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Chapter 10

Allie was gone. Her father came and collected her, and she was gone. Now it was just me and Mel and Mike. I'm not sure when he moved in and I moved out onto the other bed, but it happened. And it was around that time when I started going back to work, leaving the apartment for eight hours at a time.

I'd come back, and it would be almost like old times--except it would be Mike laying Mel on her back and fucking her instead of Allie with a cucumber or something. Then I would go back into my room and jerk off, not wanting either of them to know I was into the new situation. And really, I wasn't, The erections I got from seeing them together were a depraved, shameful sort of thing for me, a hardship of my biology.

The only time I ever got to touch Mel was when she and Mike invited me into their bed for a threesome. That was the only time I had any contact with Mike, either, which was fine with me. The only interaction I wanted to have with him was during sex. I'd let him fuck me a few times since that first time, but he'd still never done anything more than blow me. I intend, one day, to correct that, not because I'm attracted to him--I don't even like it when he puts it in my ass--but because it feels like a power play and I'm losing.

The last time he fucked me, I was curled over Mel's tits, biting one of her nipples as hard as I could, and he was bent over me so that his mouth was right next to my ear.

"How do you like being my bitch?" he'd said and I, to my surprise, popped right then and there, exploding over the bed sheets.

Anyway, I've been missing the old days lately, wishing that it was me and Mel and Allie again--wishing more that it was just me and Allie. God, I miss her. That last time we were together, that first time I'd broken free from my hate-fuck-fest with Mel, was the first time I felt like loving anyone in a long time. I remember when it felt like we were doing this because both of these girls loved me and I was caught in the middle. Now it was Mel's game.

I came back from work one day to find the apartment swinging--and I mean swinging. I don't know where Mel found them all, but there were girls everywhere.

The living room was a lesbian orgy, or so it seemed. There were liquor bottles everywhere. It smelled like weed. Three girls were naked on the couch, ass to ass, their hair red, blonde, and brunette. Two more were in the armchair with their bras off. Another pair was on the floor, one taking a strap-on in her pussy.

There was no sound in the apartment but those of pleasure. A cacophony of orgasms.

"What the fuck?" I said. The girls in the armchair giggled.

"Go away," one of them said. "No boys allowed."

Then she kissed the other girl and put her fingers down her own pants.

I could see Mel in the kitchen talking to Mike and a tall blonde girl. All three were naked and there was a black woman on her knees in from of Mike, sucking his cock.

"What the fuck is going on?" I said to her.

She turned to me, a devious grin on her face.

"Auditions! It's been awful lonely around here without Allie, don't you think? Thanks for that by the way."

The kitchen, I saw now, was full too. There were couples--men and women--and trios of both ratios in various positions around the room, all using furniture in creative ways. There was a redhead bent backwards in a bridge and sucking a man's cock while another woman sat on his face and ate out the redhead's pussy. Another couple was fucking over the counter while a third girl ate out the man's ass.

"Where the fuck did you find all these people?"

"Never mind that. The lesbians are in the living room--you saw them--the men are in your room--Mike thought you'd like that--and the straight couples are in here."

Mike grinned and punched my shoulder.

"Yeah? And what's in your room?"

"Whoever we invite inside."

Mel leaned over to kiss Mike. There was tongue.

"Listen, man," Mike said. "Do what ever you want, just stay out of the auditioning process. These are ours."

So that was it. They were trying to replace Allie, sure, but It was me they would be forcing out. Mike wrapped his hands in the black girl's hair and pulled her to her feet. He kissed her and she threw one leg onto the counter.

"Do you mind?" he asked Mel and she shook her head. Mike grabbed the girl by her shoulders and put his dick in her. She squealed.

"I'm going to go try on a man," Mel said. "A real one."

She walked away and grabbed my dick through my pants. I was hard.

"Enjoying yourselves, ladies?" she yelled as she walked through the living room. The girls answered with involuntary moans of approval. One of them had pulled out a strap-on from somewhere and had bent a blonde girl with tiny tits over the arm of the couch. Pots and pans clattered to the floor behind me as Mike pounded his girl on the counter.

"She's psychotic," I said, absentmindedly watching Mike and the black woman.

"Do you mind?" he grunted.

My pants were really tight now, my erection throbbing against my underwear. Everyone around me was naked, working against each other in a erotic rage. I unbuttoned my shirt in the living room and let my pants slide off of me. I'd been a nudist for a long time. This wasn't so different, was it?

The two girls I had seen making out in the armchair were now completely naked. One girl, the one with thick black locks of hair falling over her breasts like curtains, had pressed her fingers into the other's pussy. I could hear her moaning from my spot by the kitchen. I began to masturbate.

I was standing there in a half buttoned shirt with my hand in my underwear, stroking my dick. I turned sideways into the wall as if I were trying to hide it, but the dark haired girl locked eyes with me. Now her tongue was inside of the other girl. Her eyes flicked down at my crotch as if to say, "I see you."

I pulled my underwear past my knees and let my dick flop out.

The dark haired girl giggled and nudged her friend. They both looked over at me. Then, they just kept going, the dark haired girl curling her fingers inside of the other, producing moans too loud to be natural. A performance. 

Now I was just unabashedly watching them fuck, touching myself. I stepped closer. THe dark haired girl, who had been eating out the other, grabbed my dick. She stood up from her place on the floor and leaned her pussy over the other girls face, letting it be licked. She kissed me. I could taste the other girl on her tongue.

She openned her eyes and touched my chin.

"Go away," she said. She laughed. The girl under her laughed. She gently pushed my chest, and I stumbled away, down the hallway. 

I didn't know where to go. Mel was in my room with the men. Mike was in the kitchen with the straight women. The women in the living room didn't want me. I saw Mel's closed door. Oak. Shut. Stay out.

I pushed it open.

The room was semi-dark, but as I stepped in, a lamp clicked on and the bed was illuminated. It was something like out of a movie. An Asian-American woman, long-legged and petit of breast, was lying naked on the bed, one hand on the lamp. Her face was long and elegent, her lips full, her eyes black.

"Are you Mike?" she said.

The woman's clothes were scattered around the room, her bra next to a purple one I recognized as Mel's.

"Yes. Yes, I am," I said.

I took off my shirt and went to her.

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