight and suck like you always do.”

“Of course,” I answered, trying my best to avoid any type of conflict. The best thing I could do was try not to argue with them. That only allowed for me spend even more time in my room, or even worse, spend some time in the basement. I hated when they locked me in the basement.

“Also,” she began, following me into the kitchen. “I need my dress fixed before tonight. It looks to much like Daphne’s and I don’t want to look like Daphne. I want to not only be the prettiest girl at the ball, which I alway am, but I also want to have the best dress.”

Ashleigh was not lying for the most part. She was very beautiful and men seemed to love her. She had long brown hair that curled slightly and reached the middle of her back. She had bright green eyes and fit well with her olive skin. She was about 5’10, 125lbs. She had a 28B Chest and legs that went on for days. I would be lying if I said I did not check her out from time to time.

Daphne, was just as beautiful but the complete opposite of Ashleigh. It was strange how different they looked for being twins. Daphne has short blond hair with a slight hint of red in it that hung just past her shoulders and was straight as an arrow. She had bright blue eyes, but the same olive skin. She was shorter then Ashleigh, weighing about 130lbs, not quite having the legs that went on for days, but she had a 34C chest that made up for it.

I was nothing like either of them. They came from a completely different line of genes then I did. I was tall like Ashleigh, standing at about 5’9’’-5’10’’, I weight around 130-140lbs. I had long black hair that almost reached my butt, but I kept it up, so most only ever saw it go to the middle of my back. My eyes were brown, so brown that they were almost black, which looked good against my milky brown skin. As for legs, well they were not perfect, and my 26B chest did not make up for anything. I was not ugly, but I was definitely no competition for Ashleigh and Daphne.

“I am sure he will pick you Ashleigh,” I said to her as I cooked her breakfast. Ashleigh was the type of girl that loved compliments, so the more I gave her, the nicer she was to me. “Boy always seem to like you best.”

Ashleigh smiled at me and took her breakfast when she was done and headed to her room. Now it was breakfast for Daphne, feeding her ego and getting them ready for the ball this evening. It was going to be quite a day for something I was not even going to get to enjoy.



After I had gotten everything ready for the ball, I went up to my room. Ashleigh and Daphne were in their baths. That would last a good hour, so I had a little bit of time to spend with myself. I liked the moments when I did not have to worry about anyone walking in on me, knocking on my door, or calling my name from the bottom of the stairs.

Locking the door behind me, I walked over to my window and looked out at the kingdom. It was a beautiful place, but I hated being here. I was always dreaming of a land where everyone was free and no one had to do anything for anyone. It was either that or a land where I was queen and people waiting on me hand and foot, instead of the other way around.

Throwing myself down on my bed, I closed my eyes and relaxed. After my body was completely calm, I slowly pulled my dress up and exposed my under garments. I pulled them down to where my private areas were just barely showing. Taking a deep breath I placed my fingers on the outside of my pussy. This caused a tingling sensation to shoot through ever inch of me.

After rubbing the outside for a minute or two, I parted the lips and pressed my finger lightly against my clit. My body moistened up to this. It knew that what I was doing was wrong and it loved it. It was my dirty little secret and something that my sisters could not control. They got to have men pleasure them, which I wished for, but I still had myself and I was not going to go unsatisfied, just to satisfy them.

“Mmm,” I moaned as I began to rub my finger softly around my clit in a circular motion. “Yes Prince Cooper, right there.”

I had always dreamed for having sexual relations with Prince Cooper. He was rich, charming and the most good looking man in the kingdom. He was the man that every woman wanted to be with, and though I was not like every woman in the kingdom, I wanted to be with him as well.

I pictured him rubbing his fingers on my clit, this caused me to rub harder and faster. I pushed my hips up into my finger and moaned louder every time I flicked over it. I reached my other hand down and raised my hips. Slowly I pushed two fingers inside of me.

“Tell me that you hate them,” I begged. I wanted Prince Cooper to tell me how much he hated Ashleigh and Daphne, and how much he loved me. “Yes, tell me how much you hate them while you take me.”

That was enough to send me over the edge. My body shook as I reached my orgasm. My body shook and I pushed my fingers in me a few more times to get as much of my wetness on them as possible.

Pulling my fingers up, I licked them clean and smiled into the mirror by my bed. I then pulled my under garments back up and placed my dress back into the proper position. I was not ready to continue on with my day. Mainly because I was excited to all alone this evening. Tonight he was going to tell me just how much he hated them.

“Camille,” Daphne’s voice screamed from the bottom of the stairs. I could feel the anger inside of me building. Tonight, we were going to hate them together.


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