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A Pirate Quest Chapter 3 - Voyage to the unknown

A quest for a pirates lost treasure.

Sabina stood on the deck of the ship. The day had finally arrived and they had set sail for the Caribbean. Sabina watched as the coast of England got smaller. She smiled to herself as she walked along the deck towards the stairs to the lower decks.

She walked along the corridor meeting a few of the sailors along the way. They all nodded their heads at her. Everyone knew that Sabina was the one in charge of the ship for the next few months they would be working. They knew that they were going on an expedition, but none of them knew where or why.

Sabina walked into her rooms. The rooms were large, in fact, there were three rooms. There was a study slash living room. The table was already full of papers and charts. The second room was the bedroom with a huge four poster bed. It had a small en-suite bathroom that made up the third room.

Sabina sat at her desk and took the time to recollect on the past two months. It had been a hectic two months of preparation. Sabina and the maritime museum had worked out a great deal and this expedition was officially on their behalf.

Sabina had been all over London collecting things she would need for the trip. She had acquired from many sources scuba gear, wetsuits and normal diving equipment. The ship was a whole other matter. Sabina and the Museum curator had to go speak to a charter company that specialised in ships.

Sabina made a deal with the ship owner who was also the captain. The captain agreed that the ship, crew and he would be hers to command for up to six months. Sabina had paid him a huge amount of money for stores and provisions.

James walked into the room and disturbed Sabina’s train of thought. He smiled at her as he set down a tray with a mug of coffee and an assortment of cookies.

“Compliments of the captain.” He said as he walked towards the door.

Sabina smiled as James walked back out the door. She picked up a small leather bound book and opened it. She leafed through the pages, they were all blank. She picked up a pen and opened the book to the first page. She settled the pen on the page and started to write.

“Day 1

We have left the shore and have started heading towards the Caribbean. The ship seems to be in great shape and is exactly what I was expecting. The captain has seen that we are all comfortable and he says that we will make good time.”

There was a knock at the door just as Sabina was about to start a new sentence. Sabina looked up and said come in. The door opened and in walked a cute looking seventeen-year-old girl. Sabina smiled and told the girl to sit on the couch.

Sabina got up from her desk and sat next to the girl. The girl had a natural beauty about her. She was of the Asian heritage, maybe Chinese or Japanese in origin. The girl had long light brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her nose was small, jutting out above a pair of perfect small lips. She wore a white blouse and a short school skirt. Sabina smiled at her.

“Hannah, do you know why I have invited you on this trip with us? Do you know why your parents so readily agreed to let you come on this trip? Well, I will tell you. I have invited you on this trip because you are my best student in class. You take a real interest in history and archaeology. Therefore, when I told your parents that you really enjoy the subject they agreed to let you come along.

But there are many other reasons I have asked you to come along. You see I have seen you making out with some of the girls in your class and to tell the truth I am jealous. I am a bi-sexual woman and I want you to be my lover, I want you to myself.”

Hannah looked into her teacher’s eyes, she blushed. She thought it was a secret. She did not know that anyone had ever seen her make out with other girls. The problem for young Hannah was that making out was as far as it had ever gone. Deep down, she always wanted to make love to another girl. Sabina could see what was going through her mind and continued talking.

“I know that you are inexperienced in the ways of bi-sexual relationship, but I am here to teach you. You are officially here to be my assistant. When the time comes, you will help me catalogue everything we find. In the meantime, you will stay with me in my cabin. What do you say to that?”

Hannah blushed again and nodded. Sabina leant forward and kissed her on the lips. the young girl melted into the older woman’s arms as she was being kissed. Sabina slipped her hand up Hannah‘s skirt gently caressing her thighs, she placed her hand gently on her teacher’s breast as they slowly made out.

Sabina stood up; she smiled as she looked down at Hannah. She held out her hand and the girl reached up to take hold of it. The young girl was led into the adjoining bedroom and led over to the bed. Sabina turned her around so she was facing away from her.

She kissed Hannah’s neck, making her groan. She then slipped her arm around her waist and pushed her pelvis forward against her butt. Hannah started to breathe heavily. She had never thought she would ever get around making love to another woman, but here was her teacher who was willing to do more than that.

The older woman turned Hannah around and slowly started to unbutton the young girl’s blouse. It was not too long before both women were in their underwear. She sat on the edge of the bed and patted the space next to her. Hannah sat down next to her teacher and slid her hand up her thigh.

Sabina pushed the young girl back onto the bed and climbed on top of her. She leant forward and gently kissed Hannah on the lips. Hannah wrapped her arms around the older woman's neck as they kissed. Sabina sat her up and unclasped her bra before taking off her own.

Sabina took Hannah’s hand and gently placed it on her own breast. the young girl smiled as she slowly squeezed her breasts and tugged at her nipples. Sabina smiled at the young girl as she cupped her tits and leant in for another kiss.

Sabina lay her back on the bed and climbed on top of her. She kissed Hannah gently on the lips and then kissed her chin, neck, and shoulders. She then slowly edged her way down to Hannah’s breast kissing her all the time.

Hannah groaned as Sabina’s lips wrapped around her nipple. She sucked the younger girl’s breast as her spare hand caressed the other. Light lipstick marks were left on Hannah’s nipples as she sucked and bit them.

After a few minutes of focusing on Hannah’s breasts, Sabina started to trail further down the young girl’s body. Her tongue slid over her belly and down to her crotch. She slipped her fingers into the waistband of Hannah’s panties and slowly pulled them down.

Sabina’s tongue traced the outline of Hannah’s pussy with her tongue. Her tongue did not touch her pussy proper; instead, it teased the younger woman’s waiting hole. Hannah groaned as Sabina’s mouth clamped over her pussy. Her tongue slid deep inside the teenager’s wet pussy.

She slid her tongue inside Hannah’s pussy her tongue slidding around the inside walls of the young girl. The girl's hand held onto the older woman's head tightly as her back arched with pleasure. Sabina’s tongue slid over her clit and gently flicked it. As she licked at her clit, she slipped a finger inside the young girl’s pussy.

Sabina sucked heartily on Hannah’s clit as she fingered her pussy. Hannah’s pussy squelched as she fingered her. She slipped a second finger inside the pussy and crooked her finger inside. She felt around on the inside of her pussy till she got the right reaction.

Hannah’s body shook violently and she let off a scream as Sabina found her G-spot. Sabina rubbed at her G-spot as she flicked her clit a few more times with her tongue. Her body convulsed as she squirted over her teacher's face. Sabina gently pulled her fingers out of her pussy.

Hannah lay back on the bed calming down from her intense orgasm as Sabina climbed back on top of her. She kissed her on the lips as they cuddled up to each other. She looked deeply into Hannah’s eyes as they kissed passionately.

“Hannah, would you like to eat my pussy? Will I be the first girl you have 'gone all the way'?”

Hannah nodded as Sabina pulled off her panties and lay back on the bed. She propped up some of the cushions so she was half sitting and half lying back. She spread her pussy lips open and the young girl smiled up at her as she stuck out her tongue.

Hannah’s tongue slid over the pink opening that was displayed for her. She gingerly slid her tongue over Sabina’s pussy making sure to lick the pink lips. She sucked hard on the pussy lips, tugging at them slightly.

Hannah’s young tongue slid slowly inside the pussy gently licking it out. She traced the outline of Sabina’s pussy with her tongue and gently slurped at her juicy hole. Sabina closed her eyes and placed her hand on her student’s head.

Sabina groaned as Hannah slipped two fingers inside her pussy. She copied what her teacher had done to her. The young girl sucked on her clit and lightly grazed it with her teeth, this made Sabina groan loudly and hold the girls head tighter.

The girl climbed on top of her teacher and slowly made out with her. Hannah’s fingers were still buried deep inside the older girl’s pussy, fingering her hard. They made out, their tongues sliding and slithering in each other’s mouths. Sabina whimpered into Hannah’s mouth as she was slowly brought towards her orgasm.

Hannah climbed back down and rubbed at Sabina’s clit hard and fast as she fingered her pussy. Making her body shake, she groaned loudly as wave after wave of pleasure overtook her. Sabina held Hannah’s head in place as she squirted a stream of cum juice over the young girl’s face.

The girl climbed back up and lay on top of Sabina, who held her close. Both girls made out, their tongues sliding into each other’s mouths. Sabina’s hand rested on Hannah’s back as they held onto each other.

They lay there in each other’s arms for what seemed like ages but it was in fact only five minutes. Hannah’s hand gently caressed Sabina’s breast as she held her close.

Sabina looked into Hannah’s eyes. “Hannah, we are going to have a long voyage ahead of us. I want you to move into my cabin so we can be close. There will be times that we are both going to be so busy that I would be thankful for the company at night.”

Sabina kissed Hannah on the lips. It was not long before they were both asleep rocking gently to the pitch of the sea.


To Be Continued.




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