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A Pirate Quest Chapter 1 - An Introduction

A quest for a pirates lost treasure.

Dr Sabina Harding is not like any doctor you will meet. For a start, she is quite young to be a doctor, only twenty-five. She is a beautiful, a strikingly good looking woman. She has long black hair and beautiful brown eyes. She is well groomed and well dressed.

From a young age, Sabina was influenced by many game and movie heroes. Fictitious characters like Lara Croft and Indiana Jones had a profound effect on her. As a result, she learned many subjects and many languages. From the age of sixteen, she studied hard in a specific field, archaeology.

Sabrina is a teacher at a private school. She is a teacher of history, a subject that she makes come alive with the help of many insights and archaeological facts. Sabina has no problems with going around the world at the drop of a hat. Her father, an industrialist, had passed away, leaving her with a vast fortune. Her love of teaching kept her at the school.

There is one last thing that you should know about the good doctor. She is bisexual, but her leanings are more towards women.

This is her story. This is the story of how she went on her first major excavation.

It was early July and Sabina was out and about London town. As usual, when she was bored Sabina went around the antique dealers looking for some prized possessions of old. Some of them knew her well and kept things to one side that she may like.

Sabina walked into yet another antique store, this one no different from the other five she had visited over the past few hours. The old man behind the counter smiled warmly at her.

“Dr Harding, how are you? I think I may have got hold of a treasure trove for you this time.”

She smiled at him. Her face was warm and kind as she looked at him.

“Good morning Martin. How many times do I have to tell you to call me Sabina? Okay, let’s see what you have for me.”

The old man rushed to the back room with a glint in his eye. When he returned, he was carrying a small box. The box was obviously metal but had a leather casing. It had faded marking that seemed to catch Sabina’s eye. The box itself was not very big only about twenty by twenty inches. Sabina examined it closely, it’s brown leather was faded and tarnished. Embossed on the front was the initials H.M. Underneath were crossed swords.

Sabina smiled to herself as she examined it even closer. The metal was rusting and the lock on the front had obviously not been open in many years. She looked over it a few more minutes and decided right there and then that she was going to buy it, even if it amounted to nothing.  She looked up at Martin and smiled.

“Martin where did you find this, it’s a nice find. How much did you pay?”

Martin beamed at Sabina. He knew he was on to a winner by the way she examined it.

“I bought it off some old biddy in the market. She said it was in the attic when she moved into her house fifty years ago. I gave her £100 and she seemed happy to part with it.”

Sabina smiled and took out her wallet. She pulled out a wad of fifty-pound notes and placed them on the table. Martin picked them up and counted eight of them. £400 was a lot of money to him and he smiled his appreciation to her.

She looked around the shop as Martin wrote out a receipt for her. They said goodbye and Sabina picked up her box and walked out the door.

Sabina put the box on the passenger seat of her mustang. She looked over the box and picked up her mobile. She dialed the number to her secretary, Pippa Armstrong. She waited a few seconds till Pippa answered the phone.

“Hello Pippa, I think I may have found something good. Do me a favour; look in the Pirate almanack and see if you can find a pirate or privateer with the initials H.M. I will be home later. I have one more stop, then I will be on my way. Call me when you find out.  Thanks, see you later.”

Sabina drove out of the bustling city towards the outskirts of town. She drove fast, eager to find out more about the box. Her commute to and from the city was not too bad. It usually took about an hour and she enjoyed the drive. 

The phone rang just as she came off the highway and into the services to fill up on petrol.

“Yes? Pippa, tell me what you have... only three H.M.’s... ok let’s hear them. Harold Mason 1689-1724 no that doesn’t sound right to me... Henrietta Margot 1709-1741 no it is defiantly not a women’s... Henry Morgan 1692-1731 yes that sounds more like it. Read up on Henry Morgan for me I should be home soon.”

Excitement grew in the pit of Sabina’s stomach, she knew that she was about to go on an amazing journey. Her foot pressed harder on the accelerator and the car sped up. She drove up the country lanes till she reached a fork in the road. She took the left road and sped towards a beautiful red bricked mansion. She parked her car and took the box out the passenger seat.

Sabina walked up the steps to the mansion. As soon as her foot touched the top step the front door opened by a strong man in a tuxedo. Sabina placed the box in his hands and he carried it off to a room to the left of the front door.

A beautiful girl with short cropped blond hair and glasses walked towards Sabina cradling a book in her hand. The girl handed the book to Sabina. Sabina smiled at the girl and looked at the book. Both women followed the man into the side room where he stood waiting.

“Thank you, Pippa. Okay, let’s see here. Henry Morgan was a privateer from 1712 to 1731 under English colours. It says he was a pirate who was very successful till he disappeared in 1731.”

Sabina turned to her butler.

“James please get a chisel and hammer from the toolbox.”

As James went to do as requested, Sabina took hold of Pippa’s hand.

“Pippa, do you understand the significance of this?  We may be able to find out more about the pirates of that era than anyone around.”

She gave Pippa a peck on the lips as James walked back into the room with the items requested. Sabina took the chisel and hammer and placed the chisel on the lock. She gave a whack with the hammer, but nothing seemed to happen. She gave another whack, but again it seemed not to budge.

James took the chisel and hammer off Sabina. He stood in her place and got ready to slam the hammer down. His clothes seem to tighten as his muscles flexed. His hand came down hard. The hammer hit the chisel hard and the lock shattered.

Sabina smiled and gave James a peck on the cheek and excused him. As he walked out the door, she opened the box. From inside the box, she lifted a small leather binder as she opened it she smiled. Pippa gave a questioning look. Sabina just smiled and gave her the binder. Pippa looked over it. She looked up at Sabina shocked at what she had seen.

“Sabina this is a letter of Marque, and as you said it is to Capt. Henry Morgan. It is signed by Queen Anne 1712.”

Sabina smiled to herself as she put her hand back into the box and pulled out a coin. She twisted it in her fingers, looking at the engraving of Queen Anne. Again, Sabina put her hand inside the box and lifted out a bundle of letters.

Sabina laid out the letters on the table and told Pippa to take out the rest of the things from the Box. Sabina looked over the papers one by one. She took special care as she handled them. Sabina looked them over lightly placing them all in a neat pile. She looked over at Pippa, who held a leather-bound book.

Pippa handed the book to Sabina, who looked over it. She smiled as she saw the same engraved initials H.M. on the front. She opened it to the first page. On the first page was written two short sentences.

“Memoirs of Captain Henry Morgan, 7th of June 1730. It has been many years since I have sailed past the Caribbean. It is a place of many memories and many treasures. I have written this journal so that if my children read it, they may retrace my steps and acquire the treasure that I have had to leave behind.

This memoir gives a full detail of my service to the great Queen Anne and to King George after her. Word of warning for those who are not worthy. Many obstacles mar the path set forth. Only those with an iron heart will be able to pass unscathed.”

Sabina read this aloud and Pippa listened patiently. Sabina looked up and put the journal down. She walked over to Pippa and put her arms around her. Both ladies kissed, their lips touching ever so slightly.

Sabina looked into Pippa’s eyes.

“Pippa, over the next few weeks you and I are going to go through all these papers. We are going to read every scrap and write down all the relevant information in one folder. Maybe I can get funding for an expedition to see if we can find the treasures it speaks of.”

Sabina kissed Pippa once more. This time there was more passion.

“In the meantime, Pippa, undress for me. I am going to make you feel so good.”

Pippa smiled and started to unbutton her blouse. Sabina watched as her secretary slowly undressed revealing her beautiful young body. Sabina slowly stripped and the two beautiful women kissed once more. Sabina held Pippa round the waist as Pippa wrapped her arms around her employer’s neck.

They slowly made out, and Sabina cupped one of Pippa’s breasts. Sabina smiled as she bent her head forward, taking one of Pippa’s breasts into her mouth. Sabina gently suckled on the breasts, gently tugging at the nipple with her teeth. Pippa groaned as she looked down to watch her boss play.

Sabina licked and sucked hard on Pippa’s breasts. First lavishing her love on one and then looking after the other. Pippa’s nipples stood out firmly from her breast as Sabina took great pleasure from flicking her tongue over them.  Pippa smiled at her boss as she took her turn to suck on Sabina’s breasts. Pippa sucked hard on Sabina’s nipples. She sucked them so hard that it made Sabina gasp loudly.

Sabina made Pippa sit on the table and spread her legs. Sabina sat on a chair and leant forward. She buried her head between Pippa’s legs and slowly licked at her pussy. Pippa rested her hand on her boss’s head as her pussy was pleasured. Sabina spread the pussy lips open with her fingers and slid her tongue right inside.

Sabina slipped two fingers inside Pippa’s pussy as she slowly licked her clit. Pippa groaned with pleasure as Sabina’s fingers slowly slid in and out of her. Sabina licked Pippa’s pussy and sucked hard on her clit, making it wet with her saliva.

“James, come here,” Sabina shouted.

When he came, he stood there as if nothing was happening. Sabina looked up at him.

“James go up to my room and fetch me my toys.”

James nodded and went off. He returned a minute later with a small black bag. He handed it to Sabina, who smiled as she undid its zip. From the small pouch, Sabina pulled a glass dildo. She gave Pippa a mischievous look before pushing the glass into her pussy.

As Sabina fucked Pippa’s pussy with the dildo she pushed a finger into her butthole. Pippa groaned loudly as both her holes got pleasured. Sabina pushed her finger into Pippa’s butt up to the knuckle. Pippa screamed loudly as her body started to shake. Sabina fucked her harder and faster till Pippa’s body could take no more.

Pippa’s pussy started to spasm. Sabina quickly pulled out the dildo and buried her head between Pippa’s legs. Pippa let out a guttural moan as her pussy started to squirt over Sabina’s face. Sabina sucked and licked at Pippa’s pussy swallowing all Pippa’s love juice. Sabina sat up and pulled Pippa up for a kiss.

Both ladies kissed deeply. Their tongues swirled around in each other’s mouths. Sabrina pulled away from Pippa and sat down on the floor in front of the desk. She spread her legs and started to slowly stroke her own pussy.

Sabina motioned for Pippa to come over to her. Pippa did as she was told and sat in front of her boss. Sabina edged forward so their pussies were almost touching. Sabina held onto Pippa’s leg as they both started to grind their crotches against each other.

It was not long before both girls were groaning loudly. They both pushed forward, grinding their pussies against each other. Sabina slid her hand between both of them and rubbed both of their pussies at the same time.

Sabina’s body started to shake. She screamed loudly as her orgasm ripped through her. She gushed all over Pippa, who giggled as she pulled away from her boss. Pippa climbed on top of Sabina and they slowly kissed. Sabina held Pippa close as both girls took turns in sucking each other’s tongues.

Sabina stood up and took Pippa by the hand. She led her to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, Sabina puts on the shower and they both step inside. They washed, each other taking care to wash each other’s pussies well. Once out of the shower they dried off with towels and walked to the bedroom. Sabina and Pippa climbed into bed and make out.

Sabina waited for Pippa to fall asleep before pressing the button next to her bed that told James that he was needed. James walked into the room and waited to hear what was asked of him.

“James, can you please take all the documents from the study and put them in the safe for me please. After that, you can take the rest of the day off.”

He nodded and walked out the room. Sabina lay back and gave a contented sigh. There would have to be a lot of preparation, and soon, if possible, there would be a treasure hunt.

To be continued…


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