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Affection 2

Sam and Kaori plan their life, but sometimes life is cruel.

High school was over. Summer had ended. And college was done. Sam and Kaori never spent more than a day apart from each other. With all their friends making jokes and pleas of girl's and guy's nights out, they never did any of those activities. Everything they did was done together. Sometimes their friends wondered if they were part of some cult that glorified sex cult that brainwashes their followers. Yet they always told the same answer time and time again. They loved each other, and it was as simple as that.

Sam found a job doing marketing for a small business firm in San Diego while Kaori became one of the most prospect able artists in southern California. They moved into an apartment where they lived for a little less than a year. It was late afternoon and they had made plans for going out to dinner. The reservations had to be booked at least a month in advance to get decent seats. Kaori was getting dressed. She wore a white slip dress that showed off her back and sculpted to her hips. The white lace lingerie she wore underneath was for Sam; she knew how aroused he got when she wore that underwear. Her breasts had grown over the years and were starting to show them off with the little cleavage the dress was making. With her hair pinned up with lacquered chopsticks and rectangular-framed glasses set on her eyes, she was ready to go to dinner.

"Are you ready to go Sammy?" asked Kaori. "We're gonna be late and you know how stubborn those French waiters can't wait for anything."

He didn't respond.

"Sam?" she asked again.

"Sam are you..." before she could finish, he placed his hands on her shoulders and massaged her gently.

"I have a better idea," Sam said.

"And what might that be?" Kaori replied.

He turned her so that he could look into her beautiful brown eyes.

"Do you remember our first kiss, Kaori?"

"Of course I do. It was one of the most vivid memories I have of us. Why are you asking me sweetheart?"

" have been the best thing that's ever happened to me. The years we've been together have been a blessing. Even during college when most relationships fail, we were still standing strong."

"I know, all those girls I saw trying to get you to screw them, you never did. Just like I had a bunch of guys drool over me when I posed nude for thee fine drawing class. They tried to steer me away from you, but I always came back to you. Even with out little fights, we still love each other and more. But Sammy, why are you bringing this up?"

He wrapped his hand around the back of her head and caressed her gently. Yet Kaori had the strangest feeling that something was wrong.

"Sammy, what's wrong?"

Sam moved back from her by at least a foot and then slid his hand into his pocket. As he did so, he started to kneel. At that very moment, Kaori gasped and started to tear up. She knew what he was doing, but it still took the life out of her and sent her heart racing. Sammy pulled out a box and presented it in his hand.

"Kaori Nakamura, when we first met it was under bad conditions. As we grew up, I have always had this feeling that I couldn't ignore. Something inside me just kept burning in my instincts. Since college it has been building more and more and making me surer of what I was feeling. I love you Kaori. I don't imagine my life without you by my side."

He then opened the box and there she saw her ring, it was a beautiful gold, channel set ring with blue sapphires and diamonds. She started to cry more, she loved the color of yellow gold, she loved the design, and her birth month was September, sapphire was her birthstone.

"With this ring, I give to you not only my love, but my life. Kaori Nakamura....will you do me the honor....of being my bride?"

With tears of joy in her eyes and love adorned to him, she took her time to build up her strength, and then it came out.

"Yes Sam Williams. Yes I will marry you."

She lunged at him and kissed him so hard he was almost in pain. They fell to the floor and she was now straddling him. Sammy took the ring form the box and slipped it onto his fiancé's ring finger. She looked at it while it was going on her hand and when it fit, she kissed him again started to rip off his clothing.

"I need you now, baby. I need your cock deep inside me. Fuck me honey. FUCK ME NOW!!!"

Her demanding words made Sam hard and erect. He got out of his boxers and started to tear off her dress. He saw the lingerie she was wearing and mad him insatiable with lust. He grabbed her breasts and took the cups and ripped them off her body, releasing her breasts into his hands and started to twist her nipples. Kaori could feel his hard cock head pushing against the crotch of her white lace panties, making her wet with her juices. She then pulled the crotch of the panties aside and grabbed Sam's cock and brushed the head against her swollen lips. With one thrust, he pushed his cock inside her wet, warm pussy and hit right at her G-spot. Kaori let out a load scream as she felt him push in. She felt like he was bigger than ever and that he was going to split her in two. Sam grabbed her ass and squeezed it hard so that he could reach even deeper inside her sex. Kaori could feel his balls pushing against her with each thrust and slammed down harder to get him even deeper. They feeling was almost there. Sammy felt the twinge building up inside his scrotum.

"Oh god baby, I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come!"

"I feel it too, oh FUCK IM GONNA CUM!!!"

Hearing Kaori swear turned him on even more.

"BABY BABY BABY..............., IM COMING!"


Sammy finally released his cum inside Kaori and filled her with every drop he had. They both came so hard that they pulled muscles trying to contain themselves. Her nails dug so deep inside his shoulders that she pierced past the skin. Kaori collapsed on top Sammy; she was shaking because her body was in one hard orgasm. Both were now breathing heavily, trying to recuperate. When the caught their breath, she looked at him and smiled so happily.

"Sammy, I couldn't have asked for a better man. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"You will Kaori. I love you"

"I love you"

Nine months have passed and things have been moving well. With their parent's approval tucked under their souls and all the plans coming to an end, Sam and Kaori were on top of the world and couldn't be happier. There wedding day was a month away and since his proposal, they have been making love and everyday and never got tired. They grew more adventurous each day and tried new ways to have sex, make love, and fuck like crazy.

One day, Sam came home to find a trail of rose petals placed across the hardwood floor. He knew it was a trail, and started to follow it. His first destination was a note on the kitchen table. He opened it up and read the message. It read, "strip naked and follow me." He could smell her perfume on the card and could also smell a feint trace of her sex on the card. She was teasing him, and he wanted more. He stripped off all of his clothes and walked, following the rose petals. He was led into the bedroom. He opened the door and awaited seeing her waiting for him on their bed. However, he only saw the sheets were black beech wood. He looked around for her, but she was nowhere to be seen. He moved closer to the bed and touched the sheets. They were 1000 thread count and it felt like butter on his fingertips. Then he smelled her perfume again, but before he could turn to see, he felt a hand grasp his cock and he heard her speak.

"Don't you dare turn around, slave. Do you hear me?" she said.

"What the he.." Sam started but then stopped because he felt the hand on his cock squeeze very hard and caused him to silence up.

"This is your last warning. DON'T turn around and don't say a word. Do you understand?" she demanded.

Quickly he shaked his head yes, and he felt her and ease off on the pressure on his hard throbbing cock.

"Good slave. You need some discipline, and I'm gonna give it to you."

Kaori Was dressed in a tight latex dominatrix outfit that had clasps and buckles and chains strewn around her breasts. There were no cups on her corset so her breasts were pouring out and her brown nipples were very pert. The latex g-string and black fishnet stockings only added to the curves of her body. She grabbed a blindfold and tied it to Sam's head. After securing the knot on the blindfold, she raked her left hand all over his back while her right hand was still grasping his cock, wondering if he could feel that she was wearing a velvet glove as he was getting stroked. She turned him around and spoke again.

"Don't you dare try to touch me. Do you understand?" she spoke with just a hint of elation in her voice.

Sam nodded yes, and then was pushed onto the bed where she immediately straddled his body. She grabbed a flogger and started to drag it over his chest, focusing the leather straps to touch his firm nipples. He started to gasp as he felt the flogger, and could also feel hic cock pushing against the leather crotch of her g-string. He couldn't tell, but Kaori was smiling so wide, trying not to let out a moan that would show Sam that she is not in control. She quickly got her head back and pushed the flogger away. She then grabbed a riding crop, and the flicked it at Sam's chest. He started to moan and moan louder each time Kaori would hit harder. She almost hit so hard the crop almost broke. Sam was in pain, but he didn't want her to stop. Her breathing got louder as well. She saw one space on his chest that started to turn deep red and leaned in to quickly bite it. Sam almost orgasmed when she bit down. He let out a moan so loud he almost disturbed the neighbors. After hearing his moan, she knew he was ready.

"You've been very good, slave. I will let you have your prize. I'll let you fuck my pussy now, but you better do a very good job, or else you will suffer." Kaori spoke.

He wrapped his arms around her and rolled her onto her back. He sucked on her neck while his hands slid down her g-string. His left hand slid up and touched her lips to see how wet she was. Kaori sucked in a deep breathe as he fingered her lips. He leaned into her ear and spoke.

"Now you're mine, you dirty Fuckslut."

She loved it when Sam talked dirty to her and almost came hearing the words, but then she felt Sam's cock push in and she gripped him tight with her vaginal muscles. He could feel her gripping him and pushed in more. Then Sam started to pump his hard cock inside her, feeling every small millimeter of her sex suck him in so that he could reach more. She quickly wrapped her legs around him and tried to get all of him insider her wet pussy. They were fucking like animals, fierce, but loving at the same time. When neither could take anymore, Kaori had one more surprise. Just as Sam was about to come, she reached down with the velvet glove still on her hand and quickly grabbed his balls and squeezed. He felt her grasp and erupted inside her. He filled her with so much sperm she felt like she was going to explode. Then she came and bit down on his shoulder hard. They stayed on that one position for more than a minute and finally collapsed of exhaustion. She looked at him and removed the blindfold. He saw her with a cocky smile and said to him, "Good slave." He smiled back and said "Good Fuckslut." They both laughed and kissed again.

Two weeks until their wedding. They went to the tailors to make their final fittings of their tux and gown. Kaori's friends saw her in her wedding dress and got envious of how beautiful she looked. As she smiled and turned her body, Kaori started to feel lightheaded. She just passed it off as nerves. Then she began to feel hot all over. Her body was now feeling like it was on fire. She collapsed to the floor so fast that her friends didn't even know what was going on.

"Kaori? KAORI?" they screamed.

They rushed to her side and tried to hold her, but she was in pain. She couldn't breathe.

"CALL 911 NOW!"

Sam was getting fitted for his hemline when his best man Max got the call from the maid of honor Deanna. A look of horror came over his face when she told him what was going on. He had to tell Sam. He had to tell him his fiancé was rushed to the hospital.

"Sam..." Max spoke.

"Yeah bro?" he replied. As soon as he saw Max's face, he had the feeling that something was terribly wrong. "What's going on? What's happened?"

"Kaori was rushed to Scripps Memorial. She collapsed, man, they don't know why" Max replied.

He grabbed his keys and got in his car and drove fast to get to his love. When he got to the waiting room, he saw the bride's maids and the rest of the family; mom, dad, his mother and his father, everyone was there. He knew something has taken to the worst.

The doctor pulled him to the side.

"I'm sorry to tell you this sir, but she's not doing well. I'm afraid her condition is quite severe."

"What do you mean? What condition?"

"We don't have the blood work back in from the lab, but based on her X-Rays it looks like she has caught an advanced stage of pneumonia. We're giving her all the antibiotics we have, but they don't seem to do any damage to the bacteria. I'm sorry to tell you this Mr. Williams, but she is fading, and I honestly don't know how much longer she has left."

Sam was now in tears, trying to keep his composure.

"When can I see her?"

"She's awake right now and asked specifically for you. You can see her now."

The walk to her bed was short, but it felt like time had slowed down and was keeping his body in suspension. Only his mind was racing. He never even thought of the idea of when she would die. He always thought that he would grow old with Kaori and they would live in their home, surrounded by their children. They even picked their names. Their first was going to be a girl, Elizabeth Maria, then their son Xavier, their twin boys Sean and Patrick, and their second daughter, Stephanie Moira. He remembered that they discussed other names, but he couldn't remember them. Finally, he reached her bed and stood by her side. Her eyes were closed. He looked at her and couldn't help but cry. She awoke to find him with tears in his eyes. She smiled her gorgeous smile and raised her hand to touch his face. He leaned his head in and held her hand. She started to speak, but her voice was low and slowed down by her restricted breathing.

"I want you to know something, Sam. I had a dream today. I saw my own death. But for some reason, I felt at piece. I know in my heart that I'm going to die soon."

As soon as he heard those words, he almost broke down.

"I know that this isn't what we planned, but it's how it is. Just remember that I love you and that you helped make a difference in my life. I know your going to be sad when I'm gone. Please don't be. Don't boil down all the time we had together to tears. Be happy in knowing that you made a difference in someone else's life. Please try to let some other woman see what you allowed me to see; a sexy, wonderful, intelligent man. I'll be watching over you, Sam. Remember, I'll always love you. And I will always be with you in your mind, body, and soul. I love you Sammy."

With everything he could muster up, he said, "I love you, Kaori."

She smiled as he spoke the words. She closed her eyes and let out one slow, final breath. The strength in her arm was gone. And he heard her life-support machine flat line. And in one moment....Kaori Nakamura was gone.

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