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Confessions of a housewife - Chapter Two

Diary entries from a bored housewife.

What I want, more than anything, is to feel a cock sliding in between my lips. I want the whole experience, the whole 'package' as it were. The warmth of the cock, how it slowly gets harder in my mouth until it's standing at full attention, how hard it is yet soft at the same time. Teasing the cock and licking it, taking it slightly further and then retreating some, clamping my lips around the head and sucking on it, slowly taking more of it in my mouth until I'm about half way down the shaft. I would stop there and take the cock out of my mouth, lowering my head and playing with his balls, licking, sucking, teasing and gently nibbling on the skin. The way the man would react, and his moans to my oral skills would be music to my ears. It's very sexy and arousing when a man moans or says "ah fuck," under his breath. 

Then, of course, I would suck his cock again, trying my best to take it all the way down my throat, depending on the length and the girth. With a bigger cock, it would be a more difficult task to try and deepthroat it, but some guys like to hear a woman gagging or to see her struggling for air. To deepthroat a cock is not always necessary for a good blowjob, but a lot of men like it. By that stage of the oral task, I would be moving my head back and forth on his cock, and perhaps the man would have his hands on my head, coaxing me along. I would look up at him with my blue eyes, my mouth full of his dick, and of course, swallow what he had to give me. 

Not having sex or sexual contact of some sort in years has given me ample time to think about my cock sucking technique and the different ways I could bring a man to orgasm. The same goes for the techniques I would use when jacking a guy off and then eventually fucking him. Heck, I'd even take it up the ass if it meant I'd get to have a good, hard fuck. Anal sex was always something I had wanted to experiment with. It was always something that if the opportunity presented itself or if Darrin made that request, then I would be willing to think about it or try it at least once. You don't know if you like something or not until you try. Darrin and I had spoken very briefly on the subject, but it wasn't something that interested him, so it stayed a dirty fantasy for me, and something I masturbated too when I had time to watch porn, on those rare occasions when I had the house to myself. 

In my mind, the mystery man would fuck my ass. It's another fantasy that has struck me recently.The fantasy of me going to a bar and picking up some guy and screwing him in the alleyway is good and all, but I've come to the realisation that it's not quite dirty enough for me. I would need more from this mystery hunk of a man. Perhaps after we fuck against the brick wall in the alleyway, out in the cold night air, we get a taxi back to his house. There it can start all over for us. That quick fuck outside the bar was merely an appetiser. When we got to his house I would want my main course and my dessert. 

I would blow him first, tasting my pussy still on his cock. I would take him right to the edge and have him thinking that he would cum, but then I would back off, take him out of my mouth and make my daring request of having my ass fucked. Lubricant would be found and he would bend me over the arm of the sofa, the leather sticking to my tits and belly. I would feel his probing finger in my ass, getting me ready for what was to come. A second finger would slip in, and he would gently 'warm me up' and get me used to the sensation. 

Then I would feel his cock at my back door, slightly colder than usual from the lubricant he had used. I imagine at first it would be a slightly uncomfortable sensation as I felt him stretching me back there, but once I was used to it, I would love it. He would pound my ass and I would be screaming, begging for more as I was bent over the arm of the leather sofa. He, of course, would lean in closer to my body and whisper dirty things in my ear, spurring me on and telling me how good it felt for him. 

"Oh Cheryl," he would say. "Your ass is tight. It feels so good." 

The only sounds to be heard would be our combined moans of ass fucking passion and our screams of ecstasy as the mystery man drove his hips into mine, our bodies slapping together. I would shift myself slightly so I could reach underneath myself and finger my clitoris to help the process along until the most amazing, earth shattering orgasm of my life ripped through me. I would break the sound barrier with how loud my screams and moans would be. My clear enjoyment of this anal activity and my wild orgasm would bring the mystery man to his peak also and he would cum in my ass. 

We would lay there awkwardly afterwards, me bent over the arm of the sofa and the mystery man still on top of me, his arm on my back, resting his head on his arm. We would both be so exhausted and tired, feeling as if we had just run a marathon, but it would be worth it. That exhaustion would be well worth what we had just experienced.

These are the thoughts that invade my mind as I silently and softly masturbate next to my deep sleeping and snoring husband. Part of me holds out hope that this fantasy of mine and my dreams of being fucked in the ass, will come true, and that Darrin and I can go back to fucking like horny college kids, but the other, more realistic part of my brain knows that Darrin will never be my mystery hunk who can pick me up at a bar and have me cumming within half an hour or less of meeting. 


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