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Eros Academy: Chapter 2 The Teacher's Helper

Eros Academy: Chapter 2 The Teacher's Helper

Class is in session at Eros
His roommate’s name was James Wotan. After Michael was able to get over his surprise he introduced himself. “How did you know about the peepholes?”

Wotan shrugged as he put down his packet on the opposite bed. “My older brother went here. He filled me in on some of the…peculiarities. They’re all over the place, bedrooms, showers, classrooms. The freshmen dorms are laid out deliberately, boy, girl, boy, girl, so we can look in on each other. Watch yourself, cause you can bet, they’ve got one that looks in here too.” He began to unpack, barely looking down at his bags at he did. His clothes exploded, unfolded onto the bed and floor and he cheerfully scooped them up by the armload and stuffed them randomly into the drawers of his bureau.

“Did he, uh, did he warn you about anything else?” Michael asked. He found himself scanning the walls, wondering where someone might be looking in.

Wotan turned away from the chest of drawers, sleeves and socks dangling out. “Hmm? Oh, just to be ready for anything, and to have the time of my life. I think they really try to play up the secrecy about this place. You aren’t supposed to know too much about it going in. Silly, but tradition I suppose.” He said, hastily putting up a few posters of bands Michael had never heard of.

Michael sighed, “Mmm, tradition. Both my parents went here. It’s where they met. Me coming here was never even up for discussion.”

Wotan was kicking off his shoes when he paused and gave Michael a curious, appraising look. “Wait a minute… Dravenwood. As in, the -“

“Yes! As in the Dravenwoods!” Michael grunted in exasperation. “As in the infamous Dravenwoods!”

“Sorry dude,” James Wotan said quickly. “It’s just…you guys have a rep. My mom still tells stories about your father. Sounds like you aren’t too wild about it.”

“I dunno. It’s just…I’m not really like them. I want to be. I’ve tried to be like them my entire life. But I’m not.” But even as he was saying it Michael was thinking of watching Jessica undress. Maybe he wasn’t as different as he thought.

Wotan was stripping out of his clothing now. “You don’t like sex?”

“Well, no it’s not like that. I’m just…shy I guess.”

Wotan grinned disarmingly. “Hey man, it’s all good. You’re okay in my book. I’m easy to get a long with. So who is she?” He asked, dropping his jeans into the corner with his T-shirt. Michael caught a glimpse of a bulge in his black boxer briefs.

“Who’s who?”

Wotan grinned again, thumping Michael on the back. “The girl next door! The one that caught your eye in the peephole dude! I know that the look of a guy getting off when I see it.”

“Oh. Her name is Jessica. I noticed her when were being brought in. She’s…well, I dunno. She just got my attention.”

Wotan was moving past him and getting to his knees by Michael’s desk. He put his face against the peephole. Michael felt an urge to pull him off of the wall and throw him across the room but he kept his cool. He seemed like an okay guy. He might as well start making friends. Besides, it wasn’t as though he and Jessica were an item. They’d only just met. He didn’t even know her last name. ‘You just spied on her. That’s all. Just watched her strip and jacked yourself off through your pants while you did,’ he thought, feeling cum gluing his cock to his thigh.

“Wow! She is cute man! A redhead! Very nice! I’ll enjoy living next to her!” Wotan said, getting back up. He might have seen a glimmer of discomfort on Michael’s face because he added. “Though, she’s not alone. There’s tons of eye candy around here. Plenty to go around.”

He walked back to his bunk and tugged a towel out of his bag. Without blinking he started strip off his underwear. “Well,” he said as his nether regions dangled unabashedly into view, “I’m gonna grab a shower. Maybe see if I have any like finding a nice view myself.” He laughed. Michael tried not to stare in disbelief as the boy’s cock and balls swung freely from a nest of hair as Wotan wrapped the towel around his waist. “Better work on that shyness there, Mike. Otherwise this place will be hell for you quick.” Winking, he headed towards the door. “Oh!” he said, abruptly. “One other thing my brother warned me about. If you do go out, be extra sure to be back in the dorm by eleven. Curfew is one of the things they are wicked strict about here and you don’t want to get detention.”

After he left Michael quietly changed into a clean pair of boxers and laid back into the bed. Staring at the ceiling, he tried not to think about Jessica’s naked body. Tried not to picture her perfect breasts and pink nipples and the way her pussy lips had winked out under her ass. Tried not to think about how easy it was and would be to watch her whenever he wanted. It was going to be a long night.

Finally, as sleep was at last about to come, he considered Wotan’s words. Got to work on the shyness. Michael supposed he was right. Otherwise this place really would be unbearable. He never thought his chance to work on it would come so soon though.


His alarm sounded at 7:00 the next morning. Classes would begin without delay at 8:30 and Michael dragged himself out of bed. As he showered, he couldn’t help but cast his eyes around for any hint of spy-holes and imagine the prying eyes of girls on the other side of the wall, giggling at him as he suds up. Then it was back to his room to throw on his uniform and then following the hoard of students heading back towards the dining hall. He never would have found his way if he hadn’t gone with the group.

Once he finally arrived he joined the line for food. After he’d scooped scrambled eggs and bacon onto his plate he surveyed the hall. The large tables had been broken up into smaller ones and the dais had been pushed back against the wall. The room was a din of voices. Michael was looking anywhere for an opening to quietly sit at and peck at his food while he studied his schedule. He’s taken a few steps towards the far wall where he spotted a vacant seat, when from behind him a familiar voice called out. “Hey Mike!”

Turning, he spotted James Wotan’s thin face seated at a table with two girls. One he recognized right off by her flowing red hair. The other was more petite, with short hair dyed a vibrant splash of purple. His roommate waved and with relief Michael started over.

James pushed back a chair as he arrived. “Hey! Morning, glad you found us.”

“I don’t know if I’ll ever figure out the lay out of this place.” Michael said, setting down his tray and putting his messenger bag on the floor.

“I was just chatting with our neighbors. You met Jessica right?”

Michael glanced up and across the table, smiling shyly. “Yes, good morning.” He said. ‘I’ve seen everything under that uniform!’ He thought. ‘I know the color of your nipples!’ He sat down hard, digging his nails into his palm as he did.

“Hi,” she said smiling back. “This is my roommate, Maggie.”

The other girl extended her hand and Michael shook it. Her features were elfin and her eyes wide and jovial. The girl’s uniforms fit snugly around their bodies, the black pleated skirts stopping mid thigh and white blouses clearly a size too small.

“Well kids,” Wotan said between forkfuls of eggs, “what’s on everybody’s plates today, hmm?”

“I’ve got History of Eroticism, then Basic Anatomy and Sexual Positions Part One.” Maggie said, daintily blowing steam from her coffee and taking a sip. ”After lunch I have Striptease and Non-Vaginal Intercourse. Jess?”

Jessica looked up from her oatmeal, “hmm? Uh, Anatomy, then…Sex Positions One, Female Hygiene, Tantric Yoga and History of Eroticism.”


“Um…” Michael’s schedule was still in his bag. Mentally he tried to summon up his Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes. “Basic Anatomy, History….I forget the rest,” he shrugged.

“Mmm, seems like we’re all on the same page mostly.” Wotan said, wiping his lips.“ I’ll make a suggestion. Since we’re taking a lot of the same classes, and we’re only a room apart from each other, what do you guys say we make a study group?”

The girls exchanged a look. They both shrugged and nodded. “Sure, makes sense,” Maggie said.

“Yeah, sounds good.” As she spoke Jessica checked her watch. “Oops, time to take the vitamins.” She bent over and reached into her bag.

“Oh, I nearly forgot! Thanks for reminding me,” Maggie said, doing the same. They both pulled out small plastic pill containers. Michael shot Wotan a curious glance. Wotan just shrugged. As she looked up, popping a small pill into her mouth Jessica saw their confusion.

She smiled cheekily. “Birth control pills. All the girls here are given a prescription of it if they aren’t on some other kind already.”

Maggie giggled as she swallowed, “I was fitted for diaphragm, but I heard they offered these and I figured it’d help with menstrual cramps so, why not?”

Wotan laughed. “That’s clever. They really cover their bases here. Well then we’re agreed. Eh Mike?”

“Sounds good to me. I think I could use the help.” He said pushing back his half empty plate. He’s eaten as much as he could but he was too squeamish to finish. Still, he was glad he’d found some people to talk with. He found just being able to chat casually with friendly faces was enough to put him partially at ease. People had started to trickle out of the dining hall.

Wotan looked at his own watch. “Better get moving. Got to find my History of Eroticism class. I’m sure we’ll meet up later.” He said, picking up his bag and tray.

“I’m heading there too,” Maggie said getting up as well. “Nice to meet you Mike, catch you later Jess.”

“Seeya. Well I guess that’s our queue as well,” Jessica said, raising her eyebrows to Michael.

Sighing, he nodded. “Yeah, ‘spouse there’s no point delaying the inevitable. Still certain I’ll get lost.”

“Well, I’m going to the same place,” Jessica said, slinging her bag over her shoulder, “so we can get lost together.”


As it turned out, working together to find their way they only got turned around once and managed to find the classroom and slip inside with a few other stragglers within seconds of the bell ringing. Inside they found the room nearly full with students already seated at their desks, chattering quietly amongst themselves. A woman stood at the front of the class, a pleasant, soothing smile on her face. Michael placed her in her mid thirties. She had dark brown hair styled in a bob, gentle features and bright brown eyes.

“Hi!” she said cheerfully, “come on in, find a seat, we haven’t started yet. We’ll give it a few extra minutes to let anyone running a bit behind find their way in.”

He gave a quick scan of the room, hoping in vain to find two seats side by side and was disappointed. All the vacant chairs were scattered across the front row. He picked one closest to the end and Jessica selected one three seats away. The teacher let five minutes go by in which she stood in silence at the front of the room. In that time Michael took stock of his surroundings as he pulled out his notebook and binder.

Like Most of the rooms in Eros it was stone floored with elegantly crafted wood walls, but otherwise it looked like perfectly modern, normal classroom. There was a whiteboard at the front with the words “Basic Anatomy” written on it, familiar scientific diagrams tacked to the walls, a pencil sharpener, waist basket and a large stack of textbooks layed out oh the front desk. The one oddity Michael spotted was that on the front of the teacher’s desk was some metal tubing, folded up. Otherwise it was like any classroom in any school he’d been in his whole life. There were about twenty or so students, almost perfectly divided amongst males and females.

After five minutes was up the teacher walked around to front of her desk, her smile widening even further, and spoke. “Well I guess that’s everyone. Welcome to Basic Anatomy guys!” Her voice was melodic and sweet and yet loud and clear enough to be heard clearly. “I’m Ms. Chatte and I’ll be your instructor. Now I’m getting better at remembering names the more years I teach, but I’m still not perfect, so to start off I’ll take role and pass out your books. I’ll do my best to remember all your names.”

She read off the names one by one and students filed up to get their books. When his name was called, Michael collected his copy of Exploring Your Body: A Sexual and Scientific Adventure. Finally, when there were no books left, Ms. Chatte sat on the edge of her desk. “So, Basic Anatomy. Like the name suggests this is going to be a pretty rudimentary course. We’re going to be delving into the parts that make up our bodies and covering the fundamentals of what makes us tick. Some of this will be material you know pretty well already I’m sure, and some of it will be brand new. I’ve been teaching this class for five years now and I can tell you that every year I make a new, fascinating discovery about my own body.” She paused, surveying the room to make sure she had their attention. “To start us off on our first day, let’s get a sense of some of the things we already know eh? See where we are, and get the lay of the land.” She lifted herself off the desk and strode over to the whiteboard.

“Can someone name for me a part of the male anatomy? Anything?”

Silence. The students threw each other cautious glances, none of them eager to go first. “Hmmm? Anyone…yes?!”

Michael looked over his shoulder. A girl with glasses and a ponytail was nervously lowering her hand. “Um, the p-penis?” She suggested. A handful of snickers and giggles swept the room, but Ms. Chatte seemed delighted.

“Good! Yes, penises.” She quickly wrote the word on the board in black dry erase pen. Beside it she drew a dash and wrote “Cock”, “Dick” and “Member.” “What else? Yes, Sam right?”

A young man with a crew cut nodded “uh, testicles?”

“Yes, very good!” The word appeared on the board, along with “balls” and “nuts”. “Keep going, just shout them out you guys” Ms. Chatte prompted.

“Sack!” Some shouted from the back, Michael couldn’t tell whom.

“Okay, The scrotum, a.k.a the sack. Any others?”

“Testes!” a girl suggested.

“Anus!” called a boy to Michael’s left.

“Ok, excellent,” Ms. Chatte said, “Now what about female? Hmm?”

Calls came from around the room. “Vagina.” “Breasts!” “Vulva!” “Clit!’

Smiling, the Teacher set down the marker. “Well, I see you all have a pretty good grasp on the birds and the bees hehe. Wonderfully. So, why don’t we go ahead a take a closer look at things? Every body take notes as we go along. Now, I need one of you young men…who’ll be my volunteer?”

Dead quiet gripped the room. Ms. Chatte cast her gaze across the room, still smiling hopefully. “Hmmm? Anybody going to be brave? There’s no room for shyness here.”

Michael shot his eyes around, waiting to see who’d go first and get labeled the teacher’s pet. He kept his hands firmly in place. Finally Ms. Chatte placed her hands on her sides and sighed.

“Well then I guess I’ll just have to pick some one. Mmmmmm...” She peered around the room, eyeing all the potential candidates.

‘Oh no…. please no…don’t do this to me…’ Michael thought desperately As Ms. Chatte’s head come around.

“How about...”

‘Don’t pick-!’

She stopped and looked him squarely in the eye “You!” she said merrily.


“M-me?!” Michael asked in horror.

“Yes! Michael right? You’ll be my helper today! Come on up to the front of the class.”

Michael could feel the relief go through. He’d taken the bullet for the rest of them. Dismayed, he rose to his feet and walked up to the front of the room. He stood by the Teacher’s desk, shifting on his feet, his hands in his pockets. He looked across the sea of faces, all of them strangers. Well not all of them. In the very front, just a few feet away, Jessica looked at him. She gave him a sympathetic smirk as she tapped her pencil against her notebook.

Ms. Chatte stood beside him, close enough that he could smell the subtle floral scent of her perfume. “Okay, so let’s begin. Michael, why don’t you take your clothes off?”

He paused. He was not at all sure of what he’d just heard. “Um…huh?”

“Go ahead dear,” Ms. Chatte said as she calmly began to unbutton her dark blue blouse. A murmur passed through the collective. He watched as she undid each button. He felt his mouth go totally dry. He blinked, feeling dizzy. He could feel dozens of eyes on him, waiting for him to do something. She was already finished with her blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, and her pristine, C-Cup sizes breasts were in full view as she folded it and placed it on the desk behind her.

Looking at her Michael found himself becoming aroused despite his nerves. ‘Holy shit!’ he thought ‘this is insane.’ His face felt hot and his palms were pure sweat. He couldn’t just stand here. Couldn’t just chicken out. Not with all of them watching. He bit his lip, watching as Ms. Chatte unzipped her skirt. His crotched twitched as blood surged between his blushing face and his groin.

‘Come on Michael! You’re here for reason!’ His father’s voice said sternly. ‘You’re a Dravenwood man after all!’

‘Yes…I am…oh god! Well, here goes.’ He began to kick off his shoes and unbuckle his belt. All the while watching as Ms. Chatte slid her skirt down her waist and thighs. As he bent to pull his trousers down he felt his head rush and for a terrible moment he thought he was going to pass out. Raising back up slowly he took a deep breath as he folded the pants and set them on his shoes.

Ms. Chatte was down to a small black thong and pair of knee high white stockings. “I’ll keep my socks on, these floors are chilly!” She giggled. He bit down harder, feeling his cock come to life in his shorts as he unbuttoned his shirt, watching as she slipped her underwear off, rising again, a very neat landing strip of black hair visible between her legs. He was shaking horribly, fumbling the buttons. Finally it was off, his scrawny teen body on full display save for his socks and boxers. Glancing down he realized there was perfectly visible tent in his crotch. He leaned forward, trying in vain to disguise it. Ms. Chatte looked over at him approvingly. She took a step closer to him. He had his hands posed on the rim of his underwear, trying to find the courage to pull them down.

Without a word she grabbed them by the hem and tugged swiftly, pulling them straight down out of his hands and around his knees. His uncut, erect cock popped into full view. A few people chuckled in surprise. Michael closed his eyes.

“Mmm, there we are.” Ms. Chatte said. “I love getting out of those! It’s so great being able to share myself with all of you!” Michael let his boxers fall the rest of the way to floor and kicked them to the side. He felt a hand sliding over his back. It slid down and playfully tickled his butt-cheeks. “I’m not picking on you Michael, just so you know. Before the end of the year we’re all going to be spending our share of time in the buff in this class. All our bodies are beautiful things.” She giggled again and gently patted his bottom.

He slowly raised his head. Twenty sets of wide eyes stared at the two of them. Many of the girls had their eyes locked firmly on his erection. His eyes swept to the front of the class. Jessica looked at him, bright spots of pink in her cheeks, a shy but excited smile on her lips. ‘Well…I guess it’s fair…I’ve seen her after all…. besides…it could be worse I guess…I mean…it’s just skin.’

“Okay so we’ve got those words on the board, let’s start having a look at the real thing!” Ms. Chatte said brightly. “Now there are lot’s of various words for all these things as you all know. I like to use the scientific terms and mix in the slangier ones that you might use more often here and there. Starting with the female body, we have the breast.” Her hands wrapped around the sides of her bosom and she pushed her chest out. “Most girls start developing them around puberty as I’m sure most of you know, they keep developing throughout most of woman’s life, usually evening out at right around the age you are now. Breasts, in particular the nipples and areolas are usually an important erogenous zone for most women.” Her fingers slid down her body slightly, the tips traced the rims of her strawberry colored nipples.

“Mmm, The nipples get very sensitive and become erect, especially when they are played with. Rubbed, pinched, sucked. Michael give me your hand.”

“Huh?” he said, lifting his eyes from her breasts up to her face.

“Here,” she said reaching down and taking him by the wrist. “Now place it right here on my tit. Mmm, now just tease my nipple a bit and tell me what you feel.”

His cock pulsed as she lowered his palm over her. Her skin was warm and her breast soft yet firm under his fingers. Nervously he rolled his him around the red rub of flesh, feeling it stiffen as he did. His heart was in his throat but he held his hand steady.

“It’s, It’s getting hard and stiff,” he said.

“Mmmhmm, that is a sign I’m getting aroused. I’m excited and my body is responding. Mmm, let’s look further.” She scooted herself up onto the edge of the desk and wiggled her but as she settled. “Michael, if you would, you see the metal folded up on the front of the desk? Pull them out for me please.”

He nodded silently and knelt down, aware that he was in essence mooning the class as he did. He put it out his mind, glancing up to see the slit of Ms. Chatte’s pussy between her thighs, no more than foot away. He pulled back on the metal structure. Two pieces swiveled out and clicked into place. They pointed diagonally out from the desk, bent slightly in the middle and end short metal rubber. He stood back up and to the side.

As he did Ms Chatte leaned back on her hand and swung her legs one at a time, resting her stockinged feet in the stirrups. She was spread eagle. The pink lips of her vag open wide. Michael’s eyes were transfixed. She was totally exposed to the class. “Okay, now you all can see my vulva and labia,” she said, calmly and merrily as ever. Her hand glided over her thigh towards her slit. She ran her fingers over herself and parted the lips a little further. “You can see here my vagina,” she pointed her between the folds, “where a man would put his erect penis during sex, and this little guy, mmm, is my clitoris.” Her finger rested on a nub of flesh. “Mmm, the clit is a big bundle of nerves, as woman becomes more and more aroused, it swells and becomes erect and even more sensitive, like the tip of a man’s penis. My labia are also getting wet, as my body becomes more excited. Mmmm, Michael, come over her.” She wiggled her finger at him in a come-hither motion.

Breathing hard, still staring at the pink cleft in her body, Michael walked over to her. He stood by her leg looking down at her. She took his writs again and guided it between his legs. He started to tremble again as she rested it on the soft, warm mound. Looking him in the eye she said, “stroke it a little, and tell us what you feel.”

Gingerly, ever so carefully he ran his hands over her, feeling her slick lips and the fuzz of her pubic hair. “Uh, It’s warm…it’s moist….mmm, it’s soft.”

“Mmm yes…I’m getting more and more aroused. Being touched like this…being on display for the class…it always is a turn on. Now…” She took hold of his hand and nudged out his index finger. “Slowly, put your finger in me.”

“Um..are you s-sure..?” Michael asked, sweat beging to break out on his forehead.

“It’s okay, you won’t hurt me, go ahead,” Ms Chatte said, steering his digit into her. He felt the warmth of it sucking in his finger, knuckle by knuckle. She shudder a little and her face twitched “Huh, hm, mmm, now about a two knuckles deep, on the upper wall, you, is another bundle of nerves called the g-spot. It can be -hmh!- a little tricky to find it. We’ll be going over it in more detail in another class, huh! But trust me it’s in there. The G-spot, and the clitoris are they two most important keys to a woman’s arousal during vaginal sex…Mmmm, hows it feel Michael?”

His voice trembled a little but his eyes were fixed at the sight of his finger disappearing into her. “It’s wet…. tight, mmm it’s like it’s pulling me in…” Suddenly she seized his writs more firmly. “There! Right there! Stop…okay, now with other hand, press two fingers down on my clit.” Her breathing was getting faster. Her cheeks were becoming flush.

After a second of looking Michael once again found the small button of skin and rested the tips of his fingers on it. Ms. Chatted directed his motions, pushing it down hard, moving his hand ever so slightly back and forth. He could feel her juices flowing more steadily by the second. His cock throbbed with the rhythm of his heart and he thought it would explode.

“Mmn! Yes, just like that…rub my clit, and move your finger in and out of me.” He did as he was told, sliding his finger in and out of her dripping orifice as he pressed down on her. She looked him in the eye, “F-first time, f-fingering someone?” she asked softly, a twinkle of excited glee in her eye.

“Mmhmm” Michael grunted.

“You’re doing –oh!-really good.” She closed her eyes. “Aah! Mmm, Class, Michael is…s-s-stimulating, my clit and my g-spot at the simultaneously. My, My body is, reacting, stronger and stronger to it. Soon, I’ll –oh fuck! Put another finger in my pussy!”

Obediently Michael pushed another finger into her, feeling more confident now then ever now. He glanced up at the rest of the class. They were all gaping, breathlessly, jaws unhinged. In the very front he spotted Jessica. Her eyes here locked on his fingers as they pumped in and out of Ms. Chatte. Her expression was intense, cheeks a deep red. He noticed that her hand was on her chest. Absently, she was lightly fondling her breast, stroking it and massaging it as she watched. She wasn’t the only one. Other girls seemed to be rubbing their nipples through the fabric of their blouses, and he noticed more than few boys with their hands under their desks.

“Aw! Aaa, I’m…I’m going to…have an orgasm in a moment…. watch closely….Oh shit! Hhhhn!” Suddenly her mouth fell open and her head rolled back. Her eyes closed tight. Michael could feel her entire body quivering. Her legs shook in the stirrups, her toes curling. Michael kept going, as her hips bucked out, sweat rolling over his cheeks now, as he felt her juices flowing over his palm and wrist.

She rested her hand on his arm. ‘Uh, huh, huh stop, stop now.” She said, panting. She slid her still shaking legs out of the stirrups and just breathed hard for moment. She looked up, her face glistening with sweat, her cheeks bright and grinned “Mmm, well that’s a good intro to the female body. Now,” without warning her hand shot out and wrapped sound Michael’s shaft, “we’ve got just enough time left to examine the male. Michael has graciously lent us his body today, let’s have a look.”

Michael tensed and stared down in shock as Ms. Chatte’s fingers took hold of him and she scooted further up the desk to be closer to him. “You see here Michael’s penis is already fully erect, clearly he found fingering arousing. What’s happened is, blood has pumped into his shaft, filling up the spongy tissues in his shafted. You can see also is an intact specimen, hehe, by which I mean he’s not circumcised. That’s less common in our culture, which is a bit of shame, since the foreskin actually drastically increases a man’s pleasure during sex. If we pull it back…” Moved her fingers tenderly, and eased back his foreskin, revealing the swollen, tender tip beneath, slick with pre-cum already. Michael grabbed the desk for support. He was still wrapping his brain around the fact the beautiful woman whom he had just fingered to orgasm was at this moment examining his genitals fondly.

“We see the tip. Notice how red and inflamed it is. The head of cock is much like a woman’s clitoris, as it gets aroused, more blood flows to it, the more sensitive it becomes. If I just roll my thumb on it, like so.”

“Huhuuuh!” Michale shudder violently and gripped the lip of the desk to keep his balance. Ms. Chatte’s touch was dainty and delicate remarkably skilled.

“Hehe, we see the response right away. His penis is secreting clear, slipper fluid now, commonly called pre-cum, or pre-ejaculate. It cover’s the tip, lubricating it. Also notice his testicles.” Her other hand immediately took hold of his balls, softly cupping around them and squeezing gently. “See how they’re hanging low and away from the member? They’ve lowered into position to release sperm. Now these are a very delicate part of the male anatomy, so it’s best to massage them gingerly, squeezing them very softly, like you’re checking them for ripeness. And now we start to stroke his shaft, just pushing the foreskin back and forth, back and forth, stimulating that tip.”

She did just that as she spoke. Michael watched her hand moving up and down his throbbing organ, tickling and caressing his balls as she did. Occasionally she’d pull the foreskin back and twist her thumb on the pulsing mushroom head. He started to breath hard. He looked back to Jessica. She was chewing her lip, eyes staring, her fingers locked onto her chest, pinching firmly through her shirt as she wiggled and squirmed in her seat minutely.

“Mmm, He’s getting close, see how red his face is getting? We’ll just speed up a bit.” Her hand began to piston faster up and down along his shaft. Her breast swayed and bounced a little as she did. She squeezed his sack more firmly. Her eyes stayed on his, sparkling with girlish delight. Clearly she was doing what she loved. “How’s that feel dear?”

“Huh, huh! Oh, oh! G-good! Huh K-keep going! Nnn!”

“Hehe, Are you going to cum for us Michael?”

“”Mmmhmmm! Yeeeah!”

“Hehe, alright, everybody, watch now…here we go!”

At that moment she stopped pumping and just held him and tickled his balls. Her thumb rolled on the very base of his dick where the foreskin met the tip and a spasm of intense pleasure. “Fuuuck!” His knees buckled as he felt himself release a torrent of cum. His eyes closed and he clung wildly to the desk to stay standing. It didn’t end. He felt another jet leave him and another. He leaned back slowly and put his full weight on the desk.

Slowly he opened his eyes. Ms Chatte was beaming her approval as she released his deflated phallus. It fell limply between his thighs, dripping a pool of cum as it did. The teacher rose to her feet holding out her hand to the class as she did. It was slick and glossy, as his jizz rolled over it, down the back and plam and over her wrist. “Here it is. Semen. There are thousands, millions, of sperm in this sample.” She tittered playfully before licking. “Along with a sugary, sweet seminal fluid, hehe.”

Michael just leaned back against the desk panting as he took stock of what had just occurred. She turned to him and affectionately pushed his sweat soaked hair off of his brow. “Thanks so much for being our helper today Michael.”

He nodded his response tiredly, as he tried to stand up straight once more. ‘Jesus. That…actually was amazing!’ He thought to himself. ‘I can’t believe I just did that!’ He began to pick up his loose article of clothing.

“Okay, we’re nearly out of time for today guys, but I think we had a really great first day! I do have some homework for you all.” Ms. Chatte said, after she had sucked the last of his cum off her fingers. A groan went up from the room. “Now come on, it’s not that bad. It’s not due til’ Friday anyway. I’ve always thought that no one knows your body like you do. With that in mind, I want you all to pick someone else in the class as partner. You two will masturbate for each other. Observe what they do, take note of how they treat their own bodies and what they like. Then write a two page essay on your observations.”

Michael was had gotten back into his pants and was buckling his belt as the bell rang. The students got up as one body and headed for the door. “And start reading your text books please guys! Chapter One Section One!” Jessica walked up to him as he was slipping into his shirt.

“That…that was really brave of you! I’ll catch up with you later!” He watched her walk away, and even though he had cum not five minutes before he took notice of her legs and the way her ass moved and stirred them hem of her skirt as she did. He felt a hand pat him gently on the shoulder. He turned, trying to push the bottom of his shirt into his trousers. Ms Chatte, still nude, held out a slip of paper to him.

“Here’s note for your next class incase you’re a few minutes late. Thanks again for helping, I really didn’t mean to put you on the spot.”

“No, no it’s alright. Actually it was…very enlightening.” He said, taking the slip and sticking it in his breast pocket.

“Good! Michael, I wanted to ask you, that was really the first time you’d finger fucked someone?” He nodded again curiously. She raised her eyebrows. “Well, you are a natural. But well, then again…”

“Then again what?”

“You’re a Dravenwood right?”


Her smile widened into a grin. “It shows. See you on Wednesday.”

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