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At thirty thousand feet. Chapter 5

Matthew's ride in first class.

Mya had seen enough. We had watched Amanda and Evelin have sex with the pilot and co-pilot, now it was our turn. Mya led me back to my seat in first class and sat me in my seat. She kissed me softly, snaking her tongue into my mouth.

“Now it’s our turn baby. I really wanted to be the first to fuck you, but I guess I don’t mind being the second. I want that juicy cock deep inside me.”

She kissed me once more as her hand slipped back over my cock. Her hand was soft and she gently stroked me to full hardness. She slid her head down to my lap, taking my cock into her mouth. She sucked me slowly, taking my length down her throat. She made cooing noises as she sucked me, really turning me on.

I slid my hand through her hair, pushing her head down further on my cock. She moaned her approval, taking me deep into her throat. I leant back and closed my eyes, savouring the immense pleasure she was giving me.

She stood back up in front of me and slowly undressed. She had the most beautiful curves. Her body was perfect. Soft breasts, flat belly and a round ass. What more could a guy want? She had small, tasteful tattoos that just made her look more appealing.

“Matthew, I know you like touching my pussy, how would you like to lick me?”

I nodded. She sat on one of the other seats and spread her legs. I got to my knees in front of her and watched as she spread her pussy lips wide open for me. It looked so pink and moist. I leant forward, sliding my tongue over the pink hole.

Mya’s hand slid through my hair, pulling my head deeper into her pussy. She groaned, telling me what to do as I licked her. I slid my tongue deep into her, licking and slurping on the inside of her pussy. I could feel her thighs shake slowly against my head. At first, her legs shook, then her body. Soon she was bucking against my face. Her hand held roughly onto my hair and it felt like she was pulling my hair out from the roots. She lets out a deep, guttural moan as she had an intense orgasm. She clamped her legs against my face, clamping it in place as her pussy oozed with her nectar. She tasted amazing and I lapped up her cream as best I could.

“Matthew, that was great. Now just get on your knees and slip into me. I want to feel that cock inside me.”

I did as I was told and slid my cock into her pussy. She was tighter than I thought she would be; tighter than Sophia was. I slowly started to fuck her, sliding my cock in and out of her. She sat up, wrapping her arms around my neck. We kissed slowly, her breasts grazing my chest as we made love. Her legs slid around me, pulling me in closer. I could feel her pussy pulsate on my cock, making me groan into her mouth.

Mya pushed me away, making my cock slip out of her cunt. She stood up and grabbed some pillows from the seats and lay them on the floor of the plane. She lay back on the ground and spread her legs. I knew what she wanted and climbed down on top of her. I slipped my cock back inside her as she wrapped her arms and legs around me.

“Yes, that’s it. Fuck me good baby.”

I slammed my cock inside her, feeling her body shake beneath me. We kissed more as her fingers started to dig into my back. Her body seemed to arch beneath me, making my cock go deeper inside her tight hole. We made love in this position for a minute or two before she wanted to change.

Mya made us roll over so she could lay on top. I could feel her bounce on my lap as her breasts squashed against my chest. We carried on kissing, our tongues sliding over each other’s mouths. Her belly was flat against me as her ass seemed to move, sliding up and down on my cock as I held her close. She seemed to love kissing and our tongues constantly fought in each other’s mouths.

She sat up on my lap, bouncing hard. I looked up at her, mesmerised by her bouncing breasts. She was a gorgeous woman and had to concentrate hard not to cum too soon. She seemed to sense that I was having trouble and climbed off my lap. Her hand cupped my balls, tugging them gently. It felt like she was pulling from the tip of my cock all the way down. My need to cum subsided slowly as she lay next to me caressing my balls.

“Matthew, I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel all your juicy cum flood my pussy.”

I blushed. Not only was I having sex with this gorgeous woman, she also talked so dirty to me. She turned around and got on all fours. Her ass looked amazing and her pussy was literally dripping. I got behind her and held onto her hips. She looked back at me with a huge grin as I slid my cock inside her from behind.

I wasn’t even fully inside her when she pushed back against me. In this position, it felt so good. I started to fuck her from behind, holding her hips for leverage. With every thrust Mya whimpered, pushing back against me.

Her whole body was sweating, as my hand slid up and down her bare back. She loved the way I was touching her, telling me to hold her and caress her. I leant over her body, cupping and caressing her soft breasts. It didn’t take too long for her to tell me to move back into missionary position.

I pulled out of her and she rolled back onto her back. As I slipped back inside her, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close. We kissed passionately as she wrapped her legs around my waist. With every thrust, I got closer to cumming. I could feel it and could not hold back much longer.

She pulled me tight, not letting me pull away. I had no choice to cum deep inside her. As I shot three or four large spurts inside her it seemed to have a great effect on her. An orgasm rippled through her underneath me, making her pussy grip my cock like a vice. I groaned and collapsed on top of her panting heavily.

Mya held my head, kissing me softly. We kissed for what seemed like an age before she rolled me off her and stood up. She helped me up and walked me to the toilet. We stepped into the toilet where she proceeded to clean my cock. I watched as she then sat down and had a pee right in front of me.

After her pee, Mya stood up and cleaned her pussy with paper towels. She kissed me and told me to go get dressed and sit back in my seat. I did as I was told and waited about ten minutes before she came back out. Her hair and makeup were back to immaculate except she was still naked.

She smiled at me as she picked up her clothes and slowly got dressed in front of me. It took her only a minute to look her professional self again. She went back to the front of the plane and returned with a can of shandy. She poured it out for me and gave me a peck on the lips.

“Thank you, Matthew, you’re a great fuck.”

I watched her walk away, that ass swinging in front of me. I most certainly would love to fuck that ass.

To Be Continued…




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