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Escort Girls - Part 2

Adventures in France, cont'd
After that first weekend at Jean's lodge, Monique and I became very open in all things sexual. She revealed that she was an escort, by that meaning a woman who is available both for sex and social engagements. Many of her 'clients' liked to be provided with what she called a Girlfriend Experience, or GFE. A GFE meant a date that could involve dinner and dancing, afterwards followed by sex. She showed me her website advertising her services. The site contained many photos of Monique in all kinds of dress and undress, from formal gowns to sportswear and negligees. Other photos were of a nude Monique, although in artistic poses that concealed her vagina.

The site offered a 'menu' of services, and I was surprised to see that she allowed anal sex (for a supplement) and 'cum in face', while simpler things (to my way of thinking) like kissing were disallowed. The site also contained her pricelist, and I was shocked at the amounts she could command. When I saw that her fee for a full weekend was over three thousand Euros, I chided her for giving me only a thousand (of course not mentioning the Jean's 'tip').

She responded, "You should consider that without my introduction you would not have had even that. Thus I am due a finder’s fee, which a right-thinking girl would consider only proper. I also paid for your preparations, and you had some of my clothes."

My reply was to kiss her and assure her of my gratitude.

"Did you see the place on the site where I offer duos?" she asked.

"Yes. I clicked on the link, and the girl is quite pretty. I assume she is the one I replaced at Jean's."

"Yes, that is Aimee, but I am irritated with her. She is forever making excuses for why she cannot work, and many of my clients ask for two girls at a time."

"Why is that?"

"It is the fantasy of many men to have two women, perhaps to prove they are twice as masculine. It also excites them to watch us make love, and then fuck us as if they are capable of converting lesbians with their cocks."

"I didn't see Jean that way."

"No, Jean is someone who can afford anything he wants, and he is always looking for someone new. You will be his new favorite for at least a while if you choose to continue to go to him. I'm sure he will tire of me when I cease to find new things to excite him."

"I don't believe anyone could tire of you."

"You are still an innocent, but I think that he will continue to engage me as long as you and I are friends, at least for a time. Can I count on you for the next time he summons us?"

"Yes, I think so."

"And otherwise? I have clients besides Jean. Perhaps not so rich, but willing to pay well all the same."

I was non-committal at that moment, but the opportunity to earn such considerable sums and my infatuation with Monique led me to agree after only a few days. As a first step, I was taken to a photographic studio where many pictures were taken of me wearing a variety of garments and undergarments, plus some nude shots. These were placed on Monique's website to advertise my charms as her new duo partner. I was unwilling that my face should be clearly visible, so the photos were doctored to blur my features. I still thought myself recognizable, but Monique assured me that no one at home would connect me with the woman on their screens. I invested some of my earnings from Jean in a new wardrobe, and in addition I began to go to a fitness studio with Monique three times a week.

Apparently my photos were a success because Monique received many requests for my services. However, I remained dedicated to my studies, and limited my dates to weekends and school breaks. Most of these meetings included Monique, but on occasion I would escort unaccompanied when she deemed it safe. I was surprised by the variety of men I met this way, and by their likes and dislikes. Almost to a man they wanted fellatio, and I became expert in this art. Others asked me to masturbate them between my breasts, so that their cum would bestow on me the so-called 'pearl necklace'.

On other occasions I would fulfill the actual service of an escort. That is to say I would show men around Paris or accompany them to casinos or restaurants, and then would be excused without bestowing any sexual favors whatsoever. These were the engagements I liked best. Because I spoke English and French, I was even recruited via client references to work at expositions, decorating their exhibit booths and demonstrating products. I liked these less as they were hard work and involved standing for ten or twelve hours in a day.

With Monique, the duo dates almost invariably meant a lesbian show: a 69 position or one of us fucking the other with a dildo or strapon. At the conclusion the man would choose his partner for intercourse, and the other of us would participate with kisses and caresses during the act. Most of these dates were set for four or six hours, allowing us to do two in a night. On occasion we would have a 'sleepover' at the client's hotel, and in those cases he would almost always have each of us at least once. Monique allowed her ass to be fucked for an extra payment, and some men enjoyed this. I refused this act and was happy for Monique to take the extra money as her due. I did find it enjoyable to be underneath her and to lick and finger her cunt while the client's cock was pistoning in and out of her ass just above my head. For some reason this act and position excited me intensely, and with Monique's mouth on my own pussy I could usually orgasm before the client was finished.

My favorite engagements of all were when we went to Jean. Most of the meetings were weekends at the Sologne chateau, but on other occasions he would be in Paris. On two special occasions he flew us to Switzerland and Morocco on his private jet.

At the end of the school term in June, I had saved nearly 100, 000 Euros, a sum I had never dreamed of previously. Although my mother expected me to return home for the summer, I had no intention of doing so, as the scholastic break would permit me to earn even more. Several of our regular clients had expressed interest in longer dates or trips abroad. Since my student studio apartment was up for renewal of the lease, Monique convinced me to share a larger apartment with her, and in fact had already found one in a residential section of the Rive Droite.

A complication arose when I announced that I would remain in Europe for the summer. My mother had acquired a boyfriend during the winter, and they had planned to go on a cruise with the expectation that I would be home to stay with Eve. Although she was eighteen and about to enter her senior year of high school, Mother was not happy about leaving her alone for two weeks unchaperoned. I offered to pay for her plane fare and she would stay with me for the month of July. I explained my ability to pay for the tickets as being from my work at expositions, which was the partially true story I had given to the home front. Mother was unaware of Monique's and my living arrangements, and I did not enlighten her.

Eve Comes to Stay

My intention was to certainly keep our occupation a secret from Eve, and I cautioned Monique to be discrete. I was sure my sister would find things to do in the evenings when we were engaged, as she liked going to night clubs and the cinema. Our official story was to continue, that we were working at expositions.

I was there at the Charles de Gaulle airport to meet a jet-lagged Eve, rumpled from her long flight. Despite the wear of travel, she looked lovely. After many hugs and kisses, we walked to the RER station and boarded the train for central Paris. She was full of questions about Monique and what we would do together during her holiday. I stuck to the prepared story and promised that we would tour all of the famous sites together.

In an hour we arrived at the apartment building, a fin de sièclestone building of seven stories. Our apartment on the third floor overlooked the interior courtyard rather than the street. It consisted of the salon, kitchen/dining room, bathroom, WC, and two bedrooms. The smaller chamber was mine in principle, although normally Monique and I slept together in hers. I had decided that Eve and I would sleep in my room. Thus I had acquired a futon for her, which with my bed, dresser, and armoire made for a rather crowded arrangement.

Monique was amused at my determination to maintain appearances. "It is silly to worry about such niceties, " she argued. "Eve will soon discover that we are intimate, if she doesn't suspect already. And she will be quite comfortable alone in your room."

She was quite gracious when we arrived, and had prepared lunch. She embraced Eve saying, "I feel as if I know you perfectly well already. Meredith has said so much about you, but you are even prettier than I believed from your pictures." Since Eve spoke no French, we conversed in English.

"I feel the same way. I've heard so much about you too" Eve gushed.

"I'm certain we shall be very good friends, and you will enjoy your visit. Please consider our home yours as long as you like."

Eve said she wanted a bath before eating, and while she was so engaged, Monique said to me, "She is beautiful as you said. I trust you will not be jealous when I seduce her."

"You're joking!"

"Not at all. I can sense these things as you know, and Eve is a sensualist like you. When you told me how you masturbated together, I knew she would be like you in many ways."

I thought it unwise to pursue the conversation further, and soon enough Eve emerged from her bath wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt, her long blonde hair wrapped in a towel. "I feel so much better. The flight was so long."

"Your first time in Europe I think, " said Monique, eyeing Eve's bra-less breasts under the shirt.

"My first time anywhere far from home. It's so exciting."

"She told me she didn't get any sleep on the plane, " I told Monique, "so after some food she ought to take a short nap and try to get adjusted. This afternoon we can go for a walk."

I went to wake her at four, and found her brushing her hair, sitting cross-legged on the bed wearing only panties. Her body was more developed than when I had seen her last, with high firm breasts that were now larger than mine tipped with light pink nipples.

"You look great, Eve. All grown up."

"I gained two inches this year. My breasts I mean. Thirty-six C now. My ex-boyfriend liked them a lot."

"Ex? You broke up? That's news."

"Yeah. He's been cheating on me, and when I found out I was coming here I finally ended it. Fuck him!"

"We'll find you a nice French guy."

"That would be great. We could all go out together. Monique is so pretty. I'll bet she has lots of boyfriends. I'll borrow one of hers." She giggled at the thought.

When I didn't respond, Eve got more serious. "Meredith, can I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure. Ask away."

"I might be naive, but I'm not stupid. There's something going on you're not telling me. I've had a weird feeling about it for months, and when we talked on the phone I know you were holding back."

This turn of the conversation was troublesome. "Everyone has secrets. I'll bet there are things you don't tell me about either."

"We didn't used to have, before you came here. So I want you to answer one question."

"Go ahead."

"This is supposed to be your room. I shared a bedroom with you for 16 years, and I can tell you don't sleep here. You sleep in Monique's room, right?"

It seemed futile to deny what would be evident eventually. I was gratified that she had not penetrated further into my secrets. "Yes, we sleep together."

"It's OK. I won't tell Mum or anything. I used to wonder if maybe one of us was gay, when we did it together."

It seemed then that things would be simpler if she thought me gay. "We didn't do it together. We did it separately while watching each other."

"Did you ever want to? I did."

"Want to what?"

"Kiss you and touch you and make you cum."

"Wow! Really? I never suspected. You were always so into boys."

"I like them too. But I wanted you more."

"Why didn't you say something?"

"Scared. I didn't want you thinking of me as a dyke. I thought if I showed myself off like I did you'd make a move. Remember when I lost my cherry and you were looking into me?"

"How could I forget that?"

"Your face was so close to my pussy and I was holding myself open. I wanted you to touch me then, but you didn't."

"It never occurred to me. It was all so sexy just getting off in the same room. And you are my sister."

"On the flight, I was thinking about you all the way. I had to go to the lavatory and do myself."

"Sort of a mile-high club thing, huh?" We laughed.

"So now you know. What do you want to do?" Eve asked, looking down.

"To tell the truth, Monique was promising to seduce you while you’re here. She is a good teacher, as you can see from my example."

"I want my first time to be with you."

"Monique is not the clinging type. Shall we all be open with each other?"

"Yeah. That would be best. Will you sleep with me tonight?"

"If you're sure that's what you want. Now, get dressed and we'll go out for that walk."

Eve smiled and stood up. Before I could leave she took my hand and placed it on her breast as she kissed me on the lips. "I'll be right out."

In the salon, Monique was sitting on the sofa dressed to go out and smoking a cigarette. "You had quite a tête à tête in there. Is she coming?"

"She's getting dressed. I must bow to your superior intelligence it seems."

"Always! But in what particular?"

"She has already deduced that we are a lesbian couple."

"I'm sure you said nothing yourself."

"No, but she knows my room would not be so neatly arranged if I occupied it regularly."

"It appears that you will now be in third place in our apartment's intelligence ranking, and you a university woman." Laughter. "So you and I will continue together as before."

"Now it is you who errs. Not only is she happy for me, but she wishes the same type of experience with her debut in my arms. In recompense, you will certainly get your turn as you predicted."

"Sisters making love. That will be worth seeing. How do you feel about it?"

"Excited, but a little afraid as well, much like the first time with you. I don't want her to be hurt."

"If her inclination is as she says, there is no hurt to be had. In any case, I have an engagement tonight, so you two may share vos ébats amoureux in our bed, which is larger and more comfortable than yours.

Eve and I Become Lovers

Monique did not join our walk, professing that she was working that evening. I took the occasion to show Eve how to navigate the metro, and bought her a Carte Orange monthly pass. We started at the Arc de Triomphe and strolled down the Champs Elysées boulevard all the way to the Place de la Concorde. The sidewalks were crowded with tourists and shoppers, and we walked slowly arm in arm talking of everything and nothing while looking into the shop windows. Eve was enthusiastic about how the Parisian women dressed, and I made a mental note to take her shopping for some new clothes.

After the Concorde, we passed into the Tuileries garden, through the Arc du Carrousel and into the courtyard of the Louvre, where we bathed our feet in the fountains surrounding the glass pyramid. From there I led her across to the Rue St. Honoré, where we again found many of the chic shops where I usually found some of my more expensive outfits. We ended up near Place Vendome where we had coffee and cake at a bistro.

"God, Paris is so wonderful. I could stay here forever, " Eve gushed as we exited to the street.

"It's not so cheerful in winter, when it's cold and dark at three in the afternoon."

"I could keep you warm."

"No doubt. But I find it's best to enjoy each day as it comes."

"I'm enjoying today, but now I'm tired and want to go home. To bed."

"It's only seven. You should try to stay awake until at least ten or eleven."

"I said to bed. Not to sleep."

She leaned into my shoulder as a taxi drove us through the crowded streets.

When we were in the apartment, I told her that we would sleep in Monique's and my bed, and that Monique would likely not return that night. Eve decided that we should undress each other. She was wearing jeans and a sleeveless blouse over panties and bra and those garments were quickly removed. The same was true for me. I was surprised to find that she had completely shaved her pussy.

"I use a cream." I said.

"I feel like I'm creaming right now. What should we do?"

"The first time will be just for you. Lie on your side!"

She obeyed, placing her head and shoulder on the pile of pillows at the head of the bed. I lay behind her on my right side in a spoon formation with my right arm under and around her shoulder, so that I could hold her right breast in my palm. Her buttocks pressing into my stomach, I reached over her hip to feel between her legs, which spread as my hand caressed her inner thigh. In this position I could kiss her neck and ear, and even her mouth when she turned her head back to let her tongue meet mine.

Eve's breathing became shorter, even as my hand had not touched her sex. Her left hand touched my hip, and pulled me closer into her. I felt my own fluids begin to flow, and when at length I touched the inner lips of her pussy, I found them open and already so wet that two fingers entered her easily. She gasped at the touch. "That feels so good. You don't know how long I've wanted you to do that. Fuck me!" I was agreeable to that request, and began to slowly saw my fingers into her as deeply as I could reach, and then to brush the little clitoris that I could feel as a firm nub of flesh.

In the past, Eve had been quick to orgasm, and it seemed only a minute had passed when she placed her hand over mine, holding it still against her mound as I felt her cunt walls spasming against my fingers. When the first pleasure seemed to have passed, I removed my fingers and brought them to my mouth for a taste, then to her lips.

"I like the way I taste, " Eve said. "Do you?"

"You are delicious."

"Better than Monique?"

"Don't ever worry about that. We all seem to taste different." I rolled onto my back freeing my right arm and placed a finger of the right hand into my own well-moistened cunt. "Here, taste me!"

"Yummy. But you didn't cum yet."

"No but this was so sexy I got really wet."

"I want to make you cum."

"How do you propose to do that?"

"I'll eat you if you want, but I've never done that before."

"Get on top of me, and we'll do 69. Let's see if we can cum together." I placed a pillow under my hips. She obeyed, and soon I was looking up at her still slightly open pussy and tight asshole. I spread my legs wide apart. "You can hold my lips open and look inside."

"It's all pink and wet, and I see your clit peeping out."

"Put a finger or two inside."

I felt her do so, and did the same to her.

"It's so warm and wet. Ummm."

"It's the same as yours. Don't you put your own fingers inside?"


"Now lick along the inside, up and down and on both sides, then in the middle as deep as you can." I did the same to her, necessitating that my instruction be by example rather than words. She was quite apt to the job, and I began to feel pleasant sensations from her ministrations, while in turn her pussy amply rewarded my efforts with new gushes of fluid. As I licked her, I placed a wet forefinger gently against her tight anus and circled it gently. I felt her jump slightly at this touch, but quickly she followed my example. Eve worked much harder on me than I on her, and I was grateful for this, as I knew she would orgasm the second time much faster than I the first. But when I felt the pressure build to a point where my orgasm was certain, I began to lick her in long strokes from her clitoris to her anus, circling both ends of the pleasure zone. It was clear that she could not last longer either, and as my crisis overcame me I sucked her clitoris gently between my lips, sending her over the edge as well.

Afterwards we lay side by side, our legs and arms intertwined. "That was so hot. I loved everything you did. I love you!" Eve said when her breathing had calmed.

"You did the same for me, you know. And I love you."

"When you licked my ass I almost jumped out of my skin. I had no idea someone would do that."

"Mine is really sensitive around the edge. I love having it done to me. We call that rimming."

"If you had told me in advance I'd have thought it was yucky. But when you did me I just had to do you back."

"I'm glad you weren't turned off."

"I want to do it again, soon. But now I want to sleep." She kissed me and rolled over onto her side, freeing my arm. I got up and drew the curtains, then gathered my clothes and went out. Putting on my robe, I sat in the salon thinking about myself and Eve. I didn't feel any sense of guilt for myself, but I wondered if I had done right by Eve. She was enthusiastic for now, but it was possible that remorse might overtake her in time. I decided eventually that what was done was done, and regret would be foolish. I had no desire to sleep and drank two glasses of wine. At two in the morning, I got back into bed with Eve, listening to her breathing until I too drifted off.

Eve the Enthusiast

I need not have worried about Eve's remorse. As Monique had predicted, Eve was a sensualist who was eager for experience and sexual pleasure. By her third night in Paris she had shared our bed. Monique enjoyed having another novice to initiate, and all too soon Eve was acquainted with our various toys. She loved being fucked from behind by Monique while having her breasts massaged by me or having her tongue deep in my cunt. We also had a long double-ended dildo that was used to penetrate two pussies, while the third person moved it back and forth. During Eve's first ten days it seemed we pleasured her two or three times a day at least, until the eventual return to a more normal routine asserted itself.

I had cut back on the escort schedule to spend time with her. Monique continued as usual, so that most nights she was out, returning in the early mornings to sleep. Eve and I slept together in the big bed, and mornings would find Monique beside us. During the daytime, I showed her all the sights Paris had to offer. We also shopped, and I bought her a number of nice outfits and shoes. When she complained about the prices, I told her how I had saved money from my exhibition work. We also went to the fitness studio regularly. Eve is very athletic and had played varsity soccer. With her slim figure and strong legs, she made a great impression at the club, and had no end of men who regarded her with pleasure.

The end of this holiday occurred on the day after July 14, the French national holiday. Monique was free, and we spent the entire day in celebrating, starting by watching the military parade down the Champs and ending by watching the fireworks from the Pont d'Alma. On returning to the apartment, Eve was still excited and decided to send some emails home to Mother and some other friends describing the events of the day. She went to use the computer in the salon, while I took a bath and Monique was changing into her robe. I was just settling into the warm suds when I heard her shriek.

"Oh My God! Fucking shit!" were some of the words she used. I climbed out of the tub and grabbing a towel ran into the salon. Eve was sitting at the PC, with Monique standing back to one side, and our website clearly showing on the screen.
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