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Dreams and Nightmares

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sometimes there's a thin line between what's real and what's not
Kendra was curled partly on her left side, sleeping peacefully, deeply.  Her torso was turned to face the ceiling, he stood by the bed, looking down at her as she slept, taking note of every detail.  The way the well fitted jeans hugged the curve of her hips, the way her pale pink t-shirt rode up her stomach revealing a few fingers width of soft, downy, golden skin; so enticing, so tempting.  The way her high, firm breasts strained against the fabric and the v-neck teased him with just enough cleavage to make him palm himself at the thought of tracing the tip of his tongue between her breasts.  His eyes followed the slope of her throat to her face, which was currently partially obscured by dark curls.  He reached out and slid a silky tendril through his fingers before gently sweeping it aside along with the rest to uncover her face.  His fingers brushed her cheek, a touch that was barely there yet she stirred, turning her face to follow his fingers as he moved them away.  Even in sleep she responded to him as if she were his, nothing could have pleased him more.  His eyes lingered on her beautiful face, deep pink lips, so full, so lush, begging to be tasted and an invitation to delve into the most sinful pleasures; a small, pert nose, slightly upturned and covered with a  dusting of freckles, and her eyes, oh her eyes.  Closed they didn’t appear so witchy, fringed with thick dark lashes that rested against rounded cheeks, but he knew them by heart.  When awake, they were big and deep brown.  Plain brown she’d say though there was nothing plain about them, they turned darker when she was aroused and darker yet when angry. And of course, the shimmering violet of her magic. Whatever colour they were, they were also as intense as everything else about her.
With one of her slender arms limp at her side and the other curled beside her head, she looked every inch the delicate, vulnerable female, not the witch of unspeakable power he knew her to be, and certainly not the killer she had proven herself to be over time, but that was Kendra. A paradox, an enigma, a walking oxymoron.

Unable to stop himself, the mattress dipped as he eased down behind her.  When he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her soft, warm body against his, she sighed.    He nuzzled her neck and she curled into him closer; it was so good to hold her again, she felt so good. 

Kendra opened her eyes, seeing absolutely nothing in the inky darkness.  A smile curved her lips, she knew who it was without looking, without asking.

A soft shudder coursed down her spine and her lashes fluttered as she felt his hot breath against her shoulder, breath that was soon replaced by his lips.  It was only the lightest of kisses, barely a touch but it was enough to make her whimper longingly.   She leaned back, pressing her soft, wee body against his big, hard one.   He reached up and gently brushed her hair from the back of her neck, sprinkling her soft fragrant skin with kisses.  She moaned softly, her lashes lowering completely, he skimmed his hand down her bare arm, entwining his fingers with hers, gently squeezing her hand.   She suddenly found herself naked and the length of his hardness slid into her with ease, her hand clenched in his and they both groaned as moist heat enveloped him.   It had been so long. Too long.  Shamelessly so. She was no longer used to going without for more than a few hours, her body was trained to his, conditioned to respond to the lightest touches, the barest of glances, and she had feared she’d never see him again, never be allowed to love him again.  A soft moan fell from her lips, her back arching as she pushed her ass against him, taking him as deep as she could.  He started moving his hips in long smooth strokes, always burying himself completely in her tightness, burying his face in her hair, kissing her neck, whispering soft words in her ear.  He let go of her hand and wrapped his arm around her trembling body, his hand splayed against her lower belly pulling her into him.  His hand was so big, she so small that it covered her from hipbone to hipbone.   He drank in her soft whimpers and cries of pleasure, the sound only fuelling his need for her, he gritted his teeth, forcing himself to keep his pace slow, wanting to savor this moment for as long as he could, wanting to make it last for her as much as for himself.   He slid his other arm beneath her, cradling her in his arms, his free hand curving around a full breast, tearing another ragged cry from her as a hard nipple dragged against the palm of his hand.  He smiled against her shoulder as he felt her suffuse his entire body with her warmth, as soothing, as enticing as it had been from the very first. 

Her head fell forward, a soft sob torn from her as she shuddered deeply, from pleasure, from deep longing, from missing him.  He pulled her in tighter, every slow stroke sending her higher.  The way she responded to him, the way she had always responded to him, still awed him.  His witch was so eager, so passionate and so alive.  Live fire in his hands.  He craved that now more than ever.  By sheer will he kept his own satisfaction at bay a while longer, offering her more pleasure, not an easy feat when she was convulsing so blissfully against him, around him.  He brought her to completion two more times before allowing himself to surrender to her call, his own body arching, roaring with satisfaction as he found release. 

He eased his hold on her, tracing small kisses along the curve of her neck.  She turned in the circle of his arms and smoothed her hands up the broad expanse of his chest, her sinful mouth following suit until it met his chin.  “I’m so happy you came back love”  she whispered.  He rested a hand on her hip and squeezed.

"Aye, so am I lass, so am I"

Kendra gasped and sat up, pulling at the sheet to cover her nakedness.  "You’re not Alex!!'

"Of course not, ya daft woman, I’m yer husband.  Or have you forgotten already?” He said, giving her his trademark grin.

"No, no no nooo!  I thought you were Alex!!"  What had she done?!  He would never forgive her,  he would never come back to her, not now.   She stared at him in horror and all he could do was laugh, the sound loud and grating, his head thrown back, his grin too wide, looking every inch the demon he used to be as before her very eyes he slowly morphed into Alex.  An Alex that looked at her with such contempt that he might as well have cut open her chest and ripped her heart out with his bare hands.

"Fuck, only one night Kendra and already I can smell him all over you."

Tears fell and he reached up with a rough finger, touching her wet cheek.  ‘A little too late for these don’t you think?  And this as well.”  He jerked the sheet from her, uncovering her; she caught the edge of the sheet and tried to tug it back.

"Alex, please don’t"   

"So polite, even now.  There’s no need to be shy Gidget, it’s not like I haven’t seen you a thousand times before".   Which was true, but this was different, this was..threatening. Not the Alex she loved.

"Oh, it very much is the Alex you love" he said, reading her mind.  "Everyone knows I’m an asshole, you really shouldn’t fool yourself Gidget"  He put a hand to her shoulder and shoved her back onto the bed, strong hands painfully gripping her inner thighs and forcing them apart. 

Kendra thrashed and screamed, raining blows on his shoulders but nothing stopped him; she resorted to begging, sobbing "Alex, not like this..please..not like this.  I’m sorry, I didna mean tae!! I didna ken!!"

"Fuck that, exactly like this.  I’m going to fuck you until I can’t smell him on you anymore, until it’s my hands imprinted on your body, fuckin’re mine.  Not his.  Mine."  He rolled on top of her, red eyes glaring down at her, canines elongated, completely oblivious to the fact that he was hurting her, and she, painfully aware that in that moment, everything was lost.  She resigned herself to it and laid still as death beneath him, averting her face.  Alex reached up and gripped her face in his hand, forcing it back until she had no choice but to look at him, but to watch as everything slipped away.

"No, that’s not how it works. You’re a good shot but aiming is a useful bit of that.  Just…eyes open, c’mon Kendra, shoot me.  What are you afraid of? Killing a dead man?"

He thrust into her and she screamed, suddenly sitting up in bed in a cold sweat.  "ALEX!!!"

Sasha also sat up, growling low and baring his fangs. 

"A dream.." she said between ragged breaths. "A dream, only a dream"  Gleaming blue eyes, so reminiscent of Alex’s fixed on her and the wolf stopped growling, sharp fangs disappearing.  Kendra touched her hand to his head, whispering  “just a dream.”

Her clothes were drenched and damp strands of hair stuck to her cheeks, her stomach churning unpleasantly as she looked around the dark bedroom.  It was still night and Alex was still gone.  Fresh pain washed over her but she had no more tears to cry, not tonight.   She scrambled out of bed, pulling the blanket with her and wrapped it around her shoulders.  She looked to the wolf, giving him a stern look. “Leave the cat alone” and shimmered.

She found herself on the shore, sitting in the sand, huddled under the blanket, salt water almost lapping at her toes but not quite as she watched the horizon, waiting for the sun to chase away the darkness.
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Copyright © (C) 2008 Jenna Baker

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