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Camping Trip - Chapter 2

Camping Trip - Chapter 2

The seduction of April continues while preparing for the trip.
Tuesday Morning 

The sunbeams filtered into the room waking me from a restful sleep.

As I lay there, my thoughts drifted to dinner with Beth. Asking myself, was it the alcohol that encouraged her to flirt with me or was she aware of what she was doing? I was unsure of the answer.

Sitting up, I unsnapped my garters. My hands traveled down my leg removing the nylons one at a time. My thoughts drifted to Beth running her foot along my leg during dinner. I have never been sexually interested in another woman before. Beth though has stirred those feelings. My pussy became wet and my nipples hardened at the thought of making love to her.

Removing my garter, my hands found their way to my pussy. Pushing two fingers past the swollen lips as I rubbed my clit it did not take much for me to come. My sweet nectar bathed my fingers and inner thighs. There was a large wet spot on the sheets.

Pressing my hand on my throbbing clit, I brought my other hand to my mouth. Swirling my tongue over my fingers I licked the nectar from them. I then dipped them in my honey pot and licked them clean once more.

I then got up and took a quick shower. Putting on my make up, I wanted to look my best for Beth. After fixing my hair in a ponytail, I decided on no bra as I slipped on a powder blue polo shirt over my firm breasts. Next, I put on a matching thong and then my navy blue pleated shorts. I decided to wear my pearl teardrop earrings with matching pendant.

The final touch was my favorite perfume, Eau d’ Hadrien. It was time to go pick Beth up for our day of shopping for the camping trip.

Driving to Beth's, I decided that I wanted to see how far she would go with her flirting. The thoughts of last night began having the desired result as my nipples became erect. They were prominently on display.

Pulling up in the driveway Beth was waiting. She had on a yellow polo shirt with khaki shorts. Her hair was in a ponytail. She wore diamond earrings with matching pendant.

As she slid into her seat, I noticed she had on Chanel No. 5. Her nipples were visible through her shirt and her long tanned legs invited me to touch them.

"Hi April, you look and smell great."

"Hi Beth, Thank you." Pulling out, I told her she too looked and smelled great.

Tuesday Afternoon

Neither of us brought up last night as we drove to Cabela's outfitter store. The conversation turned to what we needed for our trip. I told Beth that I had most of what we needed. I showed her the list of items that we were getting.

Portable gas grill

Six cylinders of fuel

Plastic garbage bags

Mosquito repellent

Double and triple A batteries

GORE-TEX rain suits

After we purchased these items, we went to the grocery store to buy food. After all the shopping, we went to Beth's place. Helping her pack for the trip, I could not help but stare at her every chance I got. When we finally arrived at my place, the sun was setting.

Tuesday Evening

As we unloaded the car, I could not take my eyes off her firm ass as she bent over. I felt my pussy getting wet, my nipples stiffening. A few times, I thought she caught me staring.

When we finished unloading the car, I offered her a glass of wine. We talked about the upcoming trip and planned an itinerary for our stay in Yellowstone . I suggested we go to the living room and sit on the couch.

Beth agreed and I grabbed the bottle of wine as we made our way to the couch. Beth playfully slapped my ass.

“Buns of steel, I see.” We giggled as I set the bottle on the coffee table.

I sat facing her as we took a sip from our glasses. We ordered a pizza and talked about everything going on in our lives. She was just getting over a boyfriend who was verbally abusive to her the last 2 months of their relationship. As for myself, I was too busy the past year with school to consider having a boyfriend.

Beth smiled and moved closer to me. She placed her hand on my knee as we talked. I felt my skin tingle at her touch. The sensation traveled up my leg to my pussy. Just then, the doorbell rang. I got up to answer the door, acting as though nothing happened. After paying the delivery boy, Beth whistled at me as a person whistles at a pretty girl.

I whistled back at her and we both laughed as I set the food on the table. When I sat down, Beth moved so that her leg touched mine. I did not move away as we helped ourselves to the food. Occasionally, she would lightly move her leg against mine. I showed no reaction even though I felt my nipples harden and my pussy becoming moist.

When the meal was over, we had another glass of wine. We were going to get an early start on our trip tomorrow. We cleaned up the dishes and again, she would lightly touch up against me. This time I found myself doing the same to her. Even as we loaded the car with our camping supplies, we carried on flirting.

Back in the house, Beth went to the guest room to get ready for bed. I went to my room to do the same. Sitting on the bed in my silk pajamas, I turned on the TV to see the weather report for tomorrow. Suddenly, I felt Beth get on the bed and come up behind me.

I felt her 38D - cup breasts pressing against my back as her hands caressed my breasts. She gently blew into my ear as her hands teased my nipples. Tilting my head to the side, she licked my neck in one long stroke several times. After which she kissed my neck in the same manner while she rubbed her breasts against me. It was not long before I was moaning.

Her fingers were pinching and twisting my nipples as I moaned out even more. Beth backed away, gently pulling me with her by my shoulders until I lay on my back. She positioned herself so that she was straddling my leg. She began sliding her pajama-clad pussy along my thigh as she sucked my ear lobe.

Her hand moved to my pajama-clad mound and began to rub my clit. My breathing turned to panting and moaning as she kissed me passionately. Her fingers worked their magic as her pussy moved along my thigh faster.

Minutes later, we both moaned into each other's mouths while kissing. Our bodies stiffened as we came together. Holding Beth in my arms, I lovingly stroked her cheek and hair. Looking into her I told her three a.m. will come soon. We fell asleep in each other's arms. Dreaming what is to come.

To be continued...

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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