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A Pirate Quest Chapter 2 - Charting A course

A quest for a pirates lost treasure.

Over the next few weeks, Sabina locked herself in her study. Sometimes she had Pippa run errands for her but mostly spent her time alone. She looked over every scrap of paper many times. She made calculation after calculation, she was making sure all the information in the documents were exact.

At times, Sabina would not leave the study all day and would not let anyone inside. The only one who was allowed was James, her butler. James walked in and out of the office fetching and delivering things for Sabina. James was the one who made sure she ate and drank something during the day. At six in the evening, he would make sure she stepped out the study to eat a proper meal in the dining room.

On the third Tuesday, she had gone out early in the morning and returned at lunchtime. When James walked into the study with her lunch of smoked salmon sandwiched he saw her sitting on the ground in front of huge atlases.

“James, look at this.” She said looking up at him. “This is the route they used to take from England to the Caribbean.”

She traced her finger over the middle atlas which was bigger than the other two. James smiled at her, more out of courtesy than enjoyment. He sat next to her on the floor and examined the charts. He picked up the leather-bound diary and looked at the inked writing. He read quietly to himself and then compared Captain Morgan’s notes with the atlas laid out in front of him.

He smiled, this time it was more genuine as he realised she was following the diary to the letter. Sabina gave a satisfied look at James as she picked up a sandwich and took a big bite. James glanced through the diary as Sabina ate her lunch.

Sabina trusted only one person in the world and that was James. He became her butler when she turned twenty. She was studying for her Ph.D. and she needed someone to help her while she had other things on her mind. Over the next four years, James showed his loyalty many times. It was he who suggested that she start teaching and she thanks him many times for it.

James always loved Sabina’s sense of adventure and she has taken him wherever she went. He was her friend and confidant when she needed advice. James was thirty-four, but still, had dashing young looks that make him look like he was in his mid-to-late twenties. James had always liked Sabina but kept his professionalism.

Sabina smiled at James and handed him a thick envelope.

“James, I need you to go to the Maritime Museum in the city and speak to Nerissa Hodges. Give her this envelope and wait for her reply. I want her on board for this expedition. If we can get the backing of the museum, we can display what we find in the there. Plus, they will provide us with extra people for the trip.”

James smiled and stood up. He took the envelope from Sabina and walked out the door. After a minute or two, Sabina heard the front door close and she smiled to herself. This was actually going to happen.

Sabina finished her sandwiches and looked at a new map she had laid out. It was a map of islands in the Caribbean. She took a ruler and lined up two of the islands on the map. She took a pencil and draw a line from one island to the next. She smiled to herself. On top of the first island, she wrote one word. “Ubaku”

Sabina picked up Captain Morgan’s diary and turned a few pages. She smiled to herself and she read aloud to herself.

‘The Ubaku are a proud tribe of aboriginals that have lived on these islands for hundreds of years. A show of courage or a show of selflessness will make these great people friends for life. They have a funny language that I have been told by one of my sailors, is similar to his African tongue of Zulu.’

Sabina yawned, over the past three nights she had only had three hours of sleep. She had been trying to plot a course by following Captain Morgan’s instructions. She was nearly there, just a few more things to iron out.

Sabina sat on the couch with the diary in hand. She started reading it, lifting the diary in the air to read it. She yawned again and her eyes started to give way. It was only a matter of minutes and she was fast asleep.

About three o’clock James returned from the museum. He walked into the study and saw his boss fast asleep. He smiled to himself. He knew that she had not slept much and was happy she was catching up on some rest.

James gently lifted Sabina in his arms and carried her to her bedroom. He laid her on the bed and started to undress her. James knew many things about Sabina that no one else knew. One of them was that she always slept in the nude. He slowly took off her clothes, making sure not to wake her. Once she was naked he stood back to admire her body. He then covered her up with her blanket and tucked her in.

James quietly walked out the room and went about his duties for the day. Later on, he checked in on her to make sure she was ok. Sabina slept soundly all afternoon and into the night. She did not stir from that bed till after nine o’clock the next morning.

Sabina awoke early and stretched out her arms. She smiled when she realised what had occurred. She put two and two together and realised that James must have brought her up to bed. Sabina has always seen James’s side glances at her when she was in her underwear or naked. She knew he liked her and decided that he would get his chance.

Sabina sat up in bed and pressed the button on the wall next to the bed to call in the help. James walked in a minute later to see Sabina sitting up in bed. Her perfect breasts were visible to him and Sabina smiled as she saw his trousers get fuller with his erection.

“Good morning James.” She said. “Thank you so much for putting me in my bed last night. Thanks for undressing me, you know how I hate sleeping with anything on. Did you touch me when you saw me naked?”

James shook his head indicating that he hadn’t.

 “No? Why not? James, I have known for some time that you like me, but you are always so professional.”

Sabina climbed out of bed and walked to her en-suite bathroom. She motioned for James to follow. He followed not taking his eyes off her perfectly formed butt. She took out her toothbrush and started to brush her teeth. At the same time, she continued speaking to James.

“James, you see I have known for some time that you like me and I want to help you. You know that I favour girls in my bed, but that does not mean I don’t like guys. Every once in a while, I need a masculine touch. Today, in fact right now, I need a man’s touch and I want you to be that man. James, I want you to make love to me.”

James blushed and took a step closer to his boss. Sabina smiled as she saw his reflection in the mirror. His hand reached out and his finger gently touched her butt. His finger traced up her butt and her back to the nape of her neck. James’s other hand gently caressed Sabina’s backside as his hand slid around her body and cupped one of her breasts.

For the first time since his employment, James was very unprofessional. He gently kissed Sabina’s neck and shoulders. He slowly kissed her taking the time to kiss down her back. Sabina whimpered in anticipation as his kisses were planted on her butt. Sabina bent over the bathroom counter and spread her legs slightly for him.

James got to his knees and gently spread Sabina’s butt open. She groaned as he slid his tongue over her anus and gently licked her. James sat on the floor as Sabina lowered her pussy to his face. James held on to Sabina’s ass as he gently licked her pussy. Sabina held onto his head as he slurped away and her little cunt.

Sabina ordered James to get up and walked back into the bedroom. James followed and Sabina smiled at him. She told him to undress as she sat on the bed. She slipped her hand between her legs and stroked herself as she watched him strip.

James stood in front of Sabina naked with an eight inch hard on. Sabina smiled as she started to slowly stroke his hard cock. She leant forward and took his cock into her mouth and gently sucked him off. Her hand gently stroked the base of his cock as her other hand fondled with his balls.

James groaned and placed his hand on her head. Sabina looked up and their eyes met. James loved the look of his boss’s lips wrapped around his cock as she looked up at him. James held onto Sabina’s head and gently started to fuck her mouth. Sabrina relaxed her jaw as she let him do it.

Sabina pulled away from James and climbed on the bed. She lay back and spread her legs. James stood and watched as Sabina gently rubbed her pussy in front of him. She smiled up at him as she spread her lips revealing her juicy pinkness to him.

“James come here and make love to me. I know you have dreamt about it for a long time. To tell you the truth, so have I.”

James smiled as he climbed onto the bed. As he lay on top of Sabina, she wrapped her arms around his neck. James reached between them and positioned his cock at the entrance of her wet pussy before sliding it all the way in.

Sabina’s back arched as James slowly slid in and out of her. He could not believe that he finally had his cock inside her. His cock was hard and his thrusts were strong. Every time he slammed in he pushed his cock into the hilt. Sabina held on to James’s neck tightly. His every thrust making her body explode with pleasure.

Sabina wrapped her legs around James’s hips, pulling him in closer to her. She looked into his eyes as he made love to her. She pulled him close and for the first time since his employ they kissed. Sabina kissed him deeply as they made love. The passion overtook James and he kissed Sabina hard. Their tongues swirled around in each other’s mouths as his hips moved back and forth.

James grabbed hold of one of Sabina’s breasts and gently squeezed. Sabina pinched at James’s nipple, making him groan as he slammed inside her. They were like a young couple in heat both trying to hold the other close for comfort and love.

Sabina pushed James off her and made him lay flat on his back. She climbed on top of him and slowly started to grind her hips on his hard cock. James held on to Sabina’s hips as she gently rocked on his cock. Sabina rested her hand on James’s chest and gently lifted her butt up and down on him.

Sabina groaned loudly as she bounced on top of James. James reached up and grabbed hold of Sabina’s breasts. Sabina leant forward slightly letting James grab a better handful of her breasts. She smiled down at him as she impaled herself on his hard cock. She sat still on his cock for a few seconds before she ground her hips against him.

Sabina climbed off James’s cock and leant forward and kissed him. They kissed for a few minutes while her knee rubbed against his cock. Sabina crawled down him and kissed his prick. She smiled up at him as she gently sucked his cock. She slurped at his dick savouring the taste of her own pussy on it.

Sabina got up onto all fours. She looked back and smiled at James.

“James, fuck me from behind. Everything you see there is yours. You can do any hole you want, baby.”

James blushed as he stepped forward. He positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy. Before he could slide all the way in Sabina had already pushed back. His cock was engulfed by her hot pussy and he groaned loudly.

James held on to Sabina’s hips as he slowly started to rhythmically pound her from behind. Sabina groaned as her breasts started to sway in time with the slapping of their skin. James leant over Sabina’s back and grabbed hold of one of her breasts. James slammed his cock inside Sabina as hard as he could. Sabina groaned loudly and shouted obscenities at him as he fucked her.

“Fuck me James, you fucking cunt... Treat me like a whore... Manhandle me you bastard!”

James started to gently slap Sabina’s butt which seemed to push her over the edge. Sabina screamed loudly as her body started to shake. Her back arched as she pushes James away. She ferociously rubbed her clit and screamed as a jet of liquid shot from her pussy.

She lay flat on the bed panting, as James sat next to her gently stroking his cock. Sabina looked at him and smiled. As she lay there she spread her butt cheeks. James understood what to do and positioned his cock at the entrance of her sphincter.

James gently pushed his cock into his boss’s butthole. He climbed on top of Sabina so that his chest was flat against her back. He gently pushed in and out of her as she pushed her butt back to give him a better angle.

After a few strokes in that position, Sabina got back up to all fours. James leant over her and held onto both her breasts and slammed deep into her ass. Sabina whimpered loudly as her ass got pounded. She pushed back as much as possible, making James’s cock go deep inside her.

James lifted Sabina up so they were both standing. Sabina stood, her hands resting on the wall for support. James wrapped his arms around Sabina’s waist as he slowly fucked her butt. James slammed his hard thick cock into Sabina’s butt making her scream with pleasure.

Sabina slipped her hand between her legs and gently stroked her pussy as James fucked her ass. Sabina groaned loudly as James gently squeezed her breasts. James held on to Sabina tightly. One hand was around her waist as the other kneaded her tits. His lips pecked at her neck and shoulder as Sabina pushed back against him.

James pulled his cock out of Sabina’s butt and turned her around. He lifted one of her legs as he slid his cock back into her pussy. They gently kissed as he slowly built up his rhythm. After a few hard strokes into her pussy, Sabina pushed James off her.

Sabina made James lay on the bed and she slowly started to suck him. She sucked and slurped on his cock making him groan hard. James started to grunt and grit his teeth so Sabina stopped sucking him. She gently straddled him, sliding his big cock back into her pussy.

“James, fuck me hard. I want you to cum deep inside me. I want to feel your hot sticky cum fill my hole.”

Sabina lay flat on top of James. Her legs straddled on either side of his body. James held her around the waist as he slammed his cock into her as hard as he could groaning and grunting as he did.

“I’m going to cum Sabina.” He screamed as he let loose.

James shot his load deep inside Sabina’s pussy. He screamed loudly as he held on to her waist, pushing his cock deeper into her. Sabina’s body convulsed as the force of his load forced her into an orgasm of her own.

Sabina collapsed on top James and they lay together cuddling. Sabina gave him a peck on the lips and he returned it by kissing her back. They slowly made out as Sabina climbed off James’s cock. She smiled at him.

“After my shower and a light breakfast you can tell me how it went at the museum last night.”

He smiled back at her. He collected his clothes and walked out the room.

Sabina walked into the bathroom and started to shower. She smiled to herself; she knew that she would be doing that again.

For now, it would only be a few more weeks and she would have the exact bearings to be able to start the voyage into the unknown.

To Be Continued...


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