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Erotic City

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Right on time.


My heels click nicely as I strut purposefully along the polished marble floor, I nod to the concierge as he approaches me.


‘May I take your bag Madame’ he asks lightly, as if he didn’t know who I was. I look at him with a raised eyebrow, smoothing my dark hair back in its sleek pony tail I drop the black leather Gucci travel case on the floor next to me. The noise echoes through the lobby and I see numerous eyes turn to look at the scene.


‘Well, that’s your job isn’t it? Next time I will be less than impressed if I have to wait for you to ask.’ I reply curtly as I walk away from him towards the silver sliding doors of the elevator. I can hear him walking briskly behind me to catch up, muttering under his breath.

I don’t like it when people try to be discreet about my profession. I don’t like it when they freely advertise it either. Common people are not my forte, I don’t mix with them – certainly don’t allow them to make small talk with me, because small talk involves big questions of who what where when and why. And if you really have to ask me those questions, then you are either ignorant or you have no money. I am a business woman, and I like to save my minutes for those who can afford them.


The elevator doors slide open noiselessly; the concierge waits for me to step in before entering himself and pressing floor 48. I look at him carefully; he has dark hair, clean shaven and brown eyes…nice olive complexion. I’m starting to gain interest in this young man, which is unusual – its rare I look at the opposite sex out of personal lust at any rate.

I clear my throat.


‘Are there cameras in this lift?’ I ask him pointedly. He looks at me with surprise, ‘no ma’am, this elevator is used strictly for those of a higher class, and cameras have been extricated to give clients privacy’


Extricated? A smile plays in the corner of my mouth, well well, a young man with a vocabulary. Now I’m really interested. I position myself so my hand rests just above the control panel and I lean in close, close enough so he can feel my breath on his neck as I speak – ‘do you know who I am?’ I say in low tones, smooth as silk, rich as chocolate, enough to arouse a man incapable of having an erection. Boldly he turns his face to look at me, piercing my eyes with his clear brown stare, ‘everyone knows who you are, Madame’


My hand slams down on the elevators emergency stop button and we slide abruptly to a halt. I roughly push him back into the wall of the compartment, one hand gripping his throat while the other expertly seeks out his wallet in his pants pocket. The concierge makes choking sounds with my fingers in a vice lock on his neck, constricting his airway just enough to make him panic but not enough to kill him. Flipping open his wallet I survey his I.D. card. ‘ Jonathan Ruric’ is his name , hmm 21 years of age…not quite as young as I thought, although I already realised that with his extended vocabulary.

I tighten my grip

‘No, you have absolutely no idea who I am, Jonathan baby. I can make you writhe and moan and cry out with pleasure. Alternatively, I can make you wish you your family ended three generations back. I don’t want to do that though, especially not to such a fine specimen as yourself’ I loosened my grip a little and allowed him more oxygen; lifting his key card I dangled it in his face.


‘I don’t know where you got this Jonathan baby, but its mine now, I know you’re not a concierge but now that we’ve gotten acquainted I’d like you to stick around – run some errands for me. Whatever they’re paying you, I’ll triple it, with some bonuses…’ I wink at him and move my hand down to rest between his legs, lightly massaging him and feeling his shaft grow. ‘Oh, and one other thing’ I purr into his ear, grabbing him firm enough to make him wince, ‘don’t try to fuck me over, cos you really don’t know who I am, but now I know who you are, and I can track you quite easily’

I let go of him and step back, smoothing my hair and admiring my handiwork. He was clearly turned on, I knew I had to fuck him and that he was going to love it – and that’s why he was going to be loyal.

I moved forward, placing my bare leg between his thighs, grinding myself into his hardness. I look seductively into his eyes while my fingers slowly unbuttoned his shirt, ‘do you want to touch me baby…’ I say softly, kissing the corner of his open mouth. He moans quietly as my hands run down his chest, lingering at his waist band before slipping underneath, wrapping my French manicured fingers around his shaft.


I stroke him slowly, sussing him out – sizing him up…


7 – 8 inches…this one is full of surprises.


I lick my red lips with anticipation. ‘You know, there are certain advantages to being my P.A….’ I continue coyly, using one hand to slide the straps of my black dress off my shoulders, exposing my breasts to him, ‘…a job well done never goes unrewarded’

His eyes are riveted on my chest and he nods slowly. I reach over to pick up the emergency telephone, handing it to Jonathan I slide down to my knees in front of him and massage his cock firmly between my breasts. ‘Your first job is to call the front desk and tell them the lift is stuck, I’m running late for a client – and don’t mind me,’ I say positioning his cock in front of my mouth, ‘I’m just going to suck you’.

I slide my tongue over the tip of his erection before engulfing him, relaxing my throat slightly to allow maximum stimulation. My hands grip his waist as I pull him into my eager mouth, sucking him deeply while Jonathan stammers into the phone above me.

i look up at him as he finishes the call, his eyes are rolling into the back of his head as he grips my hair with his hands to hold me in place, before mercilessly thrusting himself between my expert lips. If I wasn’t used to this kind of assault he would have been in a world of trouble, I’m not afraid to bite – believe me.


The elevator finally begins to move. About fucking time.


His body jackknifes and I feel his seed spill into my mouth, which I of course swallow quickly before I can taste it, even though I absolutely hate it, swallowing is a part of my service and I pretend that I enjoy it – I am after all, a professional.


Standing up I reach down to my garter belt and withdraw business card and $300 cash, ‘here you are handsome,’ I say silkily, ‘it’s rare that I dish out the cocaine, you should feel flattered’

I call money cocaine, in America these days you can’t possibly possess a bill without cocaine residue on it. So many junkies rolling their greenbacks before using it as a snorting utensil, the cash slides through the government machines for re-print and voila – parents are officially giving their children drug money.

I like it, it makes me feel bad. I’m so clean though, the closest I get to drugs is when my clients rack up lines on various parts of my anatomy.


The doors slide open and I pick up my bag. ‘I don’t require any more of your services this evening, you can leave.’ I smile at him sweetly. ‘And remember baby, don’t even think about fucking me around, go back to your people and tell them you couldn’t get close to me.’

Jonathan looks at me with a worried expression, ‘what if they don’t believe me? They’ll cut my spinal cord!!!’

I laugh, ‘Ha! is that what they said? they’ll believe you,   they already know that no one can get close to me.’ I let more emotion through those words than I meant to.


The doors slide closed and I reapply my lipstick in the mirror. I need to go to room 88. I check quickly for the blade hidden with my business card, normally I would have a gun, but I needed a new silencer. I smooth my hair, Lets just get this over and done with.


To be continued at some point


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