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Birth of a Vixen pt 4

The conclusion of my first few weeks with my new roommates
I rolled over and looked at the clock; it was 1:45 in the morning. I felt the sheets sliding over my body and remembered I was still naked. I could hear noises coming from Lex’s room but I couldn’t make out what they were.


Yes, I could. It was sex, definitely sex. I could hear her moans and gasps echoing into my room. I didn’t hear anyone else; was she having the same kind of night I just had? I imagined her hiding under the sheets, playing with herself.

There wasn’t much to imagine, she’d walked into my room naked half a dozen times in the week or two we had lived together. I was pretty well acquainted with her body. I had never seen her do that though; it was always a casual nudity. She was just that comfortable with her body.

“Oh yes, right there.” I could hear her getting louder. It felt a little wrong to listen to her like this, but I wasn’t the one broadcasting it.

“I said right there! Why would you move?” She was not alone. “There, that’s it.”

Her date must have gone well. From the sound of it, it was getting better as it went. I listened for a while longer. It sounded like things were improving but frustration was starting to show in her voice.

“What do you mean,’ no’? Of course I don’t.” I could her footsteps on her floor, then in the bathroom. I heard her pause outside my door, then it creaked open and she tiptoed in. I closed my eyes and pretended I was asleep. I felt guilty like I had gotten caught listening in.

“Robin,” she called as she crossed my room, “Robin.” She sat down on the bed; I couldn’t pretend to sleep my way through this. “Robin,” she shook me a little.

“What?” I rolled over to face her. I tried to stay under the sheets so she wouldn’t see I was naked in bed. As I turned over, I realized we had that in common. She was also naked in my bed. “What are you doing? Why aren’t you wearing any clothes?”

“Do you have a condom?” Now I knew why she was here.


“I need a condom. My idiot date didn’t bring any, and I don’t have any. Please say yes, he’s never going to get me off if he keeps eating my pussy. Please” she begged.

I thought for a minute. Did I have any, maybe in the bathroom? I didn’t sleep around much and didn’t have much need for them outside of a relationship. Probably in the bathroom, I might have some.

“Yeah, I think, in the…”

“Hey, does she have any?” I could hear him whispering from the bathroom.

“Come in, make yourself at home,” I snapped, sarcastically. ‘Click’. My room was flooded with light. He had come in, and made himself at home. I understood what Lex meant by idiot date. I rolled over to shoo him out and stopped before I could get any words out.

He was standing in the doorway; completely nude, with a massive erection. It wasn’t the length that made it massive; but it was long, an easy eight to nine inches, and straight as an arrow. The width sent quivers through my stomach. How was that going to fit in her tiny frame? I was a little worried for her, but I was also a little jealous.

“Cool,” he strolled in like he lived here. I pulled the sheets up higher on my body; like I needed to hide from that monster.

“Go back to my room!” Lex commanded, more and more of her frustration was coming out. I would question her choice to bring him home, but I had already seen why. “You said yeah? Where are they?"

"Never mind, they won’t fit him.”

“I know, right?” She raised her eyebrows excitedly at me. “I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow,” she promised and playfully smacked my ass. “Are you naked?” she asked. “Did I interrupt something?”

“Just my sleep”

“If you say so.” She didn’t believe me. “We’ll try to keep it down, unless you want to listen,” she teased. She turned back toward her room and to him, “Listen, you’re gonna have to, and I mean HAVE TO, pull out.” The door closed behind her.

She might as well have left it open, I could still hear just about everything on the other side of it. She scolded him quickly for coming into my room, but she didn’t waste anytime. I didn’t realize it until she had said it, but I did want to listen. I was already awake, and somehow, I was horny again.

This really wasn’t like me. I usually masturbated once, maybe twice a week. Three times in one night was crazy. I listened to Lex giggling in her room and my pussy began to ache. I wondered for a minute if maybe I had an exhibitionist streak, I had just been somewhat naked in front of two more people today. Maybe it was the opposite; the idea of listening in on their sex, secretly, was exciting.

After thinking about it for longer than I should have, I slipped out of bed and crossed the room to the bathroom door. I knelt in front of it and put my ear to the door. It was quiet for a second, then I could hear Lex’s voice, muffled though.

I couldn’t understand anything she was saying. I could hear him too, just a low moaning mostly. Lex coughed and gasped for a second. She was sucking that enormous dick; I stretched my jaw in sympathetic pain. She resumed and I could hear the tell-tale slurping.

I pressed my hand to my pussy and squeezed my legs shut. Rocking back to rest my ass on my heels I slid my legs open just far enough to let my fingers move. I rubbed slowly for a while, listening as Lex masterfully worked his cock in her mouth.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

“Yeah, lay down,” he was panting pretty hard. Lex must have been quite good.

“Slow!” she gasped. I could imagine him trying to force it in her pussy too quickly. “That’s better” she coaxed, “slow and steady.”

It was quiet for a while. I imagined it wasn’t easy to fit that cock inside a girl, it certainly wouldn’t be quick. After a few minutes I could hear the bed creaking as he slid in and out of her. His moans grew louder as he went. The creaking sped up as they went on; I could barely make out Lex, but her moans were starting to get louder too.

“Stand up,” I heard her tell him. There was a rearranging on the bed. “Like what you see?” she asked. I could picture her on all fours, at the edge of the bed, looking over her shoulder at him with a come hither look in her eyes.

“Oh yes!” He was back in. The creaking jumped straight to a higher speed and the headboard started tapping on the wall.

I sat flat on the ground and spread my legs; one pushed flush against the door, the other stretching out into the room. I was rubbing quickly now, and trying not to make any sound. I hadn’t realized spying on my roommate would have been so exciting, but my pussy was dripping wet. I braced my foot against the door jamb and slid a finger inside.

His moans were starting to reach their peak. I could tell he wasn’t going to last much longer. It was a shame, that wasn’t much time to put such a magnificent dick to use. Lex sounded like she was enjoying it.

“Oh, faster, faster, faster,” I could hear her ass slapping against him every time she pushed back. “I want you to cum. Are you close?”

“Ungh” was the only response he seemed able to muster. I was pretty sure it was a yes though. They kept fucking for another minute, maybe two.

“I said cum!” she commanded. She was so dominant in the bedroom. I hadn’t expected this from her. She was so cheerful in her day to day life; although I had always let her have her way in confrontations.

Suddenly the bed stopped creaking, the slap of ass on thigh ceased. The sound of his pleasure did not.

“Fuck!” he cried “I’m cumming!”

“Oh my!” Lex seemed shocked. “That’s a lot.” She giggled “And so much more coming.” I could hear a lot of heavy breathing on his part. I pictured him in my head, standing behind her, jacking that huge cock. Stream after stream of cum shooting onto her ass; running down her legs, running over her pussy.

I could feel my stomach start to clench, my breath came in short gasps. My pussy was flexing and contracting on my finger. My head rolled back and bumped against the door frame; I hoped they didn’t hear it and come to investigate.

I kept fingering myself anyway, let them find me. I cupped my breast with my free hand. Waves of pleasure rolled through me, begging me to cry out. I had to bite my lip just to stay quiet. This had been quite a night. I leaned my head back to the door and started to listen again.

“It went so far,” Lex sounded impressed, “You got some on my shoulder. Get on your knees and lick all that cum off of my pussy. You made quite the mess, I can feel it.”

“But it's all over your ass, I don’t want to get cum on my face.”

“Then lick it off my ass first,” I had never heard of a guy eating his own cum after sex. I had always wiped it away with a t-shirt and taken a quick shower. “And don’t swallow,” she ordered, “I want to swallow it when you kiss me.”

“That’s kinky,” he laughed. I agreed, expecting him to just grab his clothes and leave. Then I heard the licking and slurping of obedience.

“Ah-ah, not yet,” Lex teased. “I still have to clean you up before you can kiss me.” I couldn’t believe I was still listening; I couldn’t believe he was still playing along. Lex moaned and groaned exaggeratedly as she sucked limp cock.

“Do you like that?” she teased knowing he couldn’t answer. “Do you like how I milk your cock? I need every last drop.” I felt like I was on a porno set. She tried to say, “There we go,” but her mouth was too full, it came out “Thaw wi ow”.

I pictured her reaching up on her tip toes to kiss him. Her arms wrapping around his neck as his cum slid out of his mouth, into hers. I could almost hear the gulp of an exaggerated swallow.

“Now get out of here, stud.” I could hear her smack his ass after she said it. The show was over. As I stood up, I could feel the wet spot I had left in the carpet. Sliding back into bed I listened as he left her room and headed down the stairs.


When I woke up I pulled on a pair of panties and grabbed my robe to head downstairs. I almost grabbed my pajama pants and a shirt, but it had been exhilarating walking around almost naked the night before.

Jamie was up, already eating cereal at the table. His friends must have left before Lex cam home last night. I grabbed a bowl from the cupboard and joined him. We finished our breakfast and Jamie put on coffee for us both.

Since we had smoothed things over last night, I figured we could spend some time and get to know each other. We sat and talked for the better part of an hour before we heard Lex waking up and coming down the stairs.

Her hair was in pigtails, and she had on a pink t-shirt. While it was too large to be her size, it wasn’t quite large enough to cover everything. She looked half asleep. She nodded and grunted as she walked past us to the coffee maker; I could see the bottom of her ass hanging out from under the shirt.

When she reached to the top shelf for her mug, we were treated to a full view of it. She hadn’t bothered to put on any underwear. It was nothing new to me, but Jamie stared openly until she found her mug and brought the back of her shirt down again. I couldn’t blame him; I had sat at the door and listened to her fuck some total stranger last night.

She filled her mug and headed over to the fridge for milk. She bent over to try to find it, and we were treated to even more of a view. Her shirt pulled up and her pussy peaked through her legs. Jamie stared, his mouth left open just a little. I took a minute to admire it myself. The lips were still a little swollen from last night.

“I need a shower,” she announced. Taking her coffee with her she turned to head back up stairs. Jamie seemed distracted, but I could tell her shoulder wasn’t the farthest her date had reached last night. Between her two pigtails was a large wad of dried cum. I wondered if she had bothered to clean the rest off either. Maybe under her shirt her back was covered in strings of dry cum; thinking about that, my pussy began to get wet again.

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