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Birth of a Vixen pt.2

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I know, I know, you want sex, I'm getting there. This is too much fun!
Saturday came so fast; this whole thing was moving fast. It was just an idea last week, now I'm on my way to a walk-through with the landlords. Not to mention, meet a roommate I've never even spoken to. Lex sent me an e-mail after she and Jamie had lunch. She said they had hit it off pretty well and everything was okay. I wondered if there was anyone she hadn't hit it off with. She was pretty, charming, happy; it would be hard not to get along with her.

Which is why I was so positive this was going to work. When I pulled up outside, the landlords were in the yard. I reintroduced myself and made small talk with them for a few minutes before Lex pulled up. She jumped out of the car and hurried over to us. When she was about halfway there, her passenger door opened and her boyfriend got out? This wasn't what we had talked about. I tried not to act surprised.

"Well guys, this is Lex and her..."

"Jamie" she blurted out, "my friend Jamie." Oh shit.

He made his way over slowly, and we all headed inside. My mind was racing; I didn't know what to do. I kept trying to hold her back to ask her what was going on, but she hadn't seen the house before and was practically running from one room to the next. After the tour, the landlords offered to step outside for a minute and let us discuss it privately.

"What the hell?!" I started, maybe not the coolest move. Or the nicest, since he was standing right next to her.

"What?" She looked genuinely shocked.

"He's a guy" I tried to keep my voice down.

"That's what I thought," she said, "but he showed me your ad, you didn't say you were looking for a female roommate. You said you were a female, looking for a roommate; that is different. Anyway, he's cool" She put her arm around his shoulder to prove it.

"Look, do you want to move in to this place or not? We could be moving in next weekend," she added, "Jamie and I brought all the paperwork they were asking for. Did you?"

"Yeah of course I did, but..."

She flung the door open leading to the garage, "We'll take it!" she yelled. I couldn't really blame her, I had done the same thing earlier this week. Poor Jamie hadn't even got a word out yet.

I had my objections but, I decided to let them go for now. Lex and I could talk later. Maybe we could even switch him for a girl before we moved in. I followed her through the door and settled on meeting next week to sign the lease. We could start moving in the next weekend, after they had had some time to get the place ready. I made plans to meet with Lex for lunch before we signed the lease next week.

I'd had some time to calm down before I met her for lunch. I got my thoughts together and came up with a couple questions I wanted to ask her about him, and about herself while I was at it.


I got to the restaurant first and was shown to a booth in the back. I really thought I was prepared for this. I wouldn't let her roll right over me. I was going to take charge and make my feelings known. I may have also gotten myself a little over excited, and blown the whole thing out of proportion in my head.

She came bouncing over to the table a few minutes late. A simple green sun dress draped over her curvy figure. Not curvy like my figure; hers was tight, fit and curvy. Curves that, if you pressed up against them, would push back. Not that I looked bad, mind you. I just had softer, less defined curves.

"I think we need to talk," I started.

"You're absolutely right, we do."

"It's about Jamie."

"I know, you don't want to share a bathroom with him either."

"What?" I completely lost my train of thought.

"Well, I figured it this way. There is the master bedroom downstairs, and the two bedrooms upstairs are connected by the bathroom. There's a third bedroom upstairs, but its kind of small. I thought we could put him in the master; it's got its own bathroom so no one has to see it. I have a younger brother, trust me, we don't want to see it. We could share the two, that are joined and take the last one for whatever we want. We could set up a yoga studio, or get a ping pong table, or...I don't know. We could do anything with it."

I hadn't thought of any of that. I had put up the ad, I just assumed I would take the master bedroom. She has a point; it wasn't fair to make her share a bathroom with him. Putting him in the third bedroom upstairs meant he would be using the guest bathroom. He was maybe twenty, twenty-one, I didn't really expect he would keep it clean. I sure as hell didn't want to clean up after him.

"It'll be like having a sister, or being in a sorority." She went on. "We can have girl-time, all the time." That didn't sound so bad. Since I had finished college, I did miss the closeness with the other girls. We had a common area and four rooms for two girls. It got crowded but it was a lot of fun.

"A library." Now it was her turn to be confused.

"I'm sorry?" She looked at me like I was crazy.

"The third bedroom. We could put bookshelves along one wall; a couple of comfy chairs. I just love to read, and it had a big window in it; it would be perfect. We could even leave the rest of it empty so it could double for yoga."

"I like it, I'm not a big reader, but maybe we could put a little bar in it, too. Something small, it could be our own little oasis."

I liked how she thought. Relaxing after work with a drink, a little gossip. Some light reading and then off to our own bedrooms for some privacy. We went on planning all through lunch, I couldn't remember the last time I had this much fun. I had completely forgotten all my objections.


Moving in was pretty easy. Jamie was thrilled to take the master. Lex and I settled in quickly. She wasn't a neat freak, but she was pretty clean. We hadn't had a chance to do anything with the extra bedroom, most evenings she just came into my room through the bathroom. We would talk for a while then she'd leave. Though, I wished she would knock so I knew she was coming in, but she never did.

She came in on Saturday afternoon telling me about some hot date she had that night. She tried on clothes; wanted opinions. How did I like her hair; up or down? Her final decisions were more risque than anything I would have worn on a first date. She, 22, was a couple of years younger than I at my elderly 26; I guess that's just how the kids dressed these days.

Her date was here to pick her up by 8, leaving me with our little suite to myself. Jamie was a quiet kid, stayed in his room mostly. Lex went in to hang out with him sometimes, and his friends came over. I figured I must have made a bad first impression. I could apologize later, but tonight, I was glad to have some alone time.

With Lex's unannounced entries I hadn't felt comfortable masturbating. We had been living here for close to two weeks and I was getting pretty worked up. I had a stash of naughty books in my nightstand. I flipped through my favorite anthology and found that familiar crease in the spine. I had spent a lot of time reading these pages. I slipped out of my nightshirt and let it fall to the floor. I kept my panties on and crawled under the sheets.

I had barely finished the first page and I was soaking wet. It could have been my familiarity with the story; I knew what was coming. I think I was extra excited because of how long it had been though. I didn't want rush through it, but I couldn't stop myself. I worked my finger under my panties, up and down my slit. I used my middle finger to part my lips ever so slightly and then up to work on my clit.

I could feel how wet my panties were, my juices covering my fingers. A soft moan escaped my lips. I figured there was no point in waiting and plunged my middle finger deep into my pussy. I was so wet the index went in with it without even meaning too. Three fingers was the most I had ever had inside myself at once. I'd had sex, but not with anyone whose cock was bigger than that. I was a little tight from having done without, but I was eager to cum so I rushed ahead with my ring finger.

"Oh fuck!" It was louder than I meant for it to be, but I doubt it was heard downstairs. I didn't wait to find out, "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck" it was like a mantra, "fuck, fuck, fuck" I breathed it in rhythm, each time pressing deeper and deeper. I was going to cum, and I was going to cum loud. I pressed deep with my fingers and closed my palm, putting pressure on my clit. "Ooooh!" I moaned, too loud that time. I rolled onto my side and buried my face in my pillow. My legs were shaking, my hips kept bucking on my tightly closed hand.

I could feel the juices flowing out of me as my orgasm receded. I pulled out my fingers, and wave after wave came out. Soaking my panties and my sheets, I could feel it running on my ass, and down my thighs. It was amazing, I just lay there basking for several minutes.

When I had regained my composure I headed down stairs. I wanted a glass of wine and a hot bath. Then maybe a second round...
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