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A Detectives Journal - Chapter 4

A Detectives Journal - Chapter 4

Be aware, be alert, stay alive

A Detectives Journal - Chapter 4

“All it takes is a little sway here and wiggle there. This way you give them a bit of a taste of what they want. Shake your ass and give them just a little taste of what they want, giving them an eyeful of those tits. You're going to start something out there girl,” Janine laughed, as she led Alexia to the next step in her training.

“It's a matter of using what you know to your advantage while you're giving a lap dance or on the stage. Just like you aren't going screw every guy you meet, you aren't going to be fucking these guys. It's all a show, and no one touches unless they're high rollers, and you will know when that’s happening. That is called Inna's specialties. Anyway, you’re a natural, Alexia. Just go as far as you can and get them hot, so they'll pay more. That's what it's all about. When we're finally set to knock this down, you'll know.” Janine looked at Alexia with her piercing stare and Alexia knew it was serious and nothing to take lightly. She had learned to respect fear.

"Be aware. Be alert. Stay alive." Janine kept saying, as she told the young rookie about all the sexuality she needed to display, and how to do it right. Alexia was scared, but she was ready to risk all to bring down the filth that would enslave women into a life of drugs and prostitution.

Alexia was so focused on what Janine was saying that she completely forgot she was standing in the middle of the room naked. However, it was not unnoticed by Frank and Tom. Alex had their undivided attention. Janine demonstrated her technique by going to Tom, leaning forward and pushing his face between her huge tits, shaking them like she was spanking his cheeks. Frank looked panicky when Alexia approached him and emulated Janine's movements. Her breasts were smaller, but Frank didn't seem to mind with those perfect globes pressed in his face. In fact, Frank couldn't resist his desire and broke the rules by cupping her tits, engulfing her hardened nipple between his lips.

"Stop it right there, Frank! You know the rules!" Janine said, sternly looking directly at him.

He appeared as frustrated as a man could be, but Alexia on the other hand was enjoying her new found power. She was becoming the queen of tease, and Frank was her victim. His cock was so hard it wanted to tear right through his trousers.

"That's enough of that!" Janine yelled, pulling away and dancing solo in front of Tom. "You want to build them up so they want more," she added, as she turned and swayed back and forth erotically to the music.

Alexia followed suit and danced like she had been doing this her whole life. Frank stared helpless, mesmerized by the scene unfolding before him. This little vixen owned the moment and owned him. Next, Janine backed toward Tom, straddling his legs and squatting down while she rubbed her pussy lips on his formable erection, separated by only by a thin layer of his pants. She undulated to the music, sliding back and forth on his rock hard cock. The whole time Alexia mimicked Janine's actions.

Both men were delirious with lust after five minutes of this torture.
"Oh god, I can't take this any more," Frank pleaded, as his urge to cum was building rapidly.

Alexia raised her firm round butt, just inches from his face, allowing Frank to view her glistening wet swollen pussy and puckered anus. He was so close he could smell the aroma of her arousal and wanted to stick out his tongue to taste it. This pushed him over the top, and he involuntarily started ejaculating in his pants.

"Oh, fuck! You bitch! You made me mess myself!" Frank lamented, as Alexia paraded around raising her arms in victory. Janine and Tom were laughing hysterically.

"Damn, girl. I think you figured that out fast—loved the improvisation.”

"That is not bad for a first day. Alex, you did well. Let's get dressed and we can talk."


After a while, the girls came down stairs dressed in their casual attire, but Frank could not look at the two women without seeing them naked. He had to keep reminding him self this was business and necessary for their mission. Frank had talked with Tom while the girls were occupied, and discovered some details about this operation. Tom had been with Janine for two years, about the time she had agreed to increase her involvement and risk to get closer to the big bosses. He posed as her pimp and body guard.

"So, are you boys calmed down enough to talk?" Janine inquired, pulling the chairs into a circle.

"Who else is involved in this operation?" Frank asked, opening the discussion.

Janine looked at Tom as if she wanted him to answer, and after a thoughtful pause, he relied; "Look around this room. Whoever you see here is the entire thing. We are it. Except for Greer and the two gentlemen you met at the office, of course. But we are the whole field operation and they are logistical support."

Then Janine added, "I am team leader. Nothing happens without my knowledge. If you notice, we are all single and paired together purposefully. Outside people are a risk and liability. We are each other's lifeline."

Alexia raised her hand like she was in school and asked Janine, "Who exactly are we targeting? ”

"That is not an easy question to answer because there is a consortium of players we are dealing with. The levels as we know it presently go deeper, but the leads are thin at this point," Janine thoughtfully explained and continued. "The ones we know about are Lorenzo Giovanni (the butcher). He runs the gambling and protection racket. He is as sadistic and brutal as they come. His front is a butcher shop. Then there is Jerome (the mule) Johnson. He is the boss of the drugs, and local prostitution, and you can probably guess where the 'mule' nickname comes from. He keeps the black gangs in line, but there is a turf war presently going on between the blacks and Mexicans over the sale of crystal meth. We need to gain more information on the suppliers and distribution."

"Is that it? That's all we have?" Frank asked. Jo

"No! There is more, much more. This whole complex investigation seems to end up at the feet of a Russian kingpin named Viktor Grekov. He is heavily involved in the international sex slave trade and Russian mafia. His wife, Inna, ok runs the club and manages the girls. Los Angeles has been inundated by thousands of foreign prostitutes—most of them underage. Last but not least, none of this would be possible without crooked cops, judges, and politicians. The main player here is Lieutenant Mike McNeal. I think you are familiar with him."

"Yeah, I never liked that ass hole. I didn't trust him or his task force," Frank stated with an angry expression.

"Greer has known about Mike for a while," Tom spoke up. “But has kept him on a tight leash knowing we could use him when the time is right. He has a plan that will let you get in on Mike's operation. Greer said he wanted to go over the details later with you. Frank, your main job is to infiltrate his operation. ”

"That's it for today people. We meet in Greer's office tomorrow at 0 - 900. Remember, be aware, be alert, and stay alive. I have to take care of Tom's problem that has just popped up." Janine said with a coy smile, as she sat down in Tom's lap.


The ride down the elevator to the parking lot was uncomfortable to say the least. Frank and Alexia had no idea what to say to each other after the events of the evening. She fumbled with her handbag, and he stood slightly behind her so they wouldn't make eye contact. The elevator dinged as it reached the parking level. After a pause, the doors slowly opened, and Alexia bolted from the elevator toward her Mustang. Frank caught up with her and yanked her by the arm spinning her around to face him. Their lips crushed together upon contact, as he kissed her with all the passion that had built up in him for the last three hours. Alex gave no resistance and responded in kind. Nothing was said. All the dialogue was expressed in their kiss, like they were trying to suck in the very essence of life from each other and were completely oblivious to the older couple passing them in their embrace.

"Get a room!" The old lady exclaimed.

That instantly brought Alexia back to reality. What am I doing? She thought to herself, as she withdrew from Frank's lips.

"Where are you going young lady? We have some unfinished things to attend to." He smiled.

"Frank... that was all business."

"I'm sure it was, and we'll finish that business at my place."

"Just because I play a whore doesn't mean I am one!"

"I tell you what, ” he sighed. “It's late and we haven't eaten. Let me take you to dinner and we will discuss what happened today and what might be our future."

"So let me get this right. You plan on taking me to McDonalds for a late dinner, and then I am going to fuck you for giving me such a nice meal?" She said, sarcastically staring in his face.

"Why are you so complicated? First of all, I wasn't proposing McDonalds, I was thinking of that little Italian bistro beside this hotel. We could have a pleasant dinner and a little wine—discuss how we are going to approach this whole scenario."

"And then?"

"And then... I will fuck your brains out!"

"Hmmm... Do you know if they have Lasagne?" She asked with a grin.


The restaurant was crowded with several parties waiting to be seated. Frank slipped the host an undisclosed amount and went to the bar to pick up something for them to drink while they waited. He returned with two glasses of wine and handed one to Alex.

"This is a Riesling, one of my favorites."

"Um, very nice! I usually don't like sweet wines, but this is very tasty."

"Not as tasty as your lip gloss." Frank grinned, causing Alexia to blush.

"Your table is ready sir." The server lead them to their table.

As they sat across from one another, Alexia took the menu and propped it in front of her face . Frank fantasized about the first time he saw her naked, the night at the bar when he had to bring her home and clean her up. Images of her perfect body giving him a lap dance were still fresh in his mind. Frank had to adjust himself in his seat. Gazing over the top of his menu, he looked at Alexia, and that's when he noticed Mike McNeil entering the restaurant with two other men.

"Hey, Alex, I changed my mind. Let's go someplace else to eat." Frank said, as he took the menu out of her hand and laid it on the table.

"Dammit. I'm hungry now, Frank!" Alexia complained. “What the hell?" she whined, as he led her by the wrist out of the restaurant.

"I just lost my appetite," Frank stated, gesturing with his head in McNeil's direction, so she would know why he wanted to leave.

"We'll order pizza at your place," he opened the car door sneaking a peek at her curved thighs as she got in, watching her skirt slide up. Frank walked behind the car to the driver side and pushed his hand deep in his pocket, adjusting his building excitement. The thought of her lithe body undulating over his throbbing cock was driving him nuts.

'Damn! This woman is messing with my head!' He thought.

It wasn’t long before they pulled up in front of Alexia's apartment. He quickly applied the parking brake, and suddenly found himself to be nervous. More nervous than he ever remembered being around a woman. He thought of the days not long ago when he would've said to himself, I just want to get laid. But there was something more with his partner. He knew with her things were different, and he was skating on thin ice. Still, there was a job to do and they had a lot to talk over and a ton of things that needed to be ironed out.

Alexia unlocked all three bolts and opened the door to her apartment. She immediately ordered Frank not to notice the mess. There was clothing draped over every piece of furniture in her living room, where she had been evaluating her dance outfits. Now that she was alone with Frank, she blushed at the thought of some of the clothing she considered she would be wearing and quickly snatched some of the items into her arms before tossing them into a pile behind the sofa.

Frank was distracted with a pizza takeout menu, as he sat down among several pairs of panties and fish net nylons.

"Sorry, I wasn't expecting company." Alexia said, as she went to the refrigerator, grabbing a couple drinks. She brought back two Bud Lights and set one in front of him, as he flipped the menu over in his hand. She was about to walk past him, when he reached out and touched her wrist.

"I hope I didn't hurt you when we were leaving the restaurant . I just hate that son of a bitch."

She didn't know all the history between the two men, and Frank wasn't ready to go into it. He got up off the sofa and popped the top on his beer can.

"We are dealing with some really crooked cops and some dangerous damn people," he exhaled in frustration, setting his beer down on the countertop a little harder than he had planned to and watching it foam up.

Frank was exhausted from the complexity and the lack of quick resolution for this case. He feared the worst because this was the riskiest assignment he had ever been on in his years on the force, but he did not fear for himself. He feared for his partner.

Alexia leaned against the kitchen countertop and took a long sip of beer. He watched her chest rise as she held the can up for a long swig, noticing her nipples harden against her cotton shirt. His thoughts digressed to when his teeth had clamped down for that brief moment during the lap dance. He had tasted the sweetest honey and felt her excitement, as he had cupped those perfect breasts in his hands. They needed to talk, but she was distracting him beyond his ability to concentrate.

Frank was growing impatient with the small talk. He walked over to Alexia and took the beer out of her hand, setting it on the counter. Then he wrapped his arms around her and pushed his lips against her mouth, parting her lips with his tongue and thrusting deeper. She responded lustily, the frustration and the pressure of the assignment building their passion, moving her hands behind Frank's lower back and pulling him into her softness.

His tongue explored her mouth, teeth grazing her lower lip, while she eagerly reciprocated. Frank stroked her neck and pulled the back of her head into his lips, coaxing his tongue deeper and pressing against her body, as they leaned into the counter.

"Oh, Frank!"

Now he was kissing her face and neck. His hand was moving to her breast and under the shirt to find her stiff nipples waiting his touch. Pulling the fabric up, he took her hard button in his mouth again and sucked and licked it, making circles with his tongue around her areola.

Her body responded, as she arched upward toward his waiting mouth. Frank was caressing and biting her softly. He could feel himself losing control, and he wanted to feel his cock slipping into her juiciness. He wanted to hear his balls slapping against her round tight ass while ramming into her on the bed, spreading her legs and burying his face in her smooth pussy.

"I want you, now...” Frank breathed harder.

There wasn't time for the bed. He knelt in front of her, pushing her skirt up and pulling the thong to the side, as he grabbed both her thighs and pulled her into his seeking tongue. This was different than what she experienced with Janine. That was more curiosity. This was a wanton desire.

Alexia tugged at her shirt and pulled it up over her head, freeing her perfect breasts, taking them in her hands, and pulling her own nipples between her fingers and moaning. Frank's tongue found her clitoris and her hands went down to his head, rubbing his face into her wetness. He pulled away long enough for her to shake off the skirt and drape one thigh over his shoulder, arching her back and giving him full access to her glistening, swollen pussy. He devoured her, rubbing her clit with his tongue, as his hands rose up to pull on her ripe nipples.

"Ahh, don't stop!" Alexia was on the edge.

Frank rose from his knees, taking in every inch of her body, as he kiss ed her mouth. She seemed shy again when he faced her. His pulsing cock pressed against her firm belly. He wanted to take her. He wanted to explode inside her, and all he could think of was that tight pussy squeezing around his shaft.

Wrapping his arms around her, and kissing her neck, Frank moved toward the sofa where he could finally roll her on top and watch her dance for him again. This time she would allow him to ram his heat into her and explode with pleasure.

"Not on the couch," she panted.

Alexia took his hand and led him to the bedroom. She wanted her first time to be special, on a real bed, not the messy sofa covered with underwear. She turned around to face him, kissing him on the mouth gently. He thought he caught her embarrassment again for a brief second and considered it charming.

"Hold on a minute," Frank kicked off his shoes. He stripped off his shirt and trousers before removing his boxers and unleashing his hardened manhood.

"Oh-my-god..." she looked at his massive erection, instantly wondering how that was going to fit in her virginal opening.

He climbed into the bed next to her, kissing her all over, breasts, and belly, then eagerly feasting on her sweet pussy. He knew he was going to explode if he didn't get in her soon. Frank moved up her body, as he gently spread her thighs, guiding his hard cock to her dripping cunt opening, while he squeezed her nipple with his free hand. His patience ran dry, as he pushed his head into her. She felt as tight as a fresh virgin. He lost himself in the excitement of the moment.

"Please, Frank. Take it slow," Alexia whispered in obvious discomfort.

He tried to go slowly, but her tightness resisted his thrusts. She moaned under him, whimpering softly as he pushed into her, feeling her soft flesh give way inch by inch to his probing hardness. He achieved full penetration. He paused, then pulled out plunging back in. Their skin slapped together, as he quickened the pace and depth. The momentary pain gave way to lustful pleasure, as her arms tightened around his body.

"Ohhh, yes! That's sooo good! Don't stop!" Alexia moaned as she experienced her first man made orgasm with a shutter.

He arched into her, driving the full length into her womb, pummeling her with abandon. Their skin colliding in the dance of love and the headboard drumming against the wall. They were more than partners now, they were as one flesh in unity of purpose. After a while, he finally cried out for his release.

"Ahhhh, I'm coming," Frank gasped as his seed boiled up in him toward eruption.

Frank kissed her mouth deeply. His orgasm pulsed over and over filling her with his long built up cum as it gushed out and puddled beneath her.

He collapsed on her with both of them regaining their breath and after a couple minutes Frank, raised himself on his elbows, and kissed her again. He noticed there were tears in her eyes.

"What's the matter? Did I hurt you babe?" Frank’s voice was suddenly full of worry.

"No... well a little, I was afraid to tell you I was a virgin. I didn't think you would take me seriously as a woman and a cop."

"A virgin? No way!" He exclaimed in disbelief, looking down and confirming the blood and semen coating his cock.

"Frank, you are only here because I care for you. This was my special gift to you." She said, as she kissed him back and rolled over to her side, cuddling up next to his warm body. Alexia had admitted to her innocence but now felt complete as a woman. She felt safe in his arms.

"Thank you for that gift. I care for you too." Frank whispered in her ear.

To be continued...
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