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A Sailor's Tale, Chapter Eight

It is Barney's turn to seek out revenge for the acts of the other two, and he finds it

Chapter Eight

Meanwhile Sally was deep in thoughts of her own. In the beginning Sally had heard that Barney was loaded and only went crab fishing because he enjoyed the adventure. The morning when she went into the men’s room, it was not for sex, although she enjoyed it tremendously, it was for the money that she thought she could extort from Barney.

Charles was a so-so lover, but she really enjoyed teasing Barney.  Little by little Sally’s tricks began to turn on her. Watching Barneys cock stand erect while he was helplessly tied caused her to want it. Now she was the one that wanted it.

She must have fallen asleep exhausted, when she awoke Barney was gone, Charles was fast asleep and snoring loudly. She figured that Barney would be at sea for at least a couple of days. She figured it best if she got out of Charles’s mansion while he was still sleeping. She called a cab to take her home. The cab arrived shortly and off they sped off into the darkness.

A part of her definitely wanted to make love to Barney. Part of her wanted to extort a little; no a lot more money from Barney. Barney had bragged that his cock was so big no woman could take it all down their throat, yeah he was big, but she was determined that she could do it.

She was tired and had no idea what was going to happen next and decided to send Barney a little teaser message. She did not know if he wanted to kill her for teasing him without mercy, or if he’d do or give anything to have me suck that big cock into her mouth.

She figured she had a few days to rest, so she headed home. She thought it interesting that Barney had never asked her where she lived, so she could meet him at a place of her choosing. The next move was up to Barney.

And the move was about to take place as I pulled up to the public dock and synched off the skiff, my hand hurt like hell but determination drove me onward.   As I walked my mind went to what had happened, I could almost understand Sally, if she was poor, or more appropriately wanting more than she had a sailor was an easy mark…I could have done the same thing had my mother not left me such an ungodly amount of money when she died two years earlier.   She only had two living relatives, her son and her brother; she split equally the gains of his father’s riches between the two men she loved with all her heart.


I had already been working on the crab boats when she passed, and knowing that money and power were not something that would make me a better man, I opted to hide mine until such time as I met someone who could love me for who I was, and not what my net worth was.   I sighed knowing that Sally, for all her fun teasing, and joyous offerings must not be my dream girl, only a woman with beauty, charm and wit…a deeper sigh passed over me as he walked on towards Uncle Charles’ place, the place that showed the world that he had money, and yet he had little happiness to show for it other than getting to eat and be sucked by, fuck and be fucked by the woman I would have given my all for if she had simply said she loved me.


My anger was gone as I neared the street by a narrow path leading from the marina.   I saw a taxi leaving Charles’ house from behind a tree and there in the back seat was Sally, the one I could have loved for better or worse.   I made mental note of the cab’s number and walked on to the house, if for nothing else to bind my hand until I could go to the hospital and have it tended to.


I walked in through the front door and to the great room.   I heard my uncle snoring loudly and walked over to see…indeed his body still buck naked, his cock shriveled and soft as if she had done him well, but then I was pretty sure he had done her rightly too, his gift was knowing how the other half likes it, he had taught me well, though the student was not only bigger, but better than the teacher in this case.   I saw the ropes my wrists had been bound with and got an idea.   The man was drunk with the overload of sex; no way was he waking up soon.   I gently tied his wrists together and then ankles as he lay flat on his back still snoring away.   A long length of rope I slung lengthwise under the couch and tied the ends off at the enclosed ankles and then wrists, stretching his body out from end to end.   I went to the office and brought back three zip ties and gently placed one on each testicle and then the third around them and the shaft of my poor sleeping uncle’s genitals.   One click at a time I started tightening each strap, one ball and then the other until they swelled within the taught irremovable rings.   Charles stirred and looked up to see his nephew knelt over him. “What the fuck are you doing boy?” he asked in a panic as he felt the tightness around each half of his scrotum.   Barney grinned and said in the calmest voice ever “Pay back time Charles…” and laughed aloud as another click of the plastic zip tie sent his message and a quiver through Charles’ sack.


“I want you to make a call for me Charles…where’s your phone?”


“In my pants pocket, now how about you slip those things off my goodies Barney, that’s just down right cruel. I could lose a nut doing that.”


I leaned over him and said “You should have thought about that before you put on that “you’re any better than I am act old man…you stole what I wanted and there aint no going back…you’ve fucked your last piece of ass Chuck.”   I went and retrieved Charles’ phone and knelt down beside the man now profusely sweating, knowing well his nephew was angry enough to do something crazy.


“What have you done to your hand Barney, come on boy, let me take you to the hospital and get it tended to…” he pleaded in some way to get free.


“Its not that bad Charles, I’ll tend to it in a bit…in fact…” I reached down and clicked the strap around all three parts a couple clicks tighter as it began to shut off the outward flow of blood from the meaty cock…it was actually swelling…I laughed and said “I didn’t figure you’d ever get that thing up again after the fucking you two did…you WERE quite the man in your time Chuck…I’ll be back after I wrap up this hand.   He walked away to let Charles think about what was about to happen, the more frustrated he got the more his heart raced, the more pulse that flowed, the more engorged his cock got…kind of a catch 22 situation.   Charles screamed as I disappeared “Get these things off me boy, if I don’t die…you will.”


I walked back into the room, my uncle lay silently as the veined cock stood erect from the overload of restrained blood, nothing that would kill him, but it would sure smart for a few days.   I opened up his phone and said “Here’s what you’re gonna do uncle.   I’m going to dial Sally’s number, she never picks up the phone, and always waits for the text or voice mail, so you’re gonna leave her a message…got it?”


His eyes were filled with terror as he heard the tones in my voice “Yeah, just take these things off son…its really starting to hurt…please.”   His request was met with a steely stare as I held up my hands and showed the ripped flesh around both wrists and the now bandaged broken hand.  


“Life’s a bitch sometimes Chuck…” I said with a crooked smile. “Now, here’s what you’re going to say. I wrote it down so you won’t forget.”   I held up the piece of paper and said “read it once so I know you’ve got it down before I dial our friend’s number.”


“Sally, it’s Charles, we have a problem.   Barney busted up the troller bare handed and jumped ship. The captain just called and said he was in a rage over something but wouldn’t even talk about it.   I’m leaving town for a while, come over as soon as you get this message, don’t pack, I’ll buy you whatever you need when we get somewhere other than here.   That boy will likely kill us both if he’s that pissed off.   Call me, or just come over, I’ll be here for a half hour getting packed.”


“Not bad Uncle Charles, you better hope you make it at least that convincing when you leave the message.”   I dialed the phone and held it up for the message to be left, it was and I closed the lid shutting it off.   I pulled out my phone and turned it on, went to the message center and left a text “Sally, I am so frustrated, I may come back as soon as I can get to shore, we need to talk baby…I still want what you promised, sorry for all the drama, can’t wait to have you do for me what you did for Uncle Charles.”   I shut the phone and looked at my uncle, his cock was now purple from base to tip, his balls a lovely shade of black “That looks as if it might hurt Chuck, anything I can do to help? Maybe when Sally gets here you can watch me fuck her or her suck my big dick down into her throat….”


Sally gets the frightful message; I had not even reached my house yet when I received a massage from Charles. It sounded like Barney had crashed the boat and was coming after both of us. Charles wanted me to come and run away with him. I certainly was not in love with Charles, but I was afraid to spend the night alone. Besides Charles was loaded, I told the cabbie to take me back where he had picked me up from. 


The door that I had left from was still open. As I entered I could hear Charles calling out as though he was in a lot of pain.


When I entered the room I could not believe what I saw. Charles's balls were tie wrapped to the leg of the statue that we had tied Barney up to earlier. Another tie wrap was around his penis like a cock ring. It must have been pulled up really tight because his cock was really swollen and turning a little blue.


Charles had been moved, but Sally had no way of knowing it as he yelled out “Cut me loose so that I can kill that Bastard” Charles demanded. “Don't just stand there; go get the cutters from the kitchen drawer.” I turned toward the kitchen but out of no where Barney appeared.


Her voice commanding for someone about to die said “Okay Barney, make me suck you, let me take that big cock down my throat, cover me with cum, this is what we have both been waiting for!


As I waited I moved Charles to the same statue I had been bound to, it seemed only fitting somehow.   He stood there with a look somewhere between hate and excitement that too seemed a familiar scene and fitting.   He had given up cussing at me though, it seemed as though the boy had gone over the edge of reason.


Charles’ phone had not rung, so I assumed she was on her way back.   It wasn’t long before I heard a car pull up outside as I walked from the kitchen.   I stood out of sight as Sally came back in, went to the great room and got verbally accosted by Charles.

‘And he called me a boy, he was whimpering like a school boy who got beat up’ he thought silently as Charles had his tirade and commanded Sally to get the cutters from the kitchen.   The very ones he held in his hand to release his cock with.


Sally turned to walk to the kitchen and found herself face to face with me.   I smiled and asked “Is this what old Chuck is wanting baby?” with a chuckle.   We can cut him loose, but maybe we should talk first, he’ll be okay for a while longer, not like he’s going to be using that nasty swollen cock for anything today anyway.   Unless you’d like to deep throat him again doll…” I concluded with a devious smile.


I stepped over to her and put my hand on her waist gently and said “Let’s go sit down for a few minutes and figure this stuff out.”   We did go over to the couch, though I thought I saw her look closely behind it to see if she was going to get tied up too. we sat…me first to show I wasn’t up to anything and then her, not close, but close enough to talk, just like I had asked her to.   She eyed the wrapping on my hand and I grimaced as I recalled my anger…somehow I was perfectly calm now, in fact other than a bit of swelling in my groin he was back to normal, and even that seemed right with Sally so close.   “I kind of lost it when old Charles, and you sweet Sally, teased me like that.   I figure it was all his idea, he’d do anything to get into a hottie like you Sally, well, I guess in truth, so would I.   Charles has told you he’s rich I’m sure, and I heard him say that I used his money to buy you those things, which is true.   From the boat I couldn’t access my money doll, but I could his.   If he had one brain cell that wasn’t in heat over getting a bit of that sweet pussy of yours, or feeling your hot mouth suckin him down he’d have known it would have been put back the day I came back to port. You see, in case you haven’t guessed, I have as much wealth as Charles used to, it came from my father, who left it to my mom, who left it to her only son, me, and her brother.   He’s about spent all his and is struggling to keep even this house.   I chose a different path and invested mine and put it away for a day when I found someone who could love me, for me.”


I looked over at Charles and took note the man was about to pass out.   Turning back to Sally I spoke in smooth tones “Excuse me, think I better cut at least his cock free…be right back, don’t move even one of those luscious muscles baby…we have some more talking to do and a decision or two to make.”


I walked over and slid the tip of the cutters between the base of the man’s cock and the zip tie and clipped it free, Charles passed out from the release and now hung by his raised arms much as I had with one exception, the tie around Charles’ balls was still in place, the odds were he’d never produce semen again, I recalled something about masticating bulls, but that was his problem.

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