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A Detective's Journal - Chapter 6

A Detective's Journal - Chapter 6

Going under cover means going under the covers

Janine gave me the address to The Slice Club. She said to meet her there at 1:30pm. This was to be my interview with Inna Grekov, the club manager. All my undercover training and months of preparation would be wasted if she didn't hire me. I had dressed as provocative as I could, using Janine's makeup instructions carefully. The fake eyelashes and dark eyeliner made my appearance look more sexy. It wasn’t like the guys would be focusing on my face, but I had to look the part from head to toe. My pleated skirt was short; about four inches above my knee, accentuating my long legs in fishnet stockings. I wore six inch stilettos, and my low cut top that was stretched over my braless breasts. That finished off the look. The only thing missing was a sign around my neck that said, whore.

Driving past the address twice, I had a hard time finding a sign… or anything else that would indicate that I was at the right address, so I parked on the curb and called Janine. After a few rings, she picked up.

"Where are you!?"

"Sorry, but I've been driving around. There’s no friggin sign out here. How am I to find this place?” I sighed in frustration.

"I told you, this is a private club. And what do you think that means? There wouldn't be a sign, would there?" she paused and then added, "Employee parking is in the back . Hurry up and get your butt in here. Inna is waiting."

The rear of the club was like the front, painted green. The back door was bordered by a dumpster and waste cans. I opened the spring loaded door and made my way past the kitchen toward the front room while my heels clicked on the tile floor. One of the cooks brushed past me, sporting a big shit-eating grin. I found Janine standing near the reception desk next to a middle aged woman, that must be Inna. They were both dressed in shorts and t-shirts.

"Hi, I'm Alexia," I said, offering my hand.

Inna ignored my extended hand and stated, "we are looking for a waitress, not a hooker!"

"I’m sorry. I thought..."

"You thought we were hiring a dancer," Inna interjected. "That will come, but for now, we just need a topless bar girl."

Great! This is going well, I thought to myself.

"Strip!" she commanded.

"Here? Now?"

"Come on! I don't have all day.” she glared at me.

Several employees were setting up tables and stacking glasses behind the bar, but every single one of them stopped what they were doing to watch me disrobe. What the fuck was this? A free strip show? I undid the velcro fastener on my skirt and let it drop to the floor before I stepped out of it. My bare ass was now exposed, and I stood there wearing only a thong and garter belt.

"The top too," Inna demanded. 

I pulled off my top, letting my tits bounce free, and then I shook my head and my hair as it fell to one side. I had never felt so naked in my life. There was a loud whistling and an overzealous applause.

"Shut the fuck up and get back to work!" Inna screamed at the idle laborers. "Ingrates," she muttered.

I was shocked when she reached out and pinched my right nipple. "Make sure you ice these up before you start tomorrow at seven. Go to the office and give them your payroll information."

Then Inna looked at Janine and ordered, "Get her a uniform."

Once I got dressed and had a moment alone with Janine, she decided to really unload at me.

"I told you to be here on time! You are going to fuck around and blow this entire operation. I said wear something sexy, not dress like a fucking street walker!"

"Sorry, I just ..."

"Stop thinking, and just follow instructions properly! Come with me into the dressing room. I’ll give you some clothes to change into."

I followed her, scanning the venue as we walked. It was definitely not a dive. There was a thirty foot long gloss lacquered bar, and a stage that looked like it was made for theater, with a band pit and elaborate lighting. The tables and booths were modern black and stainless with crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling . Janine led me through a door off the stage, just next to a one with a guard. There were rows of connected makeup tables under long lighted mirrors. Past the makeup area to the right was a locker room with showers you might find in a gym. Janine opened a locker and tossed me some shorts, a t-shirt and some white tennis shoes with pink trim.

"Here, put these on. You don't want to go to the main office dressed like that. These should fit you."

"Can I ask you something, Janine?"

"Be careful what you say around here," she said looking around.

"What’s in the room with the guard out front?" I whispered.

"I'll tell you later, but let's say, it’s the reason why we’re here. Now shush. One more thing is that I think you should move in with Tom and me. After today, you will be in a fishbowl. They'll be monitoring your every move for a week or so, and you must be extra careful. How's it going with you and Frank?"


"Just good?" Janine asked with a knowing grin.

"Well, better than good. We aren't able to keep our hands off each other."

"He's a hottie! Enjoy each other. In this fucked up world, you need to find joy where you can. And don't worry, you won't wear each other out," she chuckled.

I put on the shorts and they were tight, squeezing in between my butt cheeks and giving me an embarrassing bit of camel toe. Then I tied back my hair in a pony tail, and looked at myself in the mirror. I was satisfied with the way the polo shirt formed around my breasts not leaving much to the imagination. In my real life, I had never dressed provocative before, but this undercover operation liberated me some what, and I liked it. As I entered the office area, I was startled to see Frank and Lt. Mike McNeal leaving. I wasn't sure how to react, but that was swiftly solved when Frank walked up and gave me a hug that lifted me right off the floor before he kissed me.

"Mike, this is my girlfriend, Alexia. You've met before, haven't you?"

"How could I forget, you throw a wicked punch," Mike answered, staring at my chest. "What are you doing here?"

"Seeing how I am now recently unemployed, I was here for a job interview. A friend of mine that works here said she could get me a job that pays big bucks."

"I heard what happened to you at the department. That really sucks but I am looking forward to seeing you in the club!"

"Yeah, I agree, it sucks! I figured if I was going to be treated by men as a piece of meat, I might as well get paid for it… generously,” I added.

"We got to run, we are on the clock. See you at home, sweet cakes," said Frank, slapping my ass.

Sweet cakes! Seriously? I knew he had to play the part. Us being revealed as a couple was good for undercover purposes, but "sweet cakes?"



Running into Alex at The Slice was spontaneous, but it worked out well. Our plan was for it to be revealed that she was my girl friend. That afforded her an extra level of protection (seeing how criminal associates don't hit on each other's girls). It’s right up there in the criminal's honor code, if there is such a thing.

Our meeting with Victor Grekov was more of an exam than an interview. He wanted specific things from me, mainly intel from the police Department. Being on homicide, there were several killings under investigation he wanted closed. We were prepared for that contingency. Greer said they would put a temporary hold on those investigations. Then post closed on the department white board, making Victor believe those cases were no longer active. There were also several items in evidence that Victor wanted me to retrieve and returned to him. Things like guns, ballistic results, and crime scene photos. Greer was way ahead of Victor. Greer had told me he would make copies of the evidence and put the originals in his safe to preserve them for a later investigation. I needed Victor to fully trust me, but that meant stretching the rules. Mike had gone on to his department, and I was headed to meet with Greer at his office. Johnny Cash started playing from my jacket pocket, and I looked at the screen to see who was calling.

"Hi babe, what's up?" It was Alex.

"Not much. Janine and I are at the apartment packing my things to take to her place."

"How come?"

"She said it will be safer for me to stay with her for a couple weeks. You’re invited also. We can use the fold out sofa bed. What are you doing?"

"On my way to the precinct . I will discuss what going down with you tonight."

"Could you pick up something to eat on your way over? Don't forget to stop by your place and pick up some things."

"Okay, will do. See you later."


Greer was waiting for me in his office with a look of anticipation, and as soon as I entered his office he regarded me with a stern expression. “Close that door and lock it. "

I did as was instructed and then pulled up a chair on the opposite side of his desk that was cluttered with stacks of file folders.

"How'd it go with Grekov?" Greer asked.

"It's going as planned so far. I'm being tested to see to see if I'm really to be trusted. Victor requested several cases to be closed because they could implicate him, including the murder of the girl in the alley. Plus, he wants the evidence in those cases given to him… all just as you figured."

Greer was lost in thought for several seconds before he replied, "That all seems pretty easy for us to do. Is there anything else?"

"Just one more thing. He wants me to knock off the eye witness that is due to testify against his drug lord, Jerome Johnson. I know we can't go that far."

"Not necessarily," he pondered.


"Not literally, but we can delay the trial and set it up so that it appears like you offed him. We can put him into a witness protection program and announce his murder publicly, complete with staged photos. That should cement you into Grekov's operation. Besides, we need more time to strengthen that case anyway."

"How's our girl doing?" Greer inquired.

"Alex is good . She secured a position at The Slice. I'll be seeing her tonight. She's moved in with Janine."

"One more thing. McNeal wants me to join his outfit on a drug bust in an hour. He has inside information of where the black gangs are making an exchange. These are the opposing drug cartel to Grekov's operation. McNeal gets to be the hero for a bust and gets paid by Victor Grekov at the same time. Quite and operation."

"Alright, keep me informed. This meeting is over."

"Whatever you say, chief."


Mike and I sat in the old Dodge van he had checked out of impound, waiting for the suspects to show. This industrial section of east LA was deserted as most of the warehouses were closed because of the bad economy. Mike had a couple snipers on the roof covering most of the parking lot.

"Frank, take the shotgun. It has six odd shot and could stop an elephant," he said pushing it at me.

"We might not need it if they surrender. Which they will do when they see your firepower."

"Surrender? This is not a bust. It is a statement! No prisoners! These scum got to learn who is running this town."

After about twenty minutes a late model blue Ford quad cab pickup stopped in front of one of the buildings. It was not possible to see in the windows because of the tinting. No one got out. Mike was on his handset telling the snipers to keep a sharp eye. After a few minutes the passenger door to the truck opened and a large bald black man emerged. He went to the roll up door and opened the lock and slid open the roll up. He then motioned for the truck to drive inside.

Mike's plan was to take them outside, in front of the buildings. With it happening inside, his snipers were out of the picture. He was on the two way telling the men to reposition themselves when a second truck drove up, a white EconoVan. It paused and then moved forward into the building. We were now at a disadvantage, not knowing how many we were up against.

"Come on Frank, get out, we're going to take them ourselves," Mike said, stepping out. 

"Don't you think we should call in backup?" I suggested.

"What's the matter Frank, no balls? We're going to make short work of these clowns."

We approached the building from the side with extreme caution. The two snipers were moving in from the opposite side, crouched low, with their automatic rifles at the ready. Mike used hand signals telling them to stop short. Then, he pulled out what looked to be a military hand grenade from his flack vest and yanked the pin. I thought to myself this was certainly not standard police issue.

Without announcing our presence he tossed in the grenade. The explosion rocked the whole building. Mike and his crew attacked through the the door way. I had not heard that much gunfire since I was in Kuwait. The sound of automatic weapons and bullets careening of the metal cars and concrete walls made this a war zone.

I entered the building last, but as soon as I turned the corner, a man with a pistol was running straight at me trying to escape the carnage. I didn't hesitate as my military reflexes took over and I fired a shot gun blast into his midsection. The power of the recoil kicked the gun back like a mule and blast almost cut the suspect in half. The firing stopped and the smoke was clearing. There were bodies laying in grotesque positions. Five, no six bodies. One of them moved slightly but Mike fire a round in his head. He was grinning at me like a kid that just finished a roller coaster ride.

"Welcome to the drug enforcement division. Your report will read that we approached these suspects and asked them to surrender but they fired on us, and in the course of a drug arrest we were forced to return fire, resulting in the unfortunate demise of these fine upstanding citizens," Mike chuckled.

"So where are the drugs?" I asked.

"Right over here in the van, but it seems there was no cash," Mike answered stuffing money in a trash bag.

"Well Frank, you did well. That guy splattered like a ripe pumpkin. Kinda makes you feel ... alive. Don't ya think?"

"Yeah, whatever... I gotta go."


It wasn't till about seven that I arrive d at Janine's place with two pizzas in hand, but before I could even knock, the door flew open.

"Hi, handsome!" Janine exclaimed. "Put the pizzas on the bar. I'm starving."

She opened the sausage pepperoni, and this delicious aroma was like a scent given by God.

"What took so long?" asked Alex, descending the stairs in her robe.

"Friday night— the wait was long and the traffic was a bitch. Where's Tom?"

"He’s s out of town until Monday. Tom was called back to the agency to clarify why we still need federal funding for this operation," Janine explained.

We gobbled down some pizza, drank beer and laughed about Inna's reaction to Alex's getup. I knew this operation depended on Janine and her expertise. After a while, Alex turned our light hearted conversation to a serious one with one question.

"Janine, you said that you would tell me what was behind the guarded door at The Slice. What is in there?"

Janine's face went somber as she answered, "This is what this whole thing is about. Behind that green door is the crib."

"What's the crib?" Alex inquired.

" It’s a network of small rooms and each room has a girl. They are categorized by age, body type, and speciality. What happens is that the servers and dancers get the clients worked up in the bar, and they go through that door for the girl or drug of their choice. For a mere three grand. The girls are brought in from Europe, South America or China, and are strung out on drugs. They are used as sex slaves."

I could see Janine was getting extremely emotional talking about this subject, and the strain showed in her face, but I had to ask, "With all the evidence we have, why not just bust these scum bags right now?"

"I have thought the same thing for two years. Every time we get close, there is one more suspect they want to include. We thought Victor was the king pin, but he is just another player. If we took him down, he would be replaced in a heart beat. This is an international investigation that includes Interpol and Scotland Yard. When this goes down, it will be one of the biggest busts in history. I want to see these lowlifes burn and put a bullet in Grekov's brain."

"I have no right to ask you this Janine, but it seems you have a greater stake in this than the average undercover cop. What is it that drives you so intensely and makes you risk so much?"

"Since you and Alex are in this dangerous game, you have a right to ask, "Janine paused, took a deep breath, then a sip of wine, and continued. "It all started four years ago. I was working in the Atlanta bureau at the time. My family lived in New Orleans. I was called into my supervisor’s office, Jim Ryan, and thought it was just another case to be briefed on. He instructed me to sit and informed me that my sister was on the missing list . Her name was Julie. She was sixteen at the time. He went on to say her disappearance matched the profile of several abductions in that area. I was devastated along with my parents."

Janine wiped away a tear and continued after regaining her composure. This was the first time I had seen her show vulnerability . 

"Jim said they were doing all they could, but the evidence led them to believe that it was not a random kidnapping… it was the sex slave trade. There was an eyewitness that saw a van pull up, open the side door and snatch her off the street. She was gone in seconds. A year passed with no leads, and they got a report of a girl that was picked up in LA for prostitution that matched Julie's description. I flew out to Los Angeles to see for myself, but by the time I arrived, she was dead in the holding cell from an overdose."

"What?" Alex exclaimed.

"I identified the body as hers, but could barely recognize her. She was completely made over. Different hair color, enhanced eye makeup, and the look of a worn out street whore with plenty track marks on both her thighs."

"What happened from there?" I asked.

"Well, I knew that she didn't overdose herself in the holding cell, so I asked for an autopsy. The medical examiner concluded that she died from an overdose, but not drugs. It was an overdose of insulin. Obviously an inside job. She was killed to keep her from talking."

"How did you end up convincing the FBI to let you be part of this investigation? ” I further questioned. “Don't they have a policy that keeps an agent from investigating a crime they are personally connected with?"

"They do, but I threatened that if they didn't put me on this task force, I would quit and investigate it on my own. They reconsidered and here we are."

"I am so sorry," Alex offered sincerely.

"Yeah, me too. And... Don't tell anyone the story I just told you."

We all sat there for several minutes, quietly taking in what Janine had shared with us.

Janine broke the silence saying, "I'm hungry and that pizza is getting cold. If it is ok with you guys, I'm going to make a salad. You can also take my bed tonight since Tom is gone. I just put on fresh sheets. I will sleep on the futon."

“Okay thanks, sounds good. Let's eat," I responded.

"Me too!" Alex agreed.


As I lay there waiting for Alex to come out of the shower and join me, I thought about the story Janine told us, and how painful it must've been for her to continue this investigation. As for me and Alexia, we were just supporting cast. Thinking of Alex … she was singing in the shower and had a beautiful voice. It sounded professional. Definitely a trained voice. After several minutes, she emerged from the shower, wrapped in a robe. She pulled off her shower cap and shook her hair free . Her long thick hair fluffed out, cascading down her shoulders.

"You awake?" she asked.

"Of course I am. Did you know that tomorrow is my birthday? Well, technically today, as it is after midnight," I said.

"Yes, I knew it was your birthday, and thought I would get something special that you would never forget. Would you like to unwrap half your present now?" she offered, standing beside me at the bed.

I watched her remove the terry cloth bath robe, and she stood in front of me, completely naked, except for a wide red ribbon tied in a big bow around her breasts. I smiled, and reached out tugging the ribbon, letting it float to the floor. Her lithe figure was highlighted by the light coming in from the bedroom window. Her beauty took my breath away. Alex was as perfect as a woman could be. She was exquisite. As she knelt on the bed, I pulled her to me, nestling my face in the soft flesh of her breasts. I sucked in her erected nipple, and she moaned in pleasure. Our lips collided and our tongues touched. I continued to caress her breasts without breaking our kiss, then ran my hand down her fit abdomen until I felt the wetness of her swollen pussy and slipped a finger between her lips, searching for that elusive pleasure spot.

"Hmmm," Alexia moaned.

"Just what I always wanted for my birthday. I think its the perfect size but I will have to try it on and see if it fits. Where is the other half of my present? " I asked with a grin.

"Over here!" A voice answered from behind me.

I quickly turned and saw Janine crawling into bed totally naked except for a red ribbon tied around her large breasts—it looked identical to Alex's. I was speechless.

"Happy birthday, my love," Alex whispered in my ear.

Right there, in that moment, I was the luckiest man on earth. I yanked the bow, letting Janine's magnificent tits bounce to freedom. She had the natural breasts that women have surgery to emulate. They swayed as she crawled across the bed. Her nipples stood out hard. 

I lay there with a beautiful woman on each side, uncertain of how to proceed. I was in titty heaven.

"Here, take this. You’re going to need it," Janine said as she opened her palm displaying a little blue pill.

Never being in this situation before I wasn't sure what to do but the girls took any doubts away. There was a tangle of arms and legs as we searched new boundaries of pleasure and delight. I discovered that two beautiful women could be so very different in every way. Each unique in their touch, scent, and sensitivity. Alexia was fit an firm and almost shivered at my touching of her intimate spots, while Janine was softer and more responsive to my caresses. Alexia was like a tourist exploring a new frontier but Janine was the tour guide poised and confident.

"Ahhh," Alexia moaned as she lowered herself on my erection engulfing it into her wetness. Janine was straddling my face and serving me her tasty hairless pussy dripping with excitement. My pleasure meter was at its max. Alexia's spasming pussy was constricting around my cock so tightly it was a fight to keep from coming. A fight I lost, as I filled her with pulse after pulse of hot cum. I mumbled my pleasure through a mouthful of pussy. Now was the time to test the power of the blue pill. I rolled over on top of Janine and she received my still hard cock in its entirety with one upward thrust and we pounded at each other with urgency. There was a slapping of our skin colliding together. Alexia squatted over Janine's mouth dripping her cum soaked pussy in Janine's eager mouth.

"Ummm good," Janine gasped.

Janine moved like a dancer, thrusting and twisting making me delirious in pleasure. Alexia kissed me like she was sucking the very life force from me. My cock was plunging in like a piston with each motion of mine met with hers. I could feel my balls swelling and that wave building from within. This was not going to be stopped.

"Ahhh, I'm coming!" I moaned as I erupted in her.

After what seemed to be hours we all lay back into bed spent and gasping for air. I just laid there trying to take it all in. We had tried everything our imaginations could conjure up. There were no words for the lustful pleasures we shared.

"Thank you for the birthday present," I said breathlessly.

"The pleasure was all mine," alexia replied.

"Not all yours. Mine too," Janine added.

"Well ladies, would you like a glass of wine before we sleep? I bought a bottle of Dom Perginon."

"Yesss," was the reply in unison. 

I popped the top with a bang and poured three glasses of Champaign into hotel glasses, and then I raised my glass to toast.

"To our success and safety," I toasted as we clinked our glasses together.

"I am going to go to my bed now. You guys enjoy the rest of the night," Janie said getting out of bed and walking down the stairs.

I pulled Alexia close and told her how much I cared for her, and that It felt right to have her in my arms.

"Good night, love," I whispered.

"Nite, handsome. Happy Birthday."

To be continued.

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