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A Sailor's Tale, Chapter One

This is a novelette already written, patience my friends and you shall be rewarded with glorious sex

BB was on his way yet again, another week at sea with the other ten members of the crew.   They hadn’t met up yet, most waiting till the last possible minute to climb aboard for what had to be the most physically demanding job on earth.   Crabbing wasn’t an art, though the captain would like to glorify it and say “there’s magic in them boxes boys…haul ‘em up, get ‘em emptied and toss ‘em back to the sea…” he could hear it now as he walked from the not so modest house he called home when in port, he grumbled often over what he had become, though in truth he just couldn’t quite muster the energy or a reason change his routine.

Zeke, Barney, BB…over the few years since returning to Port Carlos he had been called by many names, though most of the ship mates called him by a nick name of Barney for the fact that if one called him by the other acronym they’d have to figure there was a darned good reason it had come to be.   In truth over the few years since coming of age and becoming a crabber the tall hard bodied sailor had found a few ladies that just loved his massive barnacle, he chuckled over it every time some sweet pie lady cooed over the package no jeans or underwear could hide. Though there was in reality nothing encrusted about the overly thick ten inch member that hung over the sizable ever full large balls, therefore at first the other crabbers had called him Big Barnacle Zeke; it had been shortened over the past five years to simply Barney or BB.   He was chuckling over it as he passed one of his mates on the way into the diner…another fine establishment to be sure.


He swept his hand through the long, for now clean thick head of hair to get it out of his face.   Once on board he’d have to put it into a ponytail, but for now enjoyed it in the mild early day’s breeze as it caressed the shoulder length locks.   Checking his blackberry for the time he groaned, ‘only got 35 minutes till sailing’…wanting more than anything to stay ashore this trip, the captain had called for a quick turn around this time and he’d barely even gotten his land legs since they docked only the day before.


Looking around the smallish diner he finds a table that is still covered with the left over dishes from the last group and saunters over, pulls out a chair and sits his still weary body into it as he stuffs his duffle beside him on his left.   Leaned back to stretch with his legs splayed out he yawns sleepily, eyes closed.   A flurry of air seems to buzz around him as he looks back up.   The first view is something he could easily get worked up over, right beside him is the sweetest looking ass, the waitress is leaned over the table gathering up the dirty dishes, the hem of her short waitress outfit creeping up almost enough to get an eyeful of whatever color panties she’s wearing...but not quite.


Before it’s over his rod begins to shift its way down the loose fitting jeans leg his thoughts go from tired to hot in an instant and mutters to himself   ‘damn, well maybe it just isn’t meant to be’ as she raises up and carries off the dishes, never even turning to face the new comer.   Barney watches as the sway brings even more sweet thoughts to his mind, and even a little more blood to the growing tool.   He sets his blackberry on the table to be sure to watch the time; his asshole captain would fire him on the spot if he wasn’t aboard.


Finally, it seemed to be taking forever to get a cup of coffee to his mind.   Up walked the same waitress, his thoughts went from hot to scalding as he saw the front view. ‘Damnation, this is one sweet lady’ he thought silently as she carried a cup of steaming Joe up and set it on the table.   He couldn’t believe his eyes, though in passing he saw her name tag as he stared in awe at the hottest looking rack he’d seen in a while, quite a while and a smile that just didn’t quit…a shudder passed through him as she spoke…


“What-ill ya-have sailor?” She said as she bent over his table giving him a perfect view down her open top to her magnificent D cup breasts.


"Coffee; black…" he replied as his eyes feasted on the lush supple flesh of her massive tits.


She looks in his eyes and asks “Is there anything else?” 


He can hardly believe his ears at how sultry the waitress’s voice is; much less his eyes as the most splendid cleavage he had ever seen is presented like a meal to a starving man.   ‘A man could get lost in there for hours’ he thought as she asked if he needed anything else.


He chuckles in a way that could only be called nasty at the question, ‘oh how many things can I think of?’ he thinks to himself, but answers “Sally, or so I guess according to your name tag” chuckles again “I’d love to answer that, or even show you, but for now I’ll settle for just the coffee, my ship sails in…” he looks down at the blackberry “…28 minutes” he looks at her and takes in the pale blue of her eyes, the lush long blond hair, though even with that his vision is fixed to the lush smooth flesh all but too tempting to deny. “I’ll need at least a couple cups doll if you can swing by and get me a refill pretty quick, I’d really love it.”


Hearing his request, for special attention really must have pissed her off. She came back to his table and put her foot up on the edge of the bench as he sat there stunned by the view of my panty less bottom.


Sorry for his piss poor manners as Sally returns and fills his already empty cup, especially when she props her foot up on the bench and he catches an eye full of the nicest curve he’s seen.   A second glance confirms that not only does she have a sweet ass, but no panties to boot…a silent mouthing of the word ‘sweet’ in a long drawn out silent groan curls his lips into a broad smile, at least until she speaks.

”Who the fuck do you think you are? This joint is full of customers and you want special attention” she exclaimed all but angrily. She could see that he was starting to get an erection but most of the guys at her tables must get erections…so what the fuck? she thought with an attitude.


Her words are harsh, and now he really feels bad about his request for more than one cup of coffee.   As she looks his direction he says “Sorry about that doll, I see you’re busy, I’ll just finish up and leave you to it.” Again he spies the curves both top and bottom wishing to hell the captain had allowed more than a quick turn around this trip. He gulps down the rest of the second cup and rises from his chair, the more than obvious manhood lying along his leg to just above the knee needs draining in more ways than one, but for now he’d have to settle for taking a leak.


He tosses a ten spot on the table figuring a nice tip would smooth the feathers his innocent request had ruffled, picks up his blackberry and duffle before walking to the men’s room. The rest room is pretty small, but manages to find a spot to set his duffle setting the phone on top of it and moves over to the urinal to ‘drain the main vein’.   He checks his eyes and hair in the mirror as another guy finishes up at the urinal and leaves. His cock is hard enough that it won’t fit through just the zipper of his jeans, so he unbuttons them and reaches in as he hears the door open behind him…he pulls the semi hard mass from the pant leg and points it towards the porcelain valley as the door closes. With the in between stage of erection and needing to pee it takes a few seconds to get started, he stares at the blank wall before him as his mind wanders to thoughts of the waitress… ‘Damn she must have thought me an asshole, but that’s life some days’ he thought as he wondered if she would still be around when he came back ashore…


In the mean time Sally sees the ten dollar bill he left on the table and thinks perhaps this guy is not so bad. “What the fuck…I'm going to give him a little something to think about while he is out there crabbing” she thinks with a slightly naughty smile.   The men's room is in the back and around a corner out of view from most of the tables. She lets herself in and finds him there with his pants un-zipped.   She can see thru his legs that he is just beginning to pee.

She walks up behind him and puts both arms around him and snuggles up real close; her hardened nipples pressed into his back. She reaches her hand down and grabs his cock. “God it is huge...” she thinks; it isn't hard but it's well on its way. As she slowly strokes his cock and coos to him “Thanks for the big tip sailor boy, perhaps we can get to know each other better when you get back.” With her other hand she stuffs a note into his pocket then proceeds to feel his balls; so full of just what the “I’m horny” doctor ordered.

He must have really had to go because he was pissing away for quite a while; meanwhile she slowly stroked his cock. Sensing that he was about done, she turned and started to leave, “Call me sailor boy, oh by the way I love that big cock of yours.” She leaves quickly and disappears into the kitchen.


Barney’s body is tensed…As I felt the air stir closely behind me, though I had begun to pee, ‘if some asshole was playing games I would turn and not only knock him out, but pee on him for good measure.’   I felt something firm but supple press against my back and as I looked down the arms that surrounded me were most definitely not a man’s.   From the fullness that pressed against my back I could easily have been dreaming, the supple flesh that caressed me could only be that of Sally, I hadn’t seen anyone as built as her around, the hard nubbins of her nipples gave me hope that some day when I could stick around she’d feel up to….I gulped air instantly…


My thoughts were abruptly taken away, her hand slipped around the base of my cock as I continued to pee. I groaned softly as she began running her hand along the length, had I not been in the middle of urinating, I would surely have gotten good and hard in an instant, but damn her hand’s supple grip felt good; I moaned again, this time not so softly as I heard her coo from behind my ear “Thanks for the big tip sailor boy…perhaps we can get to know each other when you get back.”   I was in heaven ‘damn’ I thought as I felt her other hand slip into my pocket, slip back out and cup my tightening sack.   “God Sally…let me finish up here….” I groaned as I tried my best to still the flow of pee.   Her hand kept stoking up and back along the thick member, if she was just teasing me I was gonna croak; I wondered if the captain would really fire me for missing this trip… ‘Oh, fuck yes’, without a doubt I mumbled under my breath.   Just as I felt the last of my bladder drain her hand left the swollen shaft, I grabbed it and shook off the dew drops and turned just in time to hear and see her say “Call me sailor boy…oh by the way I love that big cock of yours” as she walked out of the door.


Needless to say I was in shock, never had anyone held me while I took a leak, much less a veritable stranger in a public restroom, and certainly not one as hot as Sally. “Damn” I said in a low frustrated tone as I tucked the now aroused meat back into the jeans leg, the throb that befell it almost hurt as I came to the reality that she had gotten even with me for my apparently overbearing ordering her to pay homage to me in the main room.   A few pulses of blood must have finally found my brain as I finally realized what she had said, not about my cock, but to call her…‘How in the hell?’ And then I remembered her hand in my pocket, I reached in and in neatly printed lettering on the back of an order slip was a phone number; I read it and then read it again.   I set the note on the counter as I washed my hands, and glanced over to read it yet again in disbelief.   After drying my hands I picked up the paper and went over to my duffle.   Picking up the blackberry I entered the phone book mode and placed the cherished number on speed dial #1, the others reset to their proper order of importance.


A thought occurred to me and I went to the text mode, I knew she was working, and her cell would be turned off since most employers would fire someone for getting personal calls during work time.   I entered her number and typed out a short text for her to read when she got time.   “Sally**you are amazing**I will call or text as often as I can**can’t believe you did that but thanks**felt so good**Barney” I sent the text on its way and picked up the duffle.   I had hoped she would be in the dining room, but as I looked around while paying for the coffees she was nowhere to be seen.   My time was up and I ran to the dock just as the mooring lines were shed from the vessel.


All I got for a welcome was from the captain as he yelled “Bout damned time Barney.” I settled in with naught to do as we chugged from the harbor, my thoughts not on the voyage, but the return to port, to return the favor she had given, to know the woman who had done what no other had ever conceived.   I would have to wait until she called or texted back to know when the best time to talk would be, or if text messages would be enough till I sailed back, hopefully into the lush wet channel of her body’s intimate port.

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