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Amanda in Taiwan - Chap 1

Dom takes his slave on a world sex tour

Amanda in Taiwan  - Chapter 1


  Well, there was no doubt it was your first international long-distance flight. The last ten hours from Seattle to Taipei were hard on you; I admit that having you change into that little sundress, and insisting that you leave your underwear in the carry-on didn’t help.  When the lights went off after dinner and most of the passengers in business class were watching a movie, I removed the arm-rest between our seats, reclined both to the max and spread a blanket over both of us.

 The feel of your hot flesh under my palm kept me hard for the length of the movie. I told you that you were not allowed to cum as my right hand caressed the firm flesh of your high, round breasts, moving from the left (closest to me) to the right and back. You moan and tell me that it’s not fair and you look at me with a pout that would do a high-school cheerleader proud.   I smile back and bring my lips next to yours – we kiss so romantically and once again I can’t believe the pure pleasure of simply making out with you. But for both our sakes, I have to remain focused and strong. So I slip my hand beneath the scooped neck of your lightweight sundress and take your swelling right nipple between my finger and thumb. I heard your gasp, but I don’t think anyone else did…probably not.

As your eyes opened and found mine, I asked you one question. I put my lips next to your ears and whispered softly, “Who owns your cunt, Amanda?”  You gasped again as my finger and thumb rolled the hot pink tube between them.    

You looked at me with a lust and passion that just makes me crazy. “You do, Steven.” You moaned softly and then repeated yourself.  

My fingers slid off your swollen tip and cupped the bottom of the same breast. First, I just felt the weight and the mass of it, and then my fingers started to press into the firm flesh. My lips still close to yours, I whispered again. “Tell me why we’re here, slut. Why are we making this trip?” My fingers weren’t really hurting you, but you definitely knew you were being handled.  

Your eyes opened wide and your breathing got faster and shallower. When you whispered your reply, it was in the smoky, sexy, blues-bar voice that you know makes me crazy. “To help me grow, my love…” Your moan was hot, sexy…you weren’t hurt, but you felt the ache in your breast turn to pleasure as you took it inside you. “To help me experience my…fantasies.” You arched your back, pressing your breast into my hand, like you were asking for more pressure, perhaps even a little pain.  “To be your slut, Steven…” You turned your face and kissed me hard, your tongue moving feverishly in my mouth. “To be your slave, Master...” I still wonder if your increased volume was an accident like you claimed later.  

I dropped my voice and said, “Then you’ll do what I fucking tell you to…and I’m telling you not to cum.” Then checking around, up and down the aisle in the darkened cabin and seeing no one, I peeled the blanket off your chest and as I took my hand out of your dress, your breasts were exposed for a very long three or four seconds and the look of total lust that shot from your eyes seemed to light the whole area around us. I got up and moved down the aisle to the restroom. The trip got interesting a few minutes later when I got out.

Waiting in the tiny alcove next to the restroom door was a typical forty-something business flyer, comfortable in Dockers and a sweater. “Excuse me,” he said, “I’ve…uhmmm…been sitting right behind you…” He was an okay looking guy, wedding ring and a Rolex made him pretty safe, if he was going where I thought he was. He was. “I couldn’t help overhearing…uhm…your wife?” I shook my head quickly to dispel that thought. “Well, your companion, I guess,” he continued, still visibly nervous. “Is she…really…what she said?” There, it was out in the open and he was definitely feeling easier as I hadn’t hit him or done anything rude.  “I’m terribly sorry…my name is Richard, Richard Andrews.”

I grinned easily, leaning against the wall. “Pleased to meet you, Richard. And the answer is yes.” I saw the big grin that crossed his face. “So obviously, my companion and I don’t need names.” We spoke quietly for a few minutes and at the end of that time, he handed me two twenty dollar bills and a single ten. I told him he had to wait until about 30 minutes after the movie ended. By that time, everyone should have gone to the restrooms and gotten their last drinks from the flight attendants and the cabin lights were lowered all the way.

Leaving him to his business, I made my way back to our row and slid into my seat. We snuggled together, kissing and petting, getting comfortably turned on again. And in the middle of this ‘feel good’ make-out session, my voice got a little harsh as I whispered in your ear. “Time to get to work, slut.” I felt you shiver in my arms, never for a second dreaming I would have started your experience so soon. You kissed me – hard this time – and then asked me to tell you what to do. “For now, just turn around… between the seats; the guy sitting behind me – his name is Richard.” I had to slow you down; I thought you were going to start hyperventilating. This entire thing had suddenly become so real to you…so frightening…so shameful and humiliating. You looked up at me, your face full of doubt and fear.

“This has all been so exciting, Steven…but…I can’t do this…I’m so sorry, love.” I was shocked for just a moment. I must have forgotten for a second how you love to be forced to be the bad girl.

My hand dropped to your sex and I gripped it hard. “You forget so quickly, slut. Now you will do as I say, yes?” This time you felt the pain before you absorbed it inside you. You nodded and moaned your acceptance. With some misgivings, I ‘broke character’ for a moment. “Amanda, I know this is gonna be hard, but this just popped up, so to speak. Trust me, baby, this is the easiest way to start. Okay, love?” You nodded again, with a smile and a giggle and a gleam in your crystalline eyes. Dropping back into the Master mode, I told you all you needed to do was sit up between the seats and smile at him, say “hi, Richard” and pull your dress forward and down so he could see your tits. You gasped and giggled and that time only, I let you punch me in the shoulder. First you kissed me like a schoolgirl and then like a thousand-dollar hooker. Then you pushed me away and looking around quickly, you turned into the gap, said your piece and then exposed yourself, your nipples as hard and throbbing as they had ever been and your eyes were completely glazed over with lust and dirty desires. You stayed there, trembling and moaning until I finally turned you around and set you back down in your seat. When you relaxed a little, we started to snuggle and kiss again.

With my hands under the blanket, caressing your breasts and teasing your nipples with my right hand while my left found your sex and played in your creamy slit, I explained how he had overheard you earlier and asked if you were available. When I told you that I’d said yes, you almost came again. I told you that I knew you had cum showing him your tits, and I was gonna let you get away with that one…but NO MORE until I gave you permission.

“Yes, Master,” you giggled softly and lovingly, feeling so sheltered and safe and loved.

We continued to make out, hands busy under the blanket. I told you, bit by bit, what I had discussed with the man who would be your first john. About thirty minutes after the movie ended, you would move back to his seat after he moved over to the window seat. He would cover you both with the blanket and then you would pull your dress all the way up, over your breasts to your shoulders. By this time you were shaking again, so excited at the thought of what was to happen. That, and the way I was gently finger-fucking your insanely wet pussy and caressing and playing with your breasts, totally avoiding your nipples… knowing how crazy that can make you.

“After you’re ready,” I continued, “you will let him touch you…anywhere…” I felt the pull in your torso and I knew your concern. “If you don’t start trusting me, bitch, I’m gonna leave you in the airport when we land.”   Now my fingers found their way to your swollen, rubbery nipples and pinched them quickly and sharply. Your gasping mouth and your shining eyes were making my cock throb. “Do you understand, you stupid little whore?”   I saw your eyes go in-and-out of focus as my fingers pressed together even harder until you gasped once more and nodded your head. I released your breasts and kissed you lightly on the forehead.

My voice lightened and I looked deep into your eyes. “Of course, Amanda, I told him he can’t touch you there – I told him your ass is only for me. Okay?” You smiled and moved back close and we kissed away that concern. When I felt you were ready to hear more, I continued to tell you what to expect. “When your dress is up, you will start performing for him. What that means is that Richard paid me fifty bucks for you to give him a hand-job while he feels your hot, sexy bits all he wants. He’ll have a towel to finish in…let him feel it on your fingers and hand…stroke him slowly at the end, squeeze out the last drops, my love. If you want, let him see you lick a little of it off your fingers – you may get a tip for that. ”

You turned to me and there were tears in your eyes. “Oh my God, Steven, you couldn’t have made this any better for my first time.” We kissed again and when you relaxed, we continued to make out for the rest of the movie. When the lights went off, I asked you what time it was.  “Seattle time, baby?” You looked at your watch, trying to read the tiny numerals.

I wrapped my arm around you and pulled you close. I started kissing and licking and sucking on the soft flesh just under your chin and where your neck meets your smooth, sexy shoulder. When you were squirming in delight, I said, “No, love…Seattle time, Taipei time…it doesn’t matter. The time, Amanda, is thirty minutes before you become a real, live, paid whore.” And for the next half-hour, I kept you right on the edge of climax. Finally, when all the lights were dimmed and the rest of the passengers in the cabin had settled down, you moved up off of your seat and slid past me; you gave me a quick kiss as you passed (I reminded you that whores never kiss their clients) and then you quickly sat in Richard’s seat directly behind me. After I took a quick look around, I moved between our seats into the gap – where I could and did see every single thing that went on.

Your eyes found mine and a flood of warmth and support and total acceptance flowed through them. You smiled at me with the serenity of a Madonna and the lusty hungers of Mary Magdalene. You are Woman Complete and I knew in that moment that I would never find another like you.

Richard started to move closer and as he tried to kiss you, you gave him your cheek and I heard you whisper, “No kissing, honey” just like the slut you so want to be. He said he understood and he was ready when you were. I smiled back at both of you and then we watched your hands under the blanket, pulling your sexy little sundress up from your legs to your shoulders. At the same time, I looked at your first john as he lifted his butt off his seat and slid his pants downward, giving you complete access to his cock and balls.

God, you were so perfect! Despite all the fantasy emails we shared and the dirty pillow talk about your dark desires, it was a long way from any true physical reality. And so for you to be like you were on your first time out, it was amazing to watch.

You slid your hand to his side and then over his thigh, moving slowly and teasingly towards the growing mound between his legs. Looking closely at the thin blanket I could see your small hand start to slide up and down and twisting around, over and over again keeping him hard and wanting to cum. When I saw his hands move towards you under the blanket I took a quick peek around the immediate area and seeing no one watching, I stuck my arm through the gap and slowly pulled the blanket down.  

Three sets of eyes tracked the edge of the lightweight blanket in the dim glow of the emergency lighting. The pale round globes of the tops of your breasts were exposed first, and then the blanket moved south, slowly bringing your thick, swollen nipples into view. Your groans were getting too loud and your breathing was too fast and shallow. I told your customer to pinch your breasts and I told you calm down and remain silent as I brought the blanket to your lap.

I watched your breasts quiver under a stranger’s hand, moving between them, flicking your nipples and squeezing your firm tit-flesh. Your eyes kept flickering between my eyes and his hand and I knew you were getting closer and closer to a huge climax. Feeling foolishly brave, I pulled the blanket down further so we could all see his fingers moving in and out of your cunt – I was close to cumming myself by that point. I reached in again and pulled it down on his side – I wanted…no, I needed to see you handling him, knowing it was all part of your fantasy. So his hard, curved cock was exposed and being worked over by your tiny hand, moving so fast it was almost a blur. Your nipples were so hard and long, your breasts heaving as he played roughly with them. And your beautiful cunt, accepting his fingers and building his dreams was a work of erotic art. It was, without question, the single hottest, sexiest, most erotic thing I have ever seen. And so, for that very reason, I reached through the gap one last time…and turned on the overhead reading lamp.

You both gasped at the sudden intrusion and he came while you stroked him, shooting five or six creamy ropes into the air. They landed either on his stomach or your hand and remembering your instructions, you started squeezing him slowly to draw out the remaining semen until finally there was just a single drop of him left on the piss-slit of his cock. Remembering what I’d said earlier about a tip, you leaned over him and licked up that single drop with the very tip of your sweet, pink tongue and made sure he watched it go into your mouth.  After you both finished trembling, his from cumming and yours from not cumming, I killed the light and turned around and waited for you to return to your seat.

A few minutes later, I felt you pull my leg to the side as you slid past and fell back into your seat. Even in the darkened cabin, I could see the wide smile across your beautiful face.

“ Master, that was wonderful!!!” you leaned across and kissed me so lovingly, your tongue massaging mine. You drew back and I saw a combination of lust and glee in your shining eyes. “He gave me $100!” Your squeal of delight brought a soft chuckle from the row behind us.

I sensed Richard move up to the gap. “Hope you don’t mind…she was just delightful…I asked her if I could give her a little kiss and she said okay…for $100. I thought she was so cute, I had to say yes.” Then he turned his attention to you. “Honey, you were delightful…thanks again. Somehow I think this was your very first time and I feel lucky and honored – you are a beautiful young woman. But please, be careful, little girl…there are a lot of guys out there who aren’t…you know…nice guys…like me.” He sounded embarrassed – he was clearly treating you like his daughter now. “Just…you know…take care, honey…be safe.” He slid back into his seat, disappearing for the rest of the flight.

I put the blanket over both of us again; the cabin was dark and silent, two or three reading lamps lit across the way and several rows ahead of ours. As our hands moved softly over each other, you put your lips to my ear and started whispering. Your smoky voice was pulling directly on my groin, the vibrations keeping me on the edge.

“Master, can I cum…please?”

“No, not yet, slave. Did you like that?

“Oh my God!!! I loved it, Master. I loved that you were watching me…being a real whore.” When your smoky, sexy whisper became a giggle of childish delight, I almost came myself.

“I’m so glad for you, baby. But Richard,” I gestured behind us, “was right. Not all of the clients you entertain will be as nice as he is.” I could feel a tremble across your torso. “Don’t worry, baby, you know I would never leave you alone or let anyone hurt you. No, I mean some will tell you what to do, what to say, how to move… different things like that.” My voice dropped and got very hard again. “And you will do it…whatever they want, if it’s on the menu, slut.”

The trembling had changed to a low vibration that was moving through your flesh, exciting every single part of you. “What to say?” You moaned the short question. “I don’t understand.”

My fingertip flicked across the tip of your swollen, hard nipple and you moaned again; I felt your hips grinding into your seat beneath the blanket.

“I mean that if some guy wants you to call him ‘Daddy’ while he eats your pussy…or if he wants you to whisper in his ear ‘fuck your little girl…fuck me harder, Daddy’ then that is what you will do…it’s what a whore does. You’re a whore now.”

I held my palm flat against your firm, flat tummy and felt the vibrations building. I could hear the change in your breathing and I knew you were so close to a massive cum. I moved my hand lower and you gasped when my finger found the little hood over your throbbing clit and started to rub tiny circles around the hot flesh.

“Ohhhh… Master…I don’t…can’t take it…” your words and moans combined to make a super-hot sound.

“Ready to cum, slut?” I moved my finger so every other circle found the sensitive flesh with a little pressure.

You leaned into me as close and as hard as you could, throwing both arms around my neck and burying your face in the crook of my shoulder. “Yes, Master…so ready…” you moaned into my hot flesh.

I slowed my fingers way down, and using the familiar techniques that I have used on you so many times before, I quickly brought you to a dead stop, leaving you hanging so unbelievably close to the edge.

“Please, Master, don’t stop!”   Your tears of frustration were rolling down your perfect cheeks. “God…so close…not fair.” You were whimpering like spoiled child and it was really starting to excite me, my cock was starting to vibrate.   All of a sudden, it seemed like another opportunity had simply presented itself – an opportunity to take something else a little further.

I waited for your juvenile whimpering to stop and then grabbed a handful of your long, blond hair, yanking it hard and pulling your face up. “Not for you, maybe…now let’s see about me.” I pulled your head under the blanket in the dark cabin and after a few quick fumbling moves, you finally had my hard cock in your mouth. Pressing your face to my groin I forced my rock-hard shaft to the back of your throat. When I heard you start to gag from under the blanket, I pulled you up by your hair long just long enough for you to steal a breath before I shoved your head down again.

Three times I repeated that rough treatment and each time ended with you gagging and choking. But by the last time, the look in your tear-filled eyes had changed completely. Gone were the confusion and then the hurt…leaving a glow of satisfied lust.

You told me once that as a maturing young teen, you had your Daddy wrapped around your finger but your mother seemed cold and distant. If you looked at him like you were looking at me, then there was no mystery left about your youth.

Like a child caught with a hand in the cookie jar, your expression told me everything. The rough treatment was just enough to bring you over the top; you climaxed while gagging on your Master’s cock. All I could do was shake my head and smile.

Somehow, you knew just what I needed and you softly suckled the fat, spongy head of my prick while your fingertips gently massaged my balls. You did this so lovingly, Amanda, with so much feeling and passion that I felt like you were thanking me for making you climax that way. There was no hurry, just the soft sucking of your full, sweet lips and the delightful feel of your tongue circling the crown ridge; after a few minutes of pure delight there was a sudden electric rush that I seemed to feel everywhere at once. Your fingers drew the crème from my balls up the hard, curved shaft and then your soft, puffy lips sucked pulse after pulse of my semen into your mouth and down your throat. I had to fight the urge to hold your head down again and cum directly in your throat – this slow, sensuous, and loving treatment was ultimately so much more intensely satisfying. You didn’t stop your ultra-soft sucking and licking until I was too sensitive to take any more. Finally we kissed softly, deeply, and then we fell asleep until we were awakened along with the rest of the cabin about an hour before we landed.


(to be continued)

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