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A Restless Night

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A cold night, a horny chick and one sleeping, unsuspecting husband...let the fun begin.
It was the middle of a cold night. Casey lay staring up at the ceiling. Sleep was hopeless and she turned over to see her husband sleeping soundly beside her. She looked at him with a twitch of annoyance and amusement. How come he got to sleep while she was so restless? She stared at him thinking of the night before. She blushed a little. Jason was a great lover and her thighs were still aching from the vicious love making session. Heat flushed her face as she recalled exactly what he had done. Just thinking about it was getting her aroused.

She slowly touched her throat, slowly moving her fingers down to the peak of her breasts. She struggled not to shiver and continued, stroking in circles just above her erect nipple. The silk of her nightgown felt amazing against the sensitive mounds. She could feel heat pool between her legs and the familiar warmth spread through her abdomen. Casey moved down her body. Exploring the lean muscle in her stomach and rubbing the outside of her thighs. She moved inside her thighs and stroked the soft flesh. Teasing herself to where she couldn’t stand it anymore. She stripped off her night gown and spread her legs wide, stroking down to the outer lips and gently rubbing the swollen nub. More shocks of pleasure and she was soaked. Her breath caught in her throat and she rolled over and crawled over to Jason’s side of the bed. He didn’t stir as she hovered over him. She pulled back his covers and slowly lowered herself down. He didn’t stir at first, but as Casey pressed her breasts to his chest and rubbed her wet pussy against his thigh; his eyes fluttered open and were wide with surprise.

‘’Honey,’’ he murmured ‘’what are you doing?’’

Casey silenced any more stupid questions by crushing her mouth against his lips and pushing her eager tongue into his mouth. He gave in, smiling sleepily through the hard kiss. Casey jerked away and slid down to his boxer shorts, yanking them off and thrusting his already hard dick into her mouth. Ohh God It felt good to suck it. She bobbed her head up and down rapidly sucking hard and fast. The little sleep Jason had was gone and he was grunting loudly and had a firm hand on the back of her neck. Casey allowed it, as long as he didn’t push forward. She moaned too, as loud as she could, the vibrations stimulating him from the back of her throat. She could feel it tightening in her mouth and she smirked evilly.

She stopped suddenly and licked her lips. His demeanor had changed from gentle confusion to fierce beast. Jason was staring at her, a look of indignation and fierce arousal on his face.

‘’What the hell are you playing at?’’ He growled.

Casey smiled and dipped her head down again, but only just to lick the head teasingly.

‘’Casey, don’t be a bitch. Finish what you started…Before I get pissed.’’

‘’Maybe that’s what I want. Ever think of that?’’ She whispered seductively while lightly mouthing his throbbing manhood.

Next thing she knew, she was pinned down. Just as planned Jason was gonna take charge. His hands crushed her wrists above her head and Jason’s teeth scraped the side of her neck as he moved down to her breasts. Casey arched her back and groaned, pushing her chest out and squirming against his hold. The large muscles in his arms flexed as he parted her legs and moved his mouth down, flicking his tongue across her clit. Her hands raked through his hair. Low, urgent groans rolled from her throat as he teased, sucked, and probed with his tongue.

Jason lifted his head, gazing at her, his lips wet from exploring and Casey was forced down again, him on top. She bucked her hips as he sunk down, crushing her with his full weight. Sweet suffering, pain mixed with pleasure. Just how Casey liked it.

He entered her, going slow to adjust himself then progressively moving faster and faster till it was all she could do to keep up. Urgent moans turned to full out screams as he fucked her into an orgasm. The walls of her stretching and contracting around him, he thrust deeply and then started slamming her in a steady rhythm. Casey’s breasts bounced, her nipples jutting out and a deep blush spreading across her face. She arched her back and shook with the power of it, letting herself go and raking her nails against his bare, muscular back. Jason grunted and exhaled sharply as he came inside her. His teeth sunk into the soft flesh of her neck, not hurting her, but leaving an impressive mark on her pale skin.

Casey whimpered slightly as he withdrew and took her into his arms. He held her possessively, stroking her hair and kissing her sweaty forehead.

‘’You enjoy that?’’ he growled gently in her ear.

‘’Much better than last time.’’ She whispered a little hoarsely.

‘’Next time I fuck you, you won’t be able to speak.’’ He said, smirking.

‘’Oh? Is that a challenge? Because you know I never back down…’’

Jason rolled over on top of her, his eyes mischievous. ‘’I was counting on that.’’

‘’You’re not gonna make it to work. Are you okay with th-‘’

Before she could finish her sentence Jason had shut her up with a hard kiss.

Let’s just say Jason never did make it to work that morning. Casey continued to be sore throughout the week but they both couldn’t stop smiling. Having a ‘’restless night’’ Soon became a regular thing for Casey and they eventually had to buy a new mattress. Not that Jason ever complained…. To him and Casey it was a VERY good investment.

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