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Another day at the garage

1st attempt at this- be kind. A little long, maybe..part two coming soon.

 Another Saturday here at the garage. I’ve been running these departments for what seems like forever now. Every day, the same thing. Cars line up to get fixed, we try to fix ‘em, no one’s ever happy. 730am it starts, 7pm its over. Back for more. Saturday’s are the worst – talk about tedious – it’s just babysitting. Could be home doing a lot of things that aren’t this…but that check keeps coming in and, in reality, after 25 years, what else do I know how to do? Not much – it’s been my only job since high school.


  Well,   hope we don’t have any problems or stupidity to deal with today. Just a smooth, money maker that keeps everyone smiling and we can all go home and enjoy our one day off this week. Weather’s warming up this week, so that will help the mood. And, maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of some T&A since the winter coats are put away for the season. Maybe a couple cute college girls will come in to get the oil changed for the spring break trip…maybe a nice, big titted MILF…hmmm. OK, now we’re talking… Ahhh, it never pans out anyway. Ha! At least they can’t suck the life out of our daydreams here.


  Wonder what’s going on out on the drive? Better check things out, make sure our customers are handled, things are going smooth. Looks like one pulling up now, little minivan. The guys are on the phone, I’ll help them out and greet the customer.


 “Hi, welcome to WestEnd Auto – I’m Sal – can I help you out?” “Yes, thanks – I have a warning light on – I’m supposed to go tomorrow and pick up my kids from their grandma’s tomorrow and don’t trust to drive it” “ No problem” I say “ We can get it in and check it out” “Hold on while I get one of my guys to write you up”


 I went to Carl, he didn’t look as busy and told him to get the lady written up. I returned to the paperwork awaiting in the service office. As I sat down, I looked out the window and watched to make sure she was helped. Then she got out of the car..”Good Lord!” I said to myself. I should payed more attention! Now, she wasn’t “gorgeous” or – even “pretty”, but she was not unattractive. About 5’4”, maybe 130lbs, short dark hair – you know, that “mommy cut” -that easy to take care of and “get everyone out of the house and off to school look “ . She had a nice, defined waist and some mommy curves, cute face, but no make up, but nice skin. She was dressed for a Saturday of house work, I imagine. Cotton Capri pants, one of those baseball long sleeve t’s, gray with red sleeves. But now, having her stand there outside her car, I see my dream come to life! How could I have missed that? I looked right at her in the window of the car!


  Anyway, there they are – two round, cantaloupes under that tshirt, hanging damn near her waist . They were kind of squished together and I could see the outline of a heavy duty bra under the shirt – 4 hooks for sure, I chuckled. Obviously, one of those minimizer bras I hate – squeeze them all in so it looks like they’re smaller. Come on! Be proud of those babies. In any event, they are big and floppy, waiting to be released from their captivity. After a life time of inspecting huge, floppy MILF udders as a second career, I knew there was gold in them thar hills. I bet when you release those fun bags, they flop past her belt line, with some nice, big stretched out nipples point straight south. MMMM! I can almost taste them! I need to get a closer look. I’ll let her settle in the lounge and go in for a look-see. I bet they are sitting in her lap while she reads some outdated Time magazine. Well, for now, back to work. I’ll   go check in a few.


  The phone on my desk rings, “Yeah, Carl – what’s up?” Carl says “ Hey, that lady with the van? She needs a ride home – we need this thing all day. The shuttle driver is MIA and she’s getting antsy – got someone to take her home?” My first thought was to send the carwash kid, so I tell Carl “Have Rudy take her in the parts truc..wait – cancel that. You know what, I better go – I don’t want the wash to get behind” (Or, I now have prime opportunity to watch those udders jiggle down the road all the way home) “Let her know I’ll pull my car up in just a minute” Carl replied “Thanks, Boss – I am running like crazy and don’t need that one whining to her husband we made her wait”

  I pull my car around and go inside to find her. Just as I suspected, an old magazine in her hands – sorry, it was People – I was close though. Yes, there they are, resting comfortably on her thighs.. oh, I love how those tshirts follow every curve. And look! Mmmm – just as I suspected, those nipples are thick and pointing down and out, just like I like them. Even that industrial sling she’s wearing can’t keep ‘em contained! They look like big, thick radio knobs, waiting to be tuned in and turned up!

 “Mrs. Martin?” I called. She looked up – “I’m going to give you a ride home so you don’t have to wait any longer” She replied “ Thank you so much – I have a hundred things to get done before I leave for my Mom’s up north to get the kid’s tomorrow” “No problem, happy to do it” ( more than you know ).

  I lead her to the car parked outside the door. I watch her as she rises from her seat. She does have a cute little body – she’s no model, but who wants one? I see her toes match her fingernails..hmmm – looks like she might clean up OK. What I see of her legs in those capris, they are nice and smooth, a nice olive complexion – maybe Greek? Italian? Slavic? Well, very American now, whatever the case. Her tits? Yes, all I imagined. As she rose, they swung forward a bit, swayed together slightly and then came to rest just above her belly button, their free fall prevented by the hardware holding them back. Maybe a little tummy – just a bit, like a good MILF should, nicely rounded ass as I follow her out, with well defined hips. Yeah, a woman’s body – real woman’s body.

  I open the door and she enters the car, sits down. She immediately grabs the seat belt and drags it across her huge tit, I see the nipple start to emerge once more in that split second. Wait! Is that shirt damp right there? Hmm, can’t tell. Probably not, just wishful thinking. Did you ever want to be a seat belt? Ha! I look from above, they are glorious. Their proportion hidden by the over sized shirt and the restraining bra, but from here, you can see they protrude out 8-10” from her chest, the seat belt trying to separate the well snugged pair. Wow…

  I get in the drivers seat and start to pull away. “So, where too?”   “ Oh, not far – maybe 6-8 miles – go North on Culver and I’ll tell you when to turn” I kept looking down at them, hoping she didn’t catch on. She was oblivious as far as I could tell. I had pulled my seat all the way back and hers forward, so I could catch a profile view on the way. They didn’t really jiggle and bounce, even though that road is notoriously ill maintained and bumpy. The just kind of gave a heave and then plopped right back down over each bump. Damn! They must be fucking heavy! Wow!  

  “So, going to pick up the kids?” “How many? How old? Do you stay home with them? Work? What business is your husband in”. I threw out several questions to get some conversation started. She replied as I had hoped, kind of gave me a story once I got her talking, obviously shy. “Well, I have two – one 12, the other only 6 months” I knew it! I bet I did see a wet spot on the shirt. Note to keep checking on that. “Actually, first time I’ve been away from her, but I needed a weekend to myself with everything going on”   I paused with her, hoping she would continue and she did. “See, maybe too much information – you surely don’t want to here it…but, I am going through a tough change” “ I just got divorced after 20 years. I got married right out of high school – guess that gives away my age” she smiled a bit. “ Anyway, I think we both thought that a second child was going to change things, but it didn’t. He likes ‘em younger and prettier and …you know – he wants Barbie . Problem was, he kept getting Barbie and I couldn’t take anymore”   “ So, the last year has been hell. Moved into my own condo, trying to raise two on my own. He gives up the money, but other than that, just forgot we exist I think. I feel bad for my 12 year old. She’s old enough to figure it out… I send her to my parents as often as I can – both to catch up on things and , she loves it there, gives her some security”   I think to myself, wow, getting deeper than I needed to, but, what the hell. I’ll be the shoulder to cry on if I can keep eyeing those juggs. “ So, I don’t work, just raising the two. Sorry to be so chatty – I only get minutes of adult conversation at best”

  We keep driving and she says up a few more miles to the turn at Rt16. Traffic is horrendous – why do they pick Saturday to completely rip up a road? What’s wrong with nighttime?. She is getting a little uptight, it seems. Squirming a little in her seat. “Does my driving make you nervous?” I ask. “No, she said “ just really anxious to get home and get my chores done”   I say “wow – you’re dedicated! I look for excuses to not do them!” She giggled. “ Well, one of them won’t wait much longer” I say “ So, been a long time since that fridge got cleaned out, huh? Afraid of what’s growing” I laughed. “No” she said giggling “ even more urgent if you ask me”   “ Ok – I’ll ask”   She turned red and looked away, a little grin.”See – too much information - I knew this would happen – I’m too out of practice talking to grown ups” “Spill it” I say   “come on now – don’t leave me hanging” She looks away again and say, “ I really need to pump – it’s been 8 hours now, and I feel like I’m going to burst! I should have done it before I left this morning, but I knew I need to get that car fixed and just plain forgot.I have been trying to ween my little one – that’s   one reason for the weekend trip. But,I can’t ween me! I simply get engorged and can’t stand it, so I have to pump” I swallow hard, the only thing harder is my now fully stiff tool. But, she throws this out like coffee talk with the girls – like no big deal! “ Well, there you go then – now I know” I said. I am somewhat speechless at this revelation from this shy little thing. I don’t know where to go now. She breaks the silence “ Turn up here – almost there” I turn down route 16. She says “just a block or two – turn right on Meadow”

     I pulled into the driveway of a modest little duplex. She was all but out of the car when we stopped, then she looked back and said “ I’m sorry – I was going to be rude and just run off – thanks so much for the ride! I didn’t think I’d ever get here! Wait – you probably need a coke or something –who knew it would take almost an hour to get here in that traffic. Do you want to grab a coke or a tea ?” I hurriedly agreed that would be great. I got out and followed her to the door. She unlocked the door and turned toward me, her shirt now obviously wet, like two perfect silver dollars on her grey shirt. I don’t know if she caught me staring, but at that point, she didn’t care. “ Come on in – grab something from the fridge – it’s clean, I promise!” we both laughed at that one. “I will be right back” she said.

  I found a can of Fanta in the fridge, I cracked it open and took a sip, looking around. Much like my own house – pictures on the fridge, neat, but lived in. Obviously, a good housekeeper, a dedicated mom. I know the type – I have one at home. 21 years, 3 kids. And still the big udders that attracted me there in the first place, but now too, they have been “mommy-ised” and have a wonderful, well used look about them, too. I wish I could see these in the flesh. Again, dreams… I’m lucky to get this far. Cheap thrill so far for sure, what fantasies are made of.

  I waited for what seem like forever , but probably only 15-20 minutes. Did she just want me to leave? Should I say good bye? I waited a few minutes more and put my empty can in the trash. I decided to just shout out that I was on my way, but I heard a door open and steps coming back toward the kitchen. As I walked out the kitchen toward the front door, there she was, almost running into one another.

  I stopped, 5 feet from her, almost shocked, surprised. She stopped and said “ Oh – sorry to keep you so long, I just had to do that! Not done, but enough to at least get my sanity. I wanted to see you off and thank you again” I was speechless, as she stood before me. She was dressed the same, but had removed her bra…oh my god…that’s all I could think – and stare. There they were. I know my cock was poking right through my dress slacks, straight out. I couldn’t help it.

  Before me were these glorious udders, hanging heavily inside that tshirt. I couldn’t speak if I tried. The two wet spots now far above the two swinging, bulges in that shirt. They hang past her waist! The nipples, now distended from her pumping, were like two thick, rubber erasers, easily 2 inches long, pointing   straight down. She saw my expression and gasped, turning quickly. “I’m sorry – how rude of me – I didn’t mean to embarrass you” I replied, not at all, then went for broke “ Best thing – or two –I’ve seen in a while” with a grin. She grinned and looked away. She then said, “well, anyway, thank you so much for the rescue ride – I didn’t think I would make it. Will you pick me up again when it’s done? I have no one to take me – I guess I can call a cab” I told her I wouldn’t hear of it. We take care of our customers. I’ll come back myself. She escorted me to the door and I could see the end of this fantasy was near. As she opened the door, and I walked by, her free hanging breast brushed my arm. It sent tingles down my spine. I know she did it on purpose, because I tried so hard to be good and resist doing it myself.  

  We looked at each other, no one spoke… I said “ you know what? It took so long to get here, it may well be near done. I better check with the shop – hate to make another round trip for nothing” I called my guy to check. They said another hour it would be done. I told him I would just bring her back then, I’d just go grab a bite, rather than do a two hour round trip. I told her it would be another hour or so. She said “ well, if you want, you can just hang out, watch tv, whatever. I can go about my business. Are you sure this is not too much trouble?” not at all, trust me, I’m thinking.

  She closed the door and stepped back to allow me to pass to the living room. Now’s my chance – what could happen? She could protest, but I doubt she would be angry, just a slip up, mixed signal, sorry… I turned back to her, she stopped in her tracks. I moved closer, gently extended my hand near her waist and stroked my palm across her left breast. I felt the engorged nipple, I pressed slightly, I could feel the weight against my hand. She startled, but didn’t back away. I moved my palm up the side of her full udder, lightly. They were indeed huge, the biggest I had ever touched, I knew it. She pulled closer, and pulled my other hand to her right breast, pushing them against them. Not looking at me, but looking down, watching my hands on her tits. I lifted them slightly, cupping them, then dropped them, letting them brush against my midriff on the way down. She gave a little sigh, still looking down. She looked up and met my eyes, hard. She turned away and I knew I should follow.

  To a room down the hall she had disappeared earlier, we got to a door. She led me inside what was a small den or sitting room, a couch and a TV. There on the table, her breast pump, a double pump – how I would love to see that in action… With it, the container, half full of her recently expressed nectar. I tingled all over. She guided me to sit beside her on the couch. As I sat, I saw the bra she had removed when she arrived home in such a rush. Right again, I said to myself – minimizer – poor thing, having those juggs all sequestered in that fabric all day. I see the tag… 42EE-F. Mmmmm. Wonderful. You know they are a cup bigger than that –they all buy bras too small. I brush it to the floor and sit down.

  She is stting right next to me. Her udders sitting on her thighs, waiting to be enjoyed. We turn to each other, sitting up on the edge of the sofa, and I reach for both, through the soft cotton. Feeling them, caressing them, lightly squeezing. As I squeeze, she gives a little start. Hmm, must still be a bit engorged… I take the chance, I lift the shirt, a lean over and pull one to my mouth and put the distended, brown nipple to my lips, running my tongue over the bumpy surface. She sighs with delight, like it had been forever since she was touched this way. I pull the nipple into my mouth, pulling it back with my tongue, deeper in my mouth, taking as much nipple, areola and   titty as I can, feeling the long nipple against my throat, the milk starting to drizzle in. I start suckling in earnest, pulling it deeper with every suck, her breathing becoming faster. She is pulling me to hr tightly. I need a better angle, so I unlatch and she sighs. I push her back against the cushion, and now see the breast in their splendor for the first time. Beautiful stretch marks, as they hang low and heavy in her lap, giant against her waist, easily as big as her head. I am in heaven – I know it! Her left nipple is now longer from my suckling than the right and is dripping with white drops. They are incredible, as is the dreamy look on her face, like she is drunk.

 I move around to lay on my back, my head in her lap. Instinctively, she understands my goal and lifts her breast to let my head rest at her belly. She lowers it gently, pushing the nipple into my mouth. I devour it, pulling tight in my mouth, sucking hard, slurping and suckling greedily, trying to coax that stream of milk. My mouth fills almost instantly and I try to swallow it all, some spilling out, down my face. I suck and swallow furiously, taking every drop I can of the sweet, warm, sticky treat. She moans and sighs in delight, I feel her whole body relaxing, her head falls back, her eyes closed. She reach her other free udder and pulls on it, twisting the nipple, tugging it. I see it only out of the corner of my eye, but it arouses me even further that she enjoys her tits so.

  As she squeezes, pulls and twists, I feel her milk dripping on my face – I can’t get enough. She lifts it to her mouth and starts to toy with the nipple, sucking it lightly, letting it dribble down her chin, onto her pulled up shirt. We are making a huge mess, and it’s wonderful! She cups the breast at the base and pull it to her mouth, leaning over, her face near mine, she suckles her tit hard while I do the same to the other. She is making fantastic slurping noises as she hungrily sucks as hard as she can. The milk is now running out of her mouth, the full udder over filling her ability to swallow it all. I stop, and she stops – “what’s wrong? “she says… I say nothing, but lean over to the table and get the container of milk she had expressed earlier. I hand it to her after pulling the clear hoses off from the pump. “drink” I say…She takes the cup – probably a quart in it and drinks it down, swallow after swallow. She stops at half and looks at it, goes to take another drink, but instead puts it to my lips. I let her pour it slowly in my mouth, savoring the sweetness, swallowing every drop.

  She sets down the cup. We just stare into each others eyes, breathing heavily, lustfully, both wondering what comes next. A million thoughts, all good… this is incredible…


 To be continued.

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