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At thirty thousand feet. Chapter 7

Matthew's ride in first class.

I was sitting in my seat, passing the time watching some stupid show on the screen in front of me. I didn’t notice that the curtain in the front of the plane had been pulled back. I looked up to see Sophia walking towards me. She had a queer smile on her face and she was completely naked. I stopped watching the screen as she walked closer to me. I watched her amazing body as she got closer. She stood next to me with her legs slightly apart. She leant forward and gave me a peck on the lips. Instinctively, I slipped my hand between her legs.

She kissed me on the lips, sliding her tongue into my mouth. I slid my hand up her bare thigh, feeling her warmth. We kissed for a minute or two before she pulled away from me and got to her knees in front of me. I watched as she expertly undid my belt and then pulled down my trousers. My boxers followed and my cock sprang forward. She seemed to drool as she looked at my penis and licked her lips before taking me into her mouth.

She sucked me expertly, her lips sucking me hard. As she sucked me, her tongue licked the underside of my cock, giving me extra pleasure. She looked up at me as she sucked, her eyes fixed on mine. It turned me on so much watching her suck me. I was so close to cumming right there and then that I had to push her head off my cock.

She giggled at me and stood up. She took my hand and traced her pussy with my fingers. I felt her push my fingers inside her pussy so I started to finger her pussy. She was so wet I stood up and kissed her. We made out as my finger slid in and out of her hole. She turned us around and sat on my seat. She leant back and spread her legs. I knew she only had one thing in mind and I was only too eager to help her out. I slid my cock inside her hole, feeling her warmth for a second time.

She closed her eyes and let out a moan as I pushed my cock all the way inside her. I pushed up to the hilt, feeling my cock slide all the way inside. I leant forward and kissed her as I started to slide in and out of her. Her pussy was tighter than I remember from earlier as it gripped my cock tightly.

Sophia’s hands roamed my chest, pinching my nipples lightly as I fucked her. Her moans were muffled by my mouth as we kissed.

After a few minutes of me pounding her, she pushed me away. She told me to lay on the floor so she could ride me. I lay on the floor of the plane as Sophia straddled my lap. I reached up and cupped her breasts as she started to bounce on my lap. Her pussy felt even tighter as she rode me. As she rode me she started to rub her clit furiously, getting short of breath as she did so. She seemed to stop short, impaling herself all the way on my cock. She let out a long sigh and slowly pulled herself off my cock.

“Fuck Matthew that was amazing. Now I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

I watched as she climbed off my lap and got on all fours in front of me. She had an amazing looking ass and I could not wait to get my cock in there. Sophia spat on her hand and reached back, lathering up her butthole with her spit.

I got behind her and pushed my cock against the entrance of her ass. Without warning, she pushed back against me, forcing my cock deep into her ass. I grunted as she squealed. I had to hold on to her hips to steady myself as she did all the work. She moved back and forth, my cock sliding in and out of her tight ass. Her ass was tighter than her pussy and I knew that I couldn’t last that long with the way she was pushing back against me.

I gripped her hips tightly, slamming my cock into her ass. She groaned and talked dirty to me. She was turning me on so much she knew it.

“Yeah, Matthew, that’s it. Fuck my ass. I want you to cum deep in my ass. I want to feel all your hot spunk deep in my ass.”

It drove me wild. I fucked her as hard as I could as she kept talking to me. I could feel her fingers inside her pussy, making my cock feel even tighter in her ass. She really seemed to love it and push back against me hard. I was so close I could feel my legs shake. I slammed my cock in her ass one last time, erupting deep inside her. I grunted and more or less fell on top of Sophia, panting. I lay on top of her for a minute before she pushed me off her.

She smiled at me taking my cock into her mouth and sucking me gently. She then stood up and smiled at me.

“Get cleaned up, we’ll soon be starting our descent.”

I got up and went to the toilet with my clothes. I washed quickly and got dressed. I made my way back to my seat and quickly fell asleep.


I awoke with a start, I could feel the G-forces move my stomach. At first, I thought we were coming into land but then realised the plane was moving. 

I looked around me, the first-class cabin was packed with other passengers. I was confused, I looked around for the stewardesses I had gotten to know so intimately, they were not there. I saw Mya, but none of the others. The other stewardesses that were there, were none I recognised.

It was then it dawned on me, I must have been dreaming. I had dreamt a full flight with vivid sexual imagination. I looked down at my trousers. It must have been a wet dream too. Damn.




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