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A Walk Around the Lake, Chapter 9

They stood in the bathroom kissing like teenagers.  Hell, they felt like teenagers!  This was all so new for both of them.  When she asked him if he was going to join her in the generous sized tub, his heart nearly flew out of his chest. 

He took her in his arms again, and kissed her passionately on the mouth, sweeping his tongue along her lower lip, until she gave in to the passion that she was feeling and gave him entrance to her mouth.  Their tongues danced, a mating ritual, a foreshadow of what was to come. 

He started to work at the buttons of her blouse, and watched her face as he did so.  He pushed the cotton garment from her shoulders and down her arms.  It floated to the floor, puddled at her feet. 

She pulled his shirt from the waistband of his khakis he was wearing, and fumbled with the buttons on his shirt.  Finally, she just tugged, and several of the buttons went flying, she apologized, and said she would sew them back on. 

"No worries, Darlin'" he assured her.  He removed his shirt, and turned to run the water, adjusting the temperature, for maximum relaxation.  He turned back to her, and enveloped her into his embrace.  He felt her tremble against him, and he decided to give her one last time to opt out of a sexual relationship.  "Are you sure you want this?" 

She answered him, kissing him on the mouth, while her hands were undoing his belt and the waistband button of his slacks.  She watched his face, his eyes, as she ever so slowly, painstakingly lowered the zip on his slacks.  His member was twitching with anticipation at the close proximity of her hands.

"Is that sure enough for you, Sweetheart?" she asked him, as her hands pushed his khakis over his hips, and down his muscular legs.  She dispensed with his briefs in an equally swift manner. 

Her hands went to her own waist, but he caught them in his.  "Please, let me, if you're okay with that." 

She looked down to watch his hands, but his hand cupped her chin and lifted her face so he could look at her.  "God, you are so beautiful.", he whispered.

It had been a long time since a man had called her beautiful, and she blushed, a pretty shade of pink.  Soon she was standing there, in her white lacy bra, and lacy thong pantie. 

He reached around her, and undid the hooks to her bra.  He slid the straps down her arms, and soon her breasts were freed from the lacy confines.  He leaned down, and placed a kiss on each fleshy orb. 

"Magnificent."  He whispered softly. 

He knelt before her, his hands on her hips, fingers edging in to the elastic waist of the thong she was wearing.  He wanted to rip it from her body, but he didn't want to frighten her.  He pulled the thong over her hips, and slid them over her thighs, and down her long legs.  He felt her hands on his shoulders as she stepped out of the skimpy piece of lace. 

He leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on her neatly trimmed mound, just enough downy hair, to be sexy.  He could never understand why men preferred bare skin here.  She was perfect in every way. 

He reached out, and parted the fleshy lips, to find the petals within.  Her erotic perfume was heady, and his mouth watered.  He found the pearl of her desire, and stroked it gently.  A moan was heard in the confines of the bathroom, but neither of them was sure who made the sound of desire. 

He stood, and shut the water off in the large tub.  He stepped in, and held his hand out for her to join him.  She placed her hand in his, and indeed joined him in the marvelous tub.  He dimmed the lights, and turned on the jets, and they sat back and relaxed in the swirling waters.  He pulled her close to his side, and left his arm around her shoulders.  He kissed her temple, and moved on down to her ear.  His tongue laved the folds of her ear, and he whispered, "I can't wait to do this to the rest of your beautiful body."

They sat in the tub, until the water started to cool, and the pads of their fingers looked like prunes.  They got out of the tub, and grabbed towels that were on a heated towel rack.  The warm soft terry, felt decadent against the skin.  They dried each other off, and he swung her into his arms, and carried her to the bedroom.  She reached down, and pulled the down duvet back, and he placed her in the center of the bed, and came to lay beside her. 

Her body was flushed with excitement, her heart palpitating like a trip hammer, her breathing quickening.  She reached for him, "Please. . .please make love to me."  It was a simple request, borne of desire for this man, a desire so strong it threatened to overwhelm her.  She would give in to the passion, for, right now, her entire life depended on it.

When he heard her say those words, with all the passion in her voice, soft, and sultry, he could feel the heat.  The ice around his heart melted.  He could deny her nothing.
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