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An Night to Remember, Part III

It's not just the steam in the bathroom heating things up....


He awoke before she did.   The late afternoon sun, filtered through the drawn shades, filled the room with a perfect mix of muted light.   Silently, not wishing to wake her, his eye traced her perfect curves, following the line from her neck to her shoulder, and on to that sexy abdomen—his eyes lingered there.   She was lying on her side, facing away from him, and the top sheet loosely covered her waist, leaving her upper body exposed.   From his vantage point, resting on the pillow behind her, he watched the slow rise and fall of her breathing.  

A solitary sunbeam from between the curtains lit her curves like a sun over dunes of golden sand.   His mind drifted, and he imagined being alone with her on a secluded island beach.

He threw the towels down next to the canvas lounge chairs, kicked off his sandals, and stepped gingerly as the hot sand burned against the soles of his feet.   The heat from the sand was almost too much to bear, but he knew he'd adapt in a moment.   He really didn't notice the heat that much anyway... his focus was on HER.

Damn, she looked good in that bikini.

She was carrying the drinks they'd ordered at the beach bar.   She set the beverages down on the table between the chairs, and looked towards the crashing surf.

"My God, Paul, this place is beautiful."

"It sure is," he replied.   "And Kim, it's even more beautiful with you adorning the beach."

"Oh hush!" she chided.  

He grinned, knowing she enjoyed his compliments, even though she rebuked them.

"Shall we swim?" she asked.  

"You have to ask?!   The water looks perfect!"   It did, of course, but he also knew that SHE looked perfect, and he wanted to see her in a wet bikini just as much as he wanted to play in the water with her.   He picked up his drink, took a sip, and turned to join her on the way to the water, but she was already halfway there, running to the surf.   He lingered for a moment and watched her shapely legs kick up the hot dry sand as the propelled her body into the hard packed wet sand, then the white froth that edged the ocean, and finally into the deeper crystal clear blue water, where she dove in.

As he ran to join her, she popped up from under the water, her long hair wearing the sea, glistening and plastered smoothly to her back.   She laughed just like a little girl, thrilled to be here.   He plunged into the water and swam just under the surface.   The water was so crystal clear he could see every detail, even without goggles.   Her legs shimmered with ribbons of light that were refracted from the sun's playful touches on the sea's surface.  

He swam closer to her, under the water, and she could see him coming, like a shark locked onto its prey.   She giggled again and started back-pedaling to get away from his advance, but of course the water's resistance made any escape impossible.   Soon he was upon her, and he latched on to her legs, pinching her thighs in playful bites that made her yelp.

He popped out of the water facing her, water streaming from his dark curly hair, his hands at her hips.   "You PINCHED ME!" she squealed.

"Who, ME?!"   He feigned innocence, and then pinched her again, this time on her fantastic ass.   "You mean like that?!"

"Ouch!   YES, like that!"   He noticed that when he pinched her flesh, the nipples hidden under her red silk top got much harder, threating to punch through the material.   He moved his hand to give those a playful pinch too, and she swatted his hand away.   "Don't even think about it!"   Her eyes had grown wide, into large circles of surprise, as she stopped his attempt to pinch those wonderful nipples.

"Oh, but I did think about it.   In fact, I still am!" he said, and his hands tried again to reach the protuberances that begged to be nipped.

She giggled and swatted him away once more before struggling away from his grasp and diving away, escaping, for now.   He pursued her, but his large frame was harder to move through the water.   He finally stood up, exhausted from his aggressive swim, and couldn't see where she was.   Finally, some 30 yards away, she popped to the surface.

"Wow," he exclaimed.   "You're a fast swimmer!"

"I should be!   I competed all through high school," she said as she flipped her head to fling her wet hair in a wide arc that sprayed a circle of water over her.

"No shit!"

"No shit!   I medaled in State every year, too!   You wanna try to catch me?!" she playfully bantered.   She giggled and dove into the water again.  

'Swimming... that explains her great figure and toned body,' he thought.   He tried to spot which direction she had swam, so he could chase her, but his question was soon answered by the sudden PINCH on his ass.

"Holy HELL!" he cried, as she burst to the surface, laughing gleefully.  

"Gotcha!" she said.

He was so lost in his dream of them at the beach, staring up at the ceiling with a smile, that he hadn't noticed her awaken and turn towards him.   She had pulled back the sheet a bit and admired his hard on.   She wrapped her hand around him.

"Gotcha!" she said, as he twitched, startled back to now.

She had him, all right.   She had him right were she wanted him.


>> to be continued

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