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At Her Own Pace - Chapter 2

Her Special Time while cleaning house.
Chapter Two – Her Special Time

One day she was off from work and the kids were out of the house. It was a perfect day to enjoy some alone time with her “boyfriend”.

She showered and shaved herself smooth. She loved how her pussy felt when it was completely bald. A little bit of massage oil on her mons provided an extra bit of enjoyment as she started working her toy into herself.

She lay back against the bed pillows and closed her eyes while letting her mind wander off into her fantasy world – the one she had never admitted to anyone to possess.

She found herself in the scene of an erotic movie as the main attraction. Two men massaged her body with oil and took turns rubbing her womanhood.

She pinched her nipples while envisioning one of the men gently feeding his cock into her mouth while the other man licked her clitoris.

As she thrust her toy into her vagina she imagined it was the warm hard cock she had been sucking entering her. She pictured the other man gently biting her nipples and waves of orgasm pulsed through her body.

As she was slowing coming out of her orgasmic frenzy, she was distracted by her cell phone buzzing on the nightstand. She removed her toy and placed it on the towel she was laying on. While reaching for her phone she noticed the towel was very wet under her.

Looking at her phone she saw a text message had just come in from her husband. “How’s it going?” the message read. “Enjoying your day off bad girl?” it continued.

She wondered if he had a hidden camera or some other way of knowing what she was up too. She sent a short reply message saying everything was going good and that she was looking forward to seeing him after work.

As she placed her phone back on the nightstand, she started reflecting on the conversations she'd had with her husband on sexual topics. She knew damn well that her boundaries were completely justified.

She reached down between her legs to retrieve her boyfriend-toy and again noticed that the towel beneath her was soaked through. She wiped her toy on the towel, placed it next to her phone and lifted herself up to retrieve the towel. She couldn’t believe how wet the towel was!

After putting on some pretty panties and making her way to the bathroom sink, she found that she could actually wring the wetness out of the towel!

Still feeling somewhat puzzled, but also fairly certain about what had happened, she guided the towel to her mouth and tasted the clear liquid. Sure enough, she recognized the taste. It was the same taste she had experienced on her husband’s tongue and cock after he had pleasured her.

She had soaked a towel with her sweet orgasmic juices!

She decided it was time to run a load of laundry to destroy the evidence. As she passed through the bedroom, she realized her favorite boyfriend-toy was still sitting on the nightstand next to her phone.

She picked up her toy and started to walk to the closet when she heard her phone buzzing again. As she stood wearing only a lace panty and holding her toy and wet towel in one hand, she picked up the phone with her free hand to read another message from her husband.

“I’m gonna be a little late tonight. An old friend is stopping by my work to say hi” the message read. Waves of bitterness and curiosity passed through her. She was looking forward to having him shoot his load into her that evening and now he was going to be late getting home. And, who is this old friend?

She felt herself getting a bit angry, thinking it may be some old girlfriend from high school.

After getting the laundry started, she reached down to adjust her panties and found them to be damp. She wiggled her panties down and slipped a finger into herself, to find her puss to nearly dripping. “What is wrong with me?” she thought to herself.

With her curiosity over her husband’s visitor running amuck, she had never made it to the closet to store her boyfriend-toy away. Still standing in front of the clothes washer, she picked up her toy from the top of the drier and turned it on. When she placed it at the top of her clitoris, she started having orgasms immediately.

Two, three, four, the waves of pleasure kept coming over her. When she finally opened her eyes and looked around, she found herself nearly sitting on the floor and her inner thighs wet with her juices. Now she really thought something was going terrible wrong. Why was she so aroused and orgasmic?

She finally hid her boyfriend-toy away in the closet and got dressed in her usual day off attire of jeans and comfy sweater. A few hours of tidying things around house passed quickly as she sang and danced to some of her favorite songs on the stereo.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket with yet another message from her husband. “We’re taking you out tonight. Get a pretty dress on. We’ll be there around 6pm” the message instructed her. She looked at the time and it was almost 4:00pm.

“Where are our kids? And, who is my husband bringing to diner?” were questions that raced through her mind as another message came in. “The kids are having dinner at their youth group get-together tonight. John & I are taking you out!” the message read.

“John?” she wondered. A few messages exchanged with her husband confirmed that this was the John that they both had attended high school with.
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