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A Good Start Part 3

Exercise is good for reminiscing.

I exhaled deeply, my breath fogging the early morning air. It was that magical time of the morning when it isn’t quite light out, and everything is cast in dark shades of blue.

Off to my left in the trees, I heard a bird sing out, signalling the start of a new day. I turned and resumed jogging down the path, speeding up as I neared my next stop.

I was doing a circuit around the nature preserve, stopping at every clearing and doing some extra exercises. I love the Runner’s High I get when I get a solid workout.

I got to the next clearing and sprinted across. Right before the trees closed in again, I stopped and caught my breath. I looked down at my watch.

5:48 AM.

My heart thudded in my chest. My mind wandered back to what happened between Monica and myself the night before.


“Are your eyes closed, baby?” she called out to me.

“Yes, they are. This had better be worth it, you know I hate surprises.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll love this one!”

“Says everyone, ever,” I muttered to myself.

I heard shuffling steps come into the kitchen, and a thump on the countertop.


I opened my eyes and started laughing. There was a wooden gun case sitting on the table with the lid propped open. Inside it was a Kimber Eclipse Target II, a pistol I had been mooning over for several months.

I turned and swept Monica up in my arms, twirling her around. She let out a squeal, asking, “I guess you like it?”

I put her down. “Oh, baby, I love it! It’s wonderful. YOU are wonderful!” I planted a firm kiss on her lips, running my fingers through her hair as I held her close.

I let my hands glide down her shoulders and arms slowly, lightly grazing her skin. I grasped her waist and lifted her onto the counter. As I pushed the gun case to the side, she wrapped her toned legs around my hips and pulled me close. I felt my manhood stiffening as it pressed against her.

“The things you do, baby... it makes me want to undress you and kiss you all over. You drive me crazy in the best possible ways.”

I nuzzled against her neck, kissing her lightly, teasing her earlobe with my tongue. Her fresh scent filled my nostrils, and I breathed in as much as I could, savoring the smell of her.

“Do you want to undress me now?” she breathed.

“Yes. Slowly. Piece by piece.”

She moaned quietly, deep in her throat, the vibrations tickling my lips as I kissed slowly down her elegant neck. I brought my hands up to the hem of her shirt and slid my fingertips underneath it, pushing up lightly, tenderly brushing against the taut skin of her firm stomach. I continued to trail kisses down her neck as she lifted her arms above her head. I pulled her shirt off, leaving her sitting on my counter in a lacy powder blue bra and skin tight jeans.

Her hair was trapped in a messy bun at the back of her head. I grabbed the clip and brought her face to mine, giving her a crushing kiss. Her tongue probed at my mouth, lightly dancing against my own, exploring everywhere it could. I broke the kiss and picked her up off the counter, her legs still wrapped around mine. I carried her to the couch and set her down, kneeling in front of her. I looked up at her green eyes that were smoldering embers of lust.

Her breasts were heaving and her lips were parted. I leaned forward and resumed kissing her, moving down from her neck and kissing all around her full chest. I brought my hand up and pulled the left cup of her bra down, freeing a rosy nipple from its embrace. I kissed the swollen nub lightly as I freed the other nipple. She let out a small gasp as I ran my tongue around her nipple, teasing her, never quite touching it. Her hands came up and entwined themselves in my hair, lightly massaging my scalp while I teased.

As her breathing became more insistent, I finally relented and nibbled lightly on her nipples, sucking them into my mouth one at a time. I stroked the sides of her abdomen and began to lick and nibble my way down to her belly button. I moved my hands to her waistline and unbuttoned her jeans. I continued kissing my way past her navel, and grasped the corner of the snap between my teeth. I pulled back gently and the zipper came undone. I grabbed the sides of her jeans and worked them down her long, shapely legs. She was sitting on my couch in just her lacy blue bra and matching panties when I finished.

I picked up her leg and looked into her eyes. “I told you, I’m going to kiss you everywhere on your body.”

She let out a small shudder and closed her eyes as I lowered my lips to her leg and brushed them across. I worked my way up her leg, getting closer and closer to her soaked panties. I stopped right before I got to them though, because I wanted to keep teasing her a little bit.

I grabbed her other leg and gave it the same treatment. I teased my way up and bit lightly at her inner thigh, and threw her leg over my shoulder. I kissed my way to her panties and pulled them aside.

I ran a finger along her dewy slit and watched her throw her head back. I touched her clit with the tip of my tongue and felt her body tense expectantly. I licked her again, the taste of her driving my lust. I licked at the folds of her pussy, savoring her, hearing her whimper quietly with every pass of my tongue.

Her breathing sped up and she let out a silent scream as she arched her back, lifting her hips off the couch. I clamped my lips around her clit as she came, holding her thighs as she ran her fingers through my hair.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my--” she cut off with a high pitched moan, and finally let her hips drop down. I let go of her legs and sat back on my heels, watching her chest heave as she recovered from her orgasm.

She finally opened her eyes, and without saying a word, pulled her panties down. She pulled me to my feet and turned me around, then pulled my shirt off. I quickly worked on getting my pants off and freeing my swollen cock, and kicked them away when I was done. She pushed on my chest until I fell back onto the couch.

She straddled my hips, gripping my dick and running it along her soaked pussy. She lowered herself onto it quickly and I felt myself slide into her smoothly, filling her completely. She closed her eyes as she rode my cock, rocking her hips every time she buried me with her hips. I thrust up to meet her, a wet slapping sound filling the room. Soon enough, I felt my own orgasm growing. I felt the walls of her pussy gripping me, never letting up pressure.

It was close. I felt the cum surge through my shaft and clamped my eyes shut. As I came inside her, I felt her pussy rippling along the length of my dick, milking it for all it was worth. I felt her own orgasm gush around the base of my cock.

Monica let out a contented sigh as she lay her head against my bare chest, her breasts pressing into me.

I softened and slipped out of her, releasing a surge of our mixed juices.


I snapped back to the present, and finished up the exercise I was doing.

“Last station done,” I thought to myself.

I glanced at my watch as I ran back home.

6:23 AM.


When I arrived home, I kicked off my shoes and peeled my compression shirt off my body. I made my way to the bathroom and started up the shower, stripping down and throwing the dirty clothes into the hamper.

The bathroom door opened and I turned around. Monica was standing in the doorway, yawning a little bit. She stared at my bare ass and raised an eyebrow.

“Hey. My eyes are up here.”

“Manuel would love this sight,” she teased.

“NOT gonna happen, hun.”

She smiled to herself and her eyes lit up with amusement.

“I’m gonna go make breakfast, okay?”

“Alright. I’ll be out in a bit.”

I turned to the shower and climbed in, the hot water cascading over my shoulders and down my back. I washed up and climbed out, reaching for my towel. It wasn’t there.

I chuckled softly and walked out to the kitchen. Monica was standing by the counter, sipping on a glass of orange juice and eyeing my naked body. My towel was draped over the back of the chair behind her.

“Can I have that, please?”

“Mmmm... No.”

She stuck her tongue out at me. I growled playfully and shook my hair at her, spraying water everywhere. She giggled as I strode past her and took the towel.

I dried myself off and wrapped the towel around my waist.

“I have to go to work in a little while, so I’m gonna head back to my place and get ready. Kay?”

“Alright. I’ll pick you up tonight?”

“Looking forward to it. 6 O’Clock. Sharp.”

“I’ll be there.”

She picked up her purse and walked out the door.

I looked at the clock above my TV.

7:18 AM.

I sighed. Just under eleven hours to go. I wanted to surprise her with a gift, so I needed to think of something good.

I got dressed and ate breakfast, then set off towards the outlet stores in the city.

-- -------------

Part 4 coming.

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