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A Walk Around the Lake, Chapter 12

The shower took longer than anticipated, on her part, for sure, because he joined her.  Hands touching.  Water cascading.  Mouths kissing.  Dinner was long forgotten, as they made love in the shower, and drying each other off, he picked her up, and carried her to the bed, and made love to her all over again.  It was dark, and neither had an inkling to get dressed and go out for dinner. 

Dressed in their robes, they padded into the kitchen, and decided on milk and toasted bacon sandwiches for a snack before bed.  They chuckled at the "before bed" as they had hardly been out of it all day.  They worked together in the small kitchen, stopping to kiss each other frequently.  Sitting at the small table, drinking their milk, and eating the bacon sandwiches, they talked about what was happening between them. 

"I love you," he said simply.  "I never expected to find this kind of love at this time of my life.  I'm 58 years old, my children are grown, and I have a grandchild on the way.  I'm excited that I've found you, and I don't want us to be apart, ever."

Listening to his words, she blushed, "I love you, too.  I didn't expect to find this kind of love a second time around.  I thought I was lucky to have found it once in my life.  Twice was too much to hope for, but it seems that the fates have smiled generously on us.  This week has been wonderful.  We've had so much fun, and we've taken the time to know each other.  That means a great deal to me."  She paused, and looked down at her hands, resting on the table.  Timidly she continued, "I don't want us to be apart, either."

Gently cupping his hand under her chin, he lifted her face, so he could look into her eyes.  "Say that again, Darling, and look me in the eye when you do."

She looked at his handsome face, and reached out, and stroked his cheek with her hand.  "I don't want us to be apart, either". 

A smile broke across his handsome face, and he took her hand in his, and kissed the palm.  "I love you, Darling!  I want to shout it to the world, but for now, I want to spend the rest of tonight showing you, just how much I love you."  He stood, and took her by the hand, and led her back into the bedroom of their cabin.  Untying the knot of the belt of her satin robe, and letting the soft fabric glide over her body, to puddle at her feet.  Eyes grazing over her body, taking in every inch of her beauty.  Just looking at her, aroused him.  Touching the soft skin of her breasts, teasing the nipples into stiff little peaks, pinching and twisting those peaks until she moaned with desire.  Sucking one breast into his mouth, whilst he teased the other with one hand, his other hand, going between her legs, to find the soft petals that lay within. 

Moaning her desire, was all she could do.  She looped her arms around his neck, she could hardly stand, her knees were so weak.  "Please," was the only word that made it from her lips. 

That lone plea, was all he needed, to scoop her into his arms, and lay her down on the middle of the king size bed.  He joined her there, and continued to worship her body, making love to her, with his mouth, his hands, and indeed, his own body.
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