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Chapter 6

Weeks of our new relationship went by and I still couldn't forget about the girl with no name. Worse still, I found that I was drifting farther and farther apart from the two girls in my relationship. I knew there was something up from the moment I entered into it. The very day after I had slept solely with Allison, I had awoken to find her gone. She was making love to M in the kitchen. "I was just making us some breakfast, baby. We couldn't resist," she had said. 

I couldn't rightly retaliate: she was free to do as she chose, but I did think it unfair.

Still, it was Allison who paid me more attention. She stayed with me exclusively at least twice a week and was always one to propose a "group night" as she called them. M kept to herself--and to Allison. On the nights we were not all together or I with Allison, she often preferred to sleep on the couch.

"I need a break, baby. I'm sore," she would say.

She thought to make up for it by allowing me to lie with her and kiss her or pleasure her orally. Sometimes she gave me head or, on rare occasions, fuck me in the shower. That was her favorite place to do it, I knew not why, but she would have sex with me there almost whenever I wanted. She also had a sort of fetish for being "seen". She liked to take the three of us out on dates to the movies; to a restaurant; anywhere where she could make it obvious that we were all three of us together. 

She would have all three of us hold hands. She would kiss us both. We had most of our threesomes in movie theaters. Whenever we made it home after an encounter with a few people who had certainly worked it out, she would fuck the pair of us as soon as we made it through the door--sometimes before. I thought her behavior might stem from her stunted sexual growth under a Catholic regime. I didn't mind but Allie thought it was weird. I humored her sometimes by complaining about M's kink-- but I too liked the exposure. I think that might have been all that kept me with the pair of them. Something about living in a permanent threesome was sexually appealing to me.

Allie and I developed a rapport. Our relationship extended beyond sex. I didn't love her and I don't believe that she loved me more than she loved Mel, but we were close. From her, I felt that there was more going on in the polygamy. I could feel the detachment from both of them, but Allie pitied me. She knew I was out of the loop and she felt enough for me to feel bad about it. But it didn't stop her.

To be honest, I never really minded what had become of us. I got to see more than I ever could have hoped. I gained great joy from watching the pair of them cuddle on the couch, naked, watching a movie, gently groping each other's breasts as if they thought I wouldn't notice. Sometimes, I think they even played for me. Once, I came home to find them in the kitchenette. Allie was on the table with a finger in her mouth. M was standing over her holding a zucchini.

"Clothes off!" she ordered. I obeyed and the girl went back to her charge.

While I watched, Mel plunged the squash into Allie's vagina. It wasn't the largest of vegetables, but I knew that it was still too large for my little Allison's pussy. The girl squealed as it went in. They both looked at me to see if I was still watching. I was, with a hand on my dick. I was embarrassed to have been caught masturbating to them, I was embarrassed even to have felt the compulsion, but neither of them seemed to mind.

"Go ahead," said M, smiling at me.

I was on the floor, jerking off my with two live girls who professed to love me squirming around on top of my table. I didn't realize it then, but that should have been the first indication that something was wrong. In the moment, I could only think of Mel's tits swinging back and forth as she pounded our girlfriend's vagina and Allie's mouth as she gasped for air. Her own breasts were like mountains, glistening with the sweat of the snow as the room temperature rose above freezing. She screamed an unholy scream that raised the hairs of my back and shook dust from the ceiling.

When the whole affair was finished, we ate the zucchini in our dinner salad. That was M's idea. She was a kinky one. Later, I would wonder if the scene had been set up. They knew I would be coming home then. They knew I would immediately see them. Surely this was just some spin off of Mel's need for an audience. Now I wonder if I was just an audience for their lesbian affair the whole time. Maybe I was Mel's only way of justifying her lust for women with her religion.

As much has I suspected, even then, that I was but a pawn in their relationship, I couldn't bare to get myself out of the unity. This was mostly on account of Allie. I knew better than she that Mel was using both of us for her own sexual desires. I didn't believe that she really loved either of us, but I did believe that poor Allie loved M and me. She valued the three way relationship. M was only harvesting her stifled sexuality, not her love. And we would pay for it.

I knew Allie would ever leave her for me. But I kept Allie to myself as much a possible in the hopes that she might see that, though I may not love her, I cared about her more than Mel did.

One night more than a month into our relationship, I called Allison to the sex bed alone. Normally, I didn't partake in that right. I preferred to let one of the girls claim me.

"Allie," I said, while the three of us were out to dinner, "would you like to be with me tonight? Unless you had other plans for her, Mel."

"No, that would be fine," the busty girl said as if we needed her permission.

Allie smiled. I knew she was thrilled at the thought of being wanted, particularly by me. But I could see Mel shrinking into her seat. She didn't like this at all.

Our date went on in mostly silence. I fell back into my usual quiet self and the two girls bickered about something for a while. My attention was suddenly drawn to the entrance of the restaurant. There she was: the girl from the party. I thought for a moment she had seen me and was looking, but then a man followed in behind her. He was older than her, perhaps in his thirties but was, by my reckoning anyway, attractive.

"Who was this?" I wondered. I didn't think she was with anyone.

The girl was wearing shorts that barely even touched her thighs. There was no way she had anything on beneath them. How I wished the room was empty! How I wished I could bend her over that table, part the fabric of her shorts, and place my dick between the wet flaps of her vagina. The place would be dark after closing time. I would pass her a signal and she would know to wait in the bathroom. Then, we would both come out and leap onto the counter. It wouldn't take long. I would quickly have her shirt and bra off, then I could see the creamy white breasts that lay beneath. All that would be left would be my dick and her pussy.

"I can't wait for tonight," said Allie, swinging over to my side of the table.

"Neither can I," I said, I was still lost in my fantasy, we were not talking about the same thing.

"Are you hard already?" she asked, giggling.

I realized that I was and nodded.

"Wanna start now?"


Her hand was reaching towards my pants. My eyes locked with the eyes of the girl across the room.

"Yeah, I do," I said.

I stood up from the booth. We left Mel sitting there looking slightly annoyed and traveled to the bathroom at the back of the restaurant. The had a large unisex bathroom that, thankfully, was empty. We stepped inside, not worried over who might have seen us.

She backed herself against the wall, dragging me with her. Before either of us could think, I removed her skirt and panties. Her clothes fell to the ground like celebratory confetti. Allison giggled. I lifted her leg and she removed her shirt. Her breasts were still contained in a white bra that was just thin enough to allow me to see her nipples. I wasn't in the mood for foreplay, but sometimes no foreplay was the best kind. I could feel Allie shaking as I threw down my pants. There was something about a random, animal-like sexual encounter that turned both of us on. There were no words, just the panting of two sex-starved beasts.

And then I was inside of her. The rhythmic pounding of my pelvis into her vagina shook the sink beside us. We took no notice. My mouth gaped for hers, breathing into it with pleasure. I remembered the first time I fucked her. She was so innocent then, so idealistic in her actions. It was all for love then. Now, though we both professed to that greatest of human emotions, neither of us felt it. I only wanted her body and she only wanted mine. It was M who had done it. She corrupted Allie, my innocent little Allison.

The distaste I felt then for the other in our relationship was transmuted to my hips. I fucked Allie more fiercely than I had ever done before. I tore off her bra, ripping apart the clasps, and tugged at her nipples. I bit her neck. I clawed at her hair. She did not stop me. I think she liked it. Now she was screaming, I was panting, and someone was knocking on the door. I didn't stop, I couldn't stop. Allison wrapped her legs around my waist and I lifted her into the air, bouncing her on my cock. The knocking came louder. Still, I fucked my girl.

Allie called my name. I bounced her higher into the air. I slammed her into a wall and pulled out, The semen exploded across her chest. She let her small body sink to the ground. Her chest was dripping my sweat and cum. It heaved, the breasts tossing about the droplets of liquid that lay there. She smiled at me and licked herself clean.

I heard a key in the lock, it must have been the manager. Before he could throw the door open, I threw shut the dead lock and the door only fell open a few inches.

"What's going on in there?" he called, "I've had complaints."

I turned to Allie, her clothes were mostly back in place, but her bra hung from her fingers in tatters.

"Nothing, friend. I'm just finishing up."

I turned back to Allie and, throwing the deadbolt across the door, tackled her again. This time, I took her through her skirt, pantiless, on the bathroom floor with the manager trying to force his way in.

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