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Big Girls Keep Even Bigger Secrets Part 2

Chapter 2

The first week of school had past by rather fast, considering I couldn’t keep my eyes off all the guys and girls who were dressing up rather provocatively. I love walking the campus from class to class or just sitting at a table watching as everyone passed me by.

One cute guy I am in class with invited me to a party at his house off campus. I am contemplating on going or not because I am sure he was just trying to be nice since I am his biology lab partner. He did say there would be lots of people, perhaps I should go so everyone can see me there which would suggest I’m not as anti-social as everyone might think I am. However I did not want to show up alone, that could be a little weird so I had to find somebody to go with me, but who?

While at home I started to get ready early, I wanted to make sure that I looked my best. It was up to me that everyone should see that big girls can be sexy too. I had a Victoria Secret push-up-bra that made my tits look even bigger while also shaping them perfectly round. I also decided to wear the matching thong underneath; hopefully some lucky person would get to see them tonight.

Finally I put on a silky black dress that cut off around my thighs while slipping on my platform shoes that made my calves look a lot more toned. While brushing my hair one of my girlfriends from High School texted me saying that she would drive, I was so exited. This means I could hopefully flirt with some of the guys. Add in some alcohol and this could be a great night.

We arrived around 10PM and the place was packed with tons of people just having a good time. I was a little nervous because I was not use to this type of company and rarely did I ever go to a party in high school except for one of the girls in my Math class. It was kind of lame but I did get to make out with one of the girls, probably the most exiting thing that happened that night. Hopefully I get to make out with someone tonight, preferably some guy's enormous cock.

As we walked inside I recognized some faces from high school, I could tell they knew who I was too because of the way they were staring at me and my tits. Most guys when they look at me have their eyes fixated on my cleavage, which honestly I don’t mind at all. I flaunt what I got and I love the attention they receive.

My friend who I was with also went to high school with me, and she looked really cute. She was a prude until Prom night and after that it was like she had some sexual enlightenment. Over the summer she went to the Caribbean where she got super tan and lost a lot of weight while having lots and lots of sex. Probably lost a lot of weight fucking all the hotel employees, that devious slut said she hooked up with six different employees and I think she is telling the truth! She brought back pictures that she took on her phone and clearly one of the pictures was her fucking two guys at the same time in her room. Jealous!

Her and I went out on the patio and started talking to a group of people waiting for the next beer pong game. Two studs challenged us to a game and even though I knew I would lose, I couldn’t pass that up, even if they were drinking the shittiest beer I would ever taste in my life, cheap piss water.

Once the game started they took an early lead by knocking out three cups right away. I couldn’t let them win without conversing with them at least for a few minutes, so I used my tits to my advantage. I started pressing them together and bouncing them. It threw them off for most of the game when finally it came down to one cup against one cup.

Each time they would throw I made sure my tits were almost exposed all the way. Not only did they love it, but everyone was watching us now and many of the guys were hoping to see my tits. I loved this kind of attention, it made me feel like I was popular and that people didn’t mind me being a bigger girl.

Now this is where it got interesting, we were horrible shots but we were great at distracting them. Eventually if we kept this up we could win, for one of the first times in my life I felt real competitive, perhaps it was the alcohol but I didn’t care. I just wanted to win at any cost. I whispered into my friends ear and she laughed and smiled, her answer was clear as she looked me in the eyes and nodded.

Our next to shots missed, so our plan had to go in action. I grabbed her close and we both began to peck each other, then full on making out. Right then everyone was staring at us, to make things better I pulled down my top so my tits would be fully exposed. The crowd that had gathered started cheering for us and I loved every minute of it.

We ended up winning the game, and everyone at the party knew who my friend and I were after that instant. Throughout the party people came up to us and started talking about what happened. Many of the guys told me to come to their parties when they were hosting because they would love to have me. I told them my name and they said they would add me on Facebook the next day, I was exited.

The party started dying down as everyone started leaving around 2am. My friend was in the corner talking with some guy as I went to pour myself another drink. My lab partner then came up to me and slapped me on my ass. I laughed and asked what that was for. He just winked and told me that he was glad he invited me. He also asked what it would take for him to get to see those tits once again.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him around the corner where no one was looking. I checked twice to make sure and then I flashed him, holding my tits out in the open. His jaw dropped as he started to feel them. We heard someone walking toward us so I quickly pulled my top back up. He then whispered in my ear to meet him upstairs in five minutes. He walked up the stairs as I went back to my drink. I texted my friend to stay, and that I might be getting lucky. After five minutes I walked up stairs trying not to get any attention.

Once I was upstairs I walked into his room and shut the door. He quickly hit the lights and started kissing me. His hands were ranging all over my body as he then slipped in two fingers inside of me and started to finger me gently. I was so wet and I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was all so fast, yet it felt so right.

My lab partner quickly laid me on the bed and took off my g-string as I slipped off my skirt. He spread my legs open, revealing my pussy as I was waiting for him to take it. In an instant he pulled his cock out and put it into me with vigor. I could tell he was a little drunk as was I, and that this would be the first time I ever had drunken sloppy sex.

He pumped into me as my tits were bouncing into my face, his hand was on one of them and he kept tugging on my tits. When he pulled out he had me lay on my side as he got behind me. Grabbing my throat as he fucked me from behind I started to cum and began to moan. Instantly he covered my mouth trying to prevent anyone from hearing the noises I was making.

Moments later I felt a rush of warm cum fill up inside of me as he let out sighs of pleasure. We both kissed again. I asked him what his name was and I finally got it, his name was Jacob. I told him that my name was Rachel, and how I thought all lab partners should fuck to get to know each other. He laughed as I started to put my clothes back on so I could leave.

In the car on the way home I spilled the beans to my friend. She couldn’t believe I got laid, however I wasn’t the only one who got some action. My friend gave that guy in the corner a blow job in the bathroom when everyone went outside while I was upstairs getting fucked hard.

I couldn’t believe that I was one of those girls that would end up getting laid in just the first week of college! I was happy and knew this year was going to be great. My friend also said that if I needed someone to go to a party with her from now on, that I could call her anytime. Since she is a sexy looking lady, I told her of course I would be calling her every week from now on!

Right before I was dropped off, her and I made a bet; who could hook up with the most people before the semester was over. This presented a new challenge, one I wouldn’t mind being competitive in. The game was on and I told her I was going to set out to win. When I got inside I logged onto my computer and already had twelve friend requests already from people at the party. Of course I accepted them all.

This is a new year and it’s time to make friends and a girl like me needs all the dick she can get, especially when she’s trying to win.

I had many weeks left, let the sex games begin.

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