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A Sailor's Tale,chapter Seven

Tags: bopndage, oral, sex
The plot has come to a head, pardon the pun as Barney,Charles and Sally have their fun

Chapter Seven


With a firm command I received a reply “You have been behaving like a real baby and tonight I'm going to show you how a real man makes love to a woman.”


I began to struggle against the powerful man who wanted me over by the statue, with a gasp I feel Sally grab my balls and tug me to my fate, the pain is formidable, the anguish even worse as my uncle lifts my hands up and binds them to the statue over my head.   Sally releases her grip as I stand in awe of what has come to pass.   My anger is beginning to rage within me profoundly, I pull at the rope that binds my hands and tug at the way I am tied to the statue trying my best to get loose as my eyes take in the view of Charles stepping to Sally and wrapping his arms around her as their lips met…my rage was horrific at the sight of what should have been me taking the lush lips of Sally to pleasure.   Charles is not slow in his advance as he removes her top and drops it only feet from where I stand with a soft laugh as both look over at a man who had just been had by two people I thought I could at least trust to have honored.   “You bastards” I yelled “this is cruel you son of a bitch” I added to my uncle.


Uncle Charles chuckled as he pushed the short shorts from her hips down her legs as he knelt before her and aided her in stepping free of them.   “Damn you Charles, she’s mine” I yelled at the man who was about to take the woman I had wanted ever since she touched me in the men’s room.   Charles was no slouch when it came to pleasing a lady, I knew that from when the two of us had shared ladies before, I watched in awe as Chuck slid his tongue up her inner thigh and lapped at her clit while she stood and stared at Barney’s predicament with a glint of humor in her eye. Her gaze fell onto my engorged cock, though not hard and ready to be taken, still aroused by the events before me. As Charles pushed her petals apart his tongue invaded her cunt like a pro, she cooed at his talents and I knew why, the ladies all said he had the longest tongue of any man alive and she was feeling his thrusts in and out of her core.   She must have liked what she was getting as he stood up and licked his way up to her breasts and then captured her lips in nothing short of a mind blowing kiss.   I couldn’t tell if she had cum at all yet, but it wouldn’t be long if she had not already.


Uncle Charles whispered something in her ear and then laid down on his back only five feet in front of the bound audience to their lust, his feet pointed towards the statue.   She knelt between his thighs and lowered her head as Charles guided her into the perfect place to give him head as she had promised…I couldn’t look away as she took his cock into her mouth, it was as if I parted from my body with want for her lips to be on me instead.   I struggled in vain against the bindings as Charles blew his wad over her face and tit, and even some into her mouth.   I groaned as my total loss was realized.


She rises from her knelt pose and saunters over to me, her smiling face coated with cum, her chest had streams of Uncle Charles’s cream dripping from it as she leaned up and kissed me, her tongue even slick with his cum about made me hurl as she stroked her hand along my disappointed cock to tease and no more.   “You bitch, I will get even with you” I thought silently, but spoke otherwise.


She returned her attention to Charles who is already getting hard again. They fuck like wild animals, his cock ramming in and out of her pussy so hard I can hear the slapping of his balls against her mound and then crack with each plunge as she groans out her pleasures. Silently I vow to get even with them both.


As they finish I hear a cell phone ringing. It's my phone. Sally smiles as she picks it up and brings the phone over putting it on speaker so I can hear. It is the captain telling me that there has been a change in plans and we sail again in two hours, I didn’t know it at the time, but apparently Charles and Sally cooked up this part. “But I can't, it’s impossible” I declared with as firm a voice as my aching balls and swollen cock would allow me.


“Barney if you ever want to fish on any crab boat out of Dutch Harbor you will be here” his reply came as he hung up.


“Too bad about that Barney” says Uncle Charles with a smirk in his face “You better get over there you owe me a lot of money.  I'll have my driver take you back to the dock.” The two big strong guys that brought them to Charles’ mansion whisk me away. The last thing I see is Sally stroking Charles’ cock as she bends town to suck him again.


As I board the crabbing boat everyone including the caption asks “How was she Barney, she looked so hot, you lucky dog. I'll bet she fucked your brains out.”


“Yeah, she fucked me good alright” I replied sullenly.


I am floored at the outcome of the week; my memories flood through me as I sit a sulk.   I had yearned over this hot piece of ass so long my balls had ached for days.   My anger turned my face red as I had watched Sally take Charles’ cock, she seemed to really revel in watching the tied helpless man she had taunted and taken for thousands of dollars…sure they weren’t mine, but did that really matter, it wasn’t like my own investments couldn’t repay the money to the old fart, there was just no way to get to it from aboard ship.   She may now think the way Charles talked that it was all his and that just pissed me off even more…it was my mother that had left both of them set for life, and I made the choice to be a crabber even with somewhere over 185 million hidden in the banks and investments. Charles flaunted his wealth like he had earned it…the bastard was gonna pay…and so was that bitch Sally...some how I’d get even with both of them.   I recalled tugging at the ropes and managed only to cut my wrists as the blood dripped along my forearms from the attempts.  


My memories continued in fine detail of the events at the house. She kept on sucking him as she gazed into my eyes and down at the rock hard cock that she should have been draining.   “Hey Sally” I had spoken in kinder calmer words than I was thinking “When the old fart looses his wad, how about you come taste some good cream” I had said trying to temp her away from Uncle Charles any way I could think of.   I had watched as they turned just enough to see Charles’ cock slip down her throat, I had gulped as the eight inch shaft disappeared completely, my cock had jumped involuntarily at the sight of her head bobbing up and back along his uncle’s hard, though not as thick or lengthy meat as the one she should be sucking down.   Charles let out a groan as his body convulsed wildly, his hands that had been wrapped in her hair released her as the first wave of ejaculation swept over him…she slid her mouth off just in time to catch the first stream at the bridge of her nose as it splattered to her cheeks and mouth, the second jolt coated her chest as ran over one breast to drip from her engorges nipple like a waterfall as she slurped the rest from him with her tongue.   I couldn’t help it as my cock twitched as it too erupted shooting a stream arching through the air and falling just short of her leg to the floor as I cried out “Bitch, here’s the cum you should be drinking down now…” and trembled as I withheld further embarrassment.


She got up and walked over, close enough that I could see every stream of Charles’ cum on her face and chest. Standing just off to my side she wrapped her hand around the base of my cock as I had stood trembling in hopes she would do me next.   Her hand slipped along the hard eager shaft as it bounded with the possible relief and too soon left me without the joy of cuming even with her hand…She leaned up and kissed me, thrusting her coated tongue covered with my uncle’s cum as her mouth smeared more over my lips and face…even that was better than watching as I thrust my tongue into her mouth and felt my hard eager cock brush against her hip.   I had groaned and whispered “Sally, untie me baby, I want you so bad…please.”


She broke the kiss and smiled, her hand once again stroked my cock, but only once, just enough to get my hopes up as she turned her attention back to Charles who was already hard again.   She walked back over and got down on her knees with her side view in plain sight as Charles moved behind her, squatted down and pushed into her cunt like a pro…the man did know how to fuck without a doubt.   He heard her groan as she was filled repeatedly for the next ten minutes as I could only stand and stare as my strain would not allow me to even know the embarrassment of cuming on the floor again.   She rolled over and Charles took her missionary style and she came like a fountain several times more with screams I could have sworn bore my name and not those of Charles’.   Again they switched positions, this time she stared right at me as she got on top and rode Charles until he blew his second wad deep into her cunt as she again screamed out in climax, this time I could hear it plainly “Oh fuck yes Barney…” in disbelief she could be so cruel.


She rolled off of him gasping, Charles is obviously one happy camper, but I on the other hand was not at all amused, in fact if I could have gotten loose I would most likely have killed my uncle and then fucked Sally to death, or strangled her as she came for me just once.   A phone rang, I knew before she even picked it up it was mine; the ring tone was from the captain.   I muttered under my very angered breath “What now?” as she opened it and turned on the speaker phone, holding it close enough to hear or speak, but doesn’t say a word.   “Barney, we’ve had to change the plans damn it, we have to sail in two hours, so get your cock out of that sweet pussy you had on the dock and get your ass down here now.”   I was pissed off enough to tell the son of a bitch to cram it, but managed to maintain myself enough to reply “But I can’t, it’s not possible.”   The captain was not amused in the least and came back with “Barney, if you ever want to fish on any crab boat out of Dutch Harbor …YOU WILL BE HERE!” and hung up.


“Too bad about that Barney” Uncle Charles had said with a smirk in his face “You better get over there you owe me a lot of money.  I'll have my driver take you back to the dock.”


Charles went to the bedroom and retrieved my clothes and allowed me to dress as Sally simply sat on the couch and watched wrapped in my robe.   Temptation was about to get the better of me to throttle them both when the two big strong guys that brought us to Charles’ mansion come in and escorted me bodily through the door.  The last thing I saw was Sally stroking Charles cock with him standing in front of the couch as she leans down as if she’s going to suck him again. I swore under my breath as the door is closed by the smaller of the thugs, I’m driven to the docks and told to be a good little boy and obey his uncle by the two thugs.   I walked down to the boat and board.   The whole crew is there prepping the boat for launch, each one’s eyes take in the image of a pretty rough looking Barney, even the captain asks the same question   “How was she Barney, she looked so hot, you lucky dog. I'll bet she fucked your brains out.”


“Yeah, she fucked me good alright” I replied with the smile of cold indifference.   I didn’t dare say much, the captain was long time friends with Uncle Charles, and from the look on his face he was in on the deception as well.   I asked and was allowed to go below decks to rest, or cool off as the case truly was.  


The boat had barley cleared the harbor when I heard the now familiar ring tone of a message from Sally…Her texted words simple, almost too simple in fact. “Hi Barney its Sally, wanna get together when you boat comes in?” Sally


My rage went through the roof as I struggled with the gall of her proposal.   She’d fucked me alright, but now she had the balls to text me, probably from Uncle Charles’ house inviting him to join her when he got back.   My hand slammed into the bulkhead balled in a fist and splintered the wooden plank…along with most of the bones in my hand as some of them broke the skin with the compound fractures.   Not a tear was shed or sound made as the underlying roar of the engines covered my enraged blast, I was just that angry at both of them.   I went topside and approached the captain carrying my broken hand with the other as the trickle of blood from the hand flowed to meet the dried blood from my torn wrists from being bound to the statue. “Captain, I’m taking the skiff” I said in a tone that left no doubt of my sincere menace. “My hand is busted up pretty bad and I won’t hold up your trip...Sorry about the wall below decks, I’ll see to it that it gets repaired, and get your skiff back to you when you return to port….By the way…I quit you son of a bitch!   If I even catch a hint you called Uncle Charles, I will break more than your wall” I ended with such evil calm that the captain wouldn’t dare not to take heed.


I launched the skiff and headed towards the coast, it wouldn’t take long to get to the marina near Charles’ place.   My hand throbbed as I dialed her number and sent my own text “Sally, I really can’t believe after what you…and Charles…just did that you can ask me that.   We really need to talk when I get back, so I guess the answer is yes.   I’m shutting off my phone, so don’t bother me till I call you back, I need some time to think about all this. Barney.”   As I clicked to send it I was already entering the marina only a few hundred yards from Charles’ house; my anger still seethed within me like fire, my smile twisted, though the damnable part was that the thoughts of her aroused me beyond measure even after all that had happened.   Somehow I was going to get what was coming to me and most likely do some serious damage to his uncle while he was at it.

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