A Night to Remember: Chapter 2- Let the Fun Begin

By TheXXXChef

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The real party starts here. Comments and criticisms is appreciated to see where I stand as an author
Chapter 2: Let the Fun Begin

About an hour later, Rocsi comes back with her friends. They all stand at the door looking dumbfounded at the scene that stands before them. Ten of my best guy friends smiled and raised their glasses to the new guests at my party. The 20 female friends that I just happened to know also waved and giggled as they got back to their conversations. I’m glad that they all listened to me when I said dress to impress.

The guys were all clean cut, looking GQ smooth, ready to make any girl bow down to them with the snap of their fingers. The women were nothing short of drop dead gorgeous, each looking like a goddess in their own way, which made some of the guys sweat and drool at the thought of going home with one or two of these honeys. Even though Rocsi and her friends were already drunk, they decided to keep on partying by talking with my guests, dancing with them, and of course keep on drinking. I decided to get away from the party for a bit, so I climbed the stairs to my room. As I was going up, I caught the eyes of Rockelle and gave her a nod that suggested that she comes up for some fun.

As sat there on my king size bed for about two minutes before watching my door open. First, Rockelle stepped in with this grin on her face. Then Carmen follows right behind her giggling and closing the door, as she watched with lustful eyes of the scene that was about to unfold. I got off the bed and walked to Rockelle.

I kissed her lips gently, then hungrily as our passion and lust for each other grew. I felt my lips leaving hers, as my face was being pulled towards Carmen, and in for a deep kiss with her. She swirled her tongue around mine, sucked on it as Rockelle came behind me, and started to kiss on my neck while unbuttoning my shirt. I slowly slipped out from the middle of them as they started to kiss each other. I felt empowered and got behind Rockelle.

I whispered into her ear as seductively as I could, “I want to watch you make her cum.” She moaned into Carmen’s mouth and kissed her deeper than ever.

I stared in awe as I watched Carmen squeeze and pinch Rockelle’s tight sexy ass while Rockelle fondle Carmen’s big tits through her dress. Rockelle made the first move by kissing on Carmen’s neck and undoing the back of her dress. Once the top part of Carmen’s dress was undone, Rockelle pushed Carmen on to the bed and pulled the rest of the dress off. My jaw dropped and my dick got hard instantly as I stared at Carmen’s breasts. They were round like giant melons and her nipples were hard as rocks, pointing at Rockelle begging to be suck on. She also had the tiniest thong on that I have ever seen.

She might as well not have had it on because you could see her juices making a spot on the bed as if she wasn’t wearing anything. “Eat her pussy,” I commanded.

I moved over to Carmen and kissed her, our tongues swirling around, tasting each other. She had moaned deeply without my touching her and I looked down past her voluptuous body to see Rockelle eating her pussy. Watching her gorgeous red head licking up down Carmen’s wet pussy, the sounds of her tongue swirling around the clit, made my dick rock hard. Carmen reached down to hold Rockelle’s head on her pussy, riding her tongue. I licked down Carmen’s neck to her big titties and started sucking on one nipple, while pinching and pulling the other, then switched. Carmen’s moans grew louder as her body started to shake as she came. I looked down just in time to see Carmen’s juices spraying Rockelle’s face.

Watching that made me want some release, so I got up and went by Rockelle. She was still on her knees at the edge of my bed, so I put my cock in her face. She looked at me and smiled as she slowly took my dick down her throat. Like a true pro dedicated to making me cum, she licked down to my balls and back up my shaft, watching my eyes every second. I was so turned on that I just wanted to fuck her mouth already.

I grabbed the back of her head, told her to open her mouth, and then slid my dick into it. I let her be in control for about a minute before I started to fuck her mouth fast. As my dick slid up and down her throat, she would work her tongue around my shaft, bringing me too climax sooner than I expected. I tried to hold off but Rockelle wanted to keep on going, so I gave her what she wanted. A minute later I busted a load down her throat as she swallowed each and every drop, turning me on more but I was feeling drained.

I fell back on the bed with my eyes closed, taking deep breathes. Not even a minute later, that a moist pussy got on my face and forced me to lick. I didn’t know who was on me but I this pussy was sweet tasting and delicious. As I licked up and down the slit, I felt hands around my dick and felt a condom being put on. As soon as it was on, a second pussy was on top of me, but this time it was on my dick. My view was block by the sweet pussy on my face, so I couldn’t tell which girl was which, but I didn’t care because this was a dream come true. I sucked the lips of one pussy as the other pussy was working my dick. One worked my 7-inch dick like a pro. She sure knew how to ride it and was making it difficult for me to match her thrusts, but I knew how to handle her.

Moans filled the room, but the music outside was loud enough to drown us out. The girl riding my face was digging into the sheets on either side of my head as I sucked her clit into my mouth, nibbled and licked it. The girl on my dick was going faster as my thrusts hit deeper and different parts of her pussy. Their screams together told me that there was a big wave of pussy juices coming. It was like a countdown to New Years Day. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. At that moment, juices were flowing into my mouth and down my throat as she came, while the other girl stayed on my dick as her juices soaked my balls, and then she just collapsed on my left side. I sat up and noticed that it was Carmen who just fucked me (damn she sure knew how to ride a dick). And obviously it was Rockelle who I just ate out. I couldn’t get the taster of her pussy out of my mind (she just tasted that good!), but I think it was time to feel that hot tight pussy.

I got on top of Rockelle and rubbed my dick up and down her already wet pussy. She giggled as she grabbed my ass.

“What’s so funny huh?” I asked as a huge grin spread across my face.

Licking her lips, she seductively said, “I want you to fuck me, hard and fast, baby. I want to feel that brick hitting my back wall.”

My eyes widen at the thought of her being so blunt, but I liked it. Who am I kidding? I LOVED it! “Couldn‘t have said it better…” I countered back as I drove my dick all the way in her pussy.

She gasped as I entered her filling her pussy up, then let out a whimper as I pulled out slowly and only let the head in. I drove my dick back into her hard, as I kissed her lips and started pounding her pussy relentlessly.

Her moans filled the room as I fucked her good. “OH YES!! FUCK YOU FEEL SO GOOD!! HMMM YEAH… OOH FUCK ME HARDER! HARDER!”.

I started thrusting harder and faster hitting all kinds of spots, as I grabbed her hands and put them above her head to keep her pinned down. This allowed me to go deeper as she matched my thrusts. It felt like we would fuck forever going like this, and I wouldn’t have mind because her pussy felt incredible. I wish I didn’t have this condom on though. Safe sex is the best sex, but I just want to feel her velvety pussy throb against my dick.

I stared her in the eyes as I continued my assault. “UHG!! FUCK!! I… I’M… I’M GOING TO CUM OH FUCK YES!!! I’M CUMMMMMMINNNNGGG!!!!”.

I felt her pussy juices squirting all over my dick and this sent me over the edge. I started cum inside the condom, but it was a lot of cum, about six or seven ropes. I fucked her through her orgasm slowing down until she finished cumming.

I laid on top of her and gave her a deep passionate kiss. I looked over to my right to see Carmen staring at us with a big grin. I pulled her close and shared a hot sexy kiss with her, then watched as Rockelle pulled Carmen down into a sexy lesbian kiss. Then I joined in and we had a tongueful three-way kiss. After that, I went to the bathroom to do a quick wash up, then just stared at myself into the mirror. I smiled to myself and asked, “Who’s next?”.

I went back to the room to watch the girls giggling with each other. “Damn Winston, that was fucking awesome. Rocsi is lucky to have to be friends with you,” Carmen said.

“But just in case you wanna have some more fun, here’s our numbers,” Rockelle followed up.

I laughed, “Ladies we can discuss that later. For now, let’s get back to the party”. I got dressed before them, just putting on the same thing that I had on, and gave them each a last kiss before I walked to the door. I smiled one last time at them as I left and went downstairs.

I look around and notice Rocsi being surrounded by dudes. She’s not really moving so either she’s having a good time or maybe she’s too drunk to move. I walk to her and over hear one of the guys trying to spit game at her.

Rocsi says, “Meh,” and just sits there.

The guy is caught off guard by her “meh” and laughs “Uh what?”

“It means she’s not interested, sorry,” I say as I cut in between the two.

Rocsi gets in my face looking like she’s about to spaz on me but then she looks past me and I look back. She’s staring at her friends leaving my room then looks at me.

I laugh and tell her, “Ay, mind your business.”

She then tries to karate chop me but I block her. We end up karate fighting into the kitchen and I’m getting tired. “C’mon Rocs! Truce? I’ll make rum and cokes but safety on will ya?”

She stops and hugs me then says, “You’re the best.” Out of nowhere, she punches me hard in the arm and yells, “Details. Now! Bitch!!”

I walk across the kitchen to where I keep the special drinks, just for I counter back, “You want this drink?!” She says sorry for calling me a bitch and I laugh, “Ha-ha, yea. Thought so… I got you later though.”

We start to talk and bullshit like we used to back in college. Oh man those were the days. I give her the drink and we keep on talking like everything was normal. About 10 minutes later her two sexy friends walk in. Rocsi gives them a hard stare that makes the girls come over to me. I throw my arms over them, give them a kiss on the cheek and smack their asses hard!

“Why don’t you two ladies wait for me out there. I’m in the middle of a conversation.” I say sounding like the true gentleman and player that I am.

Rocsi stares in disbelief at what just happened. I walk over to her as she says to me, “Son…” then high fives me. And to her friends “Ya’ll are pathetic,” then starts laughing.

They turn around and flip her the bird, to which Rocsi responds by blowing them a kiss and returning to her drink. We finish up our conversation and I tell Rocsi to go mingle. I smile as I tell her that we have the whole night to catch up with each other.