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A Walk Around the Lake, Chapter 8

He heard her moan, and it sent the blood rushing to other parts of his body, than his head.  The effect she had on him was dizzying, in more ways than one.  Reluctantly, he ended the kiss, and kissed her on the forehead. 

"Let's go find someplace to have a nice quiet dinner, and get some coffee and breakfast fixin's for the morning.  The cabin has quite a nice little kitchen."

"We should ask the desk clerk in the office where to go for supper," she suggested.  "I don't know where to go in Jasper for a nice meal."

The walked over to the office, hand in hand, both of them feeling giddy at the prospect of the night that stretched out before them.  The clerk recommended a nice small dining room, that was down town.  He said the food was excellent, plentiful and reasonable.  The dining room always stayed open late in the summer, so they had time to find the grocery store and get some breakfast fare. 

She had no idea that grocery shopping could be such an intimate experience.  They found good coffee beans, and ground them at the store, and fruit, eggs, bacon, and bread and butter.  Milk and coffee cream were also added to their basket. 

They paid for their groceries, or rather he paid for the groceries, and insisted on doing so.  They went off to find the small dining room recommended by the desk clerk. 

The dining room was dimly lit, lending to a cozy, romantic atmosphere.  Soft background music played, and the tables were set far enough apart, that you couldn't hear the conversation at the next table.  They were shown to a table in the corner, a candle on the table already flickering a soft glow over the white linen tablecloth.  They were left with leather bound menus, and glasses of ice water.  He ordered a bottle of wine, and soon the waiter was back with it, and two wine glasses. 

They both decided on the grilled salmon, baked potato, and grilled vegetables.  They sipped the wine while they waited for their meals to arrive. 

She never had been a big drinker, but did enjoy a glass of wine on occasion.  Tonight, it seemed the alcohol went straight to her head, perhaps the fact that she was imbibing on an empty stomach.  She nibbled on a roll, hoping to stave off getting totally inebriated on one glass of white wine. 

Their meals came, the food was delicious, hot and plentiful.  The salmon, was to die for, and they ate in companionable silence.  The waiter stopped by, "Ah, the conversation has come to a halt, the food is good then, no?"  They both assured him, that the food was excellent, and he scurried off. 

They lingered over dessert and coffee, until they realized that the place was empty, and the chairs were being upended on the tables.  "Looks like we closed the place," he said to her, as they got up from their table and went to pay the bill. 

The short drive back to the cabin, was filled with an erotic energy.  Both of them knew that tonight was the night that would change both of their lives, forever. 

He spoke first.  "Nervous?"

"Just a little," she admitted shyly. 

"I want you to know, I'm clean.  I had a full battery of blood tests on my last check up, no hepatitis, no HIV.  I've never had an STD."  He told her this, as in this day and age one could never be too careful. 

She blushed, "Um, thank you.  I'm clean too.  We have to have those tests done regularly, in the hospital I work at.  No STD's for me either." 

It felt odd to be so frank with a man she had known just over a week, but she was glad he brought it up.  They arrived at the cabin, and carried in the groceries together.  So domestic, she thought, and smiled to herself. 

She had yet to see the cabin, and he encouraged her to explore as he put the groceries away.  She went from room to room, the sitting/dining area, with the small stone fireplace, the bedroom with the massive king size bed with the fluffy duvet and down pillows, and the bathroom, she stopped in the bathroom, with a two person whirlpool tub, and a shower big enough for two.  This wasn't what she had reserved.  There must have been a mistake. 

He came up behind her, and put his arms around her, and pulled her to him.  "When you told me where we would be staying, I upgraded our cabin.  I hope you don't mind."

She turned in his arms, and put her arms around him as well.  She smiled up at him, "No, I don't mind."

He asked her if she would like to try out the tub, and made a move to leave her alone. 

"Aren't you going to join me?", she asked coyly. 
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