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College Saga Chapter 1: A New Start

This is a Prequel to Karly's new job. Karly's College days

Karly walked towards the steps and stopped, making sure she had the right building. She felt terribly nervous: taking a deep breath, biting her bottom lip, taking a gulp. She took a moment to collect and calm herself, looking around seeing so many people at Jane Addams Women’s University in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is nothing like back home, she said to herself. I am in a completely different world from what I've known. All the rumors and reviews good and bad, about Las Vegas and about this school, don’t matter to me. I welcome my new life and a fresh start with a smile on my face. I won't let this break or overwhelm me.

Karly was five foot five inches tall, long dark hair, piercing light baby blue eyes, full pouting lips. Pale skin and dimples when she smiled.

Karly wore a dark blue jean jacket unbuttoned with a black tank top underneath, showing her stomach and belly button. Her breasts peeked out a little. Below, she had on a gray plaid skirt, knee cap length no stockings and black flats.

She took a deep breath and began, to climb the stairs to enter the building. The hallways were packed with students, some first years and second-year students. Karly was anxious and worked up opening and closing her right hand was a small habit of hers from being worked up.

Karly didn't know where to go. The school was big and new to her she didn't really want to be late to make a bad impression on her first day at a new school.

That’s when a woman placed her hand on Karly’s shoulder, came around beside her and said: "Come on, you look like a deer caught in headlights. I'll help accompany you to assembly room you're almost late. Mrs. Johnson isn't happy with anyone being late. Well, Professor Regina is the one you should be very careful of not crossing."

The girl took Karly by the hand linking her fingers with hers, Karly relaxed feeling how soft the girl's hand was. Karly wanted to speak, her eyes shifted down, staring at the girl's ass as she gulped and followed her.

The girl brought Karly to the assembly room where Mrs, Johnson, The Dean of The University, was just about to begin welcoming the new students. She noticed Karly being two minutes late. She gave Karly, a free pass and didn't say anything.

Karly smiled softly, her dimples showed on full display. Karly said to the girl, "Thank you, that was very kind and generous of you. I will try to get used to this school. I am a very quick learner, I promise I'll repay my debt to you. By the way, I am not really a first-year student. I am a transfer student from Canada, I can't tell you why I was transferred here it is kind of personal. I'll give you a hint, it was enough to make the professors here question the dean's judgment in letting me come here. Also, I wasn't really nervous more anxious and worked up would be how I would describe it."

The girl smiled and softly blushed. The blood rushed to her head for a second or two as she noticed Karly’s dimples. She collected herself and began to introduce herself.

"My name is Molly. I’m a second-year student here. Really, you looked like you were a first-year. The way you were feeling overwhelmed and nervous. I understand a lot of people get transferred here for personal reasons they can't speak of. I am the same way. Wow, you must have done something crazy, didn't you?"

Karly nodded her head up and down while checking Molly out. Molly was dolled up like she was on a date, wearing a jean skirt, high heels, dark nylon stockings, a red low cut button up blouse, and glasses. She was five foot four inches tall, greenish blue eyes, long lashes. Light straight blonde hair, average body, toned soft silky legs. She turned to look at Karly and impulsively blew her a kiss and licked her bottom lip, trying to tease her.

Karly bit her lip again, glancing away as she looked up towards the front pretending to listen to The Dean speak. Her eyes caught glimpses of Molly’s thighs and legs.

Karly smirked innocently winking at Molly, as she batted her eyelashes twice smiling, showing off her dimples again.

"You are not the only one who can tease and tempt. So we will get along just fine, I seem to get in trouble a lot when I do that. I attract the wrong kind of trouble and I hate it. Well, something a little crazy, which got blown out of proportion." Karly said with a bold smirk.

Molly responded, " Really? What kind of trouble? It can't be all bad. Everyone here has their own story. I'd be delighted to hear yours when the time is right. If you ever feel like telling me."

Professor Regina sat off to the side of the stage while the Dean, Mrs. Johnson, spoke. The professor kept a close eye watching the students, making sure they were listening and paying attention, she caught Karly looking and talking. She noticed Karly, doing most of the talking and being disruptive. Professor Regina didn't seem to care Molly was talking as well.

Professor Regina said to herself, I will have to have a little chat with this new student later. I have not seen her here before. Could she be the transfer student the other teachers were in an uproar about? Why would the dean allow her in this school with such low grades? I am sure there is more to the story and I want to find out why? However, she does look gorgeous and sexy. Oh my god! I am a professor, I need to be professional and keep a clear mind, I can't be conflicted by her appearance. It wouldn't look good for my career or reputation.

Molly looked towards the right, noticing one of the Professors was watching what was going on. She gave Karly a stern look and gave her a gesture to pay attention. Karly nodded her head giving a polite, innocent smile. Professor Regina looked away, hiding her face trying to act in a professional manner and hoping Karly didn't notice her blushing.


A few minutes later

Mrs. Johnson ended her welcoming speech and ordered the other students back to homeroom. She asked Karly to stay behind. The students all left the assembly room. Molly wanted to wait for Karly but Karly smiled softly, ushering Molly to go on ahead. She would catch up with her later.

Karly had a vague idea of why Mrs. Johnson and Professor Regina was singling her out. She decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Mrs. Johnson was not happy with Karly being late and Professor Regina was not happy with her disruptive behavior.

Mrs. Johnson said, "I am Mrs. Johnson, the dean of this University. I also am a professor here as well. I have had to jump through hoops to get you in here Karly, don't make me regret my decision. I am giving you two chances here. If you mess up twice, I'll have no choice but to expel you. From the stories, I heard from your former university, I am really taking a big risk and my career is on the line too. Not many were really happy with my decision but, I think differently than other professors. So, I want to give you a chance."

Karly looked at Mrs. Johnson, checking her out she was blonde, wore her hair long to her shoulders and to the back of her neck, green eyes, about five foot nine curvy and beautiful body, smooth long legs. A black skirt that was mid-thigh level, red strap over high heels, wearing a white button up blouse, black coat with two buttoned up in front, showing a small hint of cleavage.

Karly pouted her bottom lip a little saying to herself, {Ah, damn! I hate having to look up, it does give me whiplash sometimes. I'm a hobbit compared to most students.}

She turned to look at Professor Regina who looked gorgeous and came off as very elegant and someone she could admire. She was five foot seven, with long dark hair, brown eyes, soft lips, slender and average body. A very cute bouncy ass and a gorgeous and angelic smile.

Professor Regina was wearing a gray blouse, her hair down to her back, black slacks, black high heels with a long pointy toe, Karly still noticed Professor Regina, was a little upset with her for being disruptive.

However, Karly felt something was wrong, why was she only one Professor Regina singled out? Could it be that Molly was Professor Regina's lackey?

Karly looked back at Mrs. Johnson, who seemed to look a little jealous that Karly was paying attention to Professor Regina, She felt happy when she paid attention to her and checked her out.

She said to Mrs. Johnson, "I, um, I don't know how to respond to that. Are you sure that you got all the story? Because my former professors and teachers are not telling you everything. They are just telling you their side. I did have a bit of a chip on my shoulder when I was there, I fucking hated that university!”

Before the other women could react, Karly blushed and apologized. “Oops! I apologize! I am not usually a foul-mouthed lady. I um, should stop I don't want to get into it too much at the moment. Please understand my reasoning, I will tell you eventually. You hardly know me, I don't mean to sound rude. Please don't judge me based on what you hear not you hear about me is true."

Mrs. Johnson giggled softly, she quickly collected herself not expecting Karly to swear. She let her get away with it for now but hoped she wouldn’t do that too often. She couldn’t have one student get away with swearing. Professor Regina smiled and couldn't stay too mad at Karly, she let her off with a warning.

"No more being disruptive in any of my or Mrs. Johnson's classes," the professor said gently.

Karly continued she said to Professor Regina, "I apologize, for not paying attention. I am sure you have an idea of why I was being a little disruptive. Kind of seemed like it made you jealous too. Also, I apologize for being two minutes late, there is a reason for that. Well, it is my first time in this building and I had no idea where to go. So someone showed me the way to come here. Please don't blame her, It was completely my fault I'll learn quickly I give you my word as a woman."

Both professors looked at each other and gave Karly the okay to go back to homeroom. However, homeroom had been already over thirty minutes ago, Karly giggled softly and pointed up at the clock. Both professors turned around and saw that thirty minutes had passed. Both felt embarrassed for keeping Karly later.

Mrs. Johnson and Professor Regina started to worry about their reputations. Keeping a new student thirty minutes late! They could hear the rumor mill now. Karly smiled at both of them and reassured them that everyone was fine. If anyone asked, she would just say that she had a free study period.

Karly softly bowed her head, looked up with an innocent and soft smile, her piercing blue eyes sparkled as she blinked and batted her eyelashes twice, showing off her dimples again.

"Leave everything to me, I have it all covered. Oh, by the way, it looks like the professors kept me late this time." She said with an innocent smile.

Turning to leave the room Karly swayed her hips back and forth making her butt bounce a little as she walked away reaching the door, she turned to look back over her shoulder and winked at both Mrs. Johnson and Professor Regina.

A while later

Mrs. Johnson returned to her office to look -- and hope – at which classes she had Karly in. She skimmed down looking at the register, seeing she was in her office, seeing that she had Karly for two of her main classes Civil Law and Accounting.

Mrs. Johnson felt so excited. She had never felt this way about a student before. Well, there was one other student, but the two women were in a secret relationship.

She said to herself with a sigh, No, I have someone I am involved with. I am trying to be loyal and committed to my partner. But something I like about Karly, already and it feels different. I barely even know her so, why the hell am I feeling like I want my head between Karly's thighs?!! I can't let Professor Regina near her! I've never felt protective over a student before am I really JEALOUS?


Professor Regina strode down the hallway, her heels clicking against the marble floor, her hips swaying back and forth. Her chest bouncing up and down a little as she walked towards her classroom. She made her way to her desk, sitting in her chair. She looked through Karly’s schedule to see which classes she might have Karly in.

To her surprise and misfortune, she did not have Karly in any of her classes which made her a little upset. But something else caught her attention, which seemed to be a big problem for her to accept.

While looking through Karly's file, she noticed that Karly didn't live in any of the dorms on campus. Karly lived alone a twenty-minute walk from school, in a three-bedroom house, alone in a terrible neighborhood. She squeaked at the revelation and dropped her files over the floor.

"Fuck!" she blurted as she leaned over to pick up the files. A knock rapped on the door, which she had kept open. Looking up, she saw that it was Karly in the doorway. She smiled but quickly acted professionally fixing her clothes and her hair.

She said, "Yes, Karly what can I do for you? Mrs. Johnson may have let you away with the swear word, But I most certainly will not let you away with it all the time either. So, try not to let one slip out too much Okay?"

Karly giggled and let herself in slowly walking towards Professor Regina, kneeling down a little reaching. Regina's eyes lit up biting her bottom lip,

"What are you doing Karly?! This is wrong, you know on so many levels I am a professor we can't do this." Professor Regina said anxiously.

Karly smiled and decided to play along. She said, "Ah, come on I know you want me badly, I saw you looking at me earlier today. You think I am cute, don't you? You wish that I was staring and being disruptive with you instead of Molly. Is that also why you gave me that stern look to get me to pay attention to you. I am sure you and Mrs. Johnson both found it hot that I swore too."

Karly moved her hand lightly, her fingertips sliding up and down Professor Regina's covered thigh. Moving her hand over playing with the button of her pants. Karly unbuttoned Professor Regina's slacks she grazed her nails over her stomach and waistline. while looking up into her eyes as she smiled, "Still want me to stop? I heard you swear too just before I got to your classroom," Karly said with an innocent smile as she batted her eyelashes twice.

Professor Regina sighed and cooed contently, leaning back in her chair, looking down into Karly's eyes. She moved her hand down, fingers threading lightly through Karly's hair. Karly closed her eyes and lightly began to rub her head against Professor Regina's hand.

Purring and sighing Karly, loved the soft and elegant touch she could enjoy Professor Regina's hands moving through her hair all day without a complaint. Karly opened her eyes and moved forward to let her soft lips touch her stomach. Professor Regina's eyes lit up. Instead of wanting to push Karly away, she relaxed guiding Karly's head towards her, breathing becoming heavy and hoarse.

A knock on the door stopped their encounter. They both stopped quickly to look and see who it was Karly's head turned and looked back to see Mrs. Johnson in the doorway. She folded her arms, tapping her foot up and down rapidly while looking jealous.

"Ahem!!!" Mrs. Johnson said. “What is going on here!! Karly?! Well, I demand an explanation!!"

Karly quickly rose to her feet stammering she tried to collect and calm herself, she said: "I, I, Was helping Professor Regina she dropped her files and I saw she was having trouble and wanted to give her a hand."

Mrs. Johnson didn't look too convinced she walked over to Karly, and took her by the ear and taking her out of Professor Regina's classroom.

"Ow, Ow, Ow, I can walk on my own! However, from my view, you do have a cute ass, Mrs. Johnson!”

Karly regretted saying this, but the deed was done. She continued: “I really wasn't going to do anything with Professor Regina. I was playing along with her because she did make it too easy for me not to tease her a little bit, I only really knelt down to pick up her files for her. Maybe I could um, show you sometime."

Mrs. Johnson smirked a little as she heard Karly trying to flatter her. She wanted to jump at the chance for Karly to show her what she did. But it wasn't going to work; she was still a little mad.

"Okay, Missy Don't flatter me, you should know better not to tease Regina! You're a student, know your place! It would be wrong for a student to have relations with a professor, please I just want you to be careful" She said calmly.

Karly didn't like what Mrs. Johnson just said, "Know your place," Karly let it go and said to Mrs. Johnson, "I understand Mrs. Johnson, I was wrong, I let it get to my head. By the way, there is one thing you can do for me, please don't ever say know your place to me again. I know you are sticking your neck out for me, I never asked anyone for this. I appreciate it very much you allowed me to come here and give me a fresh start. I won't throw it back in your face. But I think it's important we must agree we must resist each other as much as we can. It will be difficult because there is something about you I like."

Mrs. Johnson nodded agreeing with Karly, that they must not give in to temptation. She felt a little better when Karly spoke sweet and nice things about her. Mrs. Johnson still wasn't sure how they could resist each other, she knew that she was developing feelings for Karly.

"I completely agree with you, Karly I know it seems hard the temptations and feelings. I just don't know how I can resist you. We will be seeing quite a bit of each other. I am still the Dean of this university. I also, apologize for saying know your place, when I saw you with Professor Regina. I just don't know what came over me, I never had that feeling before. I know it is wrong you, are a student and I am The Dean it is wrong for us to feel like this." Mrs. Johnson spoke calmly.

Karly smiled softly, reaching out to place her hand on Mrs. Johnson's shoulder. She rubbed it softly, looking into Mrs. Johnson's eyes reassuring her that she will not cross any lines between them. Understanding that their relationship will strictly be just student and professor nothing more.

Mrs. Johnson looked at Karly's hand. She placed her hand on Karly's and removed it from her shoulder nodding her head no, they could not even touch each other. Karly just smiled and accepted their terms. She turned and walked away, swaying her hips and ass back and forth, giving Mrs. Johnson one last look and something to think about.

Mrs. Johnson watched on as Karly left, watching and starting at Karly ass, swaying from left to right. Her tongue lightly ran across the bottom of her lip completely forgetting what she just said to Karly. Wondering if she swayed her hips, ass, back and forth on purpose to get her attention. If it was, it sure as hell worked.

Mrs. Johnson smiled happily, walking away to her office to start her day. She entered her office and tidied up a little around her desk, still thinking about Karly the whole time. She was still angry with Professor Regina though.

moments later

Professor Regina was still a little warm and hot fanning herself, she sat up almost in shock what she and Karly were about to do. If Mrs. Johnson didn't stop them, she did not know if she could resist Karly anymore. Plus there was a major issue that she needed to tell Mrs. Johnson about. It was about Karly's living arrangement living alone by herself. Karly lived in a dangerous neighborhood. Professor Regina said to herself, Karly would not survive a week living alone in that kind of neighborhood.

Melina and I have to get Karly living here on campus, or I could plan two other students to live with her at her house, instead of her having to give up her home.

I know! I'll assign Molly and Lauren to be her roommates to keep an eye on her. Only thing is I have to get Melina to agree to the arrangement.




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