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A Walk Around the Lake, Chapter 10

He was ready, more than ready.  He had been alone, too long, and he loved this beautiful woman, with all his heart.  God, how was he ever going to last, he was sure that their first attempt at lovemaking would be very short lived.  He wanted to bury himself into her, but he also needed to know that she was going to be satisfied.  So for now, he told himself he must be patient.  He told himself, that she had only ever had one other lover, and that was her husband, and they waited until their wedding night. 

He kissed her face, eyelids, cheeks, forehead, tip of her cute pert nose, and finally on her mouth.  She was ready for him, although she was still somewhat timid, it was she who probed his mouth with her tongue. 

He kissed her neck, that sensitive spot at the base of her throat.  He moved on, to kiss the soft rise of her breast, and gently held the right one in his hand, letting his calloused thumb graze over her nipple, causing the erectile tissue to react sharply.  He heard her quick, sharp intake of breath, and watched as she arched her back seeking even more of that exquisite torture.  He watched as she seemed to clasp her legs together, in an obvious attempt to ease the reaction in her clit, from the attention he was paying to her nipple.  He lowered his head, and suckled tenderly on the left nipple, and she arched her back again, forcing him to take even more of her breast into his mouth.  He nibbled at the erect nipple in his mouth, and she moaned in obvious delight.  He had never heard something so beautiful.  He switched his attentions, and took the nipple of her right breast into his mouth, and gave it the same loving care.  Her back lifted off the bed again, head flung back, moaning, her legs clamping harder to relieve the ever increasing tension she was feeling to her clit. 

He kissed and nibbled his way around and under each breast.  He was startled, when she grabbed his hand, and forced him to cup his palm over her mound, she begged him to touch her there.  He needed no second invitation. 

His middle finger, traced up and down the slit, where the fleshy outer lips met.  He spread them open and found her sweet petals swelling with desire.  He touched his finger to her hooded clit.  Her hips bucked against his hand.  Oh, god, she was as needy right now, as he was. 

He slid one finger into her canal.  "Holy Mary, mother of Christ, you are so wet!  So tight!"  He worked her open with one finger, and thrust gently in and out, several times, and added a second finger.  He turned his hand palm up, and waggled his fingers against that sensitive bundle of nerves just inside her canal. 

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she panted, as she felt a gush of warm fluid leave her body.  Her erotic perfume, her own special scent, should be bottled and sold as an aphrodisiac, he thought, as he leaned down, to place his lips on the opening of her canal, and drank freely all she offered him.  He was drunk on her juices, but as he lapped at her with his tongue, and suckled at her with his lips, she had another rush of fluid.  Her body was trembling, quaking almost. 

"Please, please.  Don't wait.  Please. . .now!"  she panted out, on raspy breaths.  She spread her legs in an invitation that was for him, and him alone. 

The sound of her voice, and the simplistic beauty of her words, caused him to become even harder, throbbing to the point that he thought he had never had such exquisite torture.

He moved between her legs, and gently guided his member into her waiting body.  He was no sooner there, when the instinct to thrust took over, and soon they were lost in the dance that has been known to lovers since the beginning of time. 

She drew her knees up toward her body for a bit, and then she wrapped them around his torso, drawing him in even farther, if that was possible. 

The moans of ecstasy seemed to echo in the room.  He knew he could not hold out much longer, and the need to put forth his seed into her body.  He called out her name, and she replied in kind, and the orgasm they shared was of earth shattering proportions!!!  He collapsed on top of her, and she savored the weight of him.  Their hearts were pounding, two beating as one.  They panted, gasped, for air. 

He made the move to roll off of her, but she held him to her.  "No, not yet."  she pleaded with him. 

"I'm too heavy for you.", he said concerned that his big body would hurt her. 

"No, you're not," she assured, him and smiled and kissed his mouth. 

Whispered words of love, and tender kisses, and touches, brought them even closer in the afterglow of their lovemaking. 

His last waking thought, was that he was glad he'd had a vasectomy.  He didn't want to find out now, that the doctors for her, had been wrong, about her infertility.  They were well into middle age, and if he had anything to say about it, they were going to spend the rest of their lives doing as they damn well pleased.  He didn't want a child holding them back from the life he envisioned for them.  He wanted to marry this woman, and wanted to spend the rest of their lives, travelling to all the places they wanted to go, but couldn't when they were younger, because of the commitments each had in their lives.  Besides he was about to be a grandfather, and he knew instinctively that she would make a wonderful grandmother.  He knew his grown children would welcome her with open arms.  Life was going to be good.  He couldn't tell her what he really did for a living, for fear she might leave.  He let her think that he was that professional photographer, he was, but it was also his hobby.  He also had one of the biggest cattle ranches in all of Texas, and he had oil, and lots of it.  He was a multi millionaire.  He would tell her, but not right now.

They slept, and woke later, in each others arms, and made love, again.  And again, before they finally fell asleep for the night. 
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