A Night to Remember: Chapter 1- Introduction

By TheXXXChef

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This is the 1st chapter of my 1st story. There's no sex in here but will be in the next chapter
It was a warm Saturday night in the middle of August. I own a restaurant at the base of an apartment building in NoHo, also known as North Houston Street. Well it’s only smart because I live upstairs on the 22nd floor of this building. It is a nice little loft/condo: on the first floor there is a living room, balcony, kitchen, and a bar; upstairs (yes, I said upstairs) there are three bathrooms and three bedrooms, two are guestrooms and the other is my master bedroom.

I live by myself but my best friend Rocsi often comes over to stay. I wonder if I will see her tonight… I walk around the restaurant asking the customers if they were enjoying their meal. When the restaurant is packed, I usually wouldn’t have come out of the kitchen, but tonight it isn’t busy, so I don’t mind. I checked my watch my and noticed that it is 10:30. Time flies when you are working. 

Before I continue, let me describe myself. I am 6’3, with light tan skin, a nice smile. My dimples get the ladies every time. I’ve been hitting the gym lately, so my muscles have become nice and defined. At the age of 26, being a bachelor is fun. Sometimes I am able to get a customer to come to my apartment for a special course that is not on the menu. At 7 inches long, it gets the job done and always leaves the women satisfied. No girl has left my presence disappointed. Ha-ha, I’m bragging too much, so let’s get back to the story. 

As I am heading back to the kitchen as something at the front door catches my eye. It’s Rocsi!! In addition, she brought two of her sexy friends with her. The beauty of her friends do not surprise me though. At the age of 29, Rocsi has been able to draw people to her; whether it’s her aura or her body, she’s been able to draw people to her. I’ve known Rocsi for 7 years but it feels like we known each other our whole life. When I first met Rocsi, we were in college, and I knew I wanted to fuck her every chance I got. However, she had a boyfriend at the time, who would come to hate me just for hanging out with her. Truthfully, I was envious of him because he was the one fucking her whenever he wanted. Nevertheless, it is a new time and I am over that situation. 

Rocsi stands at about 5’9, but tonight she had on these sexy heels that made her at least 6’0. Her long, curly brown hair made her look like a sexy video girl, which made me drool on the inside. Her 36 DD breasts stood proud in her sexy black dress that clung to her body down to her slim waist, and thick thighs. Those thick thighs gave her one the fattest asses I have ever seen, and just thinking about it gave me a hard on. Her hour glass frame made her a girl to die for; on top of that she was a video gamer, she could cook (as well as eat), and loves sports, especially football. Basically, every guys dream girl. 

I walked to the door and got a very nice a hug from Rocsi. She ran and jumped on to me, as we hugged for the first time in awhile. I was very happy to see her and just planned to make our night something to remember, I told the hostess that I would handle the three beautiful ladies, as I led them to the V.I.P. section for special guests. Rocsi had her own personal table that was reserved for her and only her, for nights like these. The girls sit down and I tell them I will be their personal server.

As I am taking their orders, Rocsi’s friends are giggling while stealing glances at me. First, there is Carmen, who’s a cute 5’5 Puerto Rican girl, standing at 5‘8 because of her heels though. Matching Rocsi’s complexion, which is also light tan skin, has medium length curly black hair, thick wide hips, and is about a full 34 C-cup. The other, Rockelle, who is just drop dead gorgeous. At 5’6, she has long, petite frame, straight reddish brown hair, perfect B-cup matched with a tight little ass and these model-like legs that seemed to go on forever made her stand out from the other two sexy companions. I wanted to fuck her right there on the table. I mean, these ladies were dress to impress and all of them were giving me a hard on. My head’s spinning with the possible outcomes this night would bring me…

I snap back to reality as I hear Carmen say, “Rocs, why haven’t you introduced us to your sexy friend here?”

Rockelle turned to me and asked where I live. I smiled and pointed up. “You live in the restaurant?” she exclaimed as her jaw dropped.

I looked at Rocsi with a look that said, ‘She’s kidding right?’. I closed Rockelle’s jaw and just smiled, “No mami, I live up in the suites upstairs on the twenty second floor.”

Then I tell them to enjoy the drinks and that I’ll see them in a bit. I turned and went to the kitchen and started preparing their meals personally. As I took their dinners to them, I made small talk. After they finished eating, Rocsi decides to go up to my place to freshen up and get ready to go out. She has a key to the apartment so I didn’t have to go up with them. I allowed them to buy some bottles from the bar, and said our goodbyes ‘til later.

After about 15 minutes, I get a text from Rocsi saying that she and the girls are going out to a lounge downtown. I tell her that I will meet her there but I don‘t. I got bigger plans in mind. I go to my office and make some calls to some very close friends of mine. I spend the next hour telling people to come to over for some fun and games, and to dress to impress. As I hang up on my last call, I smile to myself and head upstairs to my apartment to get ready for the party. Tonight will be something to remember, so let the fun begin.

A Night to Remember 

Written By: Winston Joseph

Chapter 1: Introduction