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A Sailor's Tale, Chapter Two

The tale continues inChapter Two, messaging hotter, thoughts naughtier, real sex on the horizon

Chapter Two

His phone vibrated as the boat chugged along towards the crab beds; the text read “Dear Sailor Boy. I'm really sorry about what happened in the men's room today. I don't know what came over me. Please forgive me” It seemed as though someone wanted him to think what happened was somehow wrong as he read the unnecessary apology.   Just reading the reminder sent a wave of pleasure through him.  

He thought only briefly before replying. “Sally please don’t apologize…what you did was fantastic…had you continued it would have been me that came over you doll, all over you, inserting a smiley face, nothing to forgive; only my thanks are needed.   By the way folks call me Barney, talk to you soon. ”

A reply came in less than a minute “Okay sailor boy or Barney, what ever your name is. I was feeling really horny this morning and no one had ever given me such a big tip for a coffee before. Guess I just wanted to thank you. It will not happen again. Sally.”   He was sitting on the head, the coffee had gone through him as usual when it arrived, the ID was hers, he smiled until he found out that her overt act had been only because of the sizable tip…and not the sizeable cock she had seen and then grasped.

It didn’t take long before I sent a reply “Sally I had hoped it was more than the cash that brought you to see me.   Well, you thanked me in a way that has left a mark on me forever; thank you for that, and I hope we can become friends even if that never happens again” He sent it along, now rather depressed as he walked back topside in time to begin the tasks of crabbing…long hard hours lay ahead for him and the rest of the crew…His thoughts stolen by the intense labor of hoisting the cages and emptying them before repeating the process nonstop for the next 12or 14 hours.

 An exchange of texts via the instant messaging site they now shared went back and forth over the next day or so, it seemed they weren’t on at the same time, but the off line messages were much more easily read than simple texting.

“Dear Barney,

I guess I secretly always wanted to do that but never had the nerve. I knew that you would be leaving and would not be able to do anything about it, I'm sure that over the next week or so you will totally forget about it. By the way I have never felt anything so big before hard or soft. Sally”


I have to say that I am honored that you got up the nerve. Please know that some things in life are memorable enough to be remembered forever. You and what you did falls into that group. When your huge firm tits pressed against my back and your hand took my cock it was the most wonderful feeling of surprise I’ve ever had. Thanks for the compliment; God has blessed me with just enough to take care of you just right baby. I hope when I get back I can let you see and feel what it is like when it’s really hard. I’d be a very happy sailor if you just let me feel the warmth of your lips around it."  The crew was about to begin yet another trap line so he dressed and went top side to do his job. I felt the vibration of the phone when the message came in, but as luck would have it the crew was working the second trap line which meant two things.   First that there was no way in hell of answering it right then due to the intense labor, and second that the waterproof suit I wore was so confining I would have to strip half naked to get to the damned thing.   I sighed with regret when the reminder vibration hummed so close to my encouraged member.   An hour later the boat chugged along the route, a short reprieve from the labor I excused myself to go and use the head.   Reading her text “Dear Barney, I would like to get to know you better but right now my rent is due and I need some new clothes, would you help me out? PS, I've been thinking all day about what it would be like to have that big cock in my mouth. Sally” My jaw fell open as the now over sized cock swelled full with a need to be drained. I didn’t know whether to be happy beyond belief with her wanting to get to know me better and sucking my currently hard eager dick, or sad because she seemed to be having money problems.   A small voice told me she could just be leading me on to get money, but if she was talking blow jobs, it would be worth whatever she could glean to feel her lips around my cock. I slipped my hand around the base and began dreaming of her wet lips around the massive cock…it wasn’t long as my hand swept fluidly along the thick shaft lubricated by the pre-cum that dribbled almost immediately after I began before the spasms of climax flooded over me while a restrained the vocal outcry and two thick ropes of semen streamed against the wall three feet away.   I chuckled as I thought about just how many times that wall had been coated with jism by one crewman or another over the years and wiped it off with a damp paper towel.

I clicked to reply. “Beckey, I’ve been thinking about you too doll; Yeah, you talking about sucking me sounds so sweet I got hard as a rock and as you know that’s one big stone pillar. Sorry about the money problems, I’ve been there before. I can spare a little bit if it would help you out, how about I set up a withdrawal at my bank for you? I’ll have to get your full name and some form of ID number for them to have to verify it babe; send them to me and I can set it up today. Looking forward to getting back to shore; you are one hot lady. I’ll hold you to that thought doll, you may not be able to take it all, but just the thought makes me want it babe. Barney”

Her reply came back within a minute again, I thought about what problems this could turn into, but lust overpowered reason as I read her text. “My full name is Sallie La Flirte; A French name. My Maine Drivers License Number is B4561597. I really appreciate you helping me out with this and will make it all worth your while. I plan on going shopping all day tomorrow; I really need some new clothes. I'd like to buy some things that you will like since you are paying for it. Can you give me some ideas of what you like? If you have any pictures of how you would like me to dress that would be a big help. I'd like to find something that would make that big cock of yours hard as a rock but I have no idea what you like. Sally”

I got the text back in no time; apparently she had rent to pay soon, and seemed to want to do some shopping as well.   No big deal, I could afford a bit of a ‘loan’ and if she couldn’t repay in dollars, she surely would in other ways, or so she had implied more than once.   I had only minor doubts of her honesty, but then I tended to be a trusting guy, not to mention Sally’s offer made it worth the risk.   Going on line I connected to the bank and arranged for a $1,000.00 draft to be drawn in her name, the memo on the transaction, which is a legal requirement when doing so via on line banking with a third party picking up the draft would read “Loan against future employ” which in my mind meant I was for all intents and purposes hiring her for some unspecified task upon my return to shore. I chuckled at the secretary’s suggested and suggestive wording, knowing she was one of the ladies who knew all too well about what I was capable of in the rack.

I logged out of the bank site and opened up the message center, eagerly sending her a note. “Sally, Arranged a draft in your name at the First National Bank on 3 rd Street…I am hoping a thousand will get you what you need to take care of and some clothes as well. I’m not a really rich man but I’ll help however I can. You asked what I would like; I can send along some photos off of the net but basically I’m a simple guy with simple tastes. I’d love to see you in a hot lacey bra and panty outfit, again inserting a smiley face, but if it is clothes you need how about a nice cropped low cut top in a really soft sheer fabric and a nice leather mini skirt. Your huge tits would most likely make me hotter than hell if I could see those nipples you pressed against my back. You wear an outfit like that, especially if you leave off the undies you may just get your wish to see me rock hard. Anyway hope the money helps you out; See you in a few days doll. Barney”

The next afternoon I got another message. “Dear Barney, I found the most wonderful pair of shoes; they are bright red high heels . The heels must be at least 5 inches high and very slim. You should see me walk in them they really make my ass stick out and when I walk, my ass sways from side to side, it's sexy as hell. I hope that you approve, they were only $195.00, Let me know what other things you want me to buy. Do you like boots? I may look for a pair of them later. It's sure nice to have a little extra money for a change. Thanks; I'll make it up to you. Sally”

Apparently shopping was a bit more on her priority list than rent, or at least there had been no mention of paying it before going shopping…well, her worry, if she got tossed from her place, he knew where she could hang her coat for a while anyway.   $195.00 for a pair of shoes seemed a bit exorbitant to him, but then he knew nothing about the cost of women’s clothing, if she was excited over them, so much the better, he’d be sure to get her to strut her booty in them.   I replied at once since I had the time while they chugged along towards one of the more northern ports to unload the previous day’s catch.

Sequestering myself in the head again I withdrew the mass she would know well before this was over, or at least she damned well better.   Again I thought of her lush tits and imagined licking and sucking on each one as I thrust my broad dick into her cunt…my imagination so fervent that again I coated the latrine’s wall within minutes.

I sent along a reply. “Sally; How cool is that; bet they look good. I know that ass will get me revved up big time. How about you match up that top I was talking about and put it with a black leather mini. I’m getting hard, as he recalled his most recent masturbation and the resulting streams of cum, just thinking about how sweet you’ll look. I should be back in port in two days, the traps have been good to us this trip. Think about where you’d like to go out when I get back; after I clean up that is, inserting the laughter emocon, to show off those new clothes so I can strip them off of you so they don’t get messed up when I blow my wad down your throat. After all, you did say you had wondered what it would be like to have my cock in your mouth, the laughter emocon again found a place, hopefully you will find out in a big way.   Barney”

I felt as if Sally would be the best thing that had ever happened to me, well aside from a legal thing a few years back, but I hadn’t worried over it since I decided to wait for the right time to take advantage of it; and thoughts of her gulping down my thick cock overruled anything else.   I found out her email address and we began sharing emails instead of IM messages.  

Hers was the first to arrive in the in box of his blackberry.

“Dear Barney

Thanks for the money. I'll try and put it to good use. I did convince my land lord to take $400 this month instead of $700. That still only leaves me with $600 for clothes and the shoes were nearly $200.

Nice clothes especially the sexy ones you seem to like are really expensive. Could you possibly give me a little more? Every night I start of remembering holding the big cock in my hands and feeling it starting to grow bigger and bigger and end up dreaming about what it would feel like in my mouth. If you can't afford any more, don't worry I will try and find something at Wal-Mart or Target.

I did notice that all of the ladies in the pictures that you sent were wearing high heeled shoes ; you are going to love the ones I bought for you what a nice gift.

I'll try and send you some pictures of what I buy later today.


PS hope you like my Real French Name”

And then a few minutes later according to the time stamp:

“Dear Barney

have sent you a couple of pictures of shorts. Which do you like better? The pair that looks like old jeans is actually the most expensive, but I thought you may like them.

I've been thinking about where we should go when you get back. Honestly my first thought was to duck into that abandoned building down by the docks so I could suck your cock. But now I'm thinking about dinner at a very nice restaurant, then we could go back to my place. 

Let me know when you are getting in, the place I'm thinking of is very hard to get in.

Barney, too bad you can't masturbate on a crab boat, I know you want to.


And yet another came in the inbox, I had been working my ass off to the point of exhaustion and with bleary eyes read it.


You must be pulling an all nighter. I've been waiting all fucking night for your reply message. Just in case you want to know I've spent the night with a new vibrator that you bought me. My pussy is dripping wet, hope your cock has not frozen out there in the cold.


He forced himself to take the time to reply, even though his exhaustion was overpowering, the thoughts of Sally’s cunt and mouth gave him the energy to type out a reply.


Sorry I couldn’t get back to you, been working my ass off out here, don’t tell anybody but yeah, he even had us working through the night…we’re doing well this trip though; the captain is talking about cutting the trip shorter than usual.   I’ll let you know when I should be back.   Damn girl, I am so ready to see what you’ve bought to show off that sweet figure of yours.   Yeah, can’t be wankin the soldier out here, he lied; too many guys, and though most of them know my rep, there’s no way I’m jacking off in front of them…I could be persuaded to do that for you though baby…would you like that?

Love your name; it fits you like a glove Ms La Flirte… Wow, good move with the landlord, can’t believe they charge that much, you must have a nice place but then since mine’s paid for I may be out of touch with current prices.   Speaking of prices, I guess I can have more drafted for you if you need it, but remember I’m keeping score, and we may need a bit more than a simple blow job to settle up doll…you’re gonna owe me big time.   Another thousand will be at the bank for you in the morning, but hold on to a little bit; you may have to buy dinner, and again inserted the laughter emocon.

Yeah, I dig a lady in heels sweetie, with your butt, I’ll be in heaven as you show me your moves.   Go ahead and buy the boots too when you get the white short shorts, somehow the jeans don’t send a jolt through me as much as the hot pants do, maybe cause they are soft and sultry just like your curves.



I arranged for another thousand to be ready for her to pick up and sent a brief message to let her know. “


There’s another thousand waiting for you at the bank, it’s all arranged.   Just remember, you owe me BIG time.


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