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Detectives Journal Chapter 5

Detectives Journal Chapter 5

Tell him our undercover training has gone under the covers.


I awoke from an awesome dream in the most erotic way with a head bobbing on my morning woody. My eyes were clearing from sleep, and I saw Alexia's mouth slurping up and down like she was trying to consume me whole, not quite achieving that, but I really appreciated the effort. It was so erotic watching her tits swaying against my thighs with her erect nipples pointing the way. This was confirmation that last night was not just a dream.

"Well, good morning to you!"

"Goog moorig," she replied with a mouthful.

What I found so fascinating was how she looked so unbelievably sexy with her mussed hair and no makeup. True beauty doesn't need enhancement and that is just what she was from her manicured toes to the top of her lush flowing locks; a stunning exquisite woman that can take your breath away.

"Alex, this is incredible, but I really have to piss," I hinted, rolling off the bed and tip toeing my way through discarded clothing.

"Ahh," I uttered as I straddled the toilet and drained my snake. While standing there trying to relax, I thought how difficult it was to pee with a raging erection. Suddenly, there were arms around my waist, hugging me tight.

"You fell asleep last night, and I want an encore." Alex pouted as she pressed her soft breasts against my back.

I turned and cupped her face in my hands, looking deeply in those sensual inviting eyes. "Do you know what I would like?"

"Tell me," she asked with a seductive grin.


"Breakfast? I'm offering my young hot body, and you want breakfast?"

"If you remember, we missed lunch and dinner yesterday. Come on, get your clothes on. I'll take us out to eat," I said, giving her butt a quick slap.

"You're no fun," Alexia whined, squeezing her tits together in a seductive pose. "This is what you'll be missing… "

Watching her dress was almost as erotic as stripping her. I say almost! I will never get over how perfect her body was, from the first time I saw her in my apartment to last night with her white skin illuminated by the moon light creeping through the blinds. I was sad to see her put her bra on, covering up such perfection. She knew I was watching her dress and put on a show as she slowly pulled up her panties, wiggling her sexy ass.

"Now is your last chance to change your mind," Alexia teased, bending forward and shaking her butt as she slipped on her Ralph Lauren designer jeans.

"Trust me when I say I am tempted. Tonight we will not be rushed." Then I added, "I think you should soak those sheets before we leave to get those blood stains out."

"I don't care if the stain remains. It’s a reminder of how you took my V card last night."

I reached out and pulled her to me, kissing her. "Come on, let's go eat before I change my mind. I am famished."

The wait was short at IHOP and we were seated quickly. I placed my order of eggs over medium, hash browns, ham steak, pancakes, and coffee. Alex ordered egg beaters omelet and cottage cheese with a small grapefruit juice.

"Sweetheart, that is not enough to keep a mouse alive," I commented.

"And yours is enough to feed a family of six… did you just call me sweetheart?"

"Yeah, I guess I did. Just slipped out. Sorry."

"Don't be sorry. It's cute."

"We're supposed to be at the station in an hour and a half to meet with Greer. He's going to want an update. I'm just going to tell him we're progressing well."

Alexia grinned. "We should tell him our under cover training has gone under the covers."

The sound of Johnny Cash singing Walk the Line suddenly came from my pocket.

"You seriously need to change that ringtone," Alex chuckled.

"It's Greer. I need to take this outside."

After a few minutes, I returned to my breakfast that was already served while I was on the phone. Alexia reached for a piece of my toast and asked, "What's up?"

“You're going to Greer's office by yourself. He has a special assignment for me. It appears our time table is stepped up. Let's finish up and get out of here."



Greer shuffled through his papers in silence as I patiently waited for his instructions. I never noticed before how the fluorescent ceiling lights reflected on his balding head . Something about bald men seemed very masculine to me. His worn light grey suit was all I had ever seen him wear, and the oversized jacket helped conceal his belly. His mannerisms were abrupt. Almost to the point of rudeness. Probably because of all those years of being the boss.

He looked up from his papers and gave me a long stare. “How prepared are you in your undercover training?"

"I believe I am doing well, Sir. There is much to learn, but I am progressing well."

"Our time table has been stepped up. Do you think you might be ready to begin this next Monday?"

"I honestly don't know, Sir. You will have to ask Janine."

"I have asked her, but it’s your call, not hers. Quite frankly, she seems apprehensive about your ability to pull this off. When I asked what the problem was, she said to ask Alex."

"There were a few issues with the topless thing, but I believe that won't be an issue now."

"Okay, listen to me carefully. Because of the nature of this investigation involving crooked cops and informants in various departments, we are going to have to take some extraordinary measures to protect your identity as well as your partners."

"What extraordinary measures, Sir?"

"First, we will never ever meet in public again. We will communicate via the encrypted phone I gave each of you. If anyone should get ahold of that phone, the texts and history will show you are talking with family members and friends out side this department. The only way to use the phone is to press 444. Secondly, since some of the subjects of our investigation know who you are, we will have to fire you."

"What?! Fire me?" I exclaimed in shock.

"Not literaly, but when you leave this office today you will be off the general records and payroll for the police department. Your pay will be handled through the FBI, who you are temporarily assigned through the duration of this investigation. The story we are proposing is that you were caught in possession of drugs and were terminated immediately and completely. When you leave today make a scene. Get the attention of those on the department floor. Make it convincing."

"Isn't this a bit extreme, Sir?"

"Not even close. I don't know all of Janine's story because she and Tom are FBI. Here is what I do know. She has gone to the extreme to create this cover, including spending time in prison and letting herself get hooked on cocaine so she has an irrefutable cover story of prison and rehab time. Now, that is extreme! She is invested in this case like no other. I don't know for sure, but from little things that were said, I suspect she had a family member abducted in the sex slave trade and is on a vendetta."

"Wow! I wasn’t aware of that, Sir. From the little I have seen, she is totally dedicated to this operation. This makes sense as to why."

As I left the office, I slammed the door hard behind me. Actually, a bit harder than planned. I’m sure I knocked off some of the photos hanging on the wall. Greer poked his head out the door and I tossed my badge at him with it clinking off the window. To give it a good touch, I kicked the waste can with the contents flying in the air.

"You can't fire me on those trumped up charges, you fucking ass hole!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, loud enough that every soul on that floor witnessed my total meltdown. "I will sue you for everything you've got. When my daddy gets through with you, you won't have a penny to your fucking name!" I threatened as I made my way down the stairs.

Once out on the street, I pulled out my buzzing phone from my purse, flipped it open and read the text; "Well done and good luck. I will call you in the morning. G."



Ricky drove down the narrow alley, lit only by the moon light and a few dim back entrance bulbs. This was his regular drop off spot. He stopped half way to the parking lot at the end and gave the signal. He flipped his headlights on twice and waited for a response. Two quick flashes broke the darkness. This meant it was safe to proceed. He moved his old Chevy forward slowly and pulled alongside the black Buick.

After rolling down his obscured tinted window, Ricky said, "Hey, Tony … whatcha got for me, homes?"

"Same as last week, Cholo. A bag of crystal. You got the coin?"

They both got out cautiously and met at the rear of Ricky's car. He opened his trunk and pulled away the old blanket, covering his goods. Ricky held out a shopping bag containing the neatly wrapped bags of meth amphetamine (crystal meth) and exchanged it with the gym bag stuffed with cash.

"Betta not be light, homie!" Ricky warned as they swapped bags.

Tony tore open a corner of one of the bags and tasted the meth, nodding his approval.

“Move a muscle and you're dead! You are under arrest!" A loud voice boomed through the darkness.

They both spun around to see Lt. Mike McNeil, as he stepped out of the shadows with his 45 caliber Glock aimed at them.

"Man, you got no idea who you fucking wit," Ricky glared with his toughest look.

"Oh, I know exactly who I am dealing with, low life scum! Put your hands on the car and spread your legs... now!"

"Okay, pig, but there are two of us and one of you. You cops are dumb an' can't count," Tony challenged, as he reached in his jacket.

The air was filled with the concussion of the blasts. Mike pulled his trigger, two bullets exploded into Tony's head, spraying blood everywhere. His stocking beanie went flying in the air, and his body instantly went limp, falling to the ground like a lifeless pile of garbage.

"Two minus one is... one. How's my math so far, home boy?"

"Shit! You're a crazy mothah fucka! Don't shoot!" Ricky pleaded with a shaking voice.

"Kneel on the ground and lock your fingers behind your head!" Mike ordered as he moved forward and picked up the bag of money. He unzipped it and pushed the blood soaked drug sack inside using one hand, with the other hand pressing his gun against Ricky's forehead.

"Fuck! There is blood all over my money! You greasers always bleed too much."

Ricky's eyes looked shocked and then went blank, as Mike fired three shots into his chest.

Mike made his way in the darkness back to his car that he had parked in the bushes at the end of then lot. He knew this would just be found a drug deal gone bad and as per the agreement made with Victor, the drugs were Victor's and the cash was all his. Well, not all his. This was an expensive operation to run with all the payoffs to crooked politicians and judges, not to mention his crew.

He then flipped open his alternative phone and sent a single text to "V" saying, "Done!"

After popping the trunk on his Lexus and placing the bloodied money bag on a disposable plastic tarp, he got in the car and put the key in the ignition. Before he could start the car, Mike felt the cold steel of a gun barrel pressing against the back of his neck. He froze, not moving a muscle.

"Roll down the window," a voice from the back seat commanded. Mike complied.

"Take out that pistol slowly with two fingers and drop it out side." He followed the instructions.

"Now take that backup out of your leg holster the same way and drop it out the window." Mike lifted his pants leg and removed the backup and also dropped it out the window.

"Who the fuck are you and what do you want?"

The overhead light went on and Mike looked in the rear view mirror.

"Fuck! Frank! What the hell are you doing?"

"Catching you in the act of a crime," Frank calmly answered.

"Come on, Frank. I just busted two drug scum and was about to phone it in. Give me a break."

"Do you really think I am that stupid? I have video footage of you executing those two. There is nothing worse than a dirty cop. You're gonna to die with a needle in your arm."

Mike was panicking, as his entire future flashed before his eyes. His career was going down the garbage disposal. He knew he was fucked.

"Come on, Frank, there is over a quarter million in cash and twice that in crystal meth in the trunk." He made a last desperate offer. "Take it and let me go. I won't say a thing. There is more here than your pay is for ten years as a flat foot."

"What's stopping me from putting a bullet in your head and taking it anyway?"

After a pause and choosing his words carefully, Mike replied, "Because you're not a killer, and because this is peanuts. Come work for me and I'll show you how to make ten times that and not even break a sweat."

"Let me get this straight. You are about to end up on death row… or in a dumpster, and the best you can do is offer me a fucking job?"

"Not a job, a partnership. I can guarantee you a million a year. I will get you moved into my task force and you'll be set for life. Arrest me and we're all losers."

"I want to make this clear, there is only one loser here and it's not me! Your balls are in a sling and I hold the rope. I have evidence of you killing those perps, including this entire conversation — enough to get you lethal injection. Here is what I have to say, if I take your offer, I need insurance. I want you to give me everything you know about the criminals you work with. I'll put it in a safe location. As far as me being on your task force, I'm better off working homicide. That way we're covering all venues. I won't take all your cash, only half. Partners means half. That will just about cover my mom's medical bills. Do we have a deal?"

“Deal!” Mike eagerly replied without hesitation.

"I just want to be on the record, we might be partners now, but I don't trust you. I still consider you to be a lying, cheating scum bag. First thing is to get rid of that cannon you used earlier linking you to these murders. Then we are going to make a video."



It was about midnight when I heard a key in my front door lock. I pulled out my revolver and pointed it at the door. The lock clicked, the door opened, and in stepped... Frank.

"Jeez, woman, point that thing somewhere else! You gave me the key this morning, remember?"

"Sorry, I'm jumpy today after my meeting with Greer."

"I have a lot to tell you and we need to talk. Could you make us some coffee? We might be up a while," Frank suggested. He stripped off his jacket and shoulder holster hanging them on the dining room chair and plopped down on the sofa. Then he kicked off his shoes and put his stocking feet up on my coffee table.

"Go ahead and make yourself at home," I said sarcastically, as I handed him his cup. "Two sugars and a splash of cream, right?"

"Perfect. Now sit your pretty ass down."

I sat next to Frank and he put his arm around me , drawing me close. It made me feel safe when he held me like this. I rested my head on his shoulder and it just felt so right snuggling into his chest. We drank our coffee and shared our day. I told him about Greer's plan to make me look like a disgruntled fired employee. He told me about how he had been instructed to follow McNeil on a tip from Janine, and how he caught the bastard in the act of murder and racketeering. It appeared we both were ready to start the next stage of our undercover operation. I was still apprehensive as to whether I was ready for this.

An hour seemed to go by as we shared with each other. I finally stood up and took Frank's hand, pulling him to his feet.

"Come on, big boy, we've talked enough. Let's go to bed."

"You don't need to twist my arm, young lady," Frank mused, as he scooped me up easily into his arms, carrying me effortlessly to the bed.

"I'll be right back, sweetheart. I need a shower first." He stripped his clothes off, tossing them onto my settee.

"I'll join you," I said, tossing my clothes in my hamper. 

Frank was a real man's man, with strong muscular arms, big hairy chest and flat hard butt cheeks. I found it unfair the way men got sexier as they aged but women didn't. Women would spend hours a week on makeup and hair, while a man's vanity consisted of four items; a bar of soap, a razor, a toothbrush, and a stick of deodorant. A woman's vanity was stuffed with makeup, powders, creams, conditioners, liners, curlers, and that is just the first three drawers.

I searched my heart felt feelings and thought how fast this was going. Was our relationship accelerating forward because of the dangerous assignment we shared or was it because of a genuine attraction, or a little of both. Taking everything into consideration it was obvious we were an unlikely paring. Even if this were an, any port in the storm romance, it was all I have to hold onto right now. I would need it be cautious.

I stepped into the steamy bathroom and thought Frank's obscured image through the shower looked like a surreal modern art piece. I popped open the door and stepped in with the steam surrounding us like a fog.

"Here, cutie, please wash my back." Frank handed me the soap.

"Um, alight. This is another first for me."

"In what way?"

"I have never showered with a man before."

"Well it's just good ol' clean fun." Frank smirked.

"Hmm, that's not my back," Frank said as I soaped his rapidly growing erection. 

"I know silly. I just needed something to hang the wash cloth on." I chuckled.

We laughed and played in the shower until the water started to get cold. 

Minutes later we were rolling around on the bed finding joy in each other's presence. I was screaming in laughter as Frank was discovering my tickle places and seemed so happy to just be with me, as I was with him. We were good together. As my mom would say, "two peas in a pod". Though our chronological ages were far apart, we felt a special connection. 

Frank cupped my cheeks and brought his lips so close they almost touched. "I want you," he whispered.

"I want you more," I whispered back, breathlessly.

We kissed with open mouths and he rolled on top of me with his weight pressing my body against his, but I didn't resist. I was completely and utterly surrendered. For the next couple hours, his hands and lips played me like a fine musical instrument, touching, exploring, and creating something beautiful. I discovered more about my own body in that short time than I did in my previous twenty-three years on this planet. He stroked, twisted, licked and petted me like a maestro. He was no novice at this. 

I had heard about a G spot, but Frank showed me the entire alphabet. Tonight I became his little cowgirl when he lowered me down on his erection. After his mastery over me, I found my self on top and in control and loved it. It brought me a real sense of accomplishment seeing the look of pleasure on his face, as I swayed my hips, sliding his manhood in and out of my hot wet pussy. I discovered my vaginal muscles could grip his member and bring him close to delirium.

He bucked up his hips increasing the pace and the slapping of our skin filled the room with sounds of sex. We were working as partners in unison, driving toward the same goal. I could feel him swell even bigger, like he was going to explode and I shuttered with the most intense feeling I had ever experienced. It flowed over my trembling body like a wave.

"Ahh, I am going to cum!" Frank moaned.

When he flooded me with his essence, I could feel the warmth splashing my insides all the way to my soul.

"Fill me! Fuck me! Give it all to me!" I gasped like a slut in heat. 

He continued pulsing until semen was pouring out and puddling on his belly. 

We lay there recovering in each other's arms like two athletes that just finished a marathon, catching our breath and digesting the events of the past couple hours.

"Alex, that was incredible. You are incredible!"

"You ain't bad yourself, stud."

"It is a bit late to ask, but are you on the pill?"

"Yes, I started yesterday."



"I am so happy I saved myself for you."

"I'm flattered you feel that way. I feel special to be your first and to have you in my life. I also know that the feelings I have for you are going to have me living in fear everyday for your safety."

"I can say the same about you, but I'll just have to trust your professionalism. I knew what I was getting into as a cop. I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared. What we have is unique, but I won't act like a school girl throwing the L word around .”

"I care deeply for you too, and I pledge I will not let anything happen to you. I would die if it did."

The lights were out and we cuddled in the darkness with his arm around me, cupping my breast. I could feel his heart beating against my back. There was a peace that covered my soul, as I drifted off to sleep think of the future might hold. 

To be continued.

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